Five of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Five of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Five of Wands

The Five of Wands is all about tensions, conflicts, and great competition.

Five of Wands Yes or No

Five of Wands
Yes or No
Five of Wands
Yes or No
The answer is “No”.The answer is “No”.

Five of Wands (upright) Keywords

test, fight, competition, Rivalry, Quarrel, dispute. 
Fight for your place. 
willingness to be firm and stand up for yourself;
try your hand, Test of strength. 
chances not to be missed;
competition task;
task, riddle;
a family of debaters who are nevertheless friendly;
not the expression of desire, the absence of a specific goal;
“There is a lot of noise, but little sense”;
troubles, promises, but problems will bypass you;
interesting problems;
stormy youth, physical activity;
travel delay, postponement of the trip;
passivity should be avoided;
several cases at once;
problems with law;
martial arts.
The need for self-affirmation. 
Dependence on men. 
Chatting with people of the same sex. 
External conflict of interest. 
Healthy competition. 
Liberation from unnecessary connections

Five of Wands (reversed) Keywords

peace, harmony;
new opportunities that life presents;
the chores, promises, and problems that you are likely to get;
quarrels over trifles;
relief after conflict;
the end of the struggle;
favorable solution to a legal issue;
internal conflict;
dishonest tactics;
major quarrels;
postponement of the trip.
Inner Conflict. 
Lack of faith in one’s own competitiveness. 
Dishonest tactics. 
Uncertainty in social status. 
Legal battles. 
Major quarrels. 
Unhealthy competition. 
Suppressed rage.

Five of Wands Advice

Five of Wands
Five of Wands
Actively defend your rights, do not be afraid of your aggressive impulses.
Measure your strength with others, even in a new area for you.
You need to evade the fight, stay away. 
Show rudeness, cruelty.

Five of Wands Warning

Five of Wands
Five of Wands
You are too conflicted, you can run into it. 
We’ll have to fight with equals.
Ambition should not turn into shamelessness, and skill into bragging.
Giving up your position before it comes to battle.

Five of Wands as a Person

Five of Wands
As a Person
Five of Wands
As a Person
Competition lovers. 
Sports teams. 
Open opponents. 
Martial arts fans. 
Competition judges.
Internal struggle, conflict with oneself and the outside world, black and white thinking. 

A person running into a conflict; 
he has internal problems, he cannot come to terms with himself and provokes a continuous conflict around him. ,
Evil or secret enemies. 
Opponents behind the scenes.

People with unmet needs, frustration. 

Excessive caution (fear of conflict situations, no matter what happens). 

A hidden enmity masquerading as courtesy. 
Rudeness as a defensive reaction.

Five of Wands as feelings

Five of Wands
as feelings
Five of Wands
as feelings
Daring, arrogant, conflicted, loving to defend his opinion, competitive, irritated frustration, fear, rude

Five of Wands: Card of the Day

You must be in shape today because you will have to prove your skill. 
This is a normal exam situation, a test that should not be avoided. 

And here it does not matter whether it is about competition with competitors, about a confrontation of two opinions or about a psychological competition (conflict) with a loved one: you must immediately take the bull by the horns and prove that you are still at your best. 

If you lead the battle honestly and, moreover, with full dedication, then victory is guaranteed to you. 

However, even if you get the second place, you will still be satisfied that you took part in this fight.

Five of Wands as someone sees you

  • He/ she sees you as a “problem”. He / she has a girlfriend / boyfriend, and because of your flirting or politeness, he / she thinks that you want to cause some problems in his / her relationship;
  • In a relationship reading – person producing chaos or drama;

Five of Wands : Love

Five of Wands
Five of Wands
Clarification of relationships, struggle for leadership, rivalry. 
A conflict between spouses based on rivalry. 
Italian passions in divorce. 
The collapse of the family. 
Leaving home. 
Transition to a new round of relations. 
Constant struggle with finding out who is in charge. 
Development through pain, conflict. 
A latent conflict that is not resolved, but driven into the depths. 

Ambiguity of relationship status

Nobody wants to give in; couple is unable to agree.

There may be tensions and conflicts in the couple, mainly caused by contact with others. It can be jealousy towards other people or maybe when you live with your family, yours or your partner’s, clashes are inevitable. Keep a cool head and don’t get carried away by anger.

