Eight of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life

Eight of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life
Eight of Cups

“Eight of Cups stands for dissatisfaction, abandonment and moving on”.

Meaning of Upright Eight of Cups in Tarot is turning your back to a bad situation or relationship and moving on in life.

Meaning of Reversed Eight of Cups in Tarot is being stuck in a bad situation and not haveing the self confidence to be able to get out of the situation.

Eight of Cups Yes or No

Eight of Cups
Yes or No
Eight of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is uncertain. 
A period of voluntary isolation from what is happening. 
It is worth changing your occupation, getting away from familiar situations.
The answer is “No”.

Eight of Cups (upright) Keywords

Inner change. 
Loss of the ideal. 
Inability to stay in the same relationship. 
It is possible to leave a partner for a while. 
Work is not to my liking. 
Searching for something new. 
The best. 
Don’t cling to the past. 
New occupation. 
The path to the unknown. 
Changing of the living place.
search for the good despite the fact that all the good is already there;
transition period;
search for the spiritual, rejection of worldly goods;
open up to new opportunities;
advises to leave people and things to which you are accustomed and go in search of the unknown;
uncertainty about the future;
the realization that the partner is not perfect;
troubles will go away in one lunar month;
travel, change of residence;
material wealth and family no longer bring peace;
help from a blonde;
modesty, honesty;

Eight of Cups (reversed) Keywords

Don’t run away. 
Resolve the current situation. 
Make an effort. 
The life of an eternal traveler can be very lonely.
a person has already given up goods in search of what he lacks (he has already made a mistake);
worldly life, a period of rejection of the search for the spiritual;
foreshadows the appearance of a lover (s);
satisfaction with the completed task;
communication, relationships, flirting;
hard times are coming to an end;
refusal to move on;
clinging to the past;
rejection of personal growth;
satisfaction, celebration;
apology, correction;

Eight of Cups Advice

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups
Be alone with yourself.
Give up the familiar, look for new ways.
Try to get attention to yourself.

Eight of Cups Warning

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups
You yourself do not want to improve the situation.
Do not step on the path if you have to do it with a heavy heart.
Your gimmicks can get through

Eight of Cups as a Person

Eight of Cups
As a Person
Eight of Cups
As a Person
Those who are on the lookout. 
Breakup survivors. 
People who have left an unsatisfactory situation in the past. 
A person who has been turned off from life. 
Deep depression.
Evil Person.
A person suffering from the indifference of others, a lack of love and attention.

Eight of Cups as feelings

Eight of Cups
as feelings
Eight of Cups
as feelings
Disappointment, rejection, uncertainty, modesty, honesty, loneliness Satisfaction, indifferent

Eight of Cups : Card of the Day

Today you one way or another will have to part with what you have been familiar with for a long time, or seemed to be self-evident. 

No, you are not being expelled, it’s just time to look for new ways

Even if it upsets you, don’t back down and hit the road. 

You will soon understand why and for what you had to part with the old.

Eight of Cups as someone sees you

  • As someone not satisfied with the current situation.
  • a person who is in search of something bigger and better.
  • A person and try to never looks back.

Eight of Cups : Love

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups
Care in the mental sense. 
Physically, the partner can remain in the family (he does not show divorce), but there are no feelings and emotions, the partner has withdrawn into himself. 
May show leaving the family in a difficult situation.
Lack of love and attention, attempts to attract them in different ways.

You can make the decision to end a relationship, no matter how long it has lasted. If you feel that way, you should act and not wait for a suitable moment, because in reality there is never a suitable moment for this type of situation.

The eight of cups tells you that it is very important that from then on, you do not immediately enter another relationship. Give yourself time and space to be on your own.

If you are alone at this time, this state may last a little longer since your search seems to never end. Everything is disappointing to you and you keep looking.

This card is not a good omen for the people who are in love. It will bring separation of the partners and nothing else. It is a bad sign as one partner will abandon the other. It shows that the person no longer wished to stay in that relationship and leaves suddenly.

Eight of Cups : Career

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups
Shameful dismissal, retirement, transition to a poorer job. 
Decrease in profits. 
Abandonment (rejection) of the case.
Complete stagnation, marking time in one place, shifting responsibility. 
Desire to be decided (done) for you. 
The profits are uncertain, but the more shirking from work, the lower they are.

This card indicates that it may very well not be the right one for you. You may feel bored and apathetic, that you are not valued enough or that you are not moving forward as you want.

This letter is not indicative that you should leave it yes or yes, that can be a good solution, but it could also make you rethink things and try to fix them.

What is certain is that things will not fix themselves, therefore, either you decide to take a drastic turn or you do your best to compose things, trying to make them fit as best as possible to your idea of ​​what is correct and makes you happy.

