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The jack of clubs, like all the jacks in the deck, refers to someone young, it can be a man or a woman, even a child.

Page of Wands Yes or No

Page of Wands
Yes or No
Page of Wands
Yes or No
The situation will be resolved.

Page of Wands (upright) Keywords

Passion and determination.
Attention seeking individual.
Can be a drama queen.
Messages of all kinds; texts, phone calls, emails.
Receiving news.
Chasing adventures and good times. Risk-taker.
Go in a new direction. 
Do something you have never done before.
young man, truthful, beloved, messenger, postman.

Page of Wands (reversed) Keywords

Bad news.
Lack of enthusiasm.
Lack of direction.
A bully. 
Absurd ideas. 
Over Ambitious. 
A narrow-minded, treacherous, rude teenage child.

Page of Wands Advice

Page of Wands
Page of Wands
You need to start something new with a goal in mind. 
To take the chance.
assess yourself realistically.

Page of Wands Warning

Page of Wands
Page of Wands
More than ever, it’s time to soberly assess your capabilities.You will not be able to fulfill your obligations.

Page of Wands as a Person

Page of Wands
As a Person
Page of Wands
As a Person
Optimist with a sense of humor, soulful. 
There is a lot of potential that needs to be developed. 
Thirst for independence. 
Sincerity, truthfulness.

A bully who attracts attention. 
Complacency, false ambition. 
Excessive self-confidence. 
Increased excitability and submission to passions. 
Lack of sense of humor. 
“Fake” acts.

Page of Wands as feelings

Page of Wands
as feelings
Page of Wands
as feelings
Passion, ambition and excitement, desire to explore , alive, exuberant, excited , creatively inspired, brave, bold, daring, gutsyover ambition, rude

Page of Wands: Card of the Day

Today you can really experience something unusual. 

Perhaps at work you will have some kind of exciting chance, or an interesting meeting will occur in your personal life, and then a flame will light up from this spark. 

Either way, don’t miss these signs today, especially if they promise you adventure. 
Even if the flame never flares up, you will later remember this day with pleasure.

Page of Wands as someone sees you

  • a bit immature, like all pages
  • loves new challenges and is afraid of commitments;
  • May look a little patronizing;

Page of Wands Upright : Love

Page of Wands
Page of Wands
The page of wands can mean an offer (readiness) to build relationships (including the transition to a new phase with long-known people). 
May mean a warm relationship.
Mockery and bullying. 
Unfavorable events and actions: tactless jokes, etc.

If you are in a harmonious and committed relationship , this can be a good time for movements and adventures, to “get rid of the rust”, to make plans and to move forward together towards certain common achievements or goals, both you supporting partner like her being supportive to you.

It is a very positive and optimistic timeshare, and the couple may receive good news, in some cases it may be the confirmation of pregnancy, as well as another novelty that implies new things and changes.

If you are in a relationship but the relationship is not good , if you are not being happy, this card is an indication that you really should ask yourself questions, take a course of action and decide if it is worth fighting for, working on and improving it, or maybe is the time to put an end to it and go towards what you sincerely need and dream for your love life.

Your partner must also be committed and determined to make the changes that the relationship requires, and if they are not, it may be time to say goodbye.

If you are alone , the jack of wands can mean the appearance in your life of a young, adventurous, dynamic person, who is full of optimism and desire, and who will infect you with all that enthusiasm, will bring you out of sleep.

It may not be especially attractive, but without a doubt that its greatest attraction and charm will be in that uninhibited, vigorous attitude, full of courage and thirst for an intense and fresh life.

King of Wands Upright : Career

Page of Wands
Page of Wands
Small business, small business. 
May be associated with communications.

Occupation: trainee, student, junior officer. 
Coaches, athletes, advertisers, messengers (postmen, couriers), Intern  
Business failure. 
Business without a goal, without proper skill.

The jack of wands announces a stable time at work, possibly with news and favorable changes, the work will be more pleasant and fun, you may be entrusted with new and exciting tasks or it is you who has an innovative idea to raise.

A young person is very helpful to you at this time, in an open and positive way.

With this letter it is always good news in the workplace, so that if you are unemployed and looking, a job may appear very soon for you, as well as that you will have many attitude to look for it, give interviews that will be very positive and that give you the position you need.

If you are waiting for a confirmation or a call, you will undoubtedly have excellent news.

