Nine of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life

Nine of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life
Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups Yes or No

Nine of Cups
Yes or No
Nine of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”. 
A period of wealth and contentment.
The answer is “No”.

Nine Of Cups will bring a feeling of satisfaction, joy, happiness, pleasure, and whatnot. At a certain point in time, you would find yourself with overall contentment.

The presence of this card will bring a bright future for you. You would be brimming with all the good times and you would be grateful for such a good period. And for sure shot, the answer that you are looking for is ‘Yes’.

Nine of Cups (upright) Keywords

Satisfaction with the present. 
Comfort and abundance. 
Success in business. 
Emotional and intellectual pleasure at work. 
Health, happiness. 
Fulfillment of worldly desires. 
Making new friends, partying and having a good time. 
A kind owner who foresees any wish. 
Willingness is shared
material success, prosperity;
emotional and intellectual pleasure;
physical health;
fulfillment of desires;
pleasant events, cheerful company, carelessness;
reliable team;
sensual pleasures;
good sense of humor;
warning: beware of excesses;
long-awaited marriage;
well-deserved holiday.

Nine of Cups (reversed) Keywords

abuse of food and drinks;
until desires come true, but success is not far off;
failure, deprivation;
severe disappointment;
complacency, vanity;
superficiality, emptiness;
alcohol, drugs, gluttony; 
lack of mercy;
disrespectful attitude to your body, health problems;
too much focus on their problems / on themselves, which repels others.
Senseless celebrations. 
Be careful what you desire. 

Nine of Cups Advice

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups
Enjoy life, tune in to the holiday, prepare for a high-level celebration.
It’s time to quit your work and start enjoying your possessions.
Try to maintain a good impression of yourself.

Nine of Cups Warning

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups
You do not share your joys with others, you should be more open.
Don’t get carried away with banquets.
You will find yourself in an uncomfortable environment.

Nine of Cups as a Person

Nine of Cups
As a Person
Nine of Cups
As a Person
Those who get what they want. 
People who are literally close to luxury. 
People who are too self-indulgent. 
Having fun. 
Fabulous “fairy godmother” from the tale of Cinderella.
Satisfied, calm and relaxed person. 
Can be complacent and self-sufficient.
Smug people. 
Goody girls. 
A man with his last strength depicts pleasure, happiness, prosperity.

Nine of Cups as feelings

Nine of Cups
as feelings
Nine of Cups
as feelings
Satisfies, calm, relaxed, complacent, cheerful, indulgent Deprivation, emptiness, greed

Nine of Cups : Card of the Day

Arrange a holiday for yourself today. 
You deserve it. 

Everything is going well, and exactly in the direction you wanted, so your intervention is no longer required. 
You can be a little lazy or indulge yourself. 

Your party can be even more fun if you do it with more than one. 

Spend this day with family or friends , bring joy to each other.

Nine of Cups as someone sees you

  • In a love context, as someone is quite desirable, since you can “satisfy” his baby’s needs;
  • As feelings, “satisfaction”;
  • someone who can certainly enjoy life and all that it has to offer;
  • They cannot guess how you feel inside

Nine of Cups : Love

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups
A very happily developing relationship leading up to the wedding. 
Partners, fenced off by their happiness from others.

People united by interests in the field of culture (common emotional attachments).
Preservation of the appearance of an ideal couple in public, internal disharmony. 
Obsession with each other.

The nine of cups is a great omen. If you are already in a relationship , it is very likely that it will deepen, feelings will grow, commitment, communication and common plans are increased and favored. Everything is sweetness and happiness.

If you are alone , these are a very good time to meet people, go out and have fun, contact and interact with all kinds of people, because among all of them one will become a beautiful relationship.

Your concern for your love life is very obvious and you need not worry about it as it will bring a good omen that would indicate the relationship between you and your partner.

There would be no doubt of discontentment as it will indicate good sex life and sensuality. You will be experiencing pleasure in your relationship with your partner.

There won’t be an issue of commitment if you are thinking of tying a knot and have your special day. It will also ensure that you attract the right kind of people.

Nine of Cups : Career

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups
Successful business with big profits.

Trade in liquid energy: gasoline, fuels and lubricants.

