Eight of Wands Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

The Eight of Wands is a very dynamic and highly positive card for when it appears in your reading: Everything will be fine, and fast, too.


Eight of Wands Basically stands for Speed. When the Eight Wands appears in the layout , everything happens quickly.

Eight of Wands is a flashing fire card, call answering card . All the forces of fire are reflected in this flash, burning, incinerating an obstacle. This is a magic card that makes it clear who you are, and also that you no longer need external influences, that you are not dependent on the resources that there is a fire within you that you can easily control. Although this is only the first attempt that weakens the character, it already gives an idea of what the power of fire is and how it can be controlled. And their own rage and power surprise a person no less than the obstacle to which they were the answer.

Eight of Wands Upright Keywords:

Keywords: activity, speed, messages, communication, arrows of love, Enormous efforts , “Inflow of energy”

Active actions. Forward movement. Smooth and fast progress. Immediate results. Quick step. Travel without interference. Activity, Movement. End of deferrals. Urgency. Excitement. Fury. Acceleration … New ideas. Experience, contributing to the expansion of horizons. Offer a new job. Moving forward after a delay. Fast achievement of goals. Communication. News. Good posts. Trips. Vacation Business trips. Sudden ride. Travel by air. Flight. Movement. Gusts of creative inspiration. Productivity. New friends. An unexpected affair. Archery. Athletics classes. Physical exercise. Running all systems

The Eight of Wands: The Meaning Of The Symbols In The Card

The Eight of Wands presents a very simple graph, where eight flowered rods are seen flying through the air with appreciable speed.

Through this swift movement, the card suggests everything related to rapid change, travel, and travel.

The simplicity of the image, with its light background and absence of elements, indicates that there are practically no obstacles present on your journey or on your way.

In Waite’s classic deck, eight wands fly through the air in an open countryside. In the background is a river, as well as a castle on the horizon. According to Waite, wands fall to the ground rather than take off. In other words, they will land soon, and what they predict will come true soon. Waite called this card Swiftness.

There are flying wands in this cards. These wands will fall to the ground – soon something will become reality or soon changes will come

Eight of Wands Significance in Tarot Cups Reading

♦ Traditionally, the Eight of Wands has been associated with traveling long distances, as well as with the speedy receipt of letters and news from afar. Times have changed, but the meaning of the card is the same: although today we don’t send a lot of letters, we still communicate at a distance almost instantly – using faxes, phone calls and e-mail.

♦ Based on the above value, each rod becomes a new side of communication – they all fly through the air, and each of them – message, parallel ports, emails, phone calls, speakerphone, official letters from distant countries. There’s a lot to work on, and this map can mean several distance novels, alliances, support groups, and interest communities.

♦ Sometimes the Eight of Wands is associated with arrows of good luck.

♦ Some tarologists see the Eight of Wands as Cupid’s arrows flying through the air at a target.

♦ Historically, the Eight of Wands portends divisions for a married couple.

In short, 8 Wands represents organized energies, plans, ideas, and people. If it fell out of alignment, it means that a favorable period is beginning, a person needs to take measures and achieve their goals.

Upright Eight of Wands Meaning:


If we continue with the correlation, the journey, the continuous story that the tarot tells us, The Eight of Wands indicates that the struggles fought in the previous card, the seven of wands, have ended.

Now you are now with a free way forward to develop your plans, ideas or projects, whatever they may be in any plane, emotional, work, or economic.

Now you have enormous energy and a lot of freedom available to jump into action, so you should expect your pace to be fast and you will reach the goal that you have set for yourself perhaps faster than you imagined.

There is nothing ahead that can stop you, and you feel a very comforting general well-being and although it is a period where you will be very busy, with a lot of activity and a lot to do, you feel that happy fatigue generated by having a vision and enthusiasm for carry everything forward. The progress you make motivates you even more and you feel that your energies seem to increase with every step.

The Eight of Wands clearly indicates that your movement is very precise and centered , you leave a direct point of origin to your goal and little can deviate you on that trajectory, you have a raw energy that is all applied to this movement that you carry, flowing freely , without any distraction being able to slow you down or slow your pace.

Your concentration and determination are the engines that move you and it is very possible that you will have great achievements, gaining a lot in a short time.

No matter what reason drives you or what your goal is, your ambitions may be professional or work, financial or creative, or purely emotional, the essential thing is that your eyes are set ahead and you are not willing to let anything other than it come to you. stop your desire.

Everything indicates that the results will arrive very quickly , the conclusion will be happy and the full achievement, but somehow that will not be the end but you can hope to continue with more plans and more challenges because the impetus that you already have for much more.

