The Three of Cups: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Three of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Cups: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Three of Cups

Three Of Cups’ brings a time for celebration and enjoyment.

Three of Cups Yes or No

Three of Cups
Yes or No
Three of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”
Energetic effect, your strength will multiply.
The answer is “No”

If Three of Cups appears upright in a reading, the answer if positive (yes).  It’s a time to celebrate. There will be social gatherings related to marriage or celebration of success.

If the Three of Cups appears reversed, then the reading is not so positive. There will be miscommunication, misunderstanding. You will face relationship problem. You may face difficulties at work.

Three of Cups (upright) Keywords

love and friendship;
time of joy;
the success of the planned business;
restoration of good relations;
white streak in life;
luck is more spiritual than material;
the success of many people (family, team, etc.);
little success without risk;
birth of a child;
share your happiness with others!
successful completion of an important stage of work, development;
family joy;
abundance, harvesting;
a society of pleasant people;
optimistic attitude;
Enjoyment of life. 
Friendly environment. 
Mutual support. 
Leaderless collaboration. 
Solution of problems. 
Success of the conceived business. 
General joy of what has been achieved. 

Three of Cups (reversed) Keywords

card . 
Lack of approval. 
Loss of pleasure in life. 
past joy now brings suffering;
hidden creative and spiritual potential;
wastefulness, abuse;
infidelity, bad romance;
self-pity, selfishness;
material problems;
manipulating others;
excessive indulgences;
meanness, intolerance;

Three of Cups Advice

Three of Cups
Three of Cups
Unite with like-minded people, go to people, enjoy life.Disperse in peace.

Three of Cups Warning

Three of Cups
Three of Cups
“After the sun it rains.”
Share your joy before you archive it.
You have an insincere environment.

Three of Cups as a Person

Three of Cups
As a Person
Three of Cups
As a Person
Those who like to go to parties. 
People who have 
some kind of hobby. 
Those who entertain others. 
The soul of the company, merry fellow, easy-going, everyone loves him, he is good to everyone.
Selfish, spoiled people, overly self-indulgent. 
People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. 
Unfaithful loved ones. 
People who lead a hectic lifestyle.
Insincere, unfriendly person.

Three of Cups as feelings

Three of Cups
as feelings
Three of Cups
as feelings
Joy, happiness, success, recovery self pity, selfishness, abusive, infidelity, manipulative, intolerance, meanness, indulgence

The card describes a very comfortable psychological state. A person is among “his own”, in the circle of friends. He does not need to “keep his face”, something to someone to prove or demonstrate. He can afford to relax, not follow formalities in a relationship, be what is called “no tie.” Recreation card, companionship, pleasant pastime.

Three of Cups is a zone of psychological comfort. The feeling that you are understood, that everyone around you is yours. An old joke is better than a new one because it has become a ritual element. 

There is very strong friendly support in the group, a “feeling of being together”.

Three of Cups : Card of the Day

Good news or event awaits you. This will be a great occasion to invite your loved ones to a festive dinner.

Today is conducive to reconciliation, if a person is quarreling with someone from the environment, it is worth trying to improve relations. His impulse will be appreciated and conflicts will disappear.

Three of cups can speak of a new, successful acquaintance. You need to make friends with everyone with whom fate brings you today. In the future, these people will help solve many issues in all areas of life.

Enjoy life and the fullness of being, and do not forget to thank fate for all that it has given you. 
It is best to share this joy with your loved ones and friends. 

Invite them to your place, arrange a family holiday or a friendly party. 
After all, this does not happen every day.

Three of Cups as someone sees you

  • someone who loves to communicate;
  • they see you as a person who wants to have fun and is carefree;
  • someone who is pleasant to be around.

Three of Cups : Love

Three of Cups
Three of Cups
New Love, Celebration for love Disappointment in relationships,
Partner draining your energy

Three of Cups Upright is very positive for love life. It implies that communication will be good between you and your partner. You will share lot of good moments together.

