The High Priestess

Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess Yes or No

The High Priestess
Yes or No
The High Priestess
Yes or No
The answer is “Unclear”.
The question is not precisely formulated or there is not enough information. 
Try to make another spread.
The answer is “Unclear”.
You have many options for further development of events and you need to determine your goals and desires.

Table of Contents

    The High Priestess (upright) Keywords

    Secret knowledge. 
    Hidden problems. 
    Circumstances in the past. 
    The gift of foresight. 
    Prophetic dreams. 
    Hidden talents. 
    Borderline state. 
    The subtlety of customizing perception. 
    Understanding of the Higher Law and Order. 
    Inner contemplation. 
    Driving with the flow. 
    The power is in silence. 
    Creative Thought. 
    The science. 
    Spiritual strength. 
    Moral principles. 
    Physical charm. 
    Low libido. 
    Life without men. 
    feminine sensual principle;
    harmony, balance of opposite principles;
    openness of the soul, patience;
    the archetype of the feminine principle, with beauty and danger;
    mutual understanding, deep affection, care;
    openness, readiness for a new meeting;
    secrets, secret affairs;
    female priest;
    lesbian sexuality;
    strength in silence;
    women’s problems;
    life without men;
    movement with the flow;
    continuing education.

    The High Priestess (reversed) Keywords

    there are no secrets and subtleties in your world;
    hysterical attacks;
    suppressed feelings;
    secret enemies;
    revealed secrets;
    loss of virginity;
    insufficient attention to true needs and feelings;
    sudden negative change;
    a prostitute.

    The High Priestess Advice

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess
    Don’t keep many secrets. 
    Use your intuition and sixth sense, listen to your subconscious, and you can unleash your potential. 
    Take up meditation or psychology, pay attention to the signs. 
    You have the ability for the occult and esotericism, develop them. 
    Watch more, then just act.
    Keep doing what you were doing. 
    Act on your own and don’t rely on other people’s advice. 
    It is also possible. 
    you should consider the situation from different angles and look for alternative solutions to the problem.

    The High Priestess Warning

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess
    Take your time with the choice. 
    Analyze all the options, feel each one, reconnoiter the situation, then just act. 
    Perhaps additional tarot spreads will help you decide on a solution.
    Not paying attention to your own feelings will be a source of dissatisfaction.

    too Much of anything is bad.

    The High Priestess as a Person

    The High Priestess
    As a Person
    The High Priestess
    As a Person
    Vestal virgin. 
    Single woman. 
    Pious people. 
    One who desires love without sex. 
    People endowed with unusual abilities. 
    People with good intuition. 
    Idealized lovers. 
    Sensitive people. 
    People we intuitively trust. 
    Those who keep some kind of secret. 
    Those who understand what lies behind the outer shell of events. 

    A woman who secretly takes an interest in questioning a man.

    It symbolizes a very secretive person, a person with a very developed intuition, perhaps even extrasensory abilities.
    Human manipulators. 
    Secret enemies, especially women. 
    Abusive women. 
    Emotionally preoccupied people. 
    Empty or superficial people. 
    The mentally ill. 
    People who destroy themselves. 
    People who lead a hectic lifestyle.

    An old woman, an unpleasant woman, a gossip girl.

    The High Priestess as feelings

    The High Priestess
    as feelings
    The High Priestess
    as feelings
    Sensual, harmonious, balanced, secretive, patience, caring, intuitive. Indulgent, prejudiced, alienated, hysteria.

    The High Priestess : Card of the Day

    If “The High Priestess” is the card of the daу, then it is better to listen carefullу to intuition, monitor the situation and make decisions for the situation.

    Relу on уour inner voice. There is no need to logicallу trу to figure out what to do and how to do it. Do as уour intuition dictates.

    The priestess calls for respectful treatment of everу second of a particular daу. Spend some time alone to become aware of уour own needs and desires.

    When interacting with people, release kindness and a positive mood.

    The High Priestess as someone sees you

    • Someone who is intuitive, wise and mysterious;
    • Person who is hiding his / her feelings at the moment and is not yet ready to do anything about it;
    • A secretive and quiet person.

    The High Priestess : Love

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess
    Lying, not sincere relationships. 
    Jealousy, not trust. 
    In such an atmosphere there is not and cannot be a place for love, kind and trusting relationships.

    In a magical sense – a love spell or a magical effect aimed at manipulating people’s relationships.
    New circumstances will open up for you that will greatly affect your relationship. 

    Perhaps this is some kind of secret carefully hidden from you, or a small nuance, which you did not pay attention to all the time spent with a loved one, suddenly becomes explanatory. 

    In such a situation, the expression “Eyes opened” or “Sight” is appropriate.

    This can be a mystical and magical time for love. Trust your instincts. As a man you can access a woman who is distant and unapproachable.

    As a woman, it is possible that you have an extra charm in these moments and that even people you did not imagine seek to approach you, when not falling asleep before the strong charm that you have at this moment. Use that magnetic power wisely.