Food and beverage trade.
The small business remains independent, despite a lot of competition: it can be swallowed, but so far everything is going well.

All the luck you have always asked to have is now apparently on your side. If you have a big dream or are working on a project, the time has come to move forward and see it come true.

Expand your business, open a branch, close an agreement, get a promotion, occupy a management, everything is possible with the exit of this card.

In the same way, if you are looking for a job and have been submitting resumes and doing interviews, you have favorable responses and the long wait is over.

You might be aware of the brief concept of the card – Nine Of Cups. Basically, it is a positive card that will indicate regarding all your wishes, dreams which would come to reality by your efforts and hard work.

You might sometimes experience the long-time difficulties or sorrow that you have been facing. But with this card, you will witness the time of your happiness and joy. It will bring on something that you would be generally looking forward to.

You need to accomplish anything and everything just with the triumph or success along with a set of achievement. It will signify fame and will represent the self-esteem and self-confidence. You can also consider it as the card of celebration and parties.

Nine of Cups : Money

Here the positive omens of The Nine of Cups continue. Concerns are removed and issues resolved.

Investments begin to pay off, windfall profits emerge, possibly gambling and random strokes of luck, you collect debts that seemed impossible, and you receive profits that you were by no means expected.

It will lead you to the path of success where you would be achieving something great through your project and acclaim it as well. You will get noticed because of this immense success you have gained.

It might also be an indicator of the abundance of prosperity in terms of money and investments.

Nine of Cups : Health

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups
Excellent health.Outwardly it looks good, but health is weakened.

This will surely be a very serene period, without major concerns. If you were in treatment for any ailment or waiting for results, all the signs will be good and positive.

You recover quickly from any discomfort you have great vitality and energy. It is a good time, since the spirit accompanies, to establish an exercise routine or begin to have a correct nutrition.

In terms of your health, you will have to be very alert. Yes, it will definitely bring on all the positive vibes. You will be recovering from the diseases through which you might be suffering and will see some improvement in it.

Nine of Cups: past, present, future

Nine Of Cups in past position

The source of true happiness is your soul, which finds peaceful balance. The effort you put in will bring you a reward. Stay strong and keep working.

Suppose you are getting the card – Nine Of Cups in the Past position then it will be helpful in attaining the peaceful balance of your soul.

All the efforts will be spent by brining your reward and will help you to stay strong for a longer period of time. Moreover, you would be in a state of mind where you would keep working and will be healthy all the time.

Nine Of Cups in present position

Your emotional and material well-being is at hand. Look to your friends for advice and support, but realize that you will find satisfaction.

In case the card – Nine Of Cups that you are hoping for appears in the Present position then you will have an inclination towards your emotional side. The material well-being would be at hand.

You need to have a look at your friends and family just for advice and long-lasting support. It will help you to find some recognition and fulfillment.

Nine Of Cups in future position

The goal you have set for yourself is the path. Stay true to your desires and you will reach the goal you are looking for. Balance your heart and mind to find your true calling.

After all, this, when the Nine Of Cups card appear in the Future position then you will have to settle down yourself down the roadway. It will help you to stay true to your desires and help you to reach the destination that you are seeking.

Moreover, it will aim to bring a balance to your heart and mind which will be a true calling.

Nine of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Enjoyment. 
  • Satisfaction. 
  • Pleasure. 
  • Enjoyment. 
  • Comfort. 
  • Health. 
  • Happiness. 
  • Abundance. 
  • Self-satisfaction. 
  • Saturation. 
  • Physical pleasure. 
  • Material happiness. 
  • A job well done. 
  • Financial well-being. 
  • Self-indulgence. 
  • A dream come true. 
  • Long-awaited marriage. 
  • You will get what you want. 
  • If you make a wish for a shooting star, it will come true. 
  • Eat, drink and have fun.

When a nine of Cups appears in the layout, especially if it falls out as a card indicating the result, then you will get what you dream of. The Nine of Cups promises material profit, luxury and prosperity. 

This is a card of satisfaction and getting what you want, sometimes even excessive indulgence towards yourself and indulgence of your own desires. 

The appearance of nine of Cups may indicate that you have successfully completed an important life stage and can afford a well-deserved holiday before continuing to move on. 