The eight of Cups card represents abandonment. It will easily signify that the person might walk away from the people or situations to accomplish his own plans

It will bring along all the negative aspect of abandonment that is a disappointment, escapism or sometimes turning back to leave out the demotivating situation.

It will also represent that the person is quite exhausted with his current situation and wish to leave everything behind to achieve a higher purpose of life. This decision is a prompt one.

For this big decision, the person would require a lot of strength and courage. These qualities will help him in the future as well. It will be a sign of loneliness, introspection, self-analysis, and journey that will take him to the path of truth.

Eight of Cups : Money

It is a positive letter in some respect that encourages you to find new ways to get money on your own by leaving behind recipes that have not worked.

Safety is important of course but you should not focus only on that, but also on having some emotional or spiritual benefit for you.

You can afford to take some risks that enrich you beyond the purely material, and on your own, try, especially if you are not too happy in the present you are in.

In the financial context, this card will help you to indicate the way you would walk away from your job or business that no longer satisfies you. You would always feel that you are not on the correct career path. You might also look for a complete career change. There would be a good chance of traveling in relation to work.

Eight of Cups : Health

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups
A very dangerous situation for human health and general condition. 
Deep depression. 
The combination of a desire to get rid of all problems at once and an unwillingness to fight leads to suicide. 
Death predicts more than all other cards (even for a young man).

Irreversible changes. 
The person will not recover because he does not want to live or is ready to leave.
Simulation of illness, attracting the attention of others, perhaps as a result of the indifference of loved ones.

You may be under some stress. Making important decisions that involve leaving things behind causes immense physical and mental exhaustion, therefore at this stage you may feel very exhausted. Try to eat balanced and respect the hours of sleep.

Eight of Cups : past, present, future

Eight of Cups in the past position

Your ability to make money with determination and hard work will be needed in the future. Your direction was uncertain, but your heart tells you to keep looking. The change you’re looking for can take any form.

Well, as the appearance of the card in a different position cannot be controlled by a person. Although we can take various indications and warnings so that we can be careful and learn from it. In this position, it will indicate that you will be earning a lot of money through determination and your hard work. The direction in which you are moving might be uncertain but your heart will lead you to the correct path. The various changes that you are seeking in your life may display any form.

Eight of Cups in the present position

You will experience something completely new as you travel long distances in thought or in location. Big changes are coming.

In this position, you might be expecting or experiencing something which is entirely new to you such as traveling a long distance in your thoughts or physically. It will indicate that you will have to be ready for the new changes that your life will present to you.

Eight of Cups in the future position

Keep an open mind and your every journey will lead to life-changing results. Personal success and achieving your goals will lead you to the greatest joy.

In your future prospect, you will need to maintain an open mind which will justify your journey and will help you to choose a path that will yield life-changing results. The accomplishment of your personal goals will bring immense joy and satisfaction in your life.

Eight of Cups (Upright) Meaning

The gap. 
The path to the unknown. 
Turning point. 
The past makes you feel deprived. 
Farewell to the past. 
Break up emotional addiction. 
Turning your back on a difficult situation. 
Look inside. 
Search for meaning. 
Rejection of an outdated lifestyle. 
Directing energy to new interests. 
Rejection of old concepts. 
Leaving home. 
Leaving a difficult family situation. 
Search for new relationships. 
Seeking spiritual satisfaction. 
Leave your emotions behind. 
Job change. 
In search of the Holy Grail. 
Within a month.

Upright Eight of Cups signify that you are facing an emotional situation. Instead of facing and resolving the situation, you chose to move away from it. It will be very difficult for you to do so. But still, you have chosen that difficult path.

In a tarot reading, Upside Eight of Cups represents resentment. You have turned you back to someone you once were closely attached to. You are walking away from a relationship. There may be something missing in the relationship.

Or you have gotten the message of impending disaster in the relationship. Instead of waiting for the disaster to happens, you have chosen to turn your back and move on.

Your life will look almost perfect to the outside world. But deep within, you are fighting an emotional battle. You are unsatisfied by the way things are in your life.

You move away from what has ceased to suit you, and head towards something new. For a while , you have felt dissatisfied and frustrated with past relationships or circumstances. You gradually realized this and strove for inner changes. 

Now you want to free yourself from the old and experience something other. You may be anxious to fill the void in your life. Now is the time to break free of emotional bonds and become independent. 

Very often, the eight of Cups says that only one lunar month will pass – and everything will change. Travel and change of residence are possible. But the main concern of the character of the Eight of Cups is family and material problems. 

Money, family and wealth no longer bring him satisfaction; he seeks depth and content. Emotional experiences and family affairs are denied; love and other connections weaken and fade away. The questioner makes a choice in favor of spiritual development.