The reversal of this card would bring a stop to romance in your life. You would experience tears, great level of unhappiness and shocks. It might happen that your engagement would break, or your marriage would be on the verge of divorce. Three is cups also indicated a third person between husband and wife. Problems may be caused due to this third person.

You many face disagreements with your friends or family members. You can also face problems related to pregnancy.

Three of cups is about celebration. The three of cups is an excellent card for the reunion of old loves, for the return of an ex, to recover a lost love, although the rest of the cards must be taken into account in the reading to be able to affirm if it is something of the past.

If you are waiting to join in marriage, it is very possible that you will succeed.
This card is an opening for the couple, they leave the confinement of the intimate and private world, to connect with other people, to go out and have fun, even just the two of them, dance, have fun, take a trip, go to dinner or to the theater much more than before.

If you are alone and looking for a relationship, the card tells you that you have a good chance of finding a very good love soon, someone who fits you perfectly.

Three of Cups : Career

Three of Cups
Three of Cups
Corporate interests, internal agreements. 
High profits.
Discord between partners, muddying, low profits.

When Three of Cups is upright in a reading related of work life, you will receive additional support from your colleagues. Your creativity will be good. You and your group will get things done and the result will be amazing.

When Three of Cups reversed appears in a reading, instead of being happy for your success, your own people or friends would envy you and would try to bring you down. You might be surrounded by mean friends. Your team would not be willing to work with you. You may become a target for their conspiracy. They would not try to accomplish their goals rather than they would waste the time gossiping. You should not trust anyone, not even your closest friends.

You would not get any potential growth or promotion that you might be waiting for so long. It might also suggest that you will have to face a lot of competition in your work environment. You will not be able to see a clear growth path in your current job. Your existing projects will suffer because of  lack of resources and non-cooperation from the team.         

In terms of work, this card is a very positive omen. The social interaction of people make work grow and develop, there is a happy, positive and productive environment, relationships are balanced and the entire work environment seems content and happy.

It is the kind of card that makes you get up in the morning eager to go to work, to reconnect with your colleagues, to attend to your obligations with a joyful and positive effort.

If you are looking for a job , success is very close. This is a card of celebration, therefore, it is likely that very soon you will be celebrating having obtained a job or perhaps a promotion, a promotion, as well as new and exciting possibilities.

Three of Cups : Money

When Three of Cups appears upright, your finances will be flowing. You will have more than enough funds at hand.

In the field of money and finances , the three of the cup indicates that it is not a time to be attached to money but rather to have a detached and generous attitude towards it.

Although you should not waste and have superfluous expenses, any money that is invested in fun, and having good times with friends, family perks, in outings and meetings, will be money very well spent and that will pay off emotionally.

With this card you must consider that the universe is all abundance and when your intentions and feelings are good and positive, it will respond to it by generating more abundance and well-being, so that what you spend materially will be recovered.

If in fact you are thinking about business investments or expansions this card reminds you that the central figure is a celebration, therefore keep going!

Three of Cups reversed creates deficit in terms of finances. You will face issues related to lack of resources and money.

Three of Cups : Health

Three of Cups
Three of Cups
Excellent health.Breakdown, intoxication, poisoning, hangover.

Three of Cups Upright indicates good health and happiness. Incase you are not well, this card tells you that you will soon be fine again.

In terms of health , it is a time of great well-being and good spirits, of renewed energy and a joy that affects your whole body in a positive way. Outings, exercises, walks.

All healthy activities will have a very favorable effect on you. If you are concerned about any health issue, this card is an excellent omen for improvement and even healing.

If Three of Cups Reversed appears in a reading, then drinking problems or some accusation may be an issue. This might take over your will power. You need to take control over the vices. You should recognize and accept your addiction. Do take necessary attempts get over it. Seek professional help if needed.

Three of Cups : Spirituality

In the spiritual realm , your vast inner world that you always go to alone can now be open to others and shared.

You will find that everyone also has an inner world as rich and vast as yours, and sharing those worlds can only be beneficial for everyone.