If you are looking for a partner, The Five of Wands can go in two ways: Either there may be several seeking the same objective as you, or several are those who are after you disputing you.

Five of Wands : Career

Five of Wands
Five of Wands
Conflict with colleagues, companions. 
Disagreements on fundamental issues, violent conflicts with a showdown, when no one wants to make concessions. 
The crisis is like an impetus for a new cycle.
Competition and an attempt to tighten the rules to reduce competition.
Fruitless collective activity (everyone does as he sees fit, in the end the result is not obtained).

Problems that appear when the work has already begun: misunderstandings
Very tough competition, collisions. 
Profits come from hard work.

The Five of Wands states that you face competition, but you shouldn’t be overly concerned about it. You do what you know and are capable of, and always in the right way, even if others don’t do it or play dirty.

In the long run this behavior will give you the results. Those who are disloyal may win temporarily, but those victories end very soon.

If you are looking for a job, be prepared to find other people interested in the position. The fight will not be easy, although if you have what it takes, the job will be yours.

Five of Wands : Money

The Five of Wands indicates some situations where money can be tight and fair. You may not be able to meet some obligations or payments and constant claims are “the struggle” you face. Try to explain your situation and together find a way that things can be solved.

It is not a time for risks or venturing into business, purchases or investments, just spend as far as you know you can.

Five of Wands : Health

Five of Wands
Five of Wands
Struggle for existence; 
Exacerbation of the disease; 
minor injuries; 
inflammatory processes.
Long and hard struggle for recovery.

The Five of Wands can indicate that if you are treating a disease or ailment, those in charge do not find a unified point of view, there are several diagnoses and they do not agree. In another respect it could symbolize that you are fighting internally against your temptations, for example if you are dieting or trying to quit an addiction.

Five of Wands : past, present, future

Five of Wands in past position

The battles you have faced have brought you to courage. This is a valuable trait, but only in moderation. Facing adversity takes tact, and it may seem like your progress is being delayed too much by obstacles in your path.

Five of Wands in present position

Misunderstandings will hinder your progress.

Five of Wands in future position

In the future, there will be an opportunity that will require you to harness your courage in order to succeed. No one can decide your actions but you, so rely on your willpower to make balanced progress.

Five of Wands (Upright) Meaning

  • External conflict. 
  • Fight, Rivalry. 
  • The need for self-affirmation. 
  • Dependence on men. 
  • Communication with people of the same sex. 
  • Healthy competition. 
  • Statement. 
  • Belief in the competitiveness of another person. 
  • Stormy youth. 
  • Physical activity, Sport. 
  • Outdoor games. 
  • Your boyfriend. 
  • Fist showdown. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • Time for energetic action. 
  • Success is achieved through persistent efforts. 
  • Disputes. 
  • Bickering. 
  • Agitation. 
  • Competition. 
  • Dissonance. 
  • Doubts about yourself. 
  • Major quarrels. 
  • Quarrels over trifles. 
  • Rivalry. 
  • Problems with law. 
  • Fight without injury. 
  • Showdown. 
  • Martial arts. 
  • Annoying details. 
  • Slight irritation. 
  • Unexpected problems. 
  • Conflict of interest. 
  • There are too many urgent cases. 
  • The need for prioritization. 
  • War games. 
  • Testosterone. 
  • Hormone activity. 
  • Territoriality. 
  • Travel delay. 

To get what you want, you have to take part in a competition or solve a very interesting problem. For now, you should avoid being passive. Success will be the result of your persistent efforts to overcome adversity and obstacles. 

Some disagreements can be caused by your unwillingness to take into account the opinion of the other person. You may be trying to do several things at once; if so, you need to prioritize to avoid stressful situations.

The Five of Wands indicates that you are somehow drawn into competition or rivalry. There may be some problems with the law. 

You need to take control of minor annoyances and difficulties. You are taking part in the competition and you really like it. If you were asking about love relationships, then you may have to deal with a rival to win the heart of your loved one. 

If the question was about a trip, then expect a delay or disruption to your plans.

