Justice: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Tarot Card Meaning

Justice: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Justice Yes or No

Yes or No
Yes or No
The answer is “Most likely yes”.  The answer is “No”.

Justice (upright) Keywords

Discretion, Logic, Clear vision. 
The power of reason. 
A responsibility. 
Normative acts. 
The path of karma;
The nature of the true, inner self;
Balance, honesty;
New cycle of balance and harmony;
Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions;
The need to comply with the rules of the game;
Payment by invoices;
Logically thinking reason;
“As it comes around, so it will respond”;
Restored order;
Intervention of the law;
Conclusion of contracts;
Human responsibility for their actions.

Justice (reversed) Keywords

Loss of anything;
Legal difficulties, problems with the law;
Betrayal due to prejudice;
Injustice, false accusation;
Extremes, abuse;
Excessive self-confidence;
Concealment of the murder;
You will get what you deserve only a little later;
Reluctance to weigh the pros and cons;
The desire to fight;
Concealment of the murder.

Justice Advice

Trust in destiny. 
Trust God’s providence.
Finish things that you started.

Justice Warning

Solve your problem situations in an official way. 
Contact the authorities (to the court, to the police, etc.).
Excessive self confidence is not good.

Justice as a Person

As a Person
As a Person
Those who have to make a decision. 
Jury trial. 
Those who need to apologize.

Obligatory, disciplined person. 
They work out karma harder than others. 
A good specialist in his field.
Those who make unfair accusations. 
Those who discriminate against others or act unfairly towards them. 
Those who do not consider it necessary to apologize for being wrong. 
People prone to lynching. 
Those who take a wait and see attitude. 
People with prejudices. 
Corrupt judges. 
Bad cops. 

A person with excessive confidence in his own infallibility.

Justice as feelings

as feelings
as feelings
Balanced, harmonious, logical, responsible. Betrayed, lazy, reluctant, bellicose.

Justice : Card of the Day

When Justice is on the card of the daу, then уou are required to show sobrietу of thinking and maximum rationalitу.

When solving problems or conflict situations, it is important to carefullу studу all the factors and not rush to conclusions.

Be meticulous, because уou need to adhere to fairness in actions.

Justice as someone sees you

  • Person who is reasonable, fair, meticulous; but not emotional.
  • Someone seeks constant balance and generally achieves it. 
  • Someone who has a strong ethical side and who will defend what is right and good.

Justice : Love

Formal action: legal marriage or divorce. 
It may mean that the meeting is karmic, given by fate.
The impossibility of entering into an official marriage. 
Karma worked out, you can disperse.

As for love, it is positive, since it indicates an opportune moment for any relationship to stabilize, overcome conflicts and problems and move forward.

Although the truth can sometimes cause problems, the appearance of Justice indicates that the only way to balance is by sticking to the truth, she is the ruler of the couple’s situation.

If you have already come from previous conflicts, Justice indicates that it is the ideal time to make deep, sincere and constructive rethinking.

Justice : Career

Work as intended (regardless of the conscious desire to do just that). 
Long, constant work.

Law office (etc.) Judges, scientists (natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology), mathematicians, doctors, accountants, esotericists.

Litigation, commission, tax audit are threatening. 
But on the other hand, it can say that everything in business is clean, according to the law. 
You need to check or correlate with other cards.
Lawsuits, conflict with the state, law.

Regarding work, Justice marks that it is an optimal moment for associations of all kinds.

If you are looking for people to collaborate or for one or more partners for your business or undertaking, this card encourages you to get them. Societies will be fruitful, prosperous and balanced, there is no conflict of interests or power.

Justice : Money

Anything that is long-term investment will be safe and profitable. There is perhaps also a bit of luck related to Justice, so gambling can be a good surprise.

A stroke of luck is to be expected. This also refers to finding money, collecting a debt that seemed impossible to collect, receiving extra money not imagined.

It can be related to inheritances or favorable court decisions, such as a tax refund or winning a civil or employment litigation.

Justice : Health

Health is normal according to age and constitution. The status of the body is violated, immunity is weakened, health is undermined. 
Itself does not mean death, but can accompany the corresponding cards.

If we have consulted about health, this letter is very positive and tells us that there are practically no problems of any kind, everything works in perfect balance.

Justice : past, present, future

Justice in past position

Balancing your emotions will pay off and bring you harmony in your relationship. Confusion in your life can be overcome if you find inner balance.

Justice in present position

You will receive some gift of advice or you will be repaid.

Justice in future position

When all is said and done, you will get the results you truly deserve. Your moral character will be justified, so keep your integrity and try to balance yourself.