Three of Cups : past, present, future

Three Of Cups in past position

When Three of Cups Upright is representing Past of the question, it indicates that you had a great time in a social gathering or a celebration of some kind. You will cherish those happy memories for long. Your colleagues might have been supportive in your work.  

Three Of Cups in present position

 If in case the card is representing Present of the question, then you have abundant energy and enthusiasm. You will have a break from your routine. Socializing is on the cards.

Three Of Cups in future position

If this card is representing Future of the question, you will go out of your way to help others. You may volunteer in a community activity. You will find it fulfilling to contribute towards a social activity. You may be looking forward to a social event.

Three of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Joy. 
  • Happy event. 
  • Satisfaction. 
  • Reunion. 
  • Association with 
  • someone . 
  • Family meetings. 
  • Happy hours. 
  • Hobbies. 
  • What is done for pleasure. 
  • Satisfaction with the first results obtained. 
  • Holidays. 
  • Parties. 
  • Prosperous family relationships. 
  • Good destiny. 
  • Happiness. 
  • The abundance of everything. 
  • Playfulness. 
  • Hospitality. 
  • Freedom of desires. 
  • A celebration of generosity. 
  • Harvesting. 
  • Time pleasantly spent with other people. 
  • Understanding. 
  • Conception. 
  • Pregnancy (especially if the Empress is present in the correct position, denoting fertility). 
  • Birth. 
  • Attainment. 
  • Healing. 
  • Restored health. 
  • The origin of happiness. 
  • The beginning of a new way of life. 
  • Marriage. 
  • Family status. 
  • Wedding.

Three of Cups Upright is a positive card which shows social interactions. If there were problem before, this card shows that your social issues will be past.

Cups being related to water element, Three of Cups Upright shows that your creativity is at its peak. Also, it will work best if you collaborate with a creative group. This will take your project to a different level.

Three of Cups Upright also denotes that you will receive support from your colleagues, buddies and friends. They will cooperate with you and help you succeed in the matter at hand. You might be celebrating success launch of the event for a business or completion of project.

You would experience some good atmosphere in your workplace or there would be a lot of buzz regarding some project that you might be working on. You can also get a promotion in your workplace.

When you are seeking for some job opportunities, then you might be getting a lot of job offers from all the sectors. You would be having an abundance of money which in turn will bring a lot of celebration.

“Three of Cups Upright” tells you that it’s time to spend wonderful moments with family and friends. There may be celebration related to marriage, birthday, celebrating a success or just meeting up. Whatever may be the reason, it’s Party Time! You will be all ready to celebrate.

You will be making lovely memories. Do not miss this opportunity. There will be a exchange of positive energy. Take a break, forget your worries and have fun. It will bring you joy.

Three of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Excessive self-indulgence. 
  • Extravagance. 
  • Infidelity. 
  • Bad romance. 
  • Harmful excesses. 
  • Abuse. 
  • Alcoholism. 
  • There is no way to join others. 
  • Hedonism. 
  • Obesity. 
  • Disorder. 
  • Sex without love. 
  • Self-pity. 
  • Selfishness. 
  • Material problems. 
  • Pregnancy problems. 
  • Prolonged infertility. 
  • Inability to have children. 
  • Exploitation. 
  • Manipulating others. 
  • Absorption in emotions. 
  • There is no reason to celebrate. 
  • The invitation has been canceled. 
  • Cancellation. 
  • You don’t go to a party. 
  • Holidays are postponed. 
  • Divorce. 
  • A sad occasion. 
  • Unhappy ending. 
  • Disease. 
  • Poor health. 
  • Unsuccessful use of their abilities. 
  • Addiction.

When Three of Cups Reversed appears in a reading, you may find it difficult to socialize. Or, you will want some alone time. This card denotes loneliness. If you are working in a group project, you will feel excluded. Your opinions might be overlooked.

At this time, your creativity will be stiff. Ideas will not easily come to you.

When Three of Cups Reversed shows disagreement in a group. You may have different views from those of others.  This can create uneasy situations in a group.

