Death: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Tarot card Meaning

Death: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Death Yes or No

Yes or No
Yes or No
The answer is “Uncertain”.  
Circumstances are so vague that the situation can turn in any direction. 
It is necessary to consider not the situation, but solutions, or more accurately formulate the question.

Perhaps the information is closed (it should not be known to the questioner)
The answer is “Yes”.

Death (upright) Keywords

The need for drastic changes. 
Spiritual revival.
Personality update;
Change, transition, rebirth, rebirth;
Parting with the past;
End of current activities;
Completion of the next stage of development;
Parting with a former partner;
Laying a new way of life;
Gaining strength;
The inevitable end;
Marriage / divorce;
Leaving home, change of residence;
Natural ending.

Death (reversed) Keywords

Temporary stagnation;
The need for motivation;
Death of a prominent person;
Impending disaster;
Inertia, inaction;
Extreme relationships;
Refusal to change;
Loss of a friend;
The change / transformation has already taken place.

Death Advice

Keep doing what you did.Be a conservative. 
Finish the old business first.

Death Warning

 A lot of things, meetings, worries – to the point of exhaustion. 
But which of them will turn out to be important is unknown.
Stagnation period.
You need to wait, be patient.

Death as a Person

As a Person
As a Person
Such people easily break with the past. 

About profession: Scientist, traveler, reporter.

Person suffering from kleptomania for little things. 

Person prone to suicide and thoughts of this orientation: they are looking for a way out of oppressive situations in death.

Those in whose life significant changes are taking place. 
People who change themselves. 
People who provide funeral services. 
Those who break off their previous relationship (this may be related to both work and a loved one).
Person who is afraid of a new stage in life, changes and because of this desperately clings to the past.

Someone who clings to the past out of fear of things to come.

Death as feelings

as feelings
as feelings
Curious, liberated, change. Stagnated, oppressed, stubborn, refusal.

Death : Card of the Day

Death card hints that todaу’s events should be perceived as a passed stage.

For some, this is good news and an opportunitу to move to a new level. But for conservatives it becomes a tragedу, because уou are not readу to part with the usual things.

However, nothing can be changed, so it is best to accept the changes calmlу.

The Death card saуs that there is no point in holding on to the past anуmore. Happiness, joу and satisfaction will come onlу after giving up everуthing “dead” and unnecessarу.

It will be difficult, but уou will experience noticeable relief.

Death as someone sees you

  • Person undergoing transformation.
  • Someone who is not interested in looks or external things.

Death : Love

Depressive state, nervousness. 
Something is constantly interfering. 
The desire for change is sometimes even detrimental to the relationship.
Stability, but partners miss each other.

As for love, if you are in a relationship, there will be favorable changes. All those things that were obstacles will be overcome. The couple evolves, moves forward, becomes stronger.

If you are alone or waiting for love, it will come. A great romance can appear with prospects of being the great love, lasting and constant. This letter can also announce that the lifestyles that are led are radically changed, and even indicate changes of address or substantial home renovations.

Something important that this major arcanum can tell us is that if you are in a relationship in which you are unhappy, but you do not change for fear of loneliness, because you do not dare to “kick the board”, or because you are so used routine is that you must do a serious rethinking, both within yourself and with your partner.

Changes and improvements are still possible, and if they are not, you will have to accept things and finally let the relationship go, that is, either it changes for the better or it changes its roots, but a great change is inevitable with this card of death.

Death : Career

There are many boring things to do. 
Minor problems. 
Fatigue is happening.

It can mean running around in search of work (a lot of choice, does not know what to decide on). 
Frequent job changes. 
Things will go on as before. 

If you are looking for a job, you will not find it. 

Routine work.

Regarding work, favorable changes arrive, new, fresh and brilliant ideas, one is convinced and full of faith in what is being done, the relationship with bosses, colleagues, partners or subordinates is optimal, there is support and everyone is immersed in the task .

On the other hand, if your job makes you unhappy, either because of what you do or because of what you earn, this card prompts you to make a big change. Without fear. The change you choose will be the correct one, you should not have fears that bind you to the security of your current job. The change will be favorable, so make up your mind to do it.

Death : Money

Luck can appear like a ray of light in your life, chance can give you an extraordinary surprise. Inheritance and windfall money may appear. It is a good time to diversify, grow, expand, make investments of all kinds.

But as I said before, La Muerte can point to an inverse situation: moving from economic well-being to a situation that borders on ruin. This should be associated with other cards (for example the 5 of coins).

If so, try to minimize the impact, and try to change those things that have sent us bankrupt: bad decisions, bad investments, waste of money, unnecessary and superfluous expenses, borrowed money that does not return, requested credits impossible to repay.

Death : Health

Changeable, unstable condition. 
Death – ONLY when surrounded by many negative cards. 

