The Eight of Wands Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life, Numerology

Eight of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Wands Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life, Numerology
Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is a very dynamic and highly positive card for when it appears in your reading: Everything will be fine, and fast, too.

Eight of Wands Basically stands for Speed. When the Eight Wands appears in a reading , everything happens quickly. Eight of Wands is a flashing fire card, call answering card . All the forces of fire are reflected in this flash, burning, incinerating an obstacle.

Eight of Wands Yes or No

Eight of Wands
Yes or No
Eight of Wands
Yes or No
The answer is “not defined”, but rather tends towards “yes”. 
Events are moving fast and according to plan. 
Rapid achievement of the goal. 
Surrender to the flow of events.
No, but not unambiguously. 
All kinds of delays in resolving the issue.

Eight of Wands (upright) Keywords

Now this question is not the most important;
the answer is yes, but after 6-8 months;
travel by air;
suspended state of affairs;
events, expectations will occur in the near future;
close changes, the process has already begun (even if you don’t notice);
unexpected success;
the spontaneous nature of the changes taking place;
a new union or a new round in the old;
progress, development, activity;
creative inspiration;
new friends;
physical exercise;
Incredible speed. 
Active action. 
Sudden events. 
Quick resolution of a situation or problem. 
High goals and objectives. 
Freedom of thought and desire. 
Knowledge transfer. 
Life on wheels. 
Don’t miss the moment, don’t waste your time.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Keywords

the answer is positive, but after 1-1.5 years;
jealousy, violence, quarrels and disputes in the family;
the message will not come;
too high speed;
out of control;
theft, loss of job;
bad news, delay;
disagreement, reproaches of conscience;
unpleasant consequences;
not your time.
A missed opportunity. 
Out of control. 
Delayed trip.

Eight of Wands Advice

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands
Act quickly. 
keep up with the events, the process.
Act as soon as possible, mobilize.

Eight of Wands Warning

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands
haste, gullibility, waste of energy. 
Don’t interfere with the process. 
Don’t leave it.
too late, you are late. 
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Eight of Wands as a Person

Eight of Wands
As a Person
Eight of Wands
As a Person
Mobile, easy-going person. 
Person who can navigate correctly and make quick decisions
Those who are on the way.
Uninitiated person. 
May have communication difficulties, withdrawn, detached. 
Perhaps a somewhat “inhibited person” (thinks slowly), slow-witted.
Those who are in a hurry to get nowhere. 
Pressure people. 
People who can be expected to be attacked with physical violence.

Eight of Wands as feelings

Eight of Wands
as feelings
Eight of Wands
as feelings
easy going, excited, energized, lively, new feelings blossomwithdrawn, detached

Eight of Wands: Card of the Day

Today joy awaits you. 

You will receive favorable news, someone will call or send a letter, some unexpected event will happen and the desired changes will come in your affairs. 
Or at least today will take a happy turn. 

Change is possible even where business seems to have stalled forever. 

If you were going to start something new today, then you have a good chance to succeed sooner than you bargained for.

Eight of Wands as someone sees you

  • Passionate, energetic and inspiring;
  • Shoot first. Ask questions later ”person;
  • fall in love.

This is a magic card that makes it clear who you are, and also that you no longer need external influences, that you are not dependent on the resources that there is a fire within you that you can easily control.

Eight of Wands : Love

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands
Rapid development of relationships. 
Multiple quick contacts, connections. 
Perhaps renewal of contacts. 
As the relationship is established, it will lead to such a result.
Ordinary, routine, everything is unchanged. 
There may be slight disagreements. 
The relationship is at an impasse.

The eight of wands tells you that taking action and getting going is very important now, it depends on you and your actions that you resolve situations positively, the posture and attitude of the other is also important as is logical, but acting you can achieve much more than just waiting.

It is a letter that encourages you to move forward, to make a commitment, especially if you want to move forward in a relationship or start a new love story. All difficulties will be solved successfully and the resolution will be quick and favorable.

