The Sun: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


The Sun Upright Keywords:

material well-being, successful marriage, contentment.

The Sun Reversed Keywords:

the same, but to a lesser extent.

The Sun Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The card of the Sun expresses vitality, joy of life, warmth and confidence in the future. In our minds, it corresponds to the forces that help to gain clarity, overcome fears and deep fears, overcome misconceptions. In addition, the Sun represents youth and such freshness of feelings, as if a person was reborn. This is the bright, sunny side of life. At a deeper level – the advice to overcome our dark side, let our solar nature open up, recognize our “shadow I” in ourselves and bring it into the light of God.

The nineteenth card of the Major ARCANA is called the SUN. It depicts a boy or boy and girl standing in the garden in a magic circle of flowers. Behind them is a stone wall above which the sun shines. Children symbolize Faith and Reason, which must exist while the universe exists.

The nineteenth lasso of TAROT depicts the Sun, children and the zodiac circle, the foot of which is the sign Cancer (birth sign), and the peak Capricorn (sign of achievement). The map depicts the immediate joy of life. It depicts children playing, their mental activity is many times superior to adults. This cynarot combines the characteristics of such planets as Mercury and the Moon – two planets of the most “childish”, direct perception of life. The SUN is the path to light, to clarity, the fullness of strength, life affirmation and enlightenment. This energy is opposed to the effects of the general field, which give a person doubts about the correctness of his actions, since a person from a collective position is not always able to evaluate himself and his place under the Sun.
If the PRIESTESS and the MOON are the female path to wisdom, then the MAGICIAN and SUN are the male path. The SUN is reconciliation with the “shadow” side (brought to the bright light of the mind, the previously unconscious is no longer afraid). This is the Sun as a source of life – generous, cleansing, giving. This is the exercise of the highest in itself, vitality, warmth, freshness. But … this is complacency, and delusions of grandeur, and the cult of personality, which begins when the generous deity of the Sun is replaced by man (the Absolute is replaced by a complex of qualities, usually contradictory).

The Sun Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes happiness, material well-being, good health, great successes, achievements in any field of activity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, respect of others, in a word – the heyday of life.
Sometimes the SUN can mean a holiday to achieve something important – a triumph, a reward, optimism, a good future, as well as the long-awaited fulfillment of desires: having a baby or joy about the success of children.

The Sun Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes difficulties in contacts with people, problems in marriage and in partnership, misunderstandings, false notions of success, excessive hassle, and activity that does not produce results. Sometimes an inverted position portends health problems, family troubles or temporary separation from a loved one.
Not being a bad card in the literal sense, the inverted Nineteenth ARKAN means that all the positive influence of the SUN in this position is weakened: success, but only after considerable effort; hopes and dreams regarding heart affairs will come true, but not completely.
And yet, the SUN is the new perspectives of being that have opened before a person after a dream (moon card), when he has a desire and strength to directly engage in the spiritual life of the world in its entirety. SUN – this is the best card of ARKANA.

The Sun Relation with Astrology

The sun in the 5th house as a symbol of the joy of life, creativity and enjoyment of the game.

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