Ace of Cups Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

Ace of Cups is the first card in Tarot suit of Cups. It shows how someone feels about you and sees you. Meaning of “Upright Ace of Cups” in Tarot is new opportunities, relationships, divine gift, creativity, finding soul mate. Pregnancy and childbirth. Meaning of “Reversed Ace of Cups” in Tarot is wasting opportunities, introspection, holding back emotions, lack of creativity and childbirth related issues.

Ace of Cups Significance in Tarot Cups Reading

Ace of Cups signifies for water element. Water element is related to emotions and feelings. Ace of Cups is supportive of love and is a harbinger of new emotional bonds. This can be with family, children or soulmate. You will embark on positive journey with your soul mate. Water element represented by Ace of Cups is also related to creativity. Your creativity will be at its peak.  “Ace of Cups” suggests that you embrace the new beginnings in your life. There may be good new related to pregnancy.

Ace Of Cups : The Meaning Of The Symbols In The Card

Ace of Cups Symbolism depicts a gift presented to you by the divine. In this Tarot Card image, we see a hand is coming from the clouds. It is holding a golden cup. The cup is filled with water. The cup is so full that the water is flowing out of it. We can see five streams of water flowing from the cup. This flowing water stands for overflowing of creativity and joy.

Ace of Cups Symbolism in tarot has water stream below the hand. The stream looks beautiful with lotus flowers gently floating in it. The lotus flowers stand for beauty and abundance. The water from the pond is going up again towards the cup. Its like the water is being circulated infinitely.

A dove is seen above the cup. It is holding a coin in its beak. The coin has a plus symbol on it. The dove is putting the coin in the cup of water. Dove is symbol for peace. The coin would show new opportunities being presented to you which will bring you prosperity. This card is a precursor of love, peace, joy and abundance.

“Ace of Cups is a positive card that signifies growth in loving relationships, new opportunities, creativity and childbirth”

 Ace of Cups in 3-card Past, Present and Future reading:

There are majorly three types of position in which the Ace Of Cups is placed.These three positions are:

  • Past Position Of Ace Of Cups
  • Present Position Of Ace Of Cups
  • Future Position Of Ace Of Cups

#1 Ace Of Cups Meaning In The Past Position:

While reading Tarot, if Ace of Cups card appears in the past position, it indicates that there was a new beginning of some kind in your life. This may be a new relationship or even pregnancy or childbirth. There may have been a new work opportunity or a chance to express your creativity. It shows that there was positive event in your life. You may be feeling happy about it.

#2 Ace Of Cups Meaning In The Present Position:

When you get the Ace Of Cups in the present position then it will imply that you are presently feeling very positive. You are embarking on a new journey. It may be related to soulmate, friends or even family. This is also a sign of improvement in relationship. New opportunities are also indicated by Ace of Tarot.

#3 Ace Of Cups Meaning In The Future: 

Till now, you might have understood that whatever the position of Ace of Cups card, it shows all the positive implications and vibes. These will make significant changes in your life. Similarly, in the future, you will be able to overcome all the difficulties that you may be experiencing at this time or moment.

You will soon feel the excitement of the new changes taking place in your life. You may be getting ready for welcome a new person or even a baby in your life. Ace of Cups in the Future position shows that positive event is about to take place in your life. This event will bring you immense joy to you.

Ace of Cups Yes or No?

Lets understand Ace of Cups Yes or No meaning. is You might be familiar with the fact that if the Ace Of Cups card is facing upward then it means ‘yes’ and if it is facing downward it means ‘no’. When you get a ‘yes’ in the card it will show a positive path ahead but if you get a ‘no’ your relationship might suffer a setback. You would be having some obstacles which would try to ruin your positive vibes and relationships with your loved ones, friends or family. Thus, Ace of Cups Yes or No method will guide you through Tarot single-card reading.