If you are alone, the eight of clubs announces quick relationships, which may or may not be committed, but they will be fast, everything will go quickly. They can be the typical fleeting loves full of passion and sexuality, like summer loves, which can turn into a solid relationship, but if you don’t, it will still be worth living.

Attention! Amur’s love arrows are already flying through the air. Revitalizing relationships, new incentives. No wonder you fell in love again.

Eight of Wands : Career

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands
Establishing communication with distant partners. 
Useful negotiations. 
Pay attention to the little things, reservations. 
Solving everyday problems. 
Fast promotion combined with matching cards. 
(swiftness with stability, movement that cannot be stopped. New prospects. Good turnovers, good profits)
Business stagnation. 
Postponement of new projects, delays, loss of documents, other delays in the process. 
The need for faster action.

The eight of wands tells you that the direction is correct, everything you are doing will come to a good conclusion and the results will be evident much earlier than you expected.

It is a letter of encouragement if you have in mind to carry out a plan, start a business or activity, even if you have considered changing a job for another that you think is better, the letter encourages you to take that step.

If you are unemployed, the time of uncertainty comes to an end and everything accelerates in your favor, proposals and possibilities appear very soon for you, which you should definitely take.

Good news is in the air. Promotion in business. Implementation of pans in professional affairs. Sudden progress.

Eight of Wands : Money

The eight of wands shows that everything is up and running at a very good pace. Your money goes towards growth, whether due to good decisions, a winning impulse, successes and financial hints that end well.

It is a very encouraging letter to start new things, businesses, partnerships, make investments that seem crazy but are very successful. By the way, you should have a little planning, but if it feels good it will probably turn out fine.

You are very inspired and aiming accurately at the objectives, which can arrive faster than imagined.

The downside is that in this wave of advancement and success, you may have a tendency to squander or spend unnecessarily, so money can drain away too quickly if you don’t plan properly.

Eight of Wands : Health

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands
Not a bad physical shape. 
The rapid course of reactions in the body: a mild illness will quickly pass, a severe one will develop quickly. 
(look at neighboring cards: if they are bad – the process is irreversible, if favorable – recovery).
Slow flow of processes. 
This card is not independent, you need to look at other cards.

The Eight of Wands encourages you to get to the bottom of things. If you are suffering from ailments or health problems, go ahead and solve them, as it is the best and fastest way to restore your good health.

With this card your health is surely very good since you have a lot of vitality and energy, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Taking care of sleep, food and the stress that this rapid advance entails is important so as not to drain your batteries prematurely.

There may be some tiredness at the end of the day and emotional exhaustion, so you need to balance everything very well so that it does not impact your health.

Eight of Wands : past, present, future

Eight of Wands in past position

There are past goals that will not be able to move forward. Think about the changes that will bring you the greatest happiness. The struggle you are busy with will pass, and there will be a brief calm.

Eight of Wands in present position

Exciting news will arrive to disturb the peace of your gift. Discomfort is needed to take you out of your motionless state.

Eight of Wands in future position

The new venture will bring you success in the future, but you must be prepared to make the right choice in the event of a sudden decision.

Eight of Wands (Upright) Meaning:

  • Active action. 
  • Progress. Smooth and fast progress. Fast results. Fast step. 
  • Travel without hindrance. 
  • Activity. Traffic. 
  • The end of the postponements. 
  • Urgency. 
  • Excitement. Rage. 
  • Acceleration. 
  • New ideas. 
  • An experience that broadens your horizons. 
  • New job offer. 
  • Moving forward after a forced delay. 
  • Fast achievement of goals. 
  • Communication. 
  • News. Good messages. 
  • Travel. Vacation. Business trips. Sudden trip. Traveling by air. Flight. Movement. 
  • Gusts of creative inspiration. 
  • Productivity. 
  • New friends. 
  • An unexpected romance. 
  • Archery. 
  • Athletics. 
  • Physical exercises. 
  • Launching all systems.

All systems are running. You are moving quickly towards your goal. The period of stagnation and forced delays is coming to an end. 

Joyful messages and promising opportunities await you. You are thrilled with progress and new beginnings. Attempts to move up the career ladder will be successful. 

