Nine of Wands Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

The Nine of Wands lets us know that the fight may have been bloody or you may even be fighting, but it urges you to continue because you will finally be victorious.


Nine of Wands is about Action and Decision. ‘Fire’ is the element of 9 of Wands. Nine of Wands is a card of possession of power, power over oneself, victory – true, honest, deserved, recognized. The cards has image of the person in which the power of the Master awakes.
And, like all Nines, the card of independence; loneliness is not painful, but voluntary, comfortable and desired. The fire on this card burns strongly, evenly, calmly, high.

Nine of Wands Upright Keywords:

this card means strength in resistance (opposition). Being attacked, a person will meet the attack boldly. Along with this basic meaning, all its possible additions take place – postponement, suspension, break.

Nine of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Nine of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a figure, leaning on its stick, stands as if in anticipation of the enemy. Behind him, eight rods arranged in a specific order stick out like a stockade.

The man is visibly tired and wounded after which a battle is supposed that despite the cost, he has emerged victorious.

The card shows that he is protected by a series of rods behind him, which appear as a wall around him.

By the way he leans on his rod, it is evident that the battle has been long and has worn him down, but he remains firm and determined to continue or face a new challenge if the occasion calls for it.

He has determination in his posture and in his eyes, implying that he will keep fighting for what he wants and what he believes, until the last consequences.

Nine Wands means stubbornness, resistance to any situation or event, from which we expect only trouble. At the same time, she says that there is no threat, but in fact there is, and there are only our memories of past troubles, whence our present “defensive” state. She personifies the state of mind, which in fairy tales is called the “cold heart”. Translated into everyday language, this means that we bristle with all the needles and resist any changes, although we realize that they can be very important for our further development. Although sometimes it can mean something directly opposite – if, for example, we took a decisive step and closed all the doors behind us that could lead to a retreat. In this case, this card has a positive value, but it also indicates one mistake we made: we shamefully fled from responsibility for our past out of fear that it could overtake us. In order to free yourself from it, you need to finally let go of your past, turn it into the foundation of our further transformations, instead of feeling like a hostage to it.

Predicting from Nines of Wands:

Negative Interpretation

Nine of Wands in a reading indicates that problems need to be resolved quickly. The card speaks of self-defense and perseverance. Nine of Wands shows a person has great courage and determination. 

Indicates caution against progressive and unfair people.

Positive Interpretation

Nine of Wands shows a stable position, interest in psychology and mathematics, and work on spiritual development await you in your work. Good health and long relationship.

Nine of Wands Upright Meaning:

These graphic characteristics of the card apply to you equally, your situation and posture at this moment is like that of the man in the figure.

You may well have had a great victory, albeit a long and costly one, that has left you tired and perhaps injured, but you can also still be in the midst of a fight.

This card may indicate that you are about to achieve victory, but new challenges and obstacles arise that delay and prevent completion.

You know that you will successfully overcome these circumstances, but you must still fight and face them, and you have a certain feeling that the fight never ends, and although you win and progress, you seem not to overtake on the ground.

The Nine of Wands gives you a hopeful breath, telling you that the goal is very near and that you should not give up or resign yourself now , when there is so little left until you achieve your goal.

You have a firm foundation to achieve your goal , and there really is very little to go, so these challenges are possibly the last you will face. You have already traveled and fought so much that you cannot in any way give up now, meters from the finish line.

Surely you are at the limit of your strength , with a great feeling of fatigue and that you cannot literally move another muscle, but you know within you that there is always a reservoir, a stored energy based on your determination and an iron conviction, and you also have the skills needed to fight the remaining fight, prevail and win.

You know that once you reach the goal, you will be really safe and close a stage. This victory will be final and there will be no more obstacles to overcome.

Everything in The Nine of Wands encourages you to have resistance, because regardless of all the oppositions that you have and that somehow will never cease to be present, it is your determination that leads to success . Opposition from others or from circumstances will always exist, but you can resolve it if you maintain your conviction and faith in your abilities.

Although the clubs refer to action and attitudes, this combat that you fight and the achievement of your goal, can refer to any aspect of your life, it can be in work or social, in your emotional, love or family life, they can be your activities or studies, in such a way that when this card arises you should focus on seeing what area of ​​your life is the one that presents the conflict, where you are fighting this battle.

ú You will prevail eventually, even though now the fight is intense and sometimes you think that your strength is leaving you. You will win and it is the only thing that should be fixed in your mind, because that is the key for you to continue in your endeavor.

Previous experiences, the past, are important here. You may feel that previously you have failed, things were complicated or did not go as you wanted, but that is already behind and that is not necessarily going to be repeated in the present. You must leave the past behind and trust the future. From the past you have acquired valuable experience, which has been accumulating and will save you from making mistakes.

It is the general meaning of life, make mistakes, learn, try again until we achieve it.
If you are doubting yourself or others because of these past events, you should know that this time is different, this point is very important.

In a last aspect, The Nine of Wands invites you to have resilience , that is, to take into account all the scenarios, especially the negative ones, in order to deal with them. You imagine the worst, therefore if this negative scenario occurs, you will already have a plan, or several, to face it and solve it beforehand and it will not be taken by surprise.

This is about not taking risks, not being caught off guard. While you cannot calculate all the movements and variables, you should try to keep as many situations in mind as possible, this way you will be well planned and can defeat anything that stands in your way.

