Four of Wands Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


Four of Wands Upright Keywords:

country life, peace, harmony, harmony, prosperity, peace and, therefore, completion of work.

Four of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The Four of Wands shows us two people with a happy and festive attitude, dancing, under a flowery garland spread over four long poles or sticks , strongly attached to the ground, which indicates great stability and solidity.

This representation is clearly festive and is the celebration of any kind of achievement , fulfillment and celebration for a goal achieved, as well as a wedding, someone returning to their place after a victory or a family party.

There are other people in the scene participating in the celebration, and it is sensed that inside the castle, in the background of the image, the party continues.

Four of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  in the foreground a large garland suspended on four stuck sticks; two female figures raise bouquets of flowers; they can see a bridge across the moat (with water) leading to an old estate.

Four of Wands corresponds to a period of peace and rest, during which we reveal ourselves towards life and its joys. We are confident in our own security, and therefore we are ready to leave the “fortress walls” and enter the outside world. This means communication, entertainment, pleasure and joy of life, as well as the disclosure of our “I” to meet her, a feeling of deep relationship with other people.

Four of Wands Upright Meaning:

The Four of Wands is certainly a very positive card that frames any happy situation in life . It is a time of celebration and celebration, of union between people, of family harmony.

Everyone is happy with what is happening at the moment. Even more figuratively, this letter may be the arrival of extraordinary and long-awaited news in your life.

There is a lot of stability here , as seen in the figure with those solid timbers supporting the structure. A truly stable and happy time has come into your life, or is very soon to come.

Bad times or painful situations have passed and now a stage of happiness appears before you, with great harmony and happy sensations, along with a feeling of deep peace and calm.

The effort you have made has been intense, you have faced bloody challenges and this can be applied to many things: The completion of a study or career, the celebration of a wedding after a hard period of loneliness or heartbreak, the struggle and overcoming family problems, or work or money problems.

All that has been left behind, since The Four of Wands augurs a very happy and peaceful time , this being one of the most positive cards in the entire deck.
It is also a group letter . Here there are meetings, and possibly it is the announcement of good times to spend with family or friends, get together, celebrate, celebrate life and the happiness of being together, both now and in the past.

At some point it may be an advertisement for time for rest and leisure, for enjoyment, a restorative vacation where you get together with your friends or spend time with your family, after not seeing each other for a while.

By itself, The Four of Wands is a clear announcement of marriages, the conception of a child, births, events that may be yours as well as those of other people, it may be the birth of your child as that of a distant cousin, or your marriage or hers , or some type of celebration such as receiving you in your studies, getting a job promotion, or any situation that deserves a special celebration.

When The Four of Wands is also joined to other similar cards, such as the Two of Cups (wedding) or The Empress (motherhood, birth) these events are almost a fact. It can even be the simple invitation that they make you to participate in a party.

In the same way, if you come working hard , fighting for your project, you reach a very positive stage of conclusion and this can mark your life from then on. It is the achievement, the realization, the happy culmination of any idea, project, business or task in which you have been investing time and effort.

In The Four of Wands there is a very marked correlation with the family environment , the home, so these events can occur within it, happen to other people in your family that you love, and in a very literal sense it can represent the purchase of a house snows, the arrangement and improvements in your current house, your parents or children.

In certain cases it may mean a transfer, change of residence or move. Everything is under an atmosphere of peace and happiness.

It is a very good time to make peace with everyone, especially those who matter most to you. Grudges and quarrels are put aside, there is communication and a new opportunity comes to light for everyone involved.

Without a doubt it is a letter that fills you with enthusiasm and optimism, especially if you come from unfortunate periods of failure and pain. You understand perfectly that these moments are not a constant of life, most of the time it is difficulty and struggle, so you must enjoy this celebration that now comes before you, be proud of whatever you have achieved, both at the material as on an emotional or intellectual level. One stage has ended and another has begun. Enjoy it!

