Page of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life

Page of Cups

Tarot card Meaning

Page of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life
Page of Cups

Page of Cups Yes or No

Page of Cups
Yes or No
Page of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.The answer is “No”.
You should not trust unfamiliar people.

If you are a creative person then it will have good news with a lot of positive vibes. The answer that you might be searching with this card is preferable Yes.

Page of Cups (upright) Keywords

Good news. 
A chance to improve relationships, express your feelings, enjoy something (society, conversation, place). 
Creative imagination. 
New creative projects. 
Conception of a child. 
Kind, well-mannered, lively, artistic, sympathetic teenage child.
the birth of a new idea;
good news;
the start of an exciting project;
impulse, push, chance;
gesture of love and reconciliation;
initiative from others (good advice);
peace after quarrel;
well-deserved praise, recognition;
invitation to a friendly party;
support, sympathy;
settlement of conflicts;
inability to focus on one;
the beginning of the creative process;
intuition, inspiration;
meeting a nice person;
the role of children in life;
meditation, making talismans.

Page of Cups (reversed) Keywords

Bad news. 
Expectations are not destined to come true. 
Pregnancy problems. 
Lack of imagination. 
Wasted talent. 
Spoiled child. 
Drugs, alcohol.
lack of imagination;
short reconciliation;
lightheadedness, infantilism;
unhappy child;
drugs, alcohol;

Page of Cups Advice

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
Take the offered chance, agree to a compromise, or go for reconciliation.You need to get rid of unnecessary connections, behave more cunningly.

Page of Cups Warning

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
Do not trust flattering praises and promises. Do not interfere with other people’s games.

Page of Cups as a Person

Page of Cups
As a Person
Page of Cups
As a Person
Loving children. 
Soft and artistic young people. 
Those who help you and calm you down. 
Friendly people who are always ready to help. 
Sensitive, thinking young people. 
Introverts who know how to work with others. 
Dreamy people with a well-developed imagination and endowed with intuition. 
Emotional, dependent on other people. 
Those who practice meditation. 
People who make talismans. 
Passive young people, gentle, loving, non-aggressive. 
People who prefer to study alone. 
People interested in learning about emotions. 
Friends of a young age. 
Blond youths. 
Young people from good families looking for young ladies.
Spoiled children. 
Drug addicts or alcoholics. 
People living in a fantasy world. 
The dreamers. 
Scattered people. 
People with confused thoughts. 
Infantile young people whose behavior is frivolous. 
People who call themselves your friends only when all is well. 
Unhappy children. 
Poor students. 
Detached people. 
Those who don’t make any plans for tomorrow. 
Emotionally unstable young people. 
Children of divorced parents. 
People who spread gossip in revenge for 
something . 
Lazy, selfish people.
A difficult child, unsociable, withdrawn, insecure, notorious, can be unhappy in love.

Page of Cups as feelings

Page of Cups
as feelings
Page of Cups
as feelings
Diligent, dreamy, romantic, trusting., capricious, reconciliation, peaceful, supportive, sympathetic, intuitive, inspired. Unhappy, selfish, daydreaming, unceremonious.

Page of Cups : Card of the Day

Today, fate plays into your hands. 

Either you will receive an emotional boost that will support you, or new opportunities will open up in front of you that you did not expect. 

Be open to them, accept the gift of fate when they suddenly give you a compliment, declare your love or offer an honorable compromise in a difficult situation.

Page of Cups as someone sees you

  • As a person who recognizes the potential
  • Someone who is young at heart and cheerful.

Page of Cups : Love

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
Soon there will be a chance to fall in love, a gesture of friendship and reconciliation, a new seed in a relationship.. A frivolous relationship, promises cannot be trusted.

The Page of cups can announce the beginning of a relationship with a young person, younger than you and since love has no age, even if this person seems inexperienced, you should give it a try.

If you are already a couple, the card may announce the arrival of a child or the celebration of a wedding or a serious engagement, something very encouraging for those courtships that seem to never take “the big step”.

If you are very concerned about your love life or your relationship, then your Page Of Cups is something that will bring good omen and it will help you to represent various possibilities of all the romantic proposals. You might be dreaming about some marriages or engagement or sometimes the birth of some new idea.

It was really romantic and you as a person would be willing to follow your heart. Sometimes you might be single and sometime you might feel that you can take your committed relationship to the next level. It might be some level of a secret crush on someone special.

You will be getting the significance that you need to take all the chances.

Page of Cups : Career

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
. Small business, part-time work, small advertising, money is not very big.

Novice actors, a young team.

Occupation: Arts, nurses, orderlies, waiters
Things don’t go out of laziness or go wrong, fraud, deception, all sorts of unnecessary obstacles.

Even if things have been bad lately, the Page of Cups brings you a wind of hope and good news as everything is going to get better.

And it will do much more if you put a creative attitude in between, fully exploit your imagination and trust the dictates of your heart. Many times the key to solving something is through, oneself, through the attitude that one has.

If you are looking for a job, thiscard is an excellent omen; It is very likely that they will call you from those interviews that you have been conducting or that you will finally sign a good employment contract.

In your work life, you would able to embrace the beauty along with some fashion and glamour and various style. You will need to signify that you will have to begin some new level of emotional maturity and it will allow you to be a very compassionate and loving person.

It will represent a young child and it will feel like a daydreaming, sensitive and idealistic part.