Three of Cups Reversed may denote lack of moderation. You may be crossing limits in certain aspect. You may be influenced by wrong group.  Take a step back and analyse. This is a signal provided to you by the divine.

Cups stands for water and emotions. Three of Cups is a negative card for relationships. There will be emotional outbursts. There may be cheating. Control your emotions and analyse before you react. 

Now is the time you do some introspection. Meditate and get you thoughts straight. This can guide you further. This may be a good time to take up projects that you can do single handed.

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Three of cups with other cards:

  • 3 of Cups with the Fool– flirting, courtship;
  • 3 of Cups with the Magician – a stranger will interfere in the relationship;
  • 3 of Cups with the High Priestess – a strong and authoritative rival will appear on the way;
  • 3 of Cups with the Emperor and Empress – the birth of a child;
  • 3 of Cups with the Hierophant – the relationship with a loved one will become righteous;
  • 3 of Cups with Lovers – the birth of a baby;
  • 3 of Cups with the Chariot – a love triangle;
  • 3 of Cups with Strength – jealousy;
  • 3 of Cups with the Hermit – loneliness;
  • 3 of Cups with the Wheel of Fortune – pregnancy;
  • 3 of Cups with Justice – interference in the union of two people lawyers;
  • 3 of Cups with the Hanged Man – the union is burdensome;
  • 3 of Cups with Death – life circumstances will change the relationship;
  • 3 of Cups with Temperance – mutual concern;
  • 3 of Cups with the Devil – vicious ties, bad influence;
  • 3 of Cups with the Tower – termination of the agreement;
  • 3 of Cups with the Star – the hope to solve problems in a love union;
  • 3 of Cups with the Moon – a love triangle, an alliance built on lies;
  • 3 of Cups with the Sun – relationships will begin to bring joy; pleasant pastime in the company of good people;
  • 3 of Cups with the Judgment – extinguished feelings will be revived;
  • 3 of Cups with the World – replenishment in the family;
  • 3 of Cups with the Four of Wands – a wedding, a holiday;
  • 3 of Cups with the Nine of Wands – you will need to decide who is superfluous in the love triangle;
  • 3 of Cups with the Ace of Cups – a love triangle;
  • 3 of Cups with Page of Cups – an engagement celebration;
  • 3 of Cups with the Queen of Cups – seeking sensual pleasures;
  • 3 of Cups with the Three of Swords – conflict;
  • 3 of Cups with the Five of Pentacles – a turning point in the union;
  • 3 of Cups with Ten of Pentacles – a holiday with your family.

Three of Cups Relation with Astrology

Three of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Ace of Cups Cancer.

The Three of Cups Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Three of Cups card has 3 women dancing together. They are in a joyful mood. Their energy is high. Each woman is holding a cup in her hard. They all raise this cup to cheer. This looks like a marriage celebration. They seem to be close friends or sisters. The three women are wearing beautiful, rich clothes. They hair is made-up in elegant flowy hairstyle. Out of the three, one woman is wearing a tiara made of flowers and leaves. She is holding a bunch of grapes in the other hand. She seems to be special, maybe the bride.

Though his card shows three women, we can estimate that there are lot of other people in the background, who are seeing these women dance. The women seem to be taking centre stage of the celebration.

The area is decorated with apples, pumpkin, grapes and beautiful leaves. This symbolizes abundance. Symbolically, these are the fruits earned from hard work. The celebration may also be related to the success achieved by hard work.

As this card depicts women only, this is strongly a feminine card.

Note: The Three of Cups symbolism discussed here is with reference to Ryder Waite Tarot Deck.

“Three of Cups signifies working together, social gathering, celebration and getting fruits of hard word”


o now you know and are aware of all the signs and features of Three Of Cups and what would the implications when it is found in different positions. Three Of Cups Upright is positive for social life and relationships. It brings you happiness and joy. Three Of Cups Reversed is damaging for marriage and social life. It creates loneliness.

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