Seven of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life

Seven of Cups

Tarot card Meaning

Seven of Cups Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life
Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups symbolizes imagination, wishful thinking, illusion and fantasy. The card depicts a man with his back turned to us, contemplating 7 images crawling out of cups, and they all float in the clouds. 

Clouds represent dreams, illusions, thoughts and imaginations. There are many fantasies that emerge from the cups that represent the many visions that one sees in a dream. 

Seven of Cups can mean you have several options to choose from.

Seven of Cups Yes or No

Seven of Cups
Yes or No
Seven of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “No”
A period of abundance of opportunities begins in life.
The answer is “No”

Seven of Cups (upright) Keywords

Unrealistic perception. 
Confused thoughts. 
Inability to focus on one thing. 
Silly whims. 
False hopes. 
Unreal dreams. 
Dreams in reality. 
Wishful thinking. 
Cheating in love and friendship. 
Illusory success. 
Alcohol or drug abuse
choice without choice: everything between which you choose is actually cheating;
wrong choice;
too many options to choose from;
difficulties in making a clear decision;
can mean a person living in a world of illusