Ten of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Ten of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Ten of Wands

The ten of wands is one of the most dual cards that we can find in the deck and its meaning must be carefully analyzed in a reading.

Ten of Wands Yes or No

Ten of Wands
Yes or No
Ten of Wands
Yes or No
The answer is no. 
The intentions are not realized due to excessive efforts.
Refusal of the set goal,
search for a new business

Ten of Wands (upright) Keywords

Excessive pressure. 
Overwhelming obligations. 
A voluntarily accepted burden. 
Work without rest. 
Slave addiction. 
You take too much on yourself. 
Throw away the excess.
gloomy mood;
overload, great responsibility, fatigue;
unnecessary load
a strong person, but who took on too much;
a case that is not yet considered
decisiveness will pay off;
the beginning or end of 
a cycle
the need for help from friends (you should contact them for advice);
Darkness in personal life, loneliness, problems with a partner (take a break);
romantic growing up;
problems with the muscular or musculoskeletal system;
heart problems;
treason, secrecy, treachery, deceit;
unwillingness to accept help from someone. 

Ten of Wands (reversed) Keywords

Dodging your duties. 
misfortune and damage to health;
talents and skills are misused;
selfish goals, dishonesty;
relieving stress, pressure;
reasonable distribution of responsibilities;
work is not rewarded;
problems with the heart, back, muscular and musculoskeletal system;
desire to control others;
the busy period is over;
unwillingness to accept help from someone. 

Ten of Wands Advice

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands
You can’t do a good job with someone else’s hands. 
Although the matter is difficult, but it is within your power.
Drop everything, take on something new. 
Part with what is in the way, take only the main thing.

Ten of Wands Warning

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands
The road is lost, the main direction (for which everything is).if you opt out of the challenge now, you will receive it later in an enhanced form.

Ten of Wands as a Person

Ten of Wands
As a Person
Ten of Wands
As a Person
Very ambitious person. 
People who are absorbed in work. 
Production union.
A busy, tired person.
A person who is used to shifting responsibility onto others’ shoulders. 
Those who create problems or pass them on to other people.

Ten of Wands as feelings

Ten of Wands
as feelings
Ten of Wands
as feelings
gloomy, fatigued, loneliness, secrecy, deceit, exhausted selfish, stress relived

Ten of Wands: Card of the Day

day It is desirable to meet the present day with a good dose of discipline and endurance. 
It is possible that you will need both. 

Either you yourself will take on a task that will require all your strength and even more, or you will be entrusted with a task that will seem impossible to you, at least at first. 

But, if it’s worth it, brace yourself and take the risk. 
But before starting, check if you really have to do everything alone, or will there be helpers?

Ten of Wands as someone sees you

  • Someone who does not delegate has to do the work himself, as a rule,
  • diligent, hardworking person. 
  • More or less agree with your assessment.

Ten of Wands Upright : Love

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands
Relationship fatigue and inability to end it. 
Tough relationship; 
one partner is overburdened
Parting with relief, release from a burdensome relationship. 
Getting rid of the annoying partner.

The Ten of Wands, always dual, on the one hand can indicate that this long journey that you have been trying to save the relationship, improve it and make it more solid, finally generates the desired results and things really are heading and improving a lot. By dint of persevering and insisting, the desired results arrive.

But also, in another context, it can mean that the burden is too much for you, and that you alone cannot get much if you do not commit and hold the other responsible in the relationship. A relationship is built in pairs, and the effort or love of one alone is often not enough to cover the part of the other member of the couple.

If you are alone , it is possible that that love that you pursue so much you can finally reach it, but in its negative version the letter could well mean that it is a wasted effort. It is advisable to rest for the moment and not keep trying until there is a more favorable outlook.

Ten of Wands Upright : Career

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands
Take a bite larger than you can swallow (take on an attractive idea that clearly exceeds your capabilities). 
Excessive responsibility.

Focusing on details and missing the point. 
The need to get rid of unnecessary things, loss of purpose. 
Difficult tasks.
Separation of duties and responsibilities for everyone. 
In an appropriate context, may mean collective irresponsibility.