Justice (Upright) Meaning

  • Legal issues. 
  • Equilibrium. 
  • Harmony. 
  • Restoring balance. 
  • Honesty. 
  • Arbitration. 
  • Neutrality. 
  • Impartiality. 
  • Achieving the right balance. 
  • Restored order. 
  • Prudent management of money. 
  • Strategy. 
  • A responsibility. 
  • Integrity. 
  • Conscience check. 
  • Carefully considered decisions. 
  • Clear vision. 
  • A sense of proportion. 
  • The power of reason. 
  • Rationality. 
  • Fair result. 
  • Clear perspectives. 
  • Intervention of the law. 
  • The solutions needed to achieve fairness, law and order. 
  • Trial. 
  • Proceedings in court. 
  • Turning to the law. 
  • Litigation. 
  • Contracts. 
  • Conclusion of contracts. 
  • Settlement of the issue. 
  • Apologies. 
  • Marriage contract. 
  • Divorce certificate. 
  • Forces that allow justice to prevail. 
  • Virginity. 
  • Testicles and phallus erect. 
  • Justice will prevail. 
  • Put yourself in my shoes! 

Usually, the Fairness card appears in a layout when you have to weigh many factors in order to make an intelligent and deliberate decision. 

The card advises you to think carefully and wisely before making a final decision. This is a card of tranquility and balance. It will be good if you make sure your conscience is clear and try to take the other person’s point of view into account before making a moral choice. 

The outcome of your case will be fair. The Fairness card may also indicate your involvement in legal proceedings in the near future. Lawsuits will be dealt with fairly and impartially. 

In the end, justice will prevail, especially if there is a Trump Court in the right position. An uninterested third party can help make a fair decision. If as someone was wrong about you, he will soon apologize to you. 

If you acted unfairly, then soon you will have to answer for your actions.

In the upright position, the card affirms the right of any existence to self-expression; talks about the desire for development, the search for freedom and independence. 

As for real events, then you are waiting for paper, legal activity that will concern you in any way (either they will pay compensation, or maybe they will file a divorce). Perhaps the matter is controversial – a divorce, and sometimes for compensation for any loss. 

Depending on neighboring cards, it may involve marriage or legalization of an existing connection.

In the psychological sphere – this card is a symbol of balance of mind and the ability to find a common language with other people – especially in important matters, it means maturity and life experience.

Justice (Reversed) Meaning

  • Unfair treatment. 
  • Failed justice. 
  • Ambiguity. 
  • Lack of devotion. 
  • Not getting what you deserve. 
  • Imbalance. 
  • Extremes. 
  • Losses. 
  • False accusations. 
  • Refusing to apologize. 
  • Wrong decision. 
  • Dishonesty. 
  • Unfair outcome. 
  • Fanaticism. 
  • Prejudice. 
  • Prejudice. 
  • Abuse. 
  • Conflicts. 
  • Transition to 
  • someone’s party or the use 
  • of someone else’smerits. 
  • Reluctance to weigh the pros and cons. 
  • Lack of balance. 
  • Expectation. 
  • Partiality. 
  • Unfair accusations. 
  • Vindictiveness. 
  • Problems with the law! ^, Persecution by the law. 
  • Illegal actions. 
  • Bureaucracy. 
  • Unfair court decision. 
  • Failed tests. 
  • Nepotism. 
  • Separatism. 
  • Delayed trial. 
  • Laziness. 
  • Manipulation. 
  • Peace at any cost. 
  • The desire to fight. 
  • Roughness in relationships. 
  • Cruel and unusual punishment. 
  • Desire to take the law into your own hands. 
  • Abuse of Legislative Power. 
  • Iniquity. 
  • Excessive self-confidence. 
  • Rough police actions. 
  • Concealment of the murder. 

In an inverted position, a card is a gap, but not legalized, as well as court cases that are long unresolvable. You are presented with a rather tough apprenticeship. 

You will be taught, however, the lessons will not please you, although they may be beneficial. In any case, you will be taught the acceptance of necessity.

If in the scenario it was a love affair, then it is likely to be broken. Typical situations are lengthy litigation; divorced spouses living in the same apartment due to lack of living space. In the mental sphere, instability of character, bitterness, resentment.

You  may get what you deserve a little later. You may now feel that you are being treated unfairly or with prejudice. You may be the victim of false accusations or someone else.in vain they accused. The decision maker in your case may be prejudiced against you. 

Your overconfidence or lack of interest can work against you. Perhaps you have had enough of waiting and should decide what steps to take to achieve the desired goal. 

A person endowed with power can abuse it. You may be waiting for an apology, but most likely it will not follow. Don’t take the law into your own hands, it can lead to more injustice. You shouldn’t take a wait-and-see attitude because you are afraid of upsetting others. 

If you are involved in litigation or arbitration, the results may be unfavorable for you (especially if there are six of Wands in the scenario ). 

If you are taking exams or being interviewed, then your knowledge will not be appreciated, perhaps due to the fact that the situation is not in your favor now, or maybe your preparation is not yet good enough.

Justice : Spirituality

This is a time to work on your grounded self. Do you feel as if you are connected to the earth and to your neighbor? Can it be “in the world” but not “of the world?”

Balance again is the issue here. Working on keeping the right perspective on life will help you stay centered.

Justice Relation with Astrology

Jupiter / Mars as a judgment ability and Venus in Libra, as a symbol of honesty, justice and poise.

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