In the upright position, NINE of Wands means penetration to other levels of consciousness. This card symbolizes the change of ideas about oneself, the beginning of seeing oneself in a different light. At the social level, NINE STAFF can be expressed in the election of a false system of values, false authorities.
Through the number nine penetrates the powerful influence of Neptune; the map, to a very large extent, is connected precisely with authorities, involvement in a particular cultural tradition, views, value system.

NINE STAFFS symbolizes the expectation of difficulties and changes, the expectation of turbulent periods of life and their presentiment, anticipation of enmity, hidden enemies,

collapse, destruction. Unlike other nines, NINE of Wands reflects the nature of Pisces rather than Sagittarius. The influence of Neptune is stronger here, and Jupiter is weaker.

Nine of Wands Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The Nine of Wands indicates that you have to be calm and patient. It is possible that the relationship is under a lot of analysis, you or your partner (or both) break everything down and while this can be good, constantly questioning and “fighting” can be harmful.

But since it is a trump card, whatever the situation that the couple is going through, things will improve, you just have to be careful that the cost is not too high, one or the other is not too hurt. You may have to defend the relationship with your partner from attack by third parties.

If you are looking for love, you may have to compete with others who want the same goal. You win in the end, but the battle can be long.

Nine of Wands Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Nine of Wands marks that things can be tense. No matter what the problem or situation is, it is essential that you take a deep breath and count to ten before acting, making decisions or intervening.

There may be competitions or people competing for your place, but you must remain calm as in the end, you will prevail. Don’t let imagination and impulse take over, if you are competing for a position, a promotion, a salary increase, the negotiation will not be easy, but you achieve your purpose.

If you are looking for work, you will have to compete with other people for the position, but that is something common in today’s world. Stay determined and you will succeed. It is a card that signals victory in the end, always.

Nine of Wands Reversed – In Money or Finances Tarot Reading

The Nine of Wands points out that this is not an easy time. You are practically struggling with your accounts and your reserves, trying to cover all the aspects and seeing how to generate more profit.

The main thing is not to rush or worry excessively. It is a situation that you will resolve eventually, and while it may be a tough war against numbers and your funds, you will be heading towards balance.

Financial help may come to support you (just as the man in the picture leans on a long stick). Try to be methodical and disciplined.

Nine of Wands Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The Nine of Wands points out that worry, stress, and anxiety may affect your life now. This already affects your health, and you may mainly feel enormous mental and physical fatigue.

You must pause to take a breath. You will finally win, keep this in mind so as not to fill yourself with unnecessary worries or anguish.

If you are experiencing an illness or disease, it is time to fight hard, as that will lead to improvement. Lowering your arms now is losing everything. If you fight, the good news will come very soon.

Nine of Wands Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

he Nine of Wands urgently asks you to discipline yourself. Every battle, every war, every army, needs a tough discipline to win. You need to balance yourself inside and draw on the immense inner energy that you have to prevail.

Meditate, pray, read, seek peace and quiet so that you can find the answers that are within you. You have the strength to get where you want to be or what you want to achieve.

Nine of Wands Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the map indicates hardened thinking, narrow views, closed mind, loss of connection with reality; various obstacles, opponents; these are the problems that arise overnight, delays, everything that causes dissatisfaction, disappointment, hopelessness – the barriers that arise and must be overcome, dead periods, poor health.
The appearance of this card in the layout may indicate that in your life there is a very slippery area ahead. It is important to pass it without stumbling. The suit of SCEPTERS is the last in the staircase of suits and its symbol is gaining life experience.
It is known that the closer to the goal, the stronger the resistance, and darkness is thicker than anything before dawn. This fully applies to NINE SCEPTERS.
You are now very close to the last stage and it is important not to succumb to illusions. These are situations of the sign of Pisces, and especially the Twelfth House.

Message Given by Nine of Wands

Leave your doubts and trust your intuition, move freely and follow the flow – this is the main message of this card.

Nine of Wands Relation with Astrology

Saturn / Venus as protectors and patrons.

Nine of Wands shows Strength

Nine of Wands represents Second decade of Sagittarius from December 2 to 10.

the sign of Pisces, the planets Jupiter and Neptune, the Twelfth House.
The second decade of Sagittarius symbolizes the expansion of consciousness, its dominance over the world and expansion into all spheres of life. Its ruler is traditionally considered the moon. The energy here is transformed into a high receptivity of ideas and feelings and an intuitive understanding of a holistic picture of the world, which contributes to building a solid worldview.

Reliance on past traditions is a source of spiritual wealth and practical knowledge of the present. Sagittarius does not rely on himself, but on what is hidden behind him: on his worldview and the objective ideals of society. He tends to idealize the experience of the past. This is the most romantic decade of the Zodiac, establishing a living connection with the past and drawing spirituality from the depths of centuries. It is driven by a desire for independence, a love of travel and other cultures, as well as a tendency to take responsibility for what is happening, sometimes more than a person can bear. Excessive expansion leads to the dispersal of personality (which can give Jupiter in conjunction with the moon). And in order not to give empty promises, in vain encouraging others, it is important to control the completeness of each stage of activity according to the principle: “Finished, walk boldly!”.

NINE OF WANDS is a dormant mind that keeps track of that. so that our will does not weaken. In the famous prayer, where the Lord is asked for strength to change what they can change; humility to accept that which they cannot change; and wisdom always distinguish one from the other. NINE STAFF – the third part: the mind evaluates, monitors. It is like constant self-control – a person does not allow himself to dissolve – vigilance, tested in business, awareness of actions.

Tip – you are tired, your attention is dull.

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