Ace of Cups Upright:

When Ace of Cups appears upright, you are a channel for divine love. Your heart chakra is open and you will feel very emotional. You should spread this divine energy of love to those around you. Ace of Cups upright is an indication that your heart will be filled with love and compassion. Embrace life and people in your life. “Ace of Cups upright” is about multiplying love by giving love.

Ace of Cups appears upright shows that you will be creative. Innovative ideas will come to you. You should treat these ideas as opportunities and implement them. Express your creativity through the art of your choice – like dance, painting, singing and so on. You may also consider learning a new art form. The water in the Ace of Cups is circulating. Hence your creativity will take you to new heights.

You are presently calm and in peace with yourself. Ace of Cups upright is an indication of growth in loving and caring relationship. This can be related to a lover, a friend or a family member. You will go out of your way to care for this person.  You will spread happiness and love. By the law of karma, as you are spreading love, you will get back immense love.

It’s a good time to make new friends or find your soul mate.  

‘Upright Ace of Cups’ in a reading can be an indicator of new opportunities. It can also mean a new start in an old relationship.  You will be emotional and happy about it. Let your emotions flow   It can also indicate that you may have gone through a lot lately. Ace of cups will turn a new page in your life. Leave the past behind. Take up the new opportunities presented to you by the divine and make the most of it. With all the love and compassion flowing through your heart, you may develop an incline towards spiritual growth.

Upright Ace of Cups can indicate Pregnancy. This good news can be related to you or someone you know closely. It’s time to rejoice.

Ace of Cups Reversed:

Imagine what will happen when you turn a cup full of water upside down. The water will pour out. It will be wasted. In the same way, when Ace of Cups Reversed appears in a reading, new opportunities will be wasted.

You will feel emotionally disturbed. You will lose interest in the things you once loved. You will feel and energy drain. You will feel sad and helpless.

Ace of Cups Reversed  can mean that You may be supressing your feelings. You will be apprehensive to open up your feelings. You may not allow anyone into your private emotional world. This is due to the concern about being judged. Once you start talking about your feelings, there may an emotional outburst. You need to find a good way to release these emotions.  

“Ace of Cups Reversed can indicate that you will face a creative block. You will have no motivation towards your work or in your relationship. Or your job might be such that creativity will be wasted.

Ace of Cups Reversed” may show that you may be facing some kind of loss. When Reversed Ace of Cups appears in a reading, you should examine which area in your life is affected – is it your relationships, work or finance. You should work upon clearing up the blocks and find a way out of the situation.

This may be a good time for introspection, listening to your inner mind. Explore what you really want from deep within. It’s time to meditate upon your thoughts. Your subconscious will provide you the answers.

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Ace Of Cups Impact On Every Aspect Of Your Life?

As you have already known that the Ace Of Cups is a very powerful and positive omen which is directly related to love, happiness, and affection. Just like other Aces cards of the tarot, it also shows the incoming of a new beginning in different areas of life.

Work: At your workplace, you might get a promotion or you would be given a new project to work upon. Bing an employee your work would be appreciated and valued. If you are a person who is currently looking for a job then there would be good opportunities in the market and you just need to find them.

Love: It will simply imply that if you are in a relationship then you would get positive energy and vibes to continue to nurture it. And if you are single, then during this time you would find your soulmate who would be ready to commit to you and always understand you.

Finances: If you are considering the finances then it shows that you would be getting an extra pay at your work, or you might be getting the return of your investments that you have been making since long. You would be getting money from more than one sources.

Health: During this time, you would be blessed with good health. You would feel active and fit throughout the day.


By now you might be familiar with the significance of the card and what it means. With this card you will understand that it is utmost essential to give yourself the love and care and then impart your divine love to others and to the world. Ace of Cups signifies spiritual love and happiness in your life is the significance of the upright position of You need to make other understand that the flow of love and affection has to be from both the sides. Suppose, while Tarot Reading you encounter this card then it means nothing can stop the positive energy from reaching you. Good news and new opportunities will come to you soon.

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