In the upright position, the card symbolizes the holiday as the completion of a successfully completed business, inner peace, peace, satisfaction and peace. Something is already so completed internally that it is, as it were, being cast into a certain form. For example, a happy couple lived together for a long time and, finally, decided to formalize their relationship.

FOUR of wands or staffs symbolizes mental stability, disciplined thought, the desire for order, a sense of structure, finding like-minded people, a sense of belonging to a particular tradition. This map also symbolizes the situation – when several people in different parts of the globe simultaneously come to the same idea. 

In the FOUR OF WANDS, the theme of Aquarius and Saturn (the planet that controls it) is distinctly heard. At the same time, the map may also mean some stagnation and numbness (characteristic manifestations for Saturn).
These are periods of sudden prosperity – peace, tranquility and harmony. And also – rest and enjoyment of the results of their labor. Moreover, this peace is ensured by creating some kind of rigid social scheme, embodied through the FOUR.

Four of Wands Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, a card means instability, haste, delay, lag, slackness or confusion of thoughts, inability to mobilize oneself for something. The mind, the intellect needs to be calm. This is in tune with the sensation of a person who was suddenly pulled out of meditation.
This and unfinished, ragged in Aquarian, love relationships. Sense of insecurity, stained beauty, imperfect happiness.
Such a topic at the level of society is currently sounded sharply in the form of a complete lack of guarantees. Read more about Four of Wands Reversed.

Four of Wands Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands is a strong indication of weddings and commitments, of births, whether they touch you directly or you participate in the celebration of others. If you are dating, there is commitment or marriage. If you are already in a committed relationship, the union and happiness increases. It could be a “Weddings of…” celebration for the time they have been together.

If you are alone, love comes along with a happy and committed relationship and it is very likely that this encounter occurs during parties or events, so attend as many as you can!

Four of Wands Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands indicates an excellent moment of achievement, of reaching a goal. Things are probably going to be great at your job, but still, don’t take this initial success for granted and feel like everything will go smoothly from now on.

Yes, you have earned your success and some accolades (and maybe a little fun and some free time too) but don’t forget that you will have to keep fighting to stay on top and keep growing. If you are looking for a job, without a doubt you get it, the bad times are over.

Four of Wands Upright – In Money or Finances Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands shows achievement and celebration, your money increases, your economy progresses, but this is due to pure effort and work, it is not here to celebrate that you have won the lottery. Everything comes as a reward for your dedication and commitment. If you do business, plan investments, expand, everything is very favorable and with excellent dividends, therefore, go forward without fear.

Four of Wands Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands may indicate that those test and treatment results that you are waiting for come with extremely favorable news and it is all cause for celebration. Your health is good and in some way that should be a reason to celebrate life, to show gratitude for your good condition, for your physical abilities and mental faculties. Unbeatable time to stop vices and addictions.

Four of Wands Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Four of Wands shows a communion of spiritual ideas with your environment, at the family level or social groups. If someone does not agree with your ideas, you should not worry, everyone has the right to what they think and to make their own way. There is a sense of deep bonding with others and the assurance and relief of knowing that you have support and assistance.

Four of Wands Relation with Astrology

Venus in the 5th house as a symbol of joy, play, entertainment, or the Moon / Venus as an embodiment of a sense of security and joy of communication.

Four of Wands signifies Completion

Ace of wands stands for The third decade of Aries from April 10 to 20.

Aquarius, Eleventh House.
The third decade of Aries is traditionally associated with Venus, hence its second name – “Love”. An impulse of energy is introduced into matter, and in the search for recognition begins to interact with it. Personal enthusiasm is faced with the objective laws of life. The objectivity of external being directs a person to search for his place in society and to creatively learn the ways of truth and justice: he makes us think about what a fair social structure should be.
This decade is more tangible than the previous two, and the impulse of love here can reach passion. Moreover, it is oriented towards socially useful work as the most natural realization of internal aspirations.
Tip – rest on our laurels. Believe that now peace has come forever.

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