If your question was about a planned marriage or marriage, then you will marry exactly the person to whom you gave your heart.

Nine of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Not getting what you want. 
  • Unrealistic desires. 
  • Too many good things. 
  • Hedonism. 
  • Excessive passion for sensual pleasures. 
  • Complacency. 
  • Vanity. 
  • You cannot praise yourself, no one will. 
  • Self-indulgence. 
  • Extravagance. 
  • Minor values. 
  • Greed. 
  • Superficiality. 
  • Emptiness. 
  • Financial losses. 
  • Deprivation. 
  • A lack of money. 
  • Search for oblivion in alcohol or drugs. 
  • Alcohol addiction. 
  • Gluttony. 
  • Bad attitude towards your body. 
  • The culture of narcissism. 
  • Masturbation. 
  • Hedonistic self-focus. 
  • Superficial relationships. 
  • Failure to put yourself in the shoes of another. 
  • Lack of mercy. 
  • Abuse. 
  • Mom’s little helper. 
  • Can’t get satisfaction. 
  • We are all primitive people. 
  • Eat, drink, be merry, because tomorrow you may die.

You may find that it is not always possible to get what you want, which is good. Sometimes an inverted nine of Cups may indicate health / health problems as a result of self-indulgence or disrespectful attitude towards your body (possibly a change in body weight). 

It looks like you are too complacent and live mainly for yourself. You may not get what you want. Your greed will lead to problems, the likelihood of financial losses is high.

Paying too much attention to your interests can be detrimental to your relationships with others. Maybe you use alcohol or drugs to fill a void in your love life? 

Maybe your focus solely on your own interests pushes the people you love away from you? Do you close your eyes to the requests of people who are less fortunate than you?

Perhaps your value system is based solely on your own interests? Can you take care of someone other than yourself? 

Are you able to put yourself in the place of another, especially if this person is less fortunate than yourself? What place do others occupy in your life?

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Nine of Cups : Spirituality

You feel great pleasure and joy, you are comforted, full, satisfied. Now more than ever is a great time to use positive affirmation and visualize what you want to continue manifesting in your life, because you can continue to enrich it at all levels. Trust yourself, dream big but take steps to make your dreams come true.

Nine of Cups Relation with Astrology

Nine of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Ace of Cups is Pisces.

Nine of Cups Symbolism (Raider Waite)

This card depicts a contented man quite adequate to the name, surrounded by a wall of wine goblets.

Nine of Cups : Significance

Nine of Cups is about Feelings and Relationships. ‘Water’ is the element of 9 of Cups.

With the appearance of this card – Nine Of Cups, you will notice that it will bring a sign of fulfillment. There will be an expression of contentment and satisfaction. It will indicate the emotional fulfillment of the person where you can carry your deepest desires.

It is the significance of success and fulfillment both in a spiritual way and materialistic way. It will directly mean that you have achieved your innermost desires. Moreover, it is so powerful that the contentment will last for a longer period.

This contentment is heavily tied with the creative endeavor of the person and his good wished for the future. As a person, you just have to glance around and feel that your heart is overwhelmed with a lot of love and affection and you would be having a positive vibe to appreciate everything around you.

You would be having a sense of satisfaction in all the aspects of your life such as relationship, work-life balancing your health and well being and overall your emotional balance.

If it often considered as the wish card which will aim to bring all the planets into proper alignment and fulfill your wish to be happier. But for the same, you will have to wait patiently till the card comes into an excellent omen.

You can also consider it as an invitation to splurge that will help you to indulge and enjoy your life to the fullest with all the pleasures.

You will be able to enjoy your food and wine and along with that, you would appreciate the beauty of art that will help you in making love by having a relaxing feeling. It will teach you to live in the moment which will permit you to indulge without any concern for the past consequences of pleasure.

In case if you are struggling to find a positive state. You will have to cherish all your moments of happiness as it may disappear later and you might have to adapt to the new changes in the world.

Now we need to observe what would be the changes in your life if the card – Nine Of Cups appears in three different positions mainly Past, Present, Future.


Now, you are well aware of the fact and figures that the card will offer you irrespective of the position it is placed in. you will be easily handling your life as it will show you all the positive things of your life and you would always feel motivated in every aspect of your life.

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