Page of Wands Upright : Money

The Jack of Wands announces that you are likely to have a positive rally in money, especially if you’ve been going through tough times.

It’s always good news and money could come to you in any way, be it a raise, a loan, or some windfall. This is a time for growth, getting out of debt, and making good investments if you are in business.

Your business or activity grows and a good panorama opens up before you. Profits are just growing, and although later on they can flourish openly and all the decisions and courses of action you take today will be profitable tomorrow, also you should not have a lot of impulsiveness with expenses, try to moderate yourself and plan properly.

Page of Wands Upright : Health

Page of Wands
Page of Wands
Good health. 
There may be vegetative-vascular distortion.
Victory over minor ailments.

Also the jack of wands heralds good news, especially if you are coming out of an illness or disease or are waiting for results of studies. It is a good time to perform treatments and / or interventions. It is a time of great energy and dynamism where you will feel very good physically, with desire, with plenty of strength for everything.

However, there may be a second message, which is that if you have been suffering from ailments or diseases and still do not treat yourself, you must take action to face all this and find a way to heal and feel fully.

Now you have the energy for all this and the results are very likely to be favorable and positive, so fear is no excuse. Get moving for your own well-being, take care of yourself responsibly.

Page of Wands (Upright) Meaning:

The jack may well represent a man or a woman, it does not matter their sexual gender here, since we call it the jack or the page, but without a doubt it is a young person, a boy or girl in the beginning of the splendor of his life

You have all the power, dreams, attitude, enormous energy, and yet undiscovered talents that will lead you down the path of existence.

He has already left childhood behind but he is not yet a fully adult person, he is in a process of continuous growth and learning.

It is a card that presents many similarities with the Major Arcanum No. 0, “El Loco”, fundamentally in what it does to be a true free spirit dedicated and always predisposed to new beginnings, to start again and to undertake new paths.

The characteristics of both cards could be said that you have them in you or that at least, they are at your disposal now to use them, so that you have the chance of a new opportunity to start over, no matter the difficulty that this entails. Now is in a way the best time for it because you have all that freedom but especially the attitude necessary to promote that change.

Although you have already gone through life receiving, like everyone else, good and bad things, you have not yet been disappointed, nor have you been overwhelmed by the burdens that existence presents and this means that you still have a lot of energy, especially creative, that struggles within of you for going out and revealing yourself in some way, translating it into an action aimed at a result.

It is very possible that you are very close to a moment when you will make an important change in your life , the planets are aligned for that to happen and you want it with fervor. It may be an important discovery that modifies your life, but it is certainly always positive and encouraging, and if all of this maximizes your creativity, your creative vision, the better the results will be.

It is a moment where you should jump into it without thinking too much, but without acting “crazy” as the Major Arcana No. 0 could do, but with some elemental planning that helps you make this path or change easier and your success have more chances.

It does not matter that you do not have all the elements or answers you need, they will be revealed to you as you move forward , so it is important that no negative or excessively cautious ideas stop you from this enormous impulse that you bring, but part of the wisdom you need is balance this energy and desire in some moderation.

You should not let the impulses rule you, keep your enthusiasm and that great spontaneity that characterizes you very high but controlling that the impulses do not lead to undesirable results. Getting impatient now and acting angrily, with more force than reason, will only make you wrong.

There is no doubt that you are capable of a unique, thorough, unreserved delivery and that you are capable of doing what is necessary, whatever it is, to get or get what you want and long for, and that is a great asset in your favor. to make this move or change.

It does not matter if you have a detailed planning, it is not necessary that you have a whole map, a strict and detailed plan to carry out, you only with your attitude will know how to solve things as you go.

This is no small thing, many people would remain in an initial gesture, in a formulation, without being able to even take a step because not having a firm plan scares them and makes them give up. This is not your case, you are clearly not like that and that attitude will put you above many people and many situations that you will solve when it seems that no one else can.

The day-to-day routine overwhelms you, it is not part of your nature, therefore you look for novelty and change minute by minute , challenges or setbacks seem to be truly opportunities for you, which gives spice to life, And so you are taking care of various things at the same time, trying that one day is different from the previous one, that there is always something different and new to make you stimulate and recharge the batteries.

This jack like the others and that in general all the court figures (jacks, knights, queens and kings) who are always a kind of messengers, either with news that reaches you or advice on how you should act This letter from the page of wands is possibly an announcement or news that comes to you, positive most of the time , that can inspire or encourage you, or at least give you good news that you did not expect and you will be pleased to receive.

