The High Priestess – Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana Card Number 2 (II)

Description of The High Priestess Tarot Card:

The High Priestess Tarot card depicts a lady sitting on a stone. She is young. Her face is delicate. She has a neutral expression. She looks straight towards you. She is the High Priestess.

She is holding a rolled paper in one hand. The paper has ‘TORA’ written on it. TORA means Tarot. She has the knowledge of tarot. She is reading TORA for someone or making a prediction. The other hand of the High Priestess is hidden below her robe.

The High Priestess is wearing a white crown. It has 2 horns. There is a white full moon in-between the two horns. The crown makes her a spiritual authoritative figure.

The High Priestess is wearing a blue robe. The robe is so long that it extends on the floor beyond her feet. Her robe has a cross sign on the chest. This indicates piousness. The head of high priestess is covered by a long flowy cloth which flows beyond her feet. A yellow coloured crescent moon is supported by this flowy cloth. This cloth connects the crescent moon at her feet to the full moon on her head. This indicates maturing through the phases of the moon, control over emotions and mind The High Priestess in the guardian of mind. She sits at the entrance of subconscious mind, which is subtly covered from our visibility by the veil. What lies in front of the veil is visible to us. It is the conscious mind.

The Veil behind the High Priestess has beautiful intricate design. It depicts leaves and ripe pomegranates. This signifies fertility, feminism and abundance.

It is supported by 2 Pillars. One pillar is black, and the other pillar is grey. This indicates the Yin-Yang balance. The Black pillar has letter ‘B’ written on it. The grey pillar has letter ‘J’ written on it. The 2 pillars have beautiful geometric designs. These 2 pillars seem to be very stable.

Upright “The High Priestess” Tarot Card meaning:

Upright “The High Priestess” card indicates predicting, mature, control over emotions, Prosperity, Balance, piousness, authority, divine, feminine, spiritual authority, deeper meaning of things, spiritual growth.  

When “The High Priestess” card appears upright in a reading, it indicates that your intuition or gut feeling might be correct. This card indicates that the answers will be easily made available to you in your subconscious mind.

Reverse or Upside-down “The High Priestess” Tarot Card Meaning:

Hidden secrets, lack of piousness, no control over emotions, lack of intuition, imbalance, lack os abundance, infertility.

When “The High Priestess” card appears upside down in a reading, it indicates that there may be more to a situation than what is visible. Do not take situations at face value as there may be more to it than what is known. It also indicates that your intuition is currently low.

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