Four of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Four of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Four of Wands

Four of Wands Yes or No

Four of Wands
Yes or No
Four of Wands
Yes or No
The answer is yes. 
Harvest your crop.
The result is not fully as desired.
not the best results.

Four of Wands (upright) Keywords

harmony, peace, prosperity;
a job well done;
recovery from difficulties;
enjoyment of the results of the work done;
communication, entertainment, pleasure, joy of life;
new contacts;
well-deserved rest, prosperity;
new stage of development;
a happy and safe home;
foundation for marriage / serious relationship;
a happy ending;
Successful completion of the collaboration. 
Rest after hard work. 
Happy marriage and reliable partnership. 
Commitment made. 
Safe home.

Four of Wands (reversed) Keywords

with a positive attitude, you can achieve good results;
you should be able to find comfort and support from friends;
temporary inability to feel the joy of life;
success is delayed or in doubt;
frustration, intolerance;
property problems;
a higher price for success than a card in an upright position.
Confusion of thoughts. 
Unfinished work. 
Dissatisfaction with life. 
Family disagreements. 
Breakup of a family or partnership. 

Four of Wands Advice

Four of Wands
Four of Wands
Gain a foothold in the occupied position, settle down. 
You need to rest, go to nature, celebrate the achievement.
Don’t rely on a promise. 
Be content with a small result; 
don’t celebrate yet.

Four of Wands Warning

Four of Wands
Four of Wands
Excessive attachment to material, to the usual position, unwillingness to change anything will lead to sad results.hidden destruction of the structure, internal connections. 
The results will be worse than expected.

Four of Wands as a Person

Four of Wands
As a Person
Four of Wands
As a Person
A person with a sense of belonging to tradition. 

A person who is Satisfied with life, able to have fun and live with taste.


Happy and self-satisfied people. 

Those who build their nest. 

People taking part in social events such as prom, etc.
A person is unable to pull himself together and mobilize himself for anything. 

In some sources: a sense of incompleteness; 
a person pulled out of meditation is an uncomfortable state due to incompleteness. 

He wants more, shows dissatisfaction, grumbling.

Slow people. 

Those who provide poor quality services.

Four of Wands as feelings

Four of Wands
as feelings
Four of Wands
as feelings
harmony, peace, prosperity, happiness, joy frustration, intolerance; Dissatisfaction, helplessness,

Four of Wands: Card of the Day

Today you can express yourself fully. 
Do not be afraid that you will be “punished” for it. 

Feel free to take the first step in a relationship with someone or others. 
You will make sure that you are welcome. 

Speech, by the way, can be about flirting. 
Greet today, put aside sad thoughts and give yourself (or another person) a bouquet of flowers. 

If you have been putting off some unpleasant duty for a long time, for example, a difficult telephone conversation, today is the most favorable day for such matters. 

Put all your charm into it and 
you will win .

Four of Wands as someone sees you

  • Well balanced where you should be in life at this time. 
  • Not an airy fairytale person, but someone who can provide a secure and stable relationship or a long-term commitment. This can also be the case for friendship and romance. 
  • An inspiring person who provides great company.

Four of Wands : Love

Four of Wands
Four of Wands
Solving economic issues, building a nest. 
Relationships are in a stable phase.

The first fruits of life together: the acquisition of housing, the birth of children, joint trips and pleasure.
Postponing the solution of everyday issues or an attempt to ignore everyday problems. 

Do not bear expected fruit. 

It could have been better.

The Four of Wands is a strong indication of weddings and commitments, of births, whether they touch you directly or you participate in the celebration of others. If you are dating, there is commitment or marriage. If you are already in a committed relationship, the union and happiness increases. It could be a “Weddings of…” celebration for the time they have been together.

If you are alone, love comes along with a happy and committed relationship and it is very likely that this encounter occurs during parties or events, so attend as many as you can!

Four of Wands : Career

Four of Wands
Four of Wands
Enjoyment of the results of your labor.

The theme of the office, stamps, documents. 
High-quality expensive luxury construction. 
Completed work, consolidation of the result.

Celebration, presentation. 
First good stable income.
Stagnation, lack of guarantees. 

Change of office, less than expected profit, unsuccessful presentations.

The Four of Wands indicates an excellent moment of achievement, of reaching a goal. Things are probably going to be great at your job, but still, don’t take this initial success for granted and feel like everything will go smoothly from now on.

Yes, you have earned your success and some accolades (and maybe a little fun and some free time too) but don’t forget that you will have to keep fighting to stay on top and keep growing. If you are looking for a job, without a doubt you get it, the bad times are over.

Four of Wands : Money

The Four of Wands shows achievement and celebration, your money increases, your economy progresses, but this is due to pure effort and work, it is not here to celebrate that you have won the lottery. Everything comes as a reward for your dedication and commitment. If you do business, plan investments, expand, everything is very favorable and with excellent dividends, therefore, go forward without fear.

Four of Wands : Health

Four of Wands
Four of Wands
Positive card. 
Process stabilization, conservative treatment methods.

Excellent, stable, recovery.
Postponing the solution of everyday issues or an attempt to ignore everyday problems. 

Do not bear expected fruit. 
It could have been better.

The Four of Wands may indicate that those test and treatment results that you are waiting for come with extremely favorable news and it is all cause for celebration. Your health is good and in some way that should be a reason to celebrate life, to show gratitude for your good condition, for your physical abilities and mental faculties. Unbeatable time to stop vices and addictions.

Four of Wands : past, present, future

Four of Wands in past position

Your consistent efforts have resulted in reward and satisfaction. The urge to create or build something developed in your subconscious mind.