This news usually has to do with your actions in the world, your posture, your creativity, new ideas that will change things, it can be news related to work, social, your community and what you can do for it , always supposes a change through action, with positive results.

Likewise, this news, this novelty, may be the appearance in your life of someone you may or may not know, but who will be positive and stimulating . He is someone trustworthy who comes to help you selflessly, in a genuine and dedicated way, with good and healthy intentions, and without a doubt he will help you make this change that you are wanting and needing to make.

Court cards are always dual, since although they speak and portray you and your attitudes, they can also represent very specific people in real life , who you may not know or who are from your closest environment, so that everything that this letter holds about you is applicable to this person who for the moment is going to be important in your life.

We are surely talking about a young person, who may seem to you that they do not have enough experience or do not have too much road traveled to be of help to you, but they will surprise you with their vision of the world or the situation you face, with a lot of attitude, optimism and great energy to give you a shoulder of support.

Beyond all this, this letter is a confirmation that the path you are taking is the correct one , it is a kind of confirmation that you are on the correct path of what your destiny is, and it encourages you to continue there, doing what you do, as things are beginning to come to fruition, is an indication that the outcome may be favorable and successful for you.

Astrological equivalents: Venus, the sign of Libra, a man with a pronounced Seventh House.
In the upright position, the card usually indicates an honest person who is loyal to you and to the group of people that you possibly represent. Often this is a friend whom you trust or a stranger with friendly intentions. This person is energetic and always achieves what he needs. Often in the scenario, the PAIR OF Wands also acts as a carrier of important news, whose actions usually relate to the social sphere.
PAIR OF Wands – a card combining Mercury and Venusian influence with a small Jupiterian raid.

Page of Wands represents a process that is in the climax phase and which has already become part of your current reality. Perhaps this process, this chain of events has already borne fruit, to which you are forced to relate in one way or another.

Page of Wands (Reversed) Meaning:

The action of the inverted page of the scepters can be compared with the action of Saturn, struck by the adverse aspects of other planets. This is a boy with a red beret on his side – an undeveloped character, a weak position, deprived, a simulation of a firm position based on an ardent desire to develop this position in yourself – someone who can not rely on himself.

What was conceived at some point in time got the wrong move and in the future is clearly doomed to failure.
Your plans, it seems, are not destined to become a reality, and if they nevertheless manage to come true, then with the results very far from the desired. The same applies to your hopes for those other processes that are not “launched” by you.

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Page of Wands Upright : Spirituality

The jack of wands tells you that this is a favorable time to let your “inner child” be, give free rein to playful creation, have fun, play, start new things, venture out, set goals that beyond comply or not.

The essential thing resides in the optimal spiritual condition in which all these free and creative ideas place you, the fullness of feeling that childish, optimistic candor again, without the dark negative clouds that we adults usually cover our ideas.

Feel free in these moments and unleash the inventiveness and creativity that is within you, you never know when any of it will turn out to be an extraordinary, palpable and true achievement.

Page of Wands Relation with Astrology

Venus conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius as a discovery of new possibilities perceived as liberation.

Page of Wands Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac sign associated with King of Wands is Leo.

Page of Wands : Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Page of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  situation when a young man stands making an official announcement (declaring something). He is not familiar to others, but is trustworthy and his news is amazing.

The Jack of Wands presents us with a scene in which one or a young man (for jacks are also pages), elegantly dressed , finds himself alone in a dry and arid terrain , expressing in a firm and eloquent way all his desires and things to which he that sucks.

He is a determined dreamer that although he has not yet carried out what he dreams of and everything is in a phase of potentiality , he has the necessary confidence to openly move on to action and the realization of all those desires he has.

His wardrobe, like the entire court of wands, features salamanders that are associated with the fire of transformation.

Messengers personify the opportunities that open to us on the path of life. Wands are the element of fire, and the chance that opens here takes the form of some fascinating idea or proposal, which we enthusiastically accept. Usually this is an opportunity to go beyond the usual sphere of interests, an invitation to an adventure that requires courage and a desire to take risks, a bright smear on a background of gray everyday life. It may well be, for example, participation in a competition, sports competition, some other opportunity to test one’s strengths, some unusual experiences, a little “discovery of America”.

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