The Two of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life

Two of Cups

Tarot card Meaning

The Two of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life
Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a positive card that signifies new relationships, new bonds, attraction and easy flow of energy

Two of Cups Yes or No

Two of Cups
Yes or No
Two of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.The answer is “No”.

Now, it is known that this card shouts about love, positive vibes, positive relationships, courtship, and togetherness. When the card intends to show “yes’, it will indicate that life will be full of close bonds, good friendships, mutual love along with respect. You will have compassion and a feeling of being loved.

But when the answer is ‘no’ then you will lose your loved ones and your smooth relationships would be broken. So make sure you go to the right and experienced Tarot Reader who will help you know your situation and also guide you.

Two of Cups (upright) Keywords

The appearance in the life of your person, your second half. 
Common interests. 
The beginning of a new relationship. 
Resolving the crisis in existing relationships. 
the beginning of love or good acquaintance;
ascent to a new level of spirit development;
friendship, love;
the possibility of having a child;
favorable outcome of the case;
warm welcome, hospitality;
green light for any business;

Two of Cups (reversed) Keywords

False friends. 
The end of the relationship. 
Termination of an agreement or contract. 
there is an opportunity for happiness, joy, success, but at the moment it is not available;
breakdown in relationships;
love turned into hatred and despair;
desire, attraction, even lust;
hasty decisions should be avoided;

Two of Cups Advice

Two of Cups
Two of Cups
You should agree, meet halfway.
Trust your love to another person or lend him a hand of friendship.
You should not go to a meeting and not agree on anything.

Two of Cups Warning

Two of Cups
Two of Cups
Do not sacrifice yourself in search of harmony.
A new acquaintance is a cover for something serious.
Relationships (including business) might go nowhere.

Two of Cups as a Person

Two of Cups
As a Person
Two of Cups
As a Person
Loved ones. 
Lovers, but not yet spouses.
Charming, sweet, attractive, well disposed person.
Former partners. 
Those who do not live up to trust. 
Those who can only take without giving anything in return.
Not attractive, not likable person.

Two of Cups as feelings

Two of Cups
as feelings
Two of Cups
as feelings
love, reconciliation, lively emotional breakdown, jealousy, haltered, despair

Two of Cups : Card of the Day

Today, as they say, worms of the trump card is the day of deeds of the heart. 
It will be held under the sign of deep sympathy, love, emotional contact or reconciliation. 

Tune your internal antennas to receive – and you may fall in love again today. 
If you already have a loved one, then you can relive the new spring of your love with him. 

But do not wait for him to come and put a bouquet of flowers at your feet, but take a step towards yourself, so that fate knows exactly what you want, and so that Cupid’s arrows do not fly past the target.

Two of Cups as someone sees you

  • loving person
  • as someone who is on the same page as them with a good bond and connection. Possibly even a soulmate;
  • as wanting to definitely pursue you as a potential partner. They wants you NOW, they have no doubts about this at all;

Two of Cups : Love

Two of Cups
Two of Cups
Reciprocity, love, sympathy.The relationship went wrong, a little resentment or quarrel, maybe a failed wedding or no further prospects.

This card represents true love, commitment, and the balance that exists between the parties. It is the ideal card that one expects when starting a new relationship full of romantic dreams, dreams and projects.

However, as we have seen, the card cannot indicate whether this relationship will last over time. The intentions and the desire are there, as is all the potential for the relationship to be successful and happy.

But we still cannot know it and only with the passage of time we will be able to see the real and concrete results of these pure intentions from the beginning.

The two of cups is also an excellent omen if you are alone, as it heralds the arrival of an intense and emotional passion, and deeply sensual.

When it comes to dedication and having a well balanced relationship or love this card will suggest favorable vibes all around you. You will be enjoying the company of your loved once and receiving care from them in return.

Two of Cups in Reversed indicates breakup and separation. This can be due to miscommunications. Try to understand your partner’s viewpoint.

Two of Cups : Career

Two of Cups
Two of Cups
A very successful partnership, work to your liking, work you love; 
business meetings, the merger of small capitals, the connection of related areas in business. 
Not very big profits.
The collapse of a small business, the inability to negotiate with partners, profits are lower than usual.

It is a very positive card in every way. If you are looking for it, the two of cups announces that you will find it soon and that it will be very fruitful.

If you already have a job, things should go very well, emphasizing the social and human side.

Relationships are important in a job and to be able to develop it optimally we need fluidity in relationships with our bosses, colleagues or staff in charge. Relationships based on trust, sincerity and respect always generate very good work results.

It is likely that in your work with this card you feel very comfortable, at ease, contained and that your activities, knowledge and efforts are appreciated and valued.

When you are dealing with work life, you may notice that the people around you will start to appreciate you more. It will have mutual respect which means that you will be able to find a more comfortable position in your workplace. If you are seeking for job opportunities, then this card is a good sign.

