Justice: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Justice Upright Keywords:

impartiality, equality, honesty (integrity), diligence.

Justice Reversed Keywords:

law in all areas (without exception), fanaticism, bias, excessive severity.

Justice Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The Justice Map includes several plots. This is clarity, the objectivity of knowledge, and a conscious, well-defined judgment, and integrity, poise and honesty. The map claims that justice will be surely restored. On an ordinary level, this means that everything we do is echoed in the world around us, responding to us with good for good, evil in evil. If we act honestly and decently, then we are rewarded; if we use dubious means, sooner or later we get what we deserve. Thus, this card implies a high measure of responsibility of a person for his actions. It clearly shows that nothing is given for nothing, but there will be no obstacles in anything if we are ready to be responsible for everything that we receive.

The Eleventh card of the SENIOR ARCANA is called JUSTICE (another name – JUSTICE, BALANCE) and depicts a figure sitting on the throne. The back of the throne is formed by two columns. On Justice, the crown, in her right hand she holds a sword, and in her left – Libra. This card recalls the Judgment of Souls in the Osiris Hall. She teaches that only balanced forces can continue to exist, and that eternal JUSTICE will destroy with the sword what is not balanced. JUSTICE is sometimes depicted with a scythe around the neck, resembling a loop of a hanged man. This is a subtle hint that a person is the cause of his own destruction, because most of his actions lead to destruction.

Each person carries the burden of his fate and his responsibility, which his soul finds for himself in this world, and this is the “commodity” that it offers to people. The classic Tarot picture depicts Themis, the goddess of justice, weighing a person’s ability to accept this burden – his prudence. Therefore, this rumor is associated with “rumor” – the ability to hear the sentence of Themis.

A person is born for a new Destiny and, receiving a blessing from above, comprehends the secrets of spiritual activity. Perfection involves a balance of power, a balance of right and left hands, which helps maintain Themis. The card symbolizes the person’s power to say “no” – in order to assert the right of his free choice, and this corresponds to the astrological sign of Libra, which develops the concept of evolution. Man says “no” to his previous ideas about rigidity and inexorability natural laws of the world, in order to find strength in itself, to bring new things into the world in a natural way. The nobility of the whole person, balancing his own rational egoism and mercy towards others, makes it possible to direct his will to the common good. Venus and Saturn in their equilibrium combination – this is the content of the modern Eighth Arcana of Tarot. This ARKAN is characterized by objectivity, a tendency to order, the desire to establish a connection between the ideal and the earthly (feasible). When interpreting the map JUSTICE, JUSTICE, EQUILIBRIUM, it is necessary to take into account such aspects as the will to cognition, search and finding harmony (in oneself and in space), responsibility for oneself and one’s deeds; self-realization and self-expression. Of the vices of this map, a certain Pharisaism, typical “Vesovo” snobbery, and high self-esteem are characteristic.
Despite the fact that the map usually depicts the goddess of justice Themis, the Eighth Arcanum corresponds, rather, Athena Pallas, or rather the Egyptian goddess of truth Maat.

Justice Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card affirms the right of any existence to self-expression; talks about the desire for development, the search for freedom and independence. As for real events, then you are waiting for paper, legal activity that will concern you in any way (either they will pay compensation, or maybe they will file a divorce). Perhaps the matter is controversial – a divorce, and sometimes for compensation for any loss. Depending on neighboring cards, it may involve marriage or legalization of an existing connection.
In the psychological sphere – this card is a symbol of balance of mind and the ability to find a common language with other people – especially in important matters, it means maturity and life experience.

Justice Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, a card is a gap, but not legalized, as well as court cases that are long unresolvable. You are presented with a rather tough apprenticeship. You will be taught, however, the lessons will not please you, although they may be beneficial. In any case, you will be taught the acceptance of necessity.
If in the scenario it was a love affair, then it is likely to be broken. Typical situations are lengthy litigation; divorced spouses living in the same apartment due to lack of living space. In the mental sphere, instability of character, bitterness, resentment.

Justice Relation with Astrology

Jupiter / Mars as a judgment ability and Venus in Libra, as a symbol of honesty, justice and poise.

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