Page of Cups : Money

The Page of Cups brings good news: favorable settlements, salary increases, debt resolution and collections.

If you have been waiting a long time because your financial situation depends heavily on others, this card indicates that you will find a way to take control yourself. Use your imagination and hope, the money will come.

If there is something that is concerning you about your financial issues then you must make sure that all your monetary issues will come to an end. You would be taking some really positive steps related to your financial conditions such as saving and investments.

Moreover, you would be making some good plans that would be really helpful in your future. But make sure you are not naïve to make it happen. Let just go with the flow and it will turn out to be very good.

Page of Cups : Health

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
. Mental illness, lethargy, underdevelopment, childhood illnesses. Childhood illnesses that are difficult.

The Page of Cups says that you can solve part of your ailments or problems with creative activities or that are linked to emotions and being spiritual.

Yoga or theater classes, playing more time with the children, allowing yourself to have fun and play with yourself, laugh with your pet, all of this will have a significant beneficial impact on your health.

Page of Cups : past, present, future

Page of Cups in the past position

If Page of Cups appears in the past position, then you would be dealing with some ideas that would help you develop for being better. You will have to be aware of the obstacles that would be coming in your way.

You already have an idea that you can develop to achieve better results. Your awareness of the obstacles in front of you will lead you to understand the best ways to overcome them.

Page of Cups in the present position

If Page of Cups appears in present position, then there would be some good news which will help you reach your destination.  It might bring a fresh outlook. It will give you healing power with a good laughter.

The good news will reach you and remind you of the importance of a new outlook on life. See humor in life and remember the healing power of laughter.

Page of Cups in the future position

Dealing with the future, it can be a bit tricky as the upcoming opportunities would bring new ideas as well as challenges. You might have to see some emotional upheaval in your life but then you would be having the potential to deal with it.

Get ready for the opportunity ahead. It will pass you by too easily if you are not ready to use it yourself. The emotional struggle you go through will teach you to love deeper and deeper.

Page of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Increased emotional sensitivity. 
  • An invitation to 
  • some event. 
  • Love. 
  • Heat. 
  • Enthusiasm. 
  • Comfort. 
  • Kindness. 
  • The beginning of the creative process. 
  • Discussion of feelings. 
  • Delicate emotions. 
  • A new phase in a relationship. 
  • Creative imagination. 
  • Quiet study. 
  • Intuition. 
  • Inspiration. 
  • Introversion. 
  • Paranormal abilities. 
  • Friendliness. 
  • Thoughtfulness. 
  • Inspiration from a friend. 
  • News about 
  • somean emotional event, perhaps a child’s birth or a wedding. 
  • Love letter. 
  • New feelings. 
  • The next stage of emotional development. 
  • The manifestation of hidden talents. 
  • Artistic ability. 
  • New plan. 
  • Aesthetic feelings. 
  • Good ideas. 
  • Important message. 
  • Start of a new project. 
  • Chatting with a friend. 
  • The pleasure of working alone. 
  • Training. 
  • Workout. 
  • Education. 
  • Children.

You  may soon receive news of the birth of a child, wedding preparations, engagement or other similar emotional events. 

A period of new sensations and relationships begins for you, which with full confidence can be called a period of emotional revival. 

Perhaps you will resume some romantic relationship or meeting a nice person. A new stage of emotional development, sensuality and maturity awaits you, you will have to learn to trust your feelings. An intelligent and sensitive young man can bring you good news. 

If you are moving to a new job, you should pay special attention to emotional relationships with new colleagues and partners. The child or children can play an important role in your current situation or in the near future. 

The Page of Cups sometimes symbolizes a person with homosexual inclinations who will have a certain influence on the course of events.

Page of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Emotional infantilism. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Misfortune. 
  • Living in a fantasy world. 
  • Dreaminess. 
  • Escapism*. 
  • Insulation. 
  • Superficiality. 
  • Whims. 
  • Laziness. 
  • Detachment. 
  • Irresponsibility. 
  • Disorder. 
  • Lack of common sense. 
  • Confused thinking. 
  • Exposed deception. 
  • Flirting. 
  • Inability to plan for the future. 
  • Discomfort. 
  • Lethargy. 
  • Unhappy child. 
  • “Throw the baby out with the water.” 
  • A fading friendship. 
  • Weakened social interactions. 
  • Drug or alcohol problems.

You may be most concerned about the emotional state of your child right now. Obviously, you realize that you have spoiled him or that you yourself are such a spoiled child. 

Your whims, indiscipline, laziness and restlessness create additional problems. For some reason, you are not using your natural abilities enough. Problems can also arise because of your arrogance. 

Perhaps you are wasting your time and energy on empty dreams and living in an unreal world. Sometimes this card indicates a desire to forget yourself with the help of alcohol or drugs. 

Perhaps some relationships are slowly fading away, or your circle of communication is narrowing. 

The card suggests that you are ignoring important information that your intuition suggests.

Page of Cups : Spirituality

It is time to investigate new paths and reconnect with your faith and spiritual feeling, especially if you have been going through a period of great seriousness and sullenness.

Open yourself to the knowledge of different beliefs and cultures, since they will all add something positive to your life, ritualize the moments, celebrate, consecrate, have fun, look at everything again with the eyes of the child in you.

Page of Cups Relation with Astrology

Page of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Page of Cups is Cancer.


Just be sure and ready for some pleasant surprises and you may be receiving it with lot love and affection.

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