Eight of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Positive meaning:

  • Feeling of satisfaction from the completed task. 
  • Good situation. 
  • Communication. 
  • Strong relationships. 
  • The hard times are coming to an end. 
  • Pleasure. 
  • The search for happiness. 
  • Attending a party. 
  • New novel. 
  • Flirting. 
  • Friendship. 
  • Holiday. 
  • Renewal of old relationships within a month.

Negative meaning:

  • Refusal to move on. 
  • Clinging to the past. 
  • Fear of the unknown. 
  • Wrong decision. 
  • Refusal of personal growth. 
  • Problems that arise from restrictions. 
  • Failure to “outgrow” outdated relationships and hobbies. 
  • Mediocre. 
  • Following false ideals. 
  • Giving up valuable relationships. 
  • Fear of intimacy. 
  • Turn your back on emotionally valuable allies. 
  • Change 
  • something that you can regret later. 
  • The grass turns green on the other side. 

When Reversed Eight of Cups shows up in a reading, it indicates that you are in a problematic situation. But you prefer to stay back. You do not have the courage to move on. This may be due to low self esteem or lack of confidence in yourself. It maybe time that you evaluate the situation, overcome self doubt and take necessary steps to make positive changes in your life.

In an inverted position, the Eight of Cups advises you to get away from an unsatisfactory emotional situation and start looking for something that will fill your life with meaning. 

Perhaps an inverted 8 of Cups suggests that the current relationship is not at all what it seems to you, or that you refuse to accept the advice of this card in the correct position. You should value what you have now, not dismiss it as unnecessary.

It may be difficult for you to decide to break up a problematic relationship. Have you chosen a mediocre behavior for yourself? On the other hand, it may turn out that you are breaking off an ideal relationship for some reason that you have invented. 

You may not be taking any steps to improve the situation. It may be that the change you intend to make is the most inappropriate at the moment. After a while, you may regret that you got excited and ruined the situation or broke off some kind of  relationship.

The positive meaning of the Eight of Cups in an inverted position: you have successfully got out of a difficult situation and are ready to celebrate the beginning of the next stage of your life. 

Sometimes an inverted eight of Cups indicates the beginning of a new romance or a change of residence. It can also refer to a specific action such as attending a party or inviting to a social event. 

Family, friends, new love, companionship and parties … In the bubbling life of the questioner, a new love connection can arise.

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Eight of Cups : Spirituality

The eight of cups indicates that you may need a moment for yourself, alone. Spending time alone with you can help you find the depth you need to find the wisdom and solutions you need for your life needs. Reconcile with your inner voice. Listen to her.

Eight of Cups Relation with Astrology

Eight of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Eight of Cups is Pisces.

Eight of Cups : Significance

People are getting so busy these days that they do not get time to introspect their own life. So Tarot Card Reading would be something that will help you to get some help if you are facing some issues in life and you are unable to get rid of it.

Suppose in a similar situation you get an Eight Of Cups, then it means you will be facing some moment of transition in your life.

The basic meaning of the card Eight Of Cups something that describes metaphorically that people spend a lot of time and energy in gaining things that do not have so much value.

A person would one day get tired of achieving those things or collecting those things and would leave everything behind and move ahead to seek a higher purpose.

When any such time comes in your life then it would mean that you are wither unhappy of those things or you got bored by gaining those unnecessary things.

It would be the greatest realization of your life that these things are just for pleasure but for inner satisfaction you would need to be devoid of such things.

You might undertake thus journey which would indicate you that the excitement is quite unknown. You might face new challenges with a stark emptiness which would shape you. This journey would come in a disguise and you won’t be able to understand. It will help you to grow both mentally and spiritually.

Herewith this card, every person can see himself getting into a great deal of the journeys and it will also signify the they are looking for something exciting and entertaining in their life.

You can get the entire concept of this card as going away from something that does not give you happiness anymore. Along with that, your life will pose some serious challenges in front of you and you will have to see to it that you overcome them all.

There will be graveness in your feelings but you are still trying hard to make up to those losses of energy by working upon new and exciting things.

It will help you grow emotionally, spiritually and you need to make sure that you are working on self-development and self-improvement.

The Eight of Cups Symbolism (Raider Waite)

The Eight of Cups card depicts a man walking away from the cups. He is wearing a red robe. He is walking with the support of a stick.

In this card, there are eight cups stacked in the front of the card. 5 cups are on the ground and three cups are stacked. There is one cup missing in the upper row of cups.

We see hilly terrain in the background. A river is meandering through the mountains. The man is on the other banks than where the cups are. He is very close to his goal.

But it looks as if he has lost hope of reaching the cups. So, he has turned back. There are stones in the path on which the man is walking. This shows that he is facing multiple difficulties in his life.

We can see the moon in the sky. The moon is the source of light for the man. It is night-time the surrounding looks gloomy.


Getting to know so much about the card – Eight Of Cups is something that will help you in providing great knowledge about the things and how they will indicate the changes in your life.

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