Reduced workload, lighter work schedule. 
Less workload and responsibility for the same money. 
Sometimes getting rid of an unloved business.

The Ten of Wands in its duality can indicate that your effort will finally be recognized and that the goal is very close to being achieved: a promotion, a salary increase, a new position, everything can come to reward your responsibility and dedication.

But in another aspect, the letter may indicate that you are overloaded with work, perhaps under orders from very demanding people who ask for a lot and give little.
It is also important with the appearance of this ten, that you are able to delegate, you still have a lot of capacity and drive, you are not superhuman to control it and carry everything forward by yourself.

If you are looking for work, ten announces that it will not be easy to obtain a job. It may take time and effort, but if you don’t quit, the fair prize will come. It is important that you have a great commitment and a sense of responsibility, because those can be the keys that make you get the job you need.

Ten of Wands Upright : Money

The Ten of Wands indicates that you may feel great pressure for economic issues at this time. On the one hand, your debts and your expenses are a heavy burden to drag and you must see how to channel things, organize yourself, avoid waste, spend with balance and try to normalize things little by little.

On the other hand, if you have made some investments, have put money at stake trying to make a profit, the delay in the results keeps you in a state of high worry and anxiety. You are close to reaching the achievement, however, so the wait comes to an end and you will have your results, you must calm down because the hardest part of the road has already passed.

Ten of Wands Upright : Health

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands
Spine diseases, high blood pressure, diseases associated with high stress. 
Overload, fatigue.
Relief, tension withdrawal, lowering of pressure, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

The disease either knocked down, or let go: you need to check with additional cards.

The Ten of Wands indicates that stress may have had a serious effect on your body, causing you great fatigue and various pains, mainly in the arms and legs. But there are things you can do to recover: First, calm down.

Second, make sure that you are getting the right rest and sleep. Consider taking vitamin supplements if you need them. A few massages and a couple of days of relaxation can quickly recover you. If the problems of fatigue, lack of sleep and physical exhaustion persist, do not hesitate to seek appropriate professional treatment.

Ten of Wands : past, present, future

Ten of Wands in past position

The strength you have developed over the years of struggle will lead you to a solution to your current problem. The negativity you recently let go of will allow you to form a new philosophy.

Ten of Wands in present position

Take it down and take the challenge to the end. If you have been disconnected from someone close to you, expect to be able to reconnect.

Ten of Wands in future position

By focusing your energy in one direction and consolidating your efforts, it will be easier to achieve success. You will have a chance to achieve your desires, but first you must achieve your lofty goals.

Ten of Wands Upright Meaning:

  • Heavy burden, A huge responsibility, Too much to take on. 
  • Stress at work. 
  • Determination. 
  • Failure to shift some of your responsibilities to others. 
  • Congestion. 
  • Pressure. 
  • The stretching of events. 
  • Loneliness at the top. 
  • Increased status as a result of hard work.
  • Overtime work, Extra work. Overwork, Work without rest, Immersion in work, Hard work
  • Desire to succeed. 
  • Anxiety. Overvoltage. . 
  • Oppression. 
  • Unsuccessful attempts to get what you want. 
  • Obsessive behavior. 
  • The temptations of power. 
  • Bite off more than you can chew. 
  • Romantic growing up. 
  • Problems with the muscular system and the musculoskeletal system. 
  • Displacement of the vertebral discs. 
  • Heart problems.

You are now struggling to shoulder a heavy burden, and take on your responsibilities. Perhaps this responsibility is too great, and the burden is too heavy. Your strength is about to run out, and you are already starting to wonder if it will be enough to cross the finish line.

Despite the weight of your burden, you still have a margin of safety to complete the task. You are driven by the desire to succeed and achieve your goals at any cost. However, you should understand that you cannot do everything yourself. 

Learn to assign responsibilities and don’t take on more than you should.

You must clearly know your limits. Now you are so absorbed in work that you do not yet realize the full weight of the burden that you have taken on yourself. Over-focusing on your career can negatively affect other aspects of your life.

The earth will spin without you, but overwork can lead to serious health problems, and it can be especially dangerous for your back, heart, muscular system and musculoskeletal system. …

Ten of Wands Reversed Meaning:

Positive Meaning:

  • Relief from stress or pressure. 
  • The burden has been dropped. 
  • Reasonable division of responsibilities.