You feel great inspiration, you have plenty of energy and motivation and you know that it is an excellent time to go for more things, since not all the time you can enjoy such a state of attitude and action.

Your ideas crowd together and seem to generate new ones, and for all of them you find a plan and a time to carry it out, you feel that you literally cannot stop and that anxiety overwhelms you, you want to finish one thing to start a new one, so it is important here that you stay well centered.

Your objectives must be clear and have a certain planning to carry them forward, because many times with only energy and enthusiasm it is not enough to arrive at a successful result.It is essential that everything is done at the right time and that you make sure very well that You conclude each thing and give it a closure before moving on to something else.

Everything in the eight of wands gives you the same message: It is time to act now , without delay or questioning, because now the best chances and opportunities to achieve what you want are available to you.

You should not delay or go around, even not knowing or having all the elements available to act. It is possible that once you are moving, the data or elements that you still lack will appear, so you do not have to fear or speculate too much, just get going and the whole panorama will be qualified as you go.

In a literal sense , sometimes this letter is related to the air, a plane trip, air transport of goods, a fast and impulsive transfer, perhaps a quick vacation, an unforeseen destination, pleasure trips alone or with family, travel business or that kind of fast tourism that takes you to visit twelve countries in three days.

In a negative sense , the eight of wands indicates that haste and unlimited advancement can lead to mistakes or to make the wrong decisions, product of haste.

So even without an absolutely planned plan, it is important that you have some basic and elementary considerations, a sketch of the action and the result you want, since a blind flight may not end well at all. If you keep this basic premise in mind, success awaits you in a very short time.

And depending on the context of the rest of the cards, this eight can indicate that you have already done everything possible, what was in your hand and yet there are no results, because the final decisions depend on external circumstances or other people. You feel some fatigue and frustration but you can do nothing more than wait for the environment to resolve the situation.

All systems are running. You are quickly moving towards the goal. The period of stagnation and forced delays is drawing to a close. You will find joyful messages and promising opportunities. You are pleasantly excited about moving forward and new beginnings. Attempts to advance through the ranks will be successful. You are full of energy and right now you can start a cycle of wellness exercises to improve your fitness. The experience gained by you contributes to the expansion of your worldview. You may receive an urgent message. Possible unexpected trips (maybe by plane) or moving. If your question was about a romantic relationship, then the eight Wands portends an unexpected and passionate hobby. New friends will appear in your life. The Eight Wands is a kind of green light, a sign that “all systems are working properly.”

The efforts made will bring results. Development of new requirements. You are capable of much and must achieve new results. A difficult situation, there is even some danger in your views.

Get ready internally for a new step. Only you can fulfill your dreams. “Learn to fly. After all, your whole life you cherish the dream of flying!”

Take a look at yourself. Do not let your energy burn in a hurry. Concentrate and gather all your power into a fist.

Appearence of Eight of wands in a reading indicates that sudden changes are taking place. Promotion in one area or another. Counteractions and obstacles put an end. Ideas, dreams and aspirations are rapidly moving towards implementation.

For entreprenuers, it eight os wands indicates that the way forward is open.

Eight of Wands can indicate Travel and True Happiness coming to your life.

Eight of Wands represent an organized train of thought, and 8 Wands show that a person adheres to traditions and has positive habits. If a person instills good habits, then he has less worries.

8 Wands are sometimes called “Speed”, and therefore, appearing in the alignment, it indicates the transience of new events. You will complete what has been planned.

8 Wands indicates a strong position, concentration of energy. Plans are put in place, loose ends connected and past projects completed. The ending … is in sight, and success is possible.

Eight of Wands Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The eight of wands tells you that taking action and getting going is very important now, it depends on you and your actions that you resolve situations positively, the posture and attitude of the other is also important as is logical, but acting you can achieve much more than just waiting.

It is a letter that encourages you to move forward, to make a commitment, especially if you want to move forward in a relationship or start a new love story. All difficulties will be solved successfully and the resolution will be quick and favorable.

If you are alone, the eight of clubs announces quick relationships, which may or may not be committed, but they will be fast, everything will go quickly. They can be the typical fleeting loves full of passion and sexuality, like summer loves, which can turn into a solid relationship, but if you don’t, it will still be worth living.

Attention! Amur’s love arrows are already flying through the air. Revitalizing relationships, new incentives. No wonder you fell in love again.

Eight of Wands Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The eight of wands tells you that the direction is correct, everything you are doing will come to a good conclusion and the results will be evident much earlier than you expected.

