Death: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Death Upright Keywords:

end, mortality, destruction, corruption (decay).

Death Reversed Keywords:

inertness, drowsiness, lethargy, stupor, somnambulism.

Death Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Death is parting, parting, ending. Thus, she is the forerunner of the new, future, although on the map itself at first glance this is not the case. Nevertheless, the map is rather good, because this end is natural, we have been waiting for it for a long time, because it is a liberation, although accompanied by grief and pain. In contrast to the Ten of Swords, which means the end is violent, that is, premature, this card symbolizes the natural end, indicating that the time has come to part with someone or something. So it is completely in vain associated with grief alone. Or, on the contrary, they consider only the beginning of something new, not understanding the meaning of the symbolism of Death as the beginning and end at the same time, as the bitterness of parting and the joy of expectation. “We separated life from death, and filled the gap between them with fear,” Krishnamurti wrote.

The thirteenth card of the Major ARCANA is called DEATH and depicts a skeleton, squinting heads, arms and legs, rising from the ground. In the course of these labors, he apparently cuts off one of his legs. This detail is not present in all decks, but it definitely indicates philosophical truth that imbalance and destruction are synonyms. The skeleton is the emblem of the first and supreme Deity, since it is the foundation of the body, just as the Absolute is the foundation of Creation. The skeleton exoterically means DEATH, and esoterically means the irresistible impulse of Nature, which each creature acquires to the final transition to the divine state in which it remained until the creation of the illusory Universe. The blade of the scythe of Death is represented in the form of a crescent moon, with its brilliant power. Both poor and rich are all subject to death. In some decks DEATH is depicted dressed in armor on a snow-white horse, trampling the hoof of both young and old. Life, drawing its energy from death, conquers DEATH, and being is an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. On the TARO map, DEATH rides on a horse as a winner, but people again rise from the earth, cut by her scythe.

The ancient man did not realize that he was mortal: for him death was the death of the family, and the soul was thought to be transmitted from grandfather to grandson. The concept of his own death arises when a person realizes his “I”, his personality, although ancient myths insist that he is conceived as an immortal creation.
There is really no death: it is fragmented into flickering shots of the script that has been scrolled many times, while life, being the core of Being, remains forever. Therefore, the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis, was always portrayed as walking, and the Virgin (Life) with an ear in her hand standing, symbolizing that death is transient and life is eternal. “Nothing is destroyed, everything is replaced and moved, and when the creatures change, obeying the eternal order, then among people it is called to die.”

DEATH opens the doors of true light and, serving as a transformation of the old in the name of the birth of the new, is astrologically associated with the sign of Scorpio. The motto of the Thirteenth ARKANA is “Die and be reborn, rise and pass.”

In a sense, the Thirteenth ARKAN is a good card if you are not afraid of the need for changes and deep, radical transformations. The meaning of ARKANA “DEATH” can also be associated with a person’s victory over himself and with his return to the normal way of rational thinking. If you were unable to complete the cycle on a dozen and again go out to one, a damn dozen awaits you. Is it worth it to be afraid? This ARKAN is often accompanied by fear. But this is also internal wisdom, recognition of the expediency of what is happening, the ability to forgive and say goodbye. In the Crowley system, the Thirteenth ARKAN is a medieval “Dance of DEATH”, a favorite allegory adorning many temples: a round dance led by DEATH, in which neither the rich nor the poor could evade participation. The skeleton and braid (the figure of DEATH) are important attributes of Saturn, the planet that represents the fundamental structure of our being. The scythe (or sickle) is also associated with the defective Moon, and through it with Hecate, the dark deity of death, from whom time itself (Saturn) took away the blessing of having children and turned it into an evil creature that carries only destruction.
Of the zodiacal objects with DEATH, not only the sign of Scorpio is connected, but also the Eighth House – the “abode of DEATH”.

Do not forget that Scorpio is associated with sex and reproductive organs. The inextricable link “Love – Death” is also widely represented in medieval allegories. For love, you can get a dagger and a dagger in the back, and die in childbirth.

Death Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the map means that your worldview is expanding. You give up restrictions, and for you, “DEATH” does not mean a physical end, but speaks of the end of an existing situation, which involves profound changes in the psyche and outlook on the world.
The DEATH card is a symbol of change. The following maps will tell you what changes await you. But in any case, you will have a chance at a new start in life. In general, the key portends the end of the old life, the inevitable loss associated with this, including the completion of any acquaintance or friendship, possibly the loss of sources of income. However, the beginning of a new era always has a touch of alarming joy.

Death Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes fear of change, stagnation in business, work through strength, slow changes in life and the associated inconveniences and troubles. If there are good cards nearby, then this is a slow progress towards good changes, giving reason to believe that you are close to understanding the true essence; “Who are you? Why are you what you are?” You have a special gift of insight into yourself and others.

Death Relation with Astrology

Saturn in the 8th house. The Planet of Reach, separation and farewell, dying and rebirth.

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