Four of Wands in present position

Accept the support of friends and loved ones, as you cannot be strong all the time. You are on your way to completing something meaningful, so remember that you are not alone.

Four of Wands in future position

By believing in yourself and applying positive energy to your decisions, you will achieve prosperity. The foundation of your future will be based on the good deeds of your present.

Four of Wands (Upright) Meaning:

  • A special occasion to mark the next stage of development. 
  • Peace. 
  • Skip. 
  • The joy of achievement. 
  • Significant event. 
  • Pleasure. 
  • Blessing. 
  • Harmony. 
  • A happy and safe home. 
  • Rooting. 
  • Strong business relationship. 
  • Buying a home. 
  • Success. 
  • Laying the foundation for marriage or serious relationship. 
  • Moving to a new home. 
  • Fruit ripening. 
  • Good harvest. 
  • Improvement. 
  • Prosperity. 
  • Enjoyment. 
  • Celebration. 
  • Productivity. 
  • Comfort. 
  • Creative pursuits. 
  • Satisfaction. 
  • Happiness. 
  • Holidays. 
  • Relaxation. 
  • The possibility of a new novel. 
  • Marriage. 
  • Honeymoon. 
  • Bar mitzvah or similar ceremony. 
  • A happy ending.

Four of Wands is a positive, lucky card that heralds a time of rest and receiving a reward after a successfully completed assignment. 

The project has reached a successful stage of development, and now is the time to celebrate this event. The roots put down will firmly hold in the ground. You may be considering buying a house and owning a household. 

Anything related to the countryside will turn out to be successful. The creative assignment is progressing well. You can enjoy the first fruits of your labors before continuing to work after the holiday is over. 

The Four of Wands can denote a special ceremony dedicated to the next stage passed, that is, the end of one stage and the transition to the next. 

In matters relating to romantic relationships, this card signifies laying the foundation for a lasting relationship and, moreover,

Four of Wands (Reversed Meaning)

Positive Meaning:

  • Very similar to the values ​​of the card in the correct position, only the degree of manifestation will be slightly less. 
  • Success comes at a higher cost than anticipated. 
  • Relaxation. 
  • Relaxation pause. 
  • Improvement. 
  • Happiness after overcoming difficulties. 
  • Confession. 
  • Reward. 
  • Delayed but satisfactory completion of a phase or project. 
  • Extramarital affairs.

Negative Meaning:

  • Action delay. 
  • Criticism. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Bad service. 
  • Disappointment. 
  • Intolerance. 
  • Limited thinking. 
  • Excessive conservatism. 
  • Retreat. 
  • Limitations. 
  • Disapproval. 
  • Property problems. 
  • Disappointment in a partner. 
  • The need to protect against possible loss of happiness.

The Four of Wands is an iconic card, and even in an inverted position, it remains generally positive, indicating only that success will be achieved at a slightly higher cost. The time for rest and well-deserved awards is approaching. 

However, the four of Wands in an inverted position can indicate possible obstacles or limitations that you will have to overcome, or problems with property. If you are planning some kind of social event, you may receive poor service, or perhaps the organization of the event will not be at the level that you expected. 

You will have to work harder to get the desired result.

In an inverted position, a card means instability, haste, delay, lag, slackness or confusion of thoughts, inability to mobilize oneself for something. The mind, the intellect needs to be calm. 

This is in tune with the sensation of a person who was suddenly pulled out of meditation.

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Four of Wands : Spirituality

The Four of Wands shows a communion of spiritual ideas with your environment, at the family level or social groups. If someone does not agree with your ideas, you should not worry, everyone has the right to what they think and to make their own way. There is a sense of deep bonding with others and the assurance and relief of knowing that you have support and assistance.

Four of Wands Relation with Astrology

Four of Wands Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac sign associated with Four of Wands is Aries.
  • Venus in the 5th house as a symbol of joy, play, entertainment, or the Moon / Venus as an embodiment of a sense of security and joy of communication.
  • Four of Wands signifies Completion
  • Ace of wands stands for The third decade of Aries from April 10 to 20.
  • Aquarius, Eleventh House.

The third decade of Aries is traditionally associated with Venus, hence its second name – “Love”. An impulse of energy is introduced into matter, and in the search for recognition begins to interact with it. 

Personal enthusiasm is faced with the objective laws of life. The objectivity of external being directs a person to search for his place in society and to creatively learn the ways of truth and justice: he makes us think about what a fair social structure should be.

This decade is more tangible than the previous two, and the impulse of love here can reach passion. Moreover, it is oriented towards socially useful work as the most natural realization of internal aspirations.

Tip – rest on our laurels. Believe that now peace has come forever.

Four of Wands Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Four of Wands shows us two people with a happy and festive attitude, dancing, under a flowery garland spread over four long poles or sticks , strongly attached to the ground, which indicates great stability and solidity.

This representation is clearly festive and is the celebration of any kind of achievement , fulfillment and celebration for a goal achieved, as well as a wedding, someone returning to their place after a victory or a family party.

There are other people in the scene participating in the celebration, and it is sensed that inside the castle, in the background of the image, the party continues.

Four of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  in the foreground a large garland suspended on four stuck sticks; two female figures raise bouquets of flowers; they can see a bridge across the moat (with water) leading to an old estate.

Four of Wands corresponds to a period of peace and rest, during which we reveal ourselves towards life and its joys. We are confident in our own security, and therefore we are ready to leave the “fortress walls” and enter the outside world. This means communication, entertainment, pleasure and joy of life, as well as the disclosure of our “I” to meet her, a feeling of deep relationship with other people.

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