Knight of Wands: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Knight of Wands Upright Keywords:

departure, absence, flight, emigration. Not too educated young man, friendly. Changes the location (place of residence).

Knight of Wands Reversed Keywords:

gap, disagreement, break (hitch), disorder.

Knight of Wands Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Ace of Wands in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict The horseman – shown as if traveling, armed with a short stick and although protected by chain mail – this is not a military mission. He drives through hills or pyramids.

The Knight of the Wands symbolizes the warmth and even the heat of the soul, manifested in a thirst for life, passion and enthusiasm, but sometimes turning into impatience, increased excitability, impulsiveness and a tendency to exaggeration. Therefore, a lot depends on what sphere of our life the question is related to, because the answer of the card can mean both warming warmth and scorching heat. The impatience expressed by this card means: I want everything and, if possible, all at once. If it doesn’t work right away, or if we don’t get everything, we get annoyed, start up, become aggressive. However, the internal energy inherent in the Rider of the Wands, in any case, sets in motion entire layers of life, melts long-term ice and brings a fresh stream to long-familiar situations.

KNIGHT OF Wands can symbolize a person who very soon will directly call your departure (send on a trip: on a trip on vacation or poke on a business trip), or a person who will bring to your life that something new, and whose activity will make you turn to hitherto unknown. It is possible that this person will reveal to you something within you.

The KNIGHT OF WANDS can also symbolize an absent person who is in a state of moving. This is also Someone, who takes everything with enthusiasm, meets new knowledge or new desires with a big impulse, conquering the world with his fire and enthusiasm and firm position. KNIGHT OF STAFF – this is clarity of mind, awareness of actions, a noble and entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship, a breakthrough, a beginning, enthralling. This is an inspired and inspiring conqueror with a fiery soul (it can be like a man, a hook and a female person). In a professional sense, a position can relate to a person who gets to work with great penetrative power and enthusiasm. A map can mean something that is worth implementing (an expensive project, something that can inspire).

Knight of Wands Upright Meaning:

Through this card, a change in your views, your worldview can occur. In principle, this card as it personifies a person who can significantly expand your horizons. At a minimum, it can move you from the realm of one situation to the realm of another.

The events indicated by the neighboring maps have already begun, although the process itself has not yet reached its climax, and your idea of ​​it is far from complete. At the same time, this process is already quite tangible and it is impossible to ignore it.

Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning:

consistent and very low manifestation of the Sun, Mars, and possibly Uranus.
A person who brings strife, a breakup in the stay of a process in which you are involved. He brings scandals, swears, quarrels with him and can forever embarrass you with friends.

The process indicated by the subsequent cards undergoes various difficulties in its development. You have to overcome many obstacles, and your plans are implemented with great difficulty. Perhaps you should check what needs to be changed so that progress towards the goal is at a faster pace, not so difficult.

Knight of Wands Relation with Astrology

Mars in Aries as a symbol of thirst for life, entrepreneurial spirit, energy, impatience and adventure.

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