Nines in Tarot

Nine of Wands is about Action and Decision. ‘Fire’ is the element of 9 of Wands. Nine of Swords is about mind and creativity. ‘air’ is the element associated with Nine of Swords. Nine of Pentacles is about Money, Resources and Transaction. ‘Earth’ is the element of 9 of Wands. Nine of Cups is about Feelings and Relationships. ‘Water’ is the element of 9 of Wands.

Nines in Tarot are powerful cards. They are capable of defense, but do not need an attack.

Note, in every Nine in Tarot, there is a single person – A man fighting alone, a man celebrating
alone, a man with his nightmares, and a one person with achievements

Nines have Higher Power than Aces

In Aces in Tarot, the elements pour out uncontrollably. While in Nines, they rage inside.

Nines allow us to truly understand and master the power. Objectively speaking, the strength of Aces and Nines are the same, this is the same +1 energy, but in Aces it is disordered, and therefore in some ways weak. Nines are charged with
organized, orderly power .

Nines in Tarot are cards of control, realized opportunities, cards of a “strong hand”, or rather a strong person, a strong personality.  Their heroes can exist independently, they are self-sufficient, do not depend on anyone, more precisely, they depend only on those and only when and on whom they wish. They are completely free, like Aces of course, but this is the freedom of an adult, the freedom of full responsibility for yourself, your own destiny. The influence of even randomness at this point in time is minimal. This is a rare period of perfect confidence in everything.

Significance if Nines in Tarot

Nines are positive (yes, and except for Nine of Swords). They represent the
completion of the first round, a return to oneself (“home”), in circumstances, a place is a locus of the greatest security. After overcoming the obstacles of the Eight, the element hero returns, finally, to himself. We can say that the element looks at itself, as an adult looks at his childhood. His whole life was
determined then, but how some events were programmed by others, he can understand only now, when the future has become present.

The complex has become simple, but what was once used by intuition is now meaningful, understood and comprehended. If Aces is largely driven by intuition, while Nines are about confidence gained through experience.

Nine is the end of the path, which ended up being the path to oneself, like any other path.

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