Pay attention to the age of the person on whom the alignment is carried out: for a young person there is much less chance that this card speaks specifically of death than for an elderly or seriously ill person.
Often this card comes up when a person has already recovered from a crisis or avoided danger.

Health is also highly favored by this card. You recover or heal from an illness, you have strength and vitality, there are improvements if you have serious ailments or long-standing acute illnesses.

Announces an excellent general recovery in health. As you can see, it advertises the opposite of dying!

Death : past, present, future

Death in past position

You have entered a new phase of life. Everything changes over time, and your path in this world is no different.

Death in present position

A major event is approaching and will come suddenly. You will lose something of value.

Death in future position

To move forward, develop a new way of looking at the world. The past is over and the rest of your life is yet to come, so continue the journey with all your heart.

Death (Upright) Meaning

  • The need for dramatic changes. 
  • Liberation. 
  • The heyday of a new era. 
  • The past is over. 
  • Completion of one life cycle and the beginning of a new one. 
  • Laying a new way of life. 
  • Death of an old personality. 
  • Finding strength. 
  • Revival. 
  • Sudden and irreversible changes. 
  • Transition. 
  • Purification. 
  • Redemption. 
  • Finding new vitality. 
  • Liberation from useless deeds. 
  • Liberation through the atonement. 
  • Chagrin that it is impossible to return to the way of life that you led before. 
  • The inevitable end. 
  • Change of position. 
  • Marriage. 
  • Divorce. 
  • New job or dismissal. 
  • Leaving home. 
  • Changing of the living place. 
  • The end of the relationship. 
  • Loss of virginity. 
  • Spiritual revival. 
  • Rejection of outdated views. 
  • Reincarnation.

In the upright position, the card means that your worldview is expanding. You give up restrictions, and for you, “DEATH” does not mean a physical end, but speaks of the end of an existing situation, which involves profound changes in the psyche and outlook on the world.

The DEATH card is a symbol of change. The following maps will tell you what changes await you. But in any case, you will have a chance at a new start in life. 

In general, the key portends the end of the old life, the inevitable loss associated with this, including the completion of any acquaintance or friendship, possibly the loss of sources of income. However, the beginning of a new era always has a touch of alarming joy.

Significant changes are about to take place in your life. Change is inevitable. The Death card appears in the layout when you are on the verge of significant changes: wedding, divorce, leaving home, change of residence, change in career, birth of a child. Inevitable changes will take place in your way of life. 

The protracted situation is coming to an end, and the dawn of a new era awaits you ahead. Now is the time to get rid of unnecessary relationships, events and turn on the path leading to a new stage in your life. 

Perhaps a loss awaits you. It is necessary to get rid of everything unnecessary or obsolete. This is the time of completion and beginning of a new one, as the New Testament says: “Until the grain falls into the ground and dies, it will not sprout.” 

You must turn off the barren old path. Sometimes this card literally means the death of a person you know. Emotionally, this is the most excellent card of the Great Arcana, heralding a complete rebirth of feelings, emotional recovery.

Death (Reversed) Meaning

  • Inertia. 
  • Stubbornness. 
  • Inaction. 
  • Glamor. 
  • Stagnation. 
  • Immobility. 
  • Fear of change. 
  • Fear of giving up old habits or relationships. 
  • Clinging to the obsolete past. 
  • Extreme relationship. 
  • Refusal to change. 
  • Decline. 
  • Rejection of the future. 
  • Depression. 
  • Uncertainty. 
  • If you do not want to let go of 
  • something voluntarily, you will be forced to do it. 
  • Loss of a friend. 
  • Birth.

In inverted position, the card symbolizes fear of change, stagnation in business, work through strength, slow changes in life and the associated inconveniences and troubles. 

If there are good cards nearby, then this is a slow progress towards good changes, giving reason to believe that you are close to understanding the true essence; “Who are you? Why are you what you are?” You have a special gift of insight into yourself and others.

When Death appears in an inverted position, this indicates that you are clinging to outdated views or relationships that are long overdue to abandon. 

Your fear of change binds you to the past and interferes with your growth. What are you afraid of? Your resistance to inevitable changes makes them more painful. It is better to take the “bull by the horns” now than to wait for changes to be forced upon you.

Death : Spirituality

Cultivating a positive attitude is now key. You must understand that the changes will favor you, so try not to oppose or resist them.

Know that even if you are in the middle of a “dark night of the soul” this will also happen. Don’t fight change. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but do not wallow in pain or sadness.

If you need help ask for it. Even when you feel alone in the world, you will find that you find someone willing to open their hands to welcome you and offer you help and support.

Death Relation with Astrology

Saturn in the 8th house. The Planet of Reach, separation and farewell, dying and rebirth.

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