Four of Cups Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality

Have you ever been to a tarot card reader and received a Four Of Cups? You might be wondering what it means? What would be the future predictions? How this card will impact various aspects of my life? So now you need not worry. We bring you a complete guide which will help you to understand what the card means and what implications it will have on your life.

Four of Cups is about thinking about your own self, stubbornness and selfishness. This card implies that you are depressed and hurt due to a past experience. You are still carrying that pain. This is making it difficult for you to get back to social life. In this situation, you have become recluse. You are not seeking help from even your friends and family. You prefer to be isolated

This card has the potential to affect all your life decisions and hence you need to have a close observation of it. When this card will appears in a a reading, it indicates  you won’t be having a good time. You would try to isolate yourself from the world which includes your family,  friends colleagues and loves ones. You would attain a state in life when these people would not be a part of your life. You would be tempted by various different opportunities, but you would look at it in a very unimpressed manner. You would have undivided attention toward what you are thinking of yourself by ignoring all the other people.

Four Of Cups: The Meaning Of The Symbols In The Card

In four of cups card, we see a young man sitting under a tree. This looks sad and unhappy. His hands are crossed – indicating he is not ready to open up.

A hand is appearing from the clouds and offering a cup to the man. The man is looking away from the cup. He does not want to take it. Probably, it is not good enough for him. On the ground in front of him, there are four more cups. They all are placed upright. Even after having 4 cups in total, he does not seem to be happy. These cups can be looked at as opportunities. So, this many is not paying attention to the new opportunities presented to him.

The Tree under which the man is sitting is tall and has thick green foliage. This indicates that the man is well protected.

The place where he is sitting is slightly raised above the surrounding area. This can show that the status of the man is higher in the society.

Far away in the background, we can see a hill and a few trees.  

“Four of Cups represents not paying attention to opportunities presented to you”

Four of Cups Upright Meaning:


When Four of Cups appears in a reading, it shows stagnation. A person may be stuck with his old beliefs. He is not taking notice of the change around him. This can eventually lead to failure. It is necessary to rethink and observe. Times may have changed. You need to change time.

‘Four of Cups’ shows that new opportunities might be in front of you. But you may be ignoring them or seeing right through them. Taking up the new opportunities will be helpful for you at this stage. You may be procrastinating decision related to these opportunities. In case you are not sure if the opportunities will work for you, you can seek someone’s help analyzing the situation.

There might be something that has disturbed you in the past. A person close to you may have hurt your feelings. Do not think too much about it as it will do you no good. Due to this, your current life is being affected. Let go the past and live in present so that you will have a happy life.

Four of Cups shows that this might be a time when you are looking inward and evaluating your past decisions. Meditate and connect with your higher soul. You will receive the guidance you need. Once you are ready, you can start again afresh and valuate the new opportunities presents to you.

Four of Cups Card Is In The Past Position:

The fact that comes with the card is that it will bring discontent and there is nothing that can change it or influence it. It is your desire to bring change that will be a really powerful impetus for the world around you to change. With the new path and new approach to life, you can even transform your life circumstances.

Four of Cups Card Is In The Present Position:

In the present condition, you need not be afraid to move ahead in your life. You would witness a positive change in your life and feel that you are overly satisfied with your present life situations. You would be continuously seeking for new paths and new situations to progress it on new levels.

Four of Cups Card Is In The Future Position:

When the card is placed in the future position then you would have to be very patient while achieving your goals. It might happen your targeted projects are getting delayed due to some or other reasons but still, you need to make sure that you do not lose the sight of the exciting rewards that you desire.

Four of Cups Reversed:

Four of Cups Reversed show you being eagerly looking forward to new opportunities. You will be going out of the way to seek new opportunities. You will grab on every possible lead and get things your way. Your enthusiasm will be high. You will be seeking opinion from many people. You will be in ‘Go-getter’ mode.

When Four of cups is Reversed, You will be observant of situations. You will appreciate every little success you get. You will be thankful for the blessing you have received. Though situation might not perfect, you will choose to be happy.

Change will excite you. You will move ahead with time. Progress is on cards.  

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Four Of Cups Impact On Every Aspect Of Your Life

Impact of Four of Cups on Love Life:

With the Four of Cups, you will have a tendency to take all the things and people around you for granted which makes it hard for us to see what are the real happiness that universe will provide us or presenting us. It is a case in which we actually have all our answers around us be the person is not able to see it through as his focus is not on them. You must understand that apathy is something that is very insidious evil. If you do not try to curb it out then it has the potential to influence the person’s life and it will be too late when you would realize what you lost.

Impact of Four of Cups on Work Life:

It is a very strong card which brings a warning that you need to break out of your vicious cycle of your worklife. This must be done in order to make new goals for your life and work towards them. You must seek out to have new paths to reach them. It is the right time when you take the risk while seeking success. There will be continuous though in your mind which you will not be able to remove it easily. You would be ignoring most of your closest kins which will make them sad.

Impact of Four of Cups on Finances:

Dealing with monetary issues would be something you would find it difficult. But you still need to hold on to it without losing any hope.

Impact of Four of Cups on Health:

Our body is a temple, the more you take care of it, the more it will long last. Being healthy helps you curb all the daily work and issue but when your body does not support you it might be the gravest thing ever. So while you would get a sign that you body might have some health issues keep a keen eye on it.

Four of Cups Yes or No:

Till now we have known that this is a card that displays apathy and boredom from the person’s present life. It is a sign that brings disappointment. It might also mean that you would have to re-evaluate some areas of your life as well as possibly set where you are.

In case if the answer interprets to be a “yes’, then it will show all the positive points such as you would be having clarity in your relationships, in your business deals or sometimes even among your friends and family members. You would be very clear in your terms as to what you wish to have and what you don’t. You will always be in a motivational mood.

When the card interprets a ‘No’ in the situation then it means that you have been missing out on opportunities and you won’t be having a clear answer to it.It will depict that you have displeasure in your relationships, a business deal is not working out and there is a sheer lack of enthusiasm.


, we hope this description of the card – Four of cups might have kept you indulged in reading and knowing new as well as actual facts about the card. The card might have a great impact on you would be looking at your future terms but being always positive will help you in all situations. Just be careful of all the decisions you take rather than ignoring them.

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