This card says that at the present period, energy is simply seething in you. Perhaps you need to have a noisy bachelorette / bachelor party, karate or some other martial arts. (For example, one day I returned from work and found that my eleven-year-old son hurt his heel while trying to practice karate with his friend. In the evening I had to take him to the hospital.)

Sometimes this card is associated with everyday battles. When it appears, the peace and harmony of the hearth literally explodes. Argument and skillfully provoked excitement lead to profound change.

Five of Wands (Reversed) Meaning:

Positive Meaning:

  • Healthy competition. 
  • Outdoor games. 
  • Sport. 
  • Peace. 
  • Harmony. 
  • The fight is over. 
  • An end to the bickering. 
  • Capabilities. 
  • Favorable changes. 
  • Release from quarrels and conflicts. 
  • A favorable solution to a legal issue (especially if there are other “positive legal” cards in the scenario, such as Justice or the Court in the right position).

Negative Meaning:

  • Internal conflict. 
  • Lack of faith in one’s own competitiveness. 
  • Dishonest tactics. 
  • Legal battles. 
  • Major quarrels. 
  • Stress Unhealthy competition. 
  • Hit below the belt. 
  • Malice. 
  • Antipathy. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • Disagreements. 
  • Small quarrels over trifles. 
  • Problems with travel plans. 
  • Problems with the conclusion of contracts. 
  • Overwork is bad for your health.

In the inverted position, the card can mean injustice, a cold and hard mind, inability and unwillingness to benefit from life lessons; 

In terms of social activity, this can also sound like fraud, contradiction, opposition, confusion of relations, ambiguity of social status, involvement in certain processes against your desire, excessive caution.

Five of Wands can also indicate an undercurrent of enmity, which can sometimes be disguised as a mask of increased courtesy.

Sometimes it also indicates that in the near future you are at risk of becoming a victim of intrigue. 

FIVE of WANDS is one of the cards, which are additional factors that should be paid attention to when it comes to a possible divorce. Another interpretation of the card is like a riot of a loner.

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Five of Wands : Spirituality

The Five of Wands asks you first of all to calm down, if you walk through life like a chicken whose head has been cut off, it will be difficult for you to find ways out, believe and have a clear goal of faith.

You need to calm down beyond how difficult the conflict can be. It is in those little rest and haven of peace that things will become clearer for you to reach positive solutions.

Five of Wands Relation with Astrology

Five of Wands Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac sign associated with Five of Wands is Leo.
  • Mars in the 5th house as a symbol of sports, games. Saturn in air signs
  • Five of Wands signifies Fight.
  • Five of Wands signifies The first decade of Leo from July 23 to August 2.

If Aries includes sources of energy, then Leo carries them outside. The first decade of Leo shows individual self-disclosure of personality.

A person, realizing his identity, learns to control himself, saving effort and developing a strategy of behavior, so as not to follow the circumstances. 

FIVE breaks through the stability of the FOUR. This is a struggle: external, internal, impulse, aspiration. Clash shows the main factors fighting in you for supremacy, both external and internal. There is no compromise and cannot be; the outcome of the case will be decided only by struggle.

“Best the enemy of the good”. Fight, competition (rivalry), fundamental conflict, the struggle of different aspirations.
Tip – evading a fight, giving up one’s position before a fight begins.

Five of Wands Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Five of Wands shows us five men moving and waving their rods chaotically, without any respect for others and in direct competition with each other, participating in a conflict.

However, on close observation, they are seen to wave and display their wands as if they were a banner. They may actually be in this chaos with no real intention of harming anyone or hurting each other, just planting their positions.

Men wear clothes of different colors to symbolize social or class differences, as well as a symbol of the different beliefs and value systems that exist on the planet, or at times, in the same family or group.

Five of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  a group of youths waving sticks, as if in sports.

The Five Wands is a challenge to us, an invitation to measure our strengths, compete, check: will we have enough strength? This is by no means connected with enmity or a battle not for life, but for death. We are offered to try our hand – maybe, indeed, in some kind of competition, debate, or maybe in some new business for us. We have the strengths for this, and we just have a chance to use them, so there is no reason to fear serious damage or damage, unless with a series of unfavorable circumstances. The chances that this card offers should not be missed, because they give us the opportunity to be convinced of our abilities, to realize them.

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