Queen of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning


The Queen of Wands is undoubtedly an energetic and powerful woman, full of vitality, enthusiasm and unmatched capacity for doing.

Queen of Wands Yes or No

Queen of Wands
Yes or No
Queen of Wands
Yes or No
but you need to be flexible.
Will not work.

Queen of Wands (upright) Keywords

Successful completion of any business started. 
Helping people. 
A bright, energetic, self-confident, socially accomplished woman with a strong character. 
Proud, independent, smart. 
Hot-tempered, but quick-witted. Leader. 
Business lady.
Noble, venerable, virtuous, respected.
Feminine charm, charm and grace.
Understanding, sympathetic.
Friendly, loving.
Polite, well-mannered.
Kind, sweet and soft.

Queen of Wands (reversed) Keywords

“Business woman” who sacrifices a lot for the sake of success;
narrow-mindedness, stubbornness, despotism;
jealousy, deception;
selfishness, inappropriate ambition;
a tendency to deceive;
arrogant woman.
Misunderstanding of the situation, confusion, lack of proper activity.

Queen of Wands Advice

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
You need to quickly act on the situation. You have to demonstrate self-confidence, optimism and interest.You just need to take control of the situation, understand what is happening.

Queen of Wands Warning

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
Excessive unpredictability should be avoidedyou are going against the tide.

Queen of Wands as a Person

Queen of Wands
As a Person
Queen of Wands
As a Person
Red-haired or “dark-haired blonde” with dark eyes. 
Witch, magician, magnetic personality.

Strong-willed, self-confident, chic, imposing, creative (an actress, at least in life). 

Very emotional, unpredictable, contradictory, intuitive. 

She is interested in self-improvement, self-knowledge, self-realization.
A petty sorceress. 

Jealous, self-centered, vain, cruel. 

The desire to make other people dependent on themselves. 

Pretentiousness, stiffness. 

Sexual life is very inharmonious.

This woman’s weaknesses are easy to use against herself.

Queen of Wands as feelings

Queen of Wands
As Feelings
Queen of Wands
As Feelings
Happiness, enthusiasm, self confidence, loving, kind
Jealousy, stubbornness, selfish, envy

Queen of Wands: Card of the Day

Today you set the tone! You are confident in your abilities, you know exactly what you want, and are ready,
if necessary, to take on the most difficult part of the work. 

Then you are ready to take the plunge. 
This way you can draw others along with you who need your optimism, support, and wise leadership. 

It is possible, however, that today you will meet with a temperamental, strong-willed woman who will play an important role in your situation.

Queen of Wands as someone sees you


  • as someone who is unable to keep his fire under control, that is, hot-tempered;
  • The Queen / Wands are usually in the spotlight and even this relaxed queen is clearly responding and you know that every one of her subjects is looking at her. 
  • She is the queen of the bees, diva. Of all the queens, she is the one that most illustrates what we think of as a queen. She may not be talkative, but she is charismatic, exhilarating, addictive, very dominant, or someone who needs to trigger shots. 
  • Someone who will not follow someone else’s leadership other than his own, even if it may harm the end result or goal;


  • A reckless, impulsive person also comes to mind. The one who throws caution to the wind.
  • A jealous, stubborn woman who often has magical powers. Not happy in the sexual aspect of life.

Queen of Wands : Love

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
Stormy, long-term relationship. 
Very dramatic situations. 
Couples who build relationships very beautifully. The Queen of Wands often has a rival.
Inability to build relationships. 
Ambition gets in the way.

For Person already in Relationships:

The Queen of Wands is a good omen. If you are in a relationship , it will be strengthened as each one will do their best and move forward with attitude, optimism and a lot of confidence, towards common goals. It can indicate a pregnancy, which will be very welcome and will help strengthen the couple even more.

It can indicate the presence of a woman, but not as a competitor or signaling an infidelity, but a beneficial presence that will be of help to the couple, whether it is a friend or someone from the family, such as your mother or mother-in-law, an aunt, an older sister or sister-in-law. He is someone to lean on and trust.

Only in the context of negative letters, pointing to a third person, another woman in the middle of the couple, this letter can represent infidelity. By itself it is not proof of this, only in context with a reading that is indicating that situation.

If Looking for new Relationships

If you are alone , the appearance of a woman is imminent in your life, both to bring love into your life, as a company and a friendship of inestimable help and value can be for you.

It is very likely that love appears in the workplace or where you carry out your tasks or activities, it can be related to artistic media, cinema, television, theater, or cultural or creative activities. You are more likely to find love there than through casual encounters, outings, or dates.

Queen of Wands : Career

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
participant in social life. 
Politics, scene, sports, show business, advertising, commerce,
Maybe the owner of a salon or a wife with a high-ranking husband. 
Wrong direction chosen; 

The Queen of Wands is where she weighs the most and announces for you excellent moments of work and activity, with a lot of creativity, great responsibilities that you will have no qualms about bearing, creative tasks, an important leadership to carry a plan or task forward.

The most important thing with this card is the possibility of quick success, with an excellent relationship of greater achievement through the least time or effort invested. You are going to push yourself, no doubt, but your effort will be so well applied, concentrated and optimized, that it will take you to the successful goal in a truly short time.

Perhaps the presence of an older woman in the work equation is important, both to add her to your projects, and to follow her in case she is in charge. She is a very strong boss with great command capacity, very determined and with everything in her favor to succeed.

If you are out of work and looking for a job , it is also a very favorable letter, since here what is related to a “birth is understood as a metaphor of a new job that appears very soon for you and that you should not hesitate to take, it is a great opportunity.

Also in this case, an older woman can be very gravitating, so you should seek employment in those jobs led by older women, there are your best chances of getting it.

Queen of Wands : Money

The Queen of Wands has good forecasts for you, not so much because the money is going to flow in, perhaps on the contrary, it will go too much, but all expenses will be very well oriented especially if you invest it in your projects, your work or creative tasks.

There may be a tendency to spend more, especially in arrangements, decorations, reforms of your home, since this is a letter of transforming creativity, so if you are tight of money, keep an eye on spending, do not overdo it more than you can spend.

Regarding investments, enlarge your business, expand, for now the money will only come out and it will be slow to see the result, but the expense is very well oriented and the results will be successful, so you must be patient and not despair, well positive results will come.

You will have a certain tendency to spend without thinking, to be out of hand, so you should try to moderate yourself and balance well the justification of your expenses.

Queen of Wands : Health

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands
Good health. 
High supply of vitality. 
May lack stamina
Deterioration of health.

The Queen of Wands tells you that she is and will be unbeatable. There is enormous vitality in you, you are healthy, strong, optimal for doing all kinds of activities. You also have great determination, so everything that is improving your habits, exercising or dieting, quitting smoking, it is highly recommended to do it now.

Keep in mind the fertility that this card entails: If you are waiting to get pregnant, it is a great time now and you may get it. But if motherhood is not in your plans, then take due precautions because the queen is very strong in this sense of announcing the arrival of conception.

Tarot Cards:

Queen of Wands (upright) Meaning

The Queen of Wands, like all members of the court of all suits in the deck, is first of all a messenger with some suggestion or advice to give you.

But at the same time, it can speak directly about you, your attitude and behaviors, as much as it can refer to another person who may or may not be from your environment, known or unknown.

Whether the letter talks about you or someone else , the message is the same and it will tell us that we are facing a person with enormous fire energy, who is dominant and determined, who is not afraid of anything or anyone, and does not give in to challenges Let them come before her, because she is someone who has an idea in mind, is carrying it out and will not stop until she has achieved it.

If the Queen of Wands talks about you, she will tell us that you have the soul of a leader, that your desires focus on you and never back down, no matter how difficult the circumstances or various obstacles that are placed in your way.

Independence is a supreme value in you, you fight for it and for it, because nothing makes you happier than being independent in every sense, whether material or emotional, you like to take control of your own existence and abide by the consequences without blame others for your successes or mistakes.

You have developed your life or are in the process of doing so, in such a way that you are your own creation, without limitations other than your own human limitations. You have enormous creativity within you but not only do you stay in the creation or the idea, but you move everything to put it into practice, take it forward and see it fulfilled.

You know how to take care of yourself at the same time as others, but you are personalistic, without being able to say that you are selfish, because that is not what is in you, when more it is an egoism without malice, innocent, that comes from your strong sense smart person.

You have learned, by dint of success and error, that few people are going to do something for you, perhaps the closest affections, your family, but in most cases you have quickly realized that you are on your own, that It depends on you, that it is you against the world and if you want to achieve something, you must roll up your sleeves. That is a clear conviction that many people do not have, and that greatly differentiates you from the common people.

This could have turned you into a strong, hardened, sullen person, but on the contrary, this strength and this security has given you an incredible kindness and although you have a powerful character, you carry with joy your dealings with others, you manifest yourself kind, caring and owner of an immense talent that comes from your creativity, a creative genius that resides in the deepest depths of your soul.

Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it like that or not, this card tells you that you are a born leader, you meet all the conditions to be a leader and push your car to victory but also the rest that will follow you through those conditions.

You have a tireless vitality, each problem seems to strengthen you more instead of defeating you and your energy and spirit is contagious, so in this way you can masterfully build relationships, lead them, bring out the best in each one and inspire everyone.
Surely you are the one who manages things, the one who pulls the strings, the one who influences and makes the decisions, because you have great clarity but also enormous courage.

As it is, this is a great card for when you are going through a bad time , things do not go well or you are full of fear and doubts. Because this letter is all about self-confidence and it comes to tell you that you can.

You need to have courage and stick to your course of action, trust your dreams and ideas, be ready for total commitment, and be bold all the time.

In a natural way, you always know which is the best way, you intuit it with a special “sixth sense” (which is graphed in the black cat in the figure), and as optimism is what you have left over, all you have to do is keep going, because generally you know exactly what the right course or direction to take is.

You are not shy at all, you are outgoing, and you are passionate about being in the eye of the storm, being the center of attention . A Queen of Wands is the person who notices her as soon as you enter a room full of people, she stands out, she shows off, and surely you have great capacity to establish relationships with everyone, create quick bonds, please everyone and have fun, because your soul is jovial, fresh and cheerful.

Everyone can be quickly surprised by your kindness and warmth and will leave your side thinking that they have met a lovely person.

Contacts, work networks and friendships, activity in social networks of the modern world, are your terrain and in those waters you move perfectly, because deep down you yearn for recognition, fame, popularity and it is possible that you work all the time to achieve that, to be known, stand out and “be someone”, which you may possibly achieve if you have not achieved it yet, because your charisma is strong and magnetic, almost no one can escape your powerful personal strength.

On the negative side , The Queen of Wands can indicate that you can be a bit stubborn and stubborn, especially when you go after a goal for a long time and you don’t see results.

html You are not invincible even if you think you are, therefore you lack a moment of acceptance and clarity where you can see how far it is convenient to pursue a goal and when it is convenient to leave it because it is no longer possible to advance further.

You are not used to “No” for an answer, so you can get a little stubborn and that can lead to mistakes that you will regret later. You must learn to know when to stop, because if these behaviors continue for a long time they can turn you into a tough person, with tyrannical attitudes, who feels above good and evil and easily transform you into someone who is all the time angry, yelling and mistreating others.

Of course you will forget your own offenses in five minutes, because you can be kicking and hitting and minutes later hugging as if nothing had happened. Keep in mind that people suffer and that not everyone takes this changing attitude well.

If the letter talks about another person , the characteristics that I have described are the same, surely it is by your side, it is someone you know or it may be someone who appears in your life very soon.

It is a supportive and positive presence that will guide you, instill courage, draw your own strength, and push you forward. He is someone of great creativity with a charm that is difficult to resist, with great personal energy and talent, so that you will recognize him very easily when he comes into your life.

Generally speaking, we are talking about a woman, older , because this is a feminine card and it emphasizes the enormous power of feminine energy that is going to manifest in your life or that is doing it right now.

It is a letter associated with fertility , therefore as a messenger, it can announce conception or a birth, either for yourself, or for another woman in your close environment. If you are looking to get pregnant, become a mother, this letter is a very positive omen for it .

She is a positive force in your life, an important contribution that you can count on, a true friend who will help you. You may not be able to fully discover it, as it is indecipherable at a certain point, but it is a very valuable energy for you now and will help a major change in your life.

Astrological equivalents: the signs of Leo and Aquarius, the planets of the Sun and Saturn.
In the upright position, the card means: self-awareness, strength, character, pride, honor. Attractive and understanding person. She is friendly, disposed towards you, maybe she loves you, although this love can have a maternal, tutelage shade. This is a person who is outwardly full of a kind of charm, practical, socially well adapted, although it can be chilly. She is reasonable, without complexes, knows how to keep her feelings under control, but at the same time, if necessary, freely expresses her emotions, though at times, she can be violently touchy, but she quickly “cools down”. She is ambitious, ambitious, she really likes when everyone loves her, and especially respect her.

Events described by neighboring maps have already begun. The process has begun. The concept is formed when it comes to the idea. If the KING can mean the initiator (an incentive factor), then here we are dealing with the acquisition of form, with a process that is gaining strength.

Queen of Wands (reversed) Meaning:

This is a “hot” woman, arousing desire and interest, able to protect her interests entirely and uncompromisingly, or a person whom you are trying to adapt to the surrounding social conditions, and who resists them.
Sometimes an inverted QUEEN OF WANDS can symbolize a person, whether intentionally or not, but discrediting you and undermining your authority, as well as an extremely eccentric and unbalanced person with whom you are connected.

Your plan is clearly divorced from reality, most likely the fulfillment of the desired is impossible. At one time, you allowed fantasies and desires to influence the course of your reasoning too much.

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Queen of Wands Upright : Spirituality

You will be suddenly likely spiritually “hungry” when the Queen of Wands appears. There is nothing wrong with it, but don’t get carried away thinking that you have suddenly found “the total answer” that you have been looking for all your life.

Take your time, read and reflect, talk to many people, before making big changes in your life. Your exploration is admirable but if you are in the moment of going through great decisions that change life, evaluate calmly since the rush does not lead to anything, if you do not take the whole thing into account it could not be so healthy.

It is possible the appearance of a very strong spiritually woman who helps you in the process, who is a kind of guide or mentor, a spiritual advisor in these moments that you are going through and her help will be valuable, but do not fall into false idolatries.

Queen of Wands Relation with Astrology

The moon in Leo as a symbol of the joy of life, ardent temperament, indomitable pride and self-confidence.

Queen of Wands Zodiac sign:
The sign of Leo is strongly associated with this card due to the lions adorning her throne, as well as the lion pendant clasping her cape. She is holding a sunflower, which may represent a fertile and joyous life, but may also further suggest a connection to Leo – Wiki

Queen of Wands : Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Ace of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a Queen (Lady) – sticks corresponding to this suit – always in bloom, because this is a suit of vital energy and inspiration (liveliness). Characteristics of the Queen’s character correspond to the character of the King, but she (as a woman) has great magnetism (attractiveness).

The Queen of Wands shows us in the figure a powerful woman , sitting on her throne that is decorated with salamanders that represent fire, also present in all the members of the court of wands and two lions looking in opposite directions, symbolizing the strength that she possesses.


She carries a very large sunflower in his hand , as well as others present in the scene, which clearly depict his joy, his enthusiasm for life and his fertility .
In the other hand is a flourishing rod that guides and supports her on the path of existence.

But there is also a black cat at her feet, which reveal a hidden side of this queen , mysterious, deep, that has to do with her spirituality that is indecipherable.

This cat has many interpretations and is truly a highly debated card in the world of tarot, where this animal is mostly associated with the occult and the world of magic.

The Lady of Wands represents the feminine side of the element of fire. Thus, it symbolizes self-confidence, peace with oneself, feline affection, testifying more to the mind than to adaptability. The Lady of the Wands is always on its own, however, it is open to everything new and easy to climb. The pride that governs her personality gives her great inner strength, but makes her vulnerable to criticism and any offensive remarks. It symbolizes the joy of life and the thirst for happiness to such an extent that it can result in a pure thirst for pleasure, in an escape into the world of illusions and in the most wasteful waste of mental energy. Acting talent and passion make her the “queen of the stage”,

The essence of the queen of WANDS is determined by the feeling and the Cup, but it expresses them through the Staff. This is a woman who unshakably represents the qualities that fill her; however, she shows great strength and often takes a noble position. She has strong beliefs, and her personal (human) honor is important to her. This is a Person.
Trap. Pride, stubbornness and errors generated by the

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