If you are having a business, and looking forward to having a business, then Two Of Cups will indicate that you are both on the same wavelength. You will be sharing a similar vision, working on the same venture and creating the world together.

Sometimes it might happen that both of you do not share the same skills but it will be complementing each other. Suppose a person is good at sales and marketing and the other one is good at technical level then they will be able to complement each other and complete the business procedure.

Two of Cups Reversed means problem in business partnership. There will be disagreement between partners. The business partnership may also break. Two of Cups in Reversed is an indication that your work life is affected. There may be disharmony and discordance.

Two of Cups : Money

Upright Two of Cups shows that your spending is balanced. You have right amount of funds for your project. You will be fair in any give and take. The financial deals will be beneficial to you.

Regarding money and finances, it is not a card that announces that you are going to swim in money, but it certainly tells you that there will be a great balance in your finances.

Any type of business or investment that is made will be balanced and the profits will be fair, in perfect equality between the effort made and the reward obtained.

Money should not be a problem at this time when the two of cups appears, nothing is left over but neither is it missing and at least your primary and essential life needs are perfectly covered.

But Reversed Two of Cups will indicate exactly the opposite. You will be going over budget. Your financial estimates might not be correct. Basically, your financials will be imbalanced.

Two of Cups : Health

Two of Cups
Two of Cups
Harmonious health. 
Paired organ disorder (not serious).
Minor inflammatory diseases associated with the lymphatic system.

As for health, it indicates that it will be good and refers more to health problems related to the emotional than to the physical.

If you are undergoing any treatment or suffering from a disease, the card may indicate that the doctor or the medical or therapeutic group you attend is the correct one, since as we have seen, the two of cups represents trust in a very graphic way. It is time to trust what you are doing and the people you are dealing with.

If you are one of those people who are facing some health issues, then you need to look for some practitioners who will make it comfortable working your health and build trust.

You need to keep a check on your health and also maintain it by having a proper diet and exercise. There will show positive improvement in your health.

Two of Cups Reversed indicates health issue due to imbalance. This can due to you diet, habits or even due to imbalance caused within your body.

Two of Cups : past, present, future

Two of Cups in past position:

When you witness The Two of Cups in Part position, it shows that you had had a cordial and a loving relation in the past. You have created happy memories with your loved one. In case of business,

it must have been a harmonious give and take between partners. This must have been a significant part of your life in the past. Both people in this relation may have helped each other grow.

You have recently made a friendship or partnership that will bring you great rewards in the future. This connection will be meaningful for years to come.

Two of Cups in present position:

The Two of Cups in Present Position is an indication that you are deeply involved with someone. Your lover too will be in love with you head over heels. You are experience pure bliss in this relationship.

Both of you are welcome each other’s thoughts and care for each other. With respect to business, this card shows that you and your business partner are having a cordial relation.

A loving union or close partnership will begin soon. Through commitment and dedication, this relationship will bring you great rewards, even if they are distant.

Two of Cups in future position:

When Upright Two of Cups appears in the future position in 3-card reading, it’s a sign that a new relationship will blossom. You will soon find your true soulmate. Both of you will create strong bond of love and attraction.

In business, the Two of Cups in Future position means you might be forming a new partnership. You and your business partner will be on the same page. You both will appreciate each other’s skill. There will be respect and harmony in this partnership.

Be on the lookout for a partner that will facilitate the achievement of your goals. It should be someone like you who can understand your ambitions and priorities.

Two of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Separation of duties. 
  • Heat. 
  • Attractiveness. 
  • The initial stage of harmonious relationships. 
  • Novel. 
  • Love. 
  • The atmosphere of happiness. 
  • Mutual exchange. 
  • Communication. 
  • Friendship. 
  • Balanced relationship. 
  • Business deal. 
  • Balance between giving and receiving. 
  • Cooperation. 
  • Reciprocity. 
  • Kindness. 
  • Attachment. 
  • Ending hostility. 
  • Understanding. 
  • Emotional balance. 
  • Harmony. 
  • Union. 
  • Mutual respect. 
  • Common interests. 
  • Devotion in friendship. 
  • Platonic love (under certain Arcana). 
  • Signing contracts or agreements. 
  • Engagement. 
  • Marriage. 
  • Declaration of love. 
  • Passion based on deep feelings.

Upright Two of Cups is about inception new partnerships. This partnership can be a business partnership or even a relationship. The partnerships indicated by this card can last long and mature over time.

The partners will have the potential to connect with each other on higher level of consciousness. Both partners will benefit from this association.

Upright Two of Cups is about co-working and cooperation. Its about getting tasks done together to achieve higher goals. It indicates good compatibility between partners.

If the question is about business, this card shows that the partners involved in the business will not only co-operate with each other but will be on the same wavelength concerning business decision. Though their skills might be complementary, there will be harmony. 

Upright Two of Cups also indicates that there is good communication between the partners.

