Seven of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Seven of Wands Upright Keywords:

Take the right position. Steadfastly defend themselves against the forces of the opposition. Fight to stay on top, Success in competition and competition. Questions are at the forefront.
Stand one’s ground. Strengthening the situation. Advantage, Intrepidness, Bravery. Strength in misfortune. Take a dominant position. Self confidence. Statement. Successful completion.
Durability. Devotion. Call. Confrontation. Disputes. The confrontation, Fight. Difficult situation. Conflict.
Careerchanges. Inner strength. Successful overcoming. The study. Training reading. Literature. Lectures. Determination. Perseverance. Sense of
purpose. Perseverance despite troubles. Take the bull by the horns.
Possessing benefits in a particular situation.

This card symbolizes valor. After all, you can interpret the image as follows: six attack one, which, however, has a predominant position (on a hill). On the intellectual plane, this symbolizes debate, a verbal struggle; in matters – negotiations, trade war, barter, competition. This card contributes to the success of a fighter on a hill, and his opponents may not be able to get it.

Seven of Wands Reversed Keywords:

confusion, confusion, fear, Indecision, embarrassment, anxiety.

Avoiding confrontation. Feeling of vulnerability and depression. Less profitable position. Disadvantage.
Joining the fight to be lost. Retreat to difficulties. Cowardice. The victory of another team. Avoiding problems. Lack of desire to defend one’s opinion. Difficulties. Passivity, Uncertainty. Timidity. Shame. Self-doubt.
Lack of confidence in anything. Unwillingness to solve problems.
Worry about some kind of solution. Fear of failure. Fear.
Fear of the future. Missed opportunities. Health problems

Seven of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Seven of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a young man on a steep hill, waving a stick, six other sticks rise towards him from below.

The Seven of Wands means that we were attacked, that we are opposed by competitors, envious people or other opponents, moreover, they are stronger than us or there are more of them. Nevertheless, this card shows that we have good chances to win, because we are in a better position. Therefore, it should be taken as a warning: be smart and alert so as not to lose your positional advantage. It goes without saying that this is a rare physical attack; most often it is someone else’s interference in our private or even personal affairs, an attempt to rob us of something or prevent us from achieving something.

Seven of Wands Upright Meaning:

In the direct position, the SEVEN OF Wands symbolizes creativity, inspiration, art, attractiveness, achievement of personal goals. This is a victory card, symbolizing the advance. This map is like the green light of a traffic light. It is strongly influenced by Libra. Energy, enterprise are directed to all kinds of projects related to creativity, with the organization of spectacles, show business. At the same time, this card can signal the development of professional skills in one or another form of art, for example, music; can serve as an indication of the assessment to which your skill and your art may be subjected.

A card can also mean success, moreover, social means vocation of others, income (but limited, because the influence of Venus affects it, it never gives large incomes). In addition, this map is for overcoming obstacles, calling for battle, all at a very limited local scale.

In general, the SEVEN of Wands is not the strongest card, but, in general, it symbolizes a forward movement, victory, achievement.

Advice when Seven of Wands appears upright in a reading:

The conflict is brewing, but in this situation you
will take a favorable position. A period of
confrontation, problems and opposition sets in for you . Perhaps now you feel that you are under pressure. In order to overcome
difficulties, obstacles and competition, you will have to gather all
your inner strength and determination. You have an advantage,
even if while you do not notice it.

Perhaps your previous achievements put you in a
competitive environment. To succeed, you will need to
stand firmly on your feet and uphold your position. If necessary, you will have to defend your point of view in disputes. Devotion
to your cause one day will certainly lead you to victory. You have
enough strength and perseverance to take part in the competition
or to give a worthy rebuff to the competition that warns you both
in life and at work.

Do not give up. If you make an effort, then be sure to
fight victory. The best way is to solve one problem
at a time. Your hard work and valuable thoughts will be well
paid. Now you should be especially observant. If the
question you asked was about a career, you will have a successful career advancement. For you, a period of
learning something new begins . You may need to write in
writing a topic that you are not familiar with. With the advent of this card in the spread, you can expect a collision with some kind of difficult situation. If the card falls in the past, then the collision is already behind, if in the present, then the conflict is in full swing, if in the future, then it awaits you ahead.

Seven of Wands Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, the card symbolizes carelessness, unwillingness to concentrate too much on a particular problem, avoiding all that is gloomy, dull, excessive (Libra). The appearance of the card in the layout may mean for you the “unbearable lightness of being.” Or it will be a period of hesitation, reflection, or maybe, on the contrary, “over-strengthened” commercial activity. Everything will depend on the accompanying cards and on how expressed in your horoscope, directly or indirectly, the sign of Libra. You should also look at the position of Venus in the horoscope and its aspects with other planets. A card can also symbolize a lack of inspiration, wasted energy, and talents that are misused, and simply failures. Anxiety, embarrassment, indecision, fluctuations leading to monetary losses.

Advice when Seven of Wands appears reversed in a reading:

Seven of Wands in an inverted position
indicates a reluctance to advance toward the goal if any
obstacle arises . Rejoice if you have not given in to difficulties
. If you take a step back now, then miss this great
opportunity. Most likely, you will not have to face
what you are so afraid of. You should solve your problems, not
hide from them. Your indecision and uncertainty is even greater
exacerbate the situation. Are you afraid that you will be angry if
you defend your point of view? Even so, what of
that? Sometimes a good hassle can improve the atmosphere. Po-
why not take the bull by the horns and do not compete with him?
If the whole alignment is negative, the seven of the Wands
in an inverted position means your vulnerability and indicates
that you got involved in a knowingly losing battle. You need
to do everything possible to reduce losses and abandon the
fight. The questioner may well be surrounded by adverse
circumstances, but there will be no expected conflict.

Seven of Wands Relation with Astrology

Mercury / Mars in aspect with Saturn as the personification of dexterity, conquering power. Sun in the Tenth House, Sun in Libra.

Seven of Wands shows Valor

Seven of wands stands for The third decade of Leo from August 13 to 23.

The third decade of Leo symbolizes courage, responsibility and the ability to work hard for the chosen goal. Achieving the energy balance gives the necessary amount of strength so that any, the most complex individual goal of a person is embodied. The ruler of this decade – the planet Mars (or, according to new interpretations of Pluto) speaks of the person’s internal leadership qualities and the ability to mobilize others for work in the name of common goals, which prompted him to reach the virgin lands.

The negative quality of Pluto is exactingness.
A leader whose task is not easy, sometimes tends to make excessive demands on people, on the “mass”, which he sees as part of himself. The ability to control oneself and others – is achieved in reliance on the knowledge of natural laws – understanding life as it is, and the ability to coordinate one’s activities with the simple requirements of the comfort and beauty of being, ensures the victory of a rational design.
SEVEN OF STAFFS is a struggle against the dominance of lower aspirations (spirit with matter), which are so great that there is no time to study a textbook of tactics – you just need quick action and courage.
And a man boldly turns to face the challenge. He seeks to go beyond the perfection of the SIX STAFF. He has the courage to follow his impulse and act, giving all in. “
Tip. A small hesitation, a small betrayal of oneself and one’s beliefs is a sure defeat. Sometimes the Six of Swords is interpreted as a transition of consciousness to a new level: where the child is a symbol of its potential capabilities.

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