It is a letter of encouragement if you have in mind to carry out a plan, start a business or activity, even if you have considered changing a job for another that you think is better, the letter encourages you to take that step.

If you are unemployed, the time of uncertainty comes to an end and everything accelerates in your favor, proposals and possibilities appear very soon for you, which you should definitely take.

Good news is in the air. Promotion in business. Implementation of pans in professional affairs. Sudden progress.

Eight of Wands Upright – In Money and Finances Tarot Reading

The eight of wands shows that everything is up and running at a very good pace. Your money goes towards growth, whether due to good decisions, a winning impulse, successes and financial hints that end well.

It is a very encouraging letter to start new things, businesses, partnerships, make investments that seem crazy but are very successful. By the way, you should have a little planning, but if it feels good it will probably turn out fine.

You are very inspired and aiming accurately at the objectives, which can arrive faster than imagined.

The downside is that in this wave of advancement and success, you may have a tendency to squander or spend unnecessarily, so money can drain away too quickly if you don’t plan properly.

Eight of Wands Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The Eight of Wands encourages you to get to the bottom of things. If you are suffering from ailments or health problems, go ahead and solve them, as it is the best and fastest way to restore your good health.

With this card your health is surely very good since you have a lot of vitality and energy, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Taking care of sleep, food and the stress that this rapid advance entails is important so as not to drain your batteries prematurely.

There may be some tiredness at the end of the day and emotional exhaustion, so you need to balance everything very well so that it does not impact your health.

Eight of Wands Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The eight of wands can indicate two situations: On the one hand, you have put aside your spirituality, product of being with your mind in the achievement of your goals, so the card asks you to get back on track and not abandon this essential part of your inside.

On the other hand, your goal and progress may only have to do with things related to the well-being of your soul, so you are well on your way to finding answers and solutions to your spiritual concerns.

Fast forward taking everything around you with a true thirst for knowledge and you will find the answers you need very soon, perhaps in non-traditional and unexpected ways.


Traditionally, 8 Wands are associated with movement and travel, particularly in air transport.

Reversed Eight of Wands Meaning:

  • obstacles
  • criticism
  • delaying decisions
  • home scandals
  • fighting
  • envy

Perhaps you feel depressed due to the too rapid development of events. You are confused and therefore can not direct energy in the right direction. Hasty action will not help you achieve the desired result. Be careful now and do not rush things, otherwise you can be strongly resisted. Expect delayed action. Your plans may be destroyed, especially if they were related to the trip. There may be problems traveling by plane or other means of transport.

Eight of Wands also represents people those in a hurry to nowhere, people putting pressure. people from whom you can expect physical assault.

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that a person can achieve amazing results if he has teamed up with others, is accurate in his work and knows his job. 8 Wands shows us the goals achieved as a result of cooperation and organized actions that cause changes in society.

Having upside down indicates that the group needs restructuring in order for the functions to be more effective, or it is necessary to form a new group or a new leadership.

Eight of wands upside down, the card indicates bad habits and disorganization.

Having fallen upside down, the card says that problems can arise due to scattering, oversights or breakdowns, it is important to make sure that all stages of projects or plans are well thought out and coordinated. Pay particular attention to the documents or other details that are involved. You will personally have to monitor and lead everything.

Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that plans and other issues still hang “in the air.” Obstacles, delays, changes in plans, disagreements, quarrels or overestimation of priorities may cause a suspension. It is necessary to pay attention to the vital elements.

Delay in Travel – Eight of Wands upside down indicates a delay or a problem while traveling.

Reversed Eight of Wands in Profession – In an inverted position, the card informs you that it received unpleasant news. The questioner is criticized. There is a danger of facing falsehood …

Reversed Eight of Wands in Love Reading – In an inverted position, the card reports scandals, misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises.

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Eight of Wands Numerological meaning

The figure eight represents infinity, since in the “lying” form it resembles a lemniscate – a symbol of infinity. There are eight peaks in the Yearly Wheel. For Christians, eight is the number of baptism and spiritual rebirth; many church fonts have eight sides. The eight also represents the eternal cycle of rebirth.

Eight also represents exit to another reality.

Predicting Using Eight of Wands:

When predicting the future, the number eight may refer to eight hours, eight days, eight weeks, or eight years. Or mean August – the eighth month. The astrological reference of the Eight of Wands is 0-10 ° Sagittarius (November 23 – December 2).

Element Associated with Eight of Wands

Element Fire – energy, liveliness of mind

Astrological Significance of Eight of Wands

Sagittarius – indicates grandiose plans, Mercury – activates and inspires the

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