When “Upright Two of Cups” appears in connection with relationships where both the partners will feel a strong attraction. This can be a start of the most beautiful association. Both the partners will be deeply involved and go out the way to fulfil of each other’s wishes. Thus, ‘Upright Two of Cups’ is a strong indicator of marriage or proposal (at the very least).

Two Cups presupposes the continuation of harmonious relations. If you were involved in the discussion, you can easily come to a compromise. Now is the right time to collaborate with other people. Perhaps a solution to a problem or reconciliation awaits you ahead . 

Maybe you will have the opportunity to sign a lucrative contract or conclude an agreement. If your question was about a love relationship, then a pair of Cups portends harmony, understanding, friendship, love. 

Perhaps the result of your romantic relationship is an engagement or wedding. Everything around you is permeated with a spirit of cooperation. Perhaps a gift awaits you.

Two of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Disclaimer. 
  • Disappointment. 
  • The end of the relationship. 
  • Termination of an agreement or contract. 
  • Troubled relationships. 
  • Incompatibility. 
  • Lack of devotion. 
  • Unrequited love. 
  • Parting with a loved one. 
  • Mistrust. 
  • Insincerity. 
  • Disputes. 
  • Misunderstanding. 
  • Disagreement. 
  • Conflicts. 
  • Reckless behavior Unjustified trust. 
  • Inequality between what a person gives and what he receives in return. 
  • Terminated agreements. 
  • Disharmony. 
  • Resentment. 
  • Hatred. 
  • Quarreling. 
  • Disagreements. 
  • Injustice. 
  • Parting. 
  • Divorce. 
  • A breakup that’s hard to get through. 
  • Parting is a little death.

Reversed two of Cups can be an indicator of breakup. It also suggests discordant relationships. This can be business partnerships or relationships. In either case, Reversed Two of Cups suggest discomfort between the two partners. 

There may be miscommunication and misunderstandings. There may be lack of respect for each other. The relation will be unequal.

When you receive a “Reversed Two Of Cups” that it will mean impending break in friendships. There will be increasing negativity between the two friends which will damage the relationship further. They will start noticing each other’s shortcomings, which they earlier did not take cognizance of.

The Two Of Cups card is reversed then it is a sign that you might be in a clingy relationship or might attract some wrong kind of relationship. It might also happen that you might end up harming yourself. It will be indicated that someone you are dating may disappear or give you a cold shoulder. Sometimes it might happen that your engagement is broken, or you are separating from your partner.

To handle this situation, it is necessary to clearly communicate with each other. This will be the key to saving the relationship or partnership. Both people involved should understand, accept and implement this. Only then the situation can improve.

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Two of Cups : Spirituality

You will have a deep connection with the higher soul. You will be receiving guidance and positive energy from them.

It is possible that with the two of cups you feel one with the universe and with all the energies involved in it. This is one of the cards that represents the heart chakra and its opening.

You should feel now in a generous and loving attitude towards others and towards all living beings in general, and it is a good time for you to share this intense spiritual energy that you feel so that everyone benefits and is nourished by it.

Two of Cups Reversed will indicate disconnect with the higher guiding energy. In this case, you need to meditate. This will help you align yourself with energies.

Two of Cups : Significance

The Two of Cups is the second card in the Cups suits of Tarot. This card has positive energy. It shows the potential of all the bonds that you form in life, including your work life or love life. The Two of Cups will show to whom you are drawn whether it is people, group, ideas, or talents. This card has a deeper meaning than what we know. In this article, you will know the meaning of Symbolism of Two of Cups, its meaning in 3-card past, present, future reading. You will also get to know what Reversed Two of Cups stands for. So, let’s explore.

The Two of Cups Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Two of Cups Tarot Card shows a has a man and a woman exchanging sups. This cup is a symbol of emotions. They are emotionally involved. They are looking towards each other as if the outside world does not exist for them. They both are young. They are wearing ceremonial clothes. They both seem to be attracted towards each other.

Between the man and the woman, there are two intertwined snaked going upwards. This forms the symbol of Staff of Hermes. This shows that there is a perfect balance in this relationship.

Above the man and the woman is a bird-like creature. It has lion’s head and broad wings of a large bird. It is a symbol of duality. It is blessing the man and the woman.

In the background, you can see serene green meadows. The sky is blue, and all is peaceful and lovely.

This is a very positive card for business as well. The Two of Cups can indicate starting of a new partnership. This partnership will be cordial and will create a win-win scenario for both partners.


Now, you are quite familiar with the facts and figures of the Two of Cups. What happens when it is in the past position or present or future? What does it describe and everything else? In the end, you just have to know that it is a positive card.

If you are currently single then you would soon find a healthy and loving relationship with your partner and if you are already in a relationship then you would be able to nurture it and you would be successful in maintaining a balance between all aspects of your life.

Having a Tarot Card reading you can always be positive to it.

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