You are full of energy and now you can start a cycle of wellness exercises to improve your physical condition. The experience gained by you contributes to the expansion of your worldview. 

You may receive an urgent message. Possible unexpected trips (maybe by plane) or moving. If your question was about a romantic relationship, then the Eight of Wands portends an unexpected and passionate infatuation. 

New friends will appear in your life. The Eight of Wands is a kind of green light, a sign that “all systems are working normally.”

Eight of Wands (Reversed) Meaning

  • obstacles
  • criticism
  • delaying decisions
  • home scandals
  • fighting
  • envy
  • Speed ​​too fast. 
  • Block. 
  • Out of control. 
  • Excessive persistence. 
  • Impulsiveness. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Pressure. 
  • Rush. 
  • Poorly thought out decisions. 
  • Rapid action. 
  • Too fast a step. 
  • Theft. 
  • Opposition. 
  • Fight. 
  • Loss of work. 
  • Strike. 
  • Bad news. 
  • Misunderstanding. 
  • Embezzlement. 
  • Dismissal. 
  • Exile.
  • Striving to accelerate results. 
  • Delaying news or messages. 
  • Canceled or postponed trip. 
  • Broken engagement. 
  • Transport problems. 
  • The plans are not being implemented.

You  may be feeling overwhelmed by too fast a course of events. 

You are confused and therefore unable to channel the energy in the right direction. Hasty action will not help you achieve the desired result. 

Be careful now and do not rush things, otherwise you may be strongly opposed. Expect delays in action. Your plans can be ruined, especially if they were related to the trip. 

There may be problems with traveling by plane or other means of transport.

Delay in Travel – Eight of Wands upside down indicates a delay or a problem while traveling.

Reversed Eight of Wands in Profession – In an inverted position, the card informs you that it received unpleasant news. The questioner is criticized. There is a danger of facing falsehood …

Reversed Eight of Wands in Love Reading – In an inverted position, the card reports scandals, misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises.

Read More about Eight of Wands Reversed ….

Eight of Wands : Spirituality

The eight of wands can indicate two situations: On the one hand, you have put aside your spirituality, product of being with your mind in the achievement of your goals, so the card asks you to get back on track and not abandon this essential part of your inside.

On the other hand, your goal and progress may only have to do with things related to the well-being of your soul, so you are well on your way to finding answers and solutions to your spiritual concerns.

Fast forward taking everything around you with a true thirst for knowledge and you will find the answers you need very soon, perhaps in non-traditional and unexpected ways.

Eight of Wands Numerological meaning

The figure eight represents infinity, since in the “lying” form it resembles a lemniscate – a symbol of infinity. There are eight peaks in the Yearly Wheel. For Christians, eight is the number of baptism and spiritual rebirth; many church fonts have eight sides. The eight also represents the eternal cycle of rebirth.

Eight also represents exit to another reality.

Eight of Wands: Timing

When predicting the future, the number eight may refer to eight hours, eight days, eight weeks, or eight years. Or mean August – the eighth month. The astrological reference of the Eight of Wands is 0-10 ° Sagittarius (November 23 – December 2).

Element Associated with Eight of Wands

Element Fire – energy, liveliness of mind

Astrological Significance of Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac sign associated with Eight of Wands is Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarius – indicates grandiose plans,
  • Mercury – activates and inspires the

The Eight of Wands: Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Eight of Wands presents a very simple card, where eight flowered rods are seen flying through the air with appreciable speed.

Through this swift movement, the card suggests everything related to rapid change, travel, and travel.

The simplicity of the image, with its light background and absence of elements, indicates that there are practically no obstacles present on your journey or on your way.

In Waite’s classic deck, eight wands fly through the air in an open countryside. In the background is a river, as well as a castle on the horizon. According to Waite, wands fall to the ground rather than take off. In other words, they will land soon, and what they predict will come true soon. Waite called this card Swiftness.

There are flying wands in this cards. These wands will fall to the ground – soon something will become reality or soon changes will come

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