Five of Cups Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

Meaning of Five of Cups card in Tarot is you are having negative Emotions of betrayal and sadness. It shows not moving on and not paying attention to opportunities presented to you. Reversed Five of Cups on the other hand indicates that sad times will pass. You can look forward to your life being filled with happiness.

Five of Cups Significance in Tarot Cups Reading

In the process of Tarot Card Reading, it might happen that some dark might bring nothing but bad news for you. You can always ask your Tarot Card Reader whether she likes to see those rueful cards. Something similar happens when the card – Five of Cups comes up. Almost all the readers would see it as evil cards that bring upsetting events in the person’s life. It is something that is related to unhappiness and sorrow that would be coming into that person’s life. You get a confirmation with this card that they there won’t be any good news and things would not turn up to be good.

Whenever this card would come up – Five Of Cups you would witness a dark time of your life just like the man standing in the card wearing a black cloak is continuously looking at the three different cups which have fallen down. The time will bring significant disappointment and failures in your coming life. There would be a lot of incoming of good opportunities. But these opportunities won’t be available to you because you are stuck in the mishap. Sometimes the opportunities would appear to you in the form of a bridge which will help you to cross over your difficulties and insecurities and would help you to achieve something great in your life. You need to move ahead toward the positive vibes and positive thoughts that are waiting for you on the other side of that metaphorical bridge. It is always be something great when you would decide to leave behind your sorrows and sadness and determine yourself to bring back happiness in your life.

The Five of Cups: The Meaning Of The Symbols In The Card

Five of Cups in tarot has a picture of a young man who is feeling sad. He has hung his head down, slightly tilted toward one side. He is standing with back towards us. He is wearing long black robe as if he is mourning something. His boots can be seen below the robes.

We can see 5 cups near his feet. 3 cups have fallen on the ground. Some red and green liquid seems to have spilt from the cups. 2 cups are still upright, indicating there is some hope left.

The man is standing facing a flowing river. There is a bridge across the river. The bank of the river is lush green. We can see a building and some trees on the other bank of the river.

The sky in the card looks grey and gloomy.

“Five of Cups shows that you are going through a sad phase in Life. You should get over your sorrow and get on with life. There are opportunities waiting for you.”

Upright Five of Cups:


Five of Cups Upright indicates that you are not happy with the way situations have unfolded in life. Hence you are feeling sad. You will need to overcome these painful memories. If you keep thinking of the past hurtful experiences, you will be wasting precious time in  life.  

Five of cups Upright appears when someone may have hurt you. You may be least expecting it. You have drowned yourself in sorrow. But understand, it is not the end of everything. Put yourself together and build your spirit again. Instead of resenting the past, learn from it. Forgive yourself and others. That’s the best way out of the situation.

Five of Cups Upright shows that though you may have lost certain opportunities, future holds more chances. Identify them and take them up. What has happened is not the end of things. You can start your life all over again. Have a positive outlook.

‘Five of Cups Upright’ might also indicate a grief doe to personal loss.

Upright Five of Cups in The Past Position:

Generally, when the position of the card –Five of Cups in the Past then your world would be revolving around your bitters memories with your family or partner or friends or colleagues. It will occupy your mind with the injuries and emotional wounds of the past happenings. You would be in a state of mind where you would be blaming yourself for each and every mishap. Sometimes it might happen that you are consistently being victimizing yourself for whatever is happening around you. You would be flooded with the negative emotions that are holding you back from moving ahead in your life. It is a sign that you are stuck with the bad deeds of your past. You won’t be able to work with your full potential. Only when you release them you would know that you still have the chance or opportunity to move ahead in all aspects of life. You need to get hold of yourself and deal with the traumas of your past which still has the potential to destroy the happiness of your present life. For instance, the situation that can be listed here are – breakup from your partner, leaving your job, business going bankrupt and much more.

Upright Five of Cups In The Present Position:

Getting the card – Five Of Cups in the present scenario will directly imply the fact that you are stuck in the jargon of mishaps. You may think of nothing bad should happen with your family or friends or your partner but still, it would occur. These events would be inevitable. You would feel very depressed and you might have to face a divorce, property loss or having a tough fight with family. Now suppose you have your card in the Present position then the card will warn you of any bad news that you would be experiencing in some time. When this happens to a particular person they remain in complete denial of the entire situation. It is a completely disastrous situation which will bring a lot of problems in the way which would be inevitable.

Upright Five Of Cups In The Future Position:

In the future placement, the card – Five Of Cups will signify that a person might face some tragedy which would be not bearable and might bring a drastic change in the life of the person and his closest family members.

Reversed Five of Cups:

Five of Cups Reversed

Five of Cups Reversed indicates that you have overcome your past grief and are ready to move on. You have come to terms with life. Now you will be able to see situations rationally.

You are able to forgive the people who are hurt you. This will open up your heart chakra and will calm you down. Having suffered from grief, you have become stronger and matured.

Your outlook towards life is gradually becoming positive. New opportunities are waiting for you. Look for them and take them up.

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The Interpretation Of Yes/No In The Card – Five Of Cups:

As we have already known that it is very essential to understand the condition of the person. He would be incomplete dismay which will have a great impact on his life as well as in the future. With the Yes/No interpretation of the card, you may realize that it will a sign of avoidance, disappointment, and discontentment associated with the person.

Five Of Cups Impact On Every Aspect Of Your Life

While Tarot Card Reading if this card comes up for you then it might be a sign that your life situations have turned out completely opposite to what you had expected.

Impact of Five of Cups on Work Life:

When you are receiving Five Of Cups in your worklife then one of the most important thing that you would have to face is forgiving others as well as yourself. If you have been cheated or some of your close ones have deceived you then it is the right time to forgive them.

Similarly, if you are self-analyzing for where you went wrong then you must stop taking pity on yourself and then start learning from your mistakes. Your wisdom is something that will help you stay positive even in a negative environment. You must be able to reflect all the circumstances from your experience and learn from them.

Impact of Five of Cups on Love Life:

You become very unhappy, there is always a resentment feeling going on inside you. You are always disappointed with the results you are getting from all the aspects of your life. Your loved ones leave you.

But then again instead of moving ahead with your life, you are just choosing to get drowned in wallow of your self-pity. Out of all the things in the world you choose to be stuck with your discouraging and demotivating environment.

Impact of Five of Cups on Finance:

You would face loss in your business and all your investments or savings would just die down.

Now is the right time to encourage and motivate yourself by grabbing all the opportunities that come your way. By changing your mindset you would be able to know how to be on the open the relaxing side of your life, how to be relieved from all the stressful points and memories those have grounded you.

Impact of Five of Cups on Health:

You would witness a deterioration in your healthy lifestyle. Every day would become a challenge where you would face different health issues.


So when you understand the entire meaning behind the card and also understand how the message provided by the card changes with the change in the placement of the card.

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