King of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


King of Wands Upright Keywords:

not too educated (dark) person, friendly, villager (peasant), usually married, honest and conscientious.

King of Wands Reversed Keywords:

kind, but demanding; strict but tolerant.

Knig of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Knig of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  KING. King – the physical and emotional nature to which the values ​​of this card are assigned – this is ignorance, ardor, flexibility (suppleness); lively, passionate, generous. He raises a flowering stick and, like three corresponding figures in other suits, wears the so-called supporting cap under his crown. It is associated with the symbol of the lion, which painted the coat of arms on the back of his throne.

The King of Wands is the male side of the element of fire, the strength and ability of which can be imagined by recalling the French King – the Sun – Louis 14. This is the personification of unlimited faith in oneself, love of life and its joys: wealth, power, greatness. Moreover, these qualities are not selfish in the primitive sense of the word, this is not complacency and not self-interest: such a person is generous and generous with everyone around him. Thus, this card expresses the will, self-confidence, desire not so much for material as for spiritual growth, for full realization and disclosure of one’s own personality. Only in individual cases, when these qualities go to extremes, can they be expressed in self-love, self-exaltation, vanity and boasting.

KING OF THE STAFF – the real king of steadfastness and firm position. People and circumstances bow before him. He has tremendous power, and his flame burns without any outside support. He personifies one hundred percent fidelity to himself. Its exceptional feature is that it does not have a certain principle, a certain will; it is a principle for the sake of principle, will for the sake of will, intention for the sake of intention. Since he always stands on his side, he is basically immoral and does what he wants. The consequences can be both positive and negative. Very often, a card means an honest, direct, and conscious person, possibly a leader. His qualities: maturity, wisdom, devotion to ideas, friendliness, education, attractiveness. This is a noble, generous person, usually married and having children,

King of Wands Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes a firm position, an unshakable point of view, strength, firmness, pride, a noble strong and fiery person (man) with a very strong influence (he simply radiates it to others). It is also emphasized by a sexy man, a strong natural authority.

The event represented by this card is, in principle, possible, although it has not yet become a reality.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning:

This is a man with a pronounced “amazed” Tenth House, which is characterized by severity, stinginess, dogmatism, restraint in behavior – a person who pursues his ideas too aggressively, ignoring people and the situation.

time to move on to the action has not yet come. Must wait.

King of Wands Relation with Astrology

The Sun in Leo as an image of independence and self-confidence.

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