If Three of Wands is in upright position, it will represent success in all the businesses that are undertaken. Collaboration and practical help will be available at the most necessary time. There will be good opportunities to carry out large companies. The initiative and creativity will give successful results. Boldness will help to accept opportunities. Represents the lord of the established force. 

If Three of Wands is in reverse position, it will present an excessive vanity and arrogance that will put obstacles in the way. Vanity and absurd obstinacy will only lead the consultant to failure. There will be great disappointments to promised actions and projects that will not be fulfilled.

Three of Wands Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

The Three of Wands is the effective implementation of everything you have previously imagined in the preceding two and ace.

Three of Wands Upright Keywords:

 the card symbolizes a solid (authoritative) power, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, deployment (business). These are his ships carrying his own goods that are sold overseas.

Three of Wands Reversed Keywords:

the end of worries, the suspension or termination of misfortunes, hard work and disappointments.

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Three of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The Three of Wands shows a man standing on a cliff with his back turned, looking out to sea to distant mountains.

The card tells us that, from that height where man is located, he can see everything that lies ahead and is aware of the challenges and imminent opportunities.

The three rods that surround him are firmly planted in the ground, reflecting his commitment to his plans for the future.

Three of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a calm, majestic figure, turned back, looks from the edge of a steep cliff at the ships passing through the sea. Three sticks are stuck in the ground and he leans lightly on one of them.

Three of Wands The Three of Wands combines two important images. Firstly, this is a man who has traveled a long and arduous journey and finally reached the top, and secondly, he is the one to whom a wide view of the world has opened from above. A solid foundation is our support, and the prospect of a brighter future, our goal – these are the two meanings of this card.

Three of Wands Upright Meaning:

The Three of Wands indicates that all those possibilities glimpsed in the previous card, the 2 of Wands, and dreamed primarily of the Ace, are now in full swing.

Now you are on your way, with confidence and determination, also warning that there may be much more than you thought. There are even more opportunities available, latent, waiting for you to take.

It is the ideal letter for you to know that you can increase your expectations , broaden horizons and general growth, generally through some type of further learning, improvement in your career, work or profession.

It can be achieved through travel, the study and growth of your skills and knowledge, which can be many, but a part of you knows that there can always be more, and that no knowledge takes place.
Everything you have planned has been set in motion and it goes on rails, constantly, smoothly, your motivation is the engine that drives the boat.

Almost always, Three of wands shows that these possibilities are outside of your usual place , of your close and known environment, where you seem to have already exhausted the opportunities and only others are available, beyond. It is the moment not to hesitate, to calculate and imagine big.

Your confidence, will and determination to maintain the objectives is a fundamental piece now, since every step taken in that sense will be to increase your development.
You also have a foresighted attitude here.

This step is a significant change, and all change produces anxiety and fear, but when you look at the distance, you have that variable calculated, you know that the change is imminent and a part of you prepares very well for it, so that catch you off guard. You anticipate.

You like to be in control, and you know that the stronger your posture and your knowledge, the more you control and manage what happens around you , therefore the change is welcome by you, you accept and embrace it, because everything in you is future-oriented, long-term.

You take control, not only of the events in your environment, but of your life itself. You become a visionary and are capable of dreaming beyond whatever limitations you have at this time.

In the figure we can see a large amount of water, which suggests that it is not one but possibly several trips. Almost like a divination, The Three of Wands predicts an almost certain trip on water, usually to a remote country where your complete, final and successful development awaits you with open arms.

It is a letter that clearly asks you to have the courage, the courage, to believe in your floors, to imagine that it is possible and to launch yourself for it.

Finally, Three of wands warns you that others value and recognize your effort , even if it is not a literal trip by sea to another country, it can be seen as the effort you make every day to improve, to go out work, for looking for a livelihood and trying to give you and those you love a better future and time. You are always looking for growth and improvement, and others certainly see and value it.

In the upright position, the card symbolizes the primary order. This is a solid foundation, success, a strong position. A certain point has been reached, a certain point where you can stand on four paws and not be afraid of anything. The situation when “the earth jumps towards the rider.”

At the level of this map, a vector of social activity is formed. THREE Wands is always associated with understanding, awareness. The area in which this happens will be indicated by the surrounding maps. This is practical knowledge, and the ability to conduct business, strength, enterprise, propensity to trade, commerce, success in the latter, as well as boldness and courage, and a bold attempt (bravely daring), and … – sometimes, even indiscretion 

Three of Wands Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, a card means: cooperation in which you are not free, betrayal, underestimating the strength of the enemy, neglecting the help offered, or overly cautious attitude to that; who offers this help (reinsurance). Read in detail about Three of Wands reversed….

Three of Wands Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The three of wands indicates that things are well and in general, your partner appreciates and values ​​you, especially for the effort that you make all the time. If by case, he does not treat you as an equal, perhaps that is not the right place to be, or the right person for your life.

If you are alone and looking for love, ask yourself if so much dedication to work is not what has prevented you from meeting someone. Slow down a little and dedicate a little more to your emotional life, so a new love can appear, and more than anything, stay by your side.

Three of Wands Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

Undoubtedly the three of wands is a very labor-oriented card, to the field of action. All work will improve and you will reach goals that you had, even if at this moment you are not seeing the rewards.

Continue with your commitment and confidence in what you do because the results will come. It can mean in some cases travel for work reasons or transfers.

If you are without employment, get ready because an excellent job is coming for you, where you can give your best and receive compensation. Work life goes only forward.

Three of Wands Upright – In Money Tarot Reading

The Three of Wands announces that things are improving significantly. All the hard work is starting to pay off and you know that if you try harder, you will achieve more. There is an abundance available that seems to depend on how much you want to drink.

It is a good time to reap, but much more to sow now, the investments, purchases, expansions that you make will bear fruit. The time will come when financially you will be much better than you ever imagined.

Three of Wands Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The three of clubs announces very good condition. All the care you’ve had is seen in results now If you are in treatment, the news that arrives are excellent and if you suffer from any illness or disease, the recovery will be satisfactory and faster than expected.

Three of Wands Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The three of wands says that you have a sensible vision of things, somewhat mature, reflective but spiritual at the same time. You grow and you incorporate information, you analyze it with clarity, selecting what works for you and what is not useful for you.

As you are constantly looking for answers, it can be useful by varying your opinions and positions. Do not be afraid of this change, since the three of wands is in every sense, a positive path always forward.

Three of Wands Relation with Astrology

Mercury in Leo as confidence in tomorrow and breadth of horizons and harmonious aspect with Saturn as a reliable foundation.

Astrological equivalents are Mars, Jupiter in Libra. Three of Wands The second decade of Aries from April 1 to 9.

Three of Wands signifies Dignity.

The second decade of Aries is ruled by the Sun and symbolizes the confidence, positivity and joy of life. The impulse of the initial movement is gaining strength and is strengthening in its rightness. A fiery young ambitious impulse, striving for the ideal (hence the name “virtue”), is realized in life’s work. The choice is conscious: the source of entuziasm is a conscious idea. A man finds all the necessary energy resources in himself: his support is the light of reason. Compliance with domestic law gives him the opportunity to exercise his free will. True, for the embodiment of their ideals it is necessary to find support among the environment: they do not sail alone on a ship. To do this, it is important to overcome the excessive desire for risk and material egoism. A reasonable understanding of the possibilities of the world, friendship and love will be the key to success.
The tip is frivolity as a result of neglecting useful advice and guidance.

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