    Relationships in any case will be full of tenderness, something maternal will surround the situation. They will be honest and very romantic, although they may not be entirely expressive, which does not detract from the veracity of the feelings.

    The High Priestess : Career

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess
    Ambiguity, uncertainty. 

    In the affairs of work or career, there was some kind of unpleasant hitch, delay, confusion.
    Providing new information, new course of affairs, an end to ambiguity and choice. 

    The things that hindered and obscured your business will finally recede and you will have the opportunity to work at full strength again.

    A pleasant surprise may come your way soon when it comes to work. It could be career advancements, promotions, and even a new job opportunity.

    You can find some new systems or processes that make your work life simpler and less stressful. Ignore workplace gossip and certainly don’t participate in it.

    The Priestess does not say everything she knows, therefore, you can know everything that happens around you and keep it a secret, that quiet knowledge is a form of subtle power.

    The High Priestess : Money

    It is generally a letter of success and achievements, but you have to analyze everything well so that the objectives are specified in the desired way. Someone may not be completely honest with you when it comes to finances.

    You may not have all the information you need. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, and do your own research. Make sure, when it comes to financial transactions, that you disclose only the information that is needed and no more.

    The investments you are making at this time will be correct and fruitful if you have taken the above into account.

    The High Priestess : Health

    The High Priestess
    The High Priestess
    Poor health, chronic illness. 
    Misdiagnosed disease. 
    It can also indicate the presence or need for magical effects.
    A health tipping point. 
    This is the moment after which either full recovery or deterioration comes. 
    The card indicates a possible or recommended magical or ritual effect.

    One of the most significant things is the possibility of pregnancy. You may receive information about your health that has not yet been released. If you feel like something is wrong with your body, believe your worries and take care of yourself.

    You may need to see a health professional. Remember that the Priestess symbolizes things that are hidden, so do check-ups to make sure everything is fine.

    If a suggested procedure or test doesn’t “feel right,” don’t go through with it. Help yourself by controlling your diet, exercise and that you do not lack vitamins and minerals.

    The High Priestess : past, present, future

    The High Priestess in past position

    You are in need of new experiences and may be roaming somewhere outside your comfort zone. If you are lacking support in important areas of your life, you should consider investing your time in new people and new ideas. You are entering the update time, but you may need someone else’s help.

    The High Priestess in present position

    Undetected or suppressed creativity requires manifestation. Finding a spiritual guide will help you unleash the full potential of your psychic or artistic abilities. To get what you want, you need to overcome your fear of commitment.

    The High Priestess in future position

    You are well on your way to getting real rewards, but only if you continue your discipline and motivation. If you reject attempts to dissuade you, you have a bright future. Follow your intuition and you strive for permanent satisfaction with success.

    The High Priestess (Upright) Meaning

    • The archetype of the virgin daughter. 
    • Management of the inner world. 
    • Inner space. 
    • Spiritual powers. 
    • Secrets. 
    • Secret affairs. 
    • Love without sex. 
    • Spiritual enlightenment. 
    • Psychological insight. 
    • Inner glow. 
    • Moral principles. 
    • Inner contemplation. 
    • Cognition of the senses. 
    • Ability to trust your inner voice. 
    • Subconscious. 
    • Hidden problems. 
    • Early memories. 
    • Circumstances in the past. 
    • Prophetic dreams. 
    • Secret influence. 
    • Esoteric knowledge. 
    • Occult wisdom. 
    • Help. 
    • Advice. 
    • Deep penetration. 
    • Invisible aspects of the universe. 
    • The woman priest. 
    • Reflections. 
    • Meditation. 
    • Understanding of the highest truths. 
    • Driving with the flow. 
    • Untold Secrets. 
    • Unknown. 
    • Anima. 
    • Sexuality that is just beginning to awaken. 
    • Women’s secret. 
    • Lesbian sexuality. 
    • Access to hidden knowledge. 
    • Training. 
    • The power is in silence. 
    • Disclosure of the secret. 
    • Divine mother. 
    • Hidden talents. 
    • Guiding the hidden truth. 
    • Physical charm. 
    • Assimilation. 
    • Women’s problems. 
    • Life without men. 
    • Virginity. 
    • Low libido. 
    • Celibacy. 
    • Driving with the flow.

    Upright “The High Priestess” card indicates predicting, mature, control over emotions, Prosperity, Balance, piousness, authority, divine, feminine, spiritual authority, deeper meaning of things, spiritual growth.  

    When “The High Priestess” card appears upright in a reading, it indicates that your intuition or gut feeling might be correct. This card indicates that the answers will be easily made available to you in your subconscious mind.

    Something is happening behind the scenes. Hidden knowledge must be brought into the light of God. The High Priestess indicates that you need to pay attention to your feelings and listen to your inner voice. In order to clarify some points in this situation, you should seek help from your subconscious. 

    Now is the time to reflect, meditate, pray and focus on your inner world. Trust your feelings. Your dreams and intuition can give you the best advice. Past events and early memories have a great impact on this situation. 

    You may be showing an increased interest in the occult, mysticism, divination, psychology, psychoanalysis, or other areas of knowledge related to the unknown. At the same time, your interest in sex is very low.

    A woman endowed with good intuition or extraordinary abilities can come to your aid. Perhaps someone who understands the secret movements of the human soul or is familiar with the background of this situation will help you. 

    Perhaps the secret or hidden sides of the situation will be revealed to you. 

    The High Priestess appears when you should pay attention to your hidden talents or potentialities, it is better to use your advantages in order to get the opportunity to succeed. Sometimes the High Priestess points directly to continuing education.

    If the High Priestess comes up with a final card (in the position of the Final Total), it portends secret favorable changes.

    The High Priestess (Reversed) Meaning

    • Misuse of intuition. 
    • Prejudice or prejudice. 
    • Inner emptiness. 
    • Manipulation. 
    • Lack of control over emotions. 
    • Aloofness. 
    • There is too little time for reflection. 
    • Ignoring dreams and intuition. 
    • Hysterical attacks. 
    • Suppressed feelings. 
    • Secret enemies. 
    • Unwillingness to listen to your suspicions. 
    • Inability to take advantage of innate talents. 
    • Distrust of your inner voice. 
    • Unwillingness to listen to what the heart tells. 
    • Emotional callousness or increased sensitivity. 
    • Secrets Revealed. 
    • There is nothing to hide. 
    • Superficiality. 
    • Inability to foresee the situation. 
    • Loss of virginity. 
    • A life position that presupposes observation rather than active participation. 
    • Excessive focus on external values. 
    • Giving increased importance to analysis and rational thinking. 
    • Increased interest in sex. 
    • Everything is obvious: 
    • in black and white. 
    • I have bad feelings, but I’ll do it anyway. 
    • I only bet on winning numbers. 
    • Passion that has nothing to do with feelings.

    Hidden secrets, lack of piousness, no control over emotions, lack of intuition, imbalance, lack os abundance, infertility.

    When “The High Priestess” card appears upside down in a reading, it indicates that there may be more to a situation than what is visible. Do not take situations at face value as there may be more to it than what is known. It also indicates that your intuition is currently low.

    The High Priestess in an inverted position indicates that you are not paying enough attention to your true needs and feelings. You are too judicious and rational in your approach to solving the problem, or your actions may be dictated by biases and prejudices. 

    It is possible that someone near you is emotionally unstable and prone to manifestations of tantrums. You may be so preoccupied with external responsibilities that you have no time for yourself at all. 

    The subconscious is trying to suggest something , but you do not want to listen to it. You do not pay attention to either your feelings or what lies behind external actions. 

    Your decision may be influenced by some unknown information so far, so before making a decision, try to collect all possible facts. You may be emotionally sensitive, or you may be dealing with an emotionally stressed person. 

    Your immense sexual desires can prevent you from drawing the right conclusions. Don’t say yes when you want to say no. The card may indicate a sudden negative change, and with the appropriate Arcana, a secret power or magical effect.

    The High Priestess : Spirituality

    The Priestess letter indicates that messages can come to you from all kinds of places. Take a break to look at spirituality in a way you haven’t done before.

    Talk to people whose experiences and beliefs are different from yours. Withdraw from your comfort zone without fear, because that experience will only enrich you as a person.

    The High Priestess : Symbolism

    The High Priestess Tarot card depicts a lady sitting on a stone. She is young. Her face is delicate. She has a neutral expression. She looks straight towards you. She is the High Priestess.

    She is holding a rolled paper in one hand. The paper has ‘TORA’ written on it. TORA means Tarot. She has the knowledge of tarot. She is reading TORA for someone or making a prediction. The other hand of the High Priestess is hidden below her robe.

    The High Priestess is wearing a white crown. It has 2 horns. There is a white full moon in-between the two horns. The crown makes her a spiritual authoritative figure.

    The High Priestess is wearing a blue robe. The robe is so long that it extends on the floor beyond her feet. Her robe has a cross sign on the chest. This indicates piousness. The head of high priestess is covered by a long flowy cloth which flows beyond her feet.

    A yellow cultured crescent moon is supported by this flowy cloth. This cloth connects the crescent moon at her feet to the full moon on her head. This indicates maturing through the phases of the moon, control over emotions and mind

    The High Priestess in the guardian of mind. She sits at the entrance of subconscious mind, which is subtly covered from our visibility by the veil. What lies in front of the veil is visible to us. It is the conscious mind.

    The Veil behind the High Priestess has beautiful intricate design. It depicts leaves and ripe pomegranates. This signifies fertility, feminism and abundance.

    It is supported by 2 Pillars. One pillar is black, and the other pillar is grey. This indicates the Yin-Yang balance. The Black pillar has letter ‘B’ written on it. The grey pillar has letter ‘J’ written on it. The 2 pillars have beautiful geometric designs. These 2 pillars seem to be very stable.

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