Negative Meaning:

  • Unwise use of one’s talents. 
  • Excessive ambition. 
  • Congestion. 
  • Delay in action. Failure. 
  • Unwillingness to share responsibility. 
  • The work is not rewarded. 
  • Mistrust. Dishonest duties. Envy. Cheating. A scam.  
  • Voluntary responsibilities. 
  • Go astray. Pass your stop. 
  • The desire to control the lives of other people. 
  • Step on your favorite calluses. 
  • The pursuit. 
  • Problems with the back, heart, muscular system and musculoskeletal system. 
  • Much ado about nothing.

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes difficulties, intrigues, duplicity, betrayal. TEN Wands in an inverted position may indicate a meeting with the traitor of your interests, their destroyer. It can symbolize destruction in all its diversity. In metaphysical terms, a map means the inability of thoughts, ideas to express themselves.
In its extreme manifestations, this is a situation of an incomprehensible genius; it is a thought expressed untimely, either too early or too late.
A practically inverted TEN OF Wands always bears in itself certain losses: what to do – Saturn requires sacrifices.

Read more about Ten of Wands Reversed ….

Ten of Wands Upright : Spirituality

Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. But you also have to learn when enough is enough, when it’s time to let go of your burdens a bit. The main theme here is to take good care of yourself, in every way, we already saw in the physical, but in what it does to your spirit it is equally important.

The emotional charges that you carry may be overwhelming you, things from the past that have been accumulating and making your life difficult. Letting go and letting go is the learning you need to do now.

Ten of Wands Relation with Astrology

Ten of Wands Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac sign associated with Ten of Wands is Sagittarius.
  • Saturn | The sun as a symbol of heaviness in the soul and gloomy mood or Saturn in the 11th house as an image of hopelessness.
  • Ten of Wands signifies Oppression
  • Ten of Wands stands for The third decade of Sagittarius from December 11 to 21.
  • The Tenth and First Houses and their associated planets.

The third decade of Sagittarius, governed by the planet of completeness, Saturn, lays the foundation for the transformation of energy into material results and describes its manifestations on the earth plane.

The distracted worldview and exalted spirituality of the previous decade here become an ideology and a ritual that creates the idea of ​​support. 

For representatives of this decade, more than for the previous ones, it is important to translate the idea into reality, and therefore important are the social position and authority that can protect the idea in the world. 

But … an idea at this level – can turn into a dogma.

This decade is interpreted as a stopped development: further movement is suppressed, and a person takes a conservative position until then, until he receives material satisfaction from the implementation of the intended. This is a desire to complete and eliminate everything. 

The task of this decade is to use what has been achieved for a new movement. The desired goal obscures the world from a person. therefore, the materialistic position stops the expansion of thought and authority affirms comprehended truths in life. 

A TEN of wands ends the fiery stage of the affirmation of one’s material-social “I”, and a person turns to his inner world, passing to the stage of soul development – comprehension of the sensual sphere of the elements of water.

If you climbed to the top step of the staff of the TEN, you will have a strength test. In the end, every test comes from God: is your position really in harmony with “your heaven”? Prove it!

Ten of Wands Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Ten of Wands shows us in his figure a man carrying with effort a heavy load of logs or long sticks.

However, its pace is firm and it seems to be heading successfully to a certain place in the city, which is shown in the background, to place its product and obtain a profit for it.

But at the same time, in another look , he may not succeed, as he seems to be exhausted and faltering from the weight he carries and the effort, and he may not be able to get there.

Ten of Wands is a card of gloomy mood, showing that we expected too much, and now all our bright prospects vanished like smoke. Maybe we ourselves worked poorly somewhere and now we’ll disentangle. Sometimes this card also means that on the way of our development we jumped through several steps at once and now we feel like first-graders, who fell into fifth grade at once; new obscure tasks hang with a heavy millstone on the neck. So it’s quite possible that we’ll be dishonored now. It takes time to get used to it, time and patience, and then the tasks will cease to seem incomprehensible, and the gloomy mood will pass, and we will finally take our place.

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