Six of Wands Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


The Six of Wands is all about recognition and success, it is the so-called “victory card.”

Six of Wands Upright Keywords:

this card can correspond to several values. Outwardly – it is a triumph of victory. But this is also important news: the level of news that the king’s envoy could bring to the state. It is also the expectation of the completion of personal aspirations, the crown of hope, etc.

Six of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

The Six of Wands depicts a man wearing a crown of triumph around his head, riding a white horse through a cheering crowd of people.

The white horse represents the strength, purity, and success of an adventure, while the crowd of people demonstrates public recognition of the achievements of man.

The staff held by the rider also has a crown attached to it, emphasizing success and achievement. He is not afraid to show others what he has accomplished in his life so far, and even better, the people around him will cheer him on throughout his journey.

Six of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  rider crowned with a laurel wreath carries his stick, decorated with a laurel wreath. Hiking people with sticks on his side.

Six of Wands – a winning card, success, fame, and “national recognition”, and from here, and the joy and satisfaction. To be completely accurate, it is a promulgation of success, a declaration of victory. So in everyday life, it can mean just good news, without any pomp and parade. As a rule, this card shows that our work and our efforts will succeed. Sometimes this happens and an unexpected “undeserved” success.

Six of Wands Upright Meaning:

The Six of Wands is the achievement and realization of all your goals or objectives , with the plus that this victory is not only for you but that the recognition of others accompanies and admires you.

It does not matter that the achievement is an important award, perhaps it is just a recognition in your work, a thank you letter or the words of gratitude from a boss, what matters is that your effort is recognized, approved and taken into account.

It is a way of advancing even more strongly, of recognition as an engine to continue making and achieving goals.

You have managed to focus on the best of yourself , your talents and virtues have been used in the most optimal way to achieve the results.

The oppositions, rivals, obstacles and difficulties have not been more than a challenge and you have successfully gone through all of it, now finding yourself in a time to collect the results and obtain the prizes.

It can be the culmination and the bronze or the ” 15 minutes of fame “, that will depend on the intensity with which you have fought, on the height of your goals, but the main thing here is that you stand out and everyone sees it and knows about it. .

You are not afraid of your achievements being known , you are not afraid or worried about the envy, gossip or gossip that people around you or strangers who observe you may sow behind you. You win the victory and as this has not been free, you want to show it to be valued.

The Six of Wands is an excellent card in a reading to encourage you to believe in yourself and your conditions and in the real possibility that you can achieve what you want if you put your mind to it, taking pride in it and not letting any internal guilt sabotage your project or your success.

There is no guilt here because everything has been in a dignified way, without malice, therefore you can hold your head high before those who observe you.

With six of Wands you somehow create a personal seal , your brand, it is your own reputation, name and fame that is at stake and you want everyone to know about it and value it, you expect a well-deserved applause and recognition for everything this achievement, far beyond the immense personal satisfaction you feel.

The Six of Wands is undoubtedly one of the best, most positive and triumphant cards of the entire deck , success is certain as is public recognition, although it has a negative side, which is that it can be easily seduced by honeys victory and fall into arrogant or arrogant attitudes, showing a face of selfishness.

You can believe yourself superior, with an inordinate ego that prevents you from listening to or valuing others, therefore you must handle victory very well.
Some internal revenge or revenge is not wrong , if you need to feel that arrogance:

Your victory could be to show it to those who didn’t believe in you, who said you couldn’t, or someone who put you down or made you feel inferior. In this case there is some sweet honey when time ends proving you right.

In the upright position, the card can symbolize inspiration, appeal to higher planes – teaching, spiritual growth, service, awareness of one’s path in this life, in the Universe.
Victory is a very interesting map. She often falls out after some kind of difficult life test. In this map, it seems, the echo of all the distant planets is audible, and none of them can be clearly identified. A card can mean: conquest, triumph, good news, profit, advancement, expectation, desire realized through hard work; the situation of Jacob, who served for Rachel for fourteen years. At a low level, the card works like a Virgo, giving subordination, dependence, helpfulness, constraint in thoughts and manifestations, servility.

Six of Wands Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, the card means pride, snobbery. A person learns something, gets some life lesson, and then runs around and screams about it at all crossroads, inflating his significance and cramming himself into a guru. Along with this, the reluctance to understand that one life lesson opens the way to an endless chain of subsequent ones. Endless procrastination, waiting, fear, reassessment of one’s own strengths and capabilities (or underestimation of the same), “fraud”, unearned income. In addition, the SIX OF STAFFs symbolizes expectation, hope. This card in an inverted state again symbolizes Virgo, thus showing Venus, relevant for this sign and giving situations such as going on a visit, leisure, entertainment, pleasant pastime, communication. The card can also symbolize a light love affair, a spa romance.

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Six of Wands Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands speaks of improvements of all kinds within a relationship. If you are looking forward to your wedding after a long courtship, marriage is a given. There may be family or social recognition for the couple as a whole.

If you are alone, love is ready to appear in your life, possibly with whom you have always been dreaming or secretly love. It bodes well for love.

Six of Wands Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands indicates that you will have recognition and appreciation for your work. It is the success and the achievement of the objectives that you have proposed. If you start new projects or decide to change your job or activity, consecration awaits you.

If you are looking for a job there is no doubt that you will get it and it will be better than you expect.

Six of Wands Upright – In Money or Finances Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands announces that everything will be much better financially from now on, regardless of what happens around you. If you have projects in mind or investments, it is time to carry them out.

You may even come up with some genius that awakens the admiration of the people around you. It’s a great time to ask for raises or promotions.

Six of Wands Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands removes any concerns you may be having regarding your health. If you go through an illness or disease, recovery is very fast and successful. Any health activity you do is fine – dieting, exercising, or quitting an addiction.

Six of Wands Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands brings great spiritual joy, you feel satisfaction and deep optimism, as well as immense gratitude for the achievements you are experiencing. It is a good time to share these experiences and spread to others the well-being that you now feel inside.

Six of Wands Relation with Astrology

Jupiter in 10th house as a symbol of success and glory.

Six of Wands signifies Victory .

Six of Wands represents The second decade of Leo from August 3 to 12.

the transition from the Eighth House to the Ninth, the planets Venus and Jupiter.
The second decade of Leo symbolizes the fullness of life and the confident mastery of its material and spiritual wealth. This decade is ruled by the social planet Jupiter.

A state of triumph is achievable if you are led by higher aspirations. With unethical methods, part of the power is inevitably lost. SIX OF STAFFS – not a rotten compromise, but victory after a hard fight and a well-deserved reward. Respect for cultural achievements and traditions develops internal nobility and combines the goal of a person with the tasks of other people, who, naturally, become his assistants. In the situation described by this card, it is important not only to show firmness of character, but also to strive to use your will for joint creation, showing the kindness inherent in Leo and elevating your subjective ideals to universal ones.

Luck and power over others can give a person excessive pride. His sense of superiority can annoy other people, transforming them from potential friends into enemies – thereby returning the person to the task of developing self-awareness.

A more attentive attitude of a person to the weaknesses of life, on the contrary, opens the way to further heights, helping to become a conductor of spiritual energies and strengthening his internal power over himself, which is the basis of external leadership.

The task of this decade is to master powerful energy channels that increase Leo’s natural ability to give and give.
Victory. This state of triumph is achievable if you have been led by higher aspirations. With unethical methods, part of the power is inevitably lost. SIX OF STAFFS – not a rotten compromise, but victory after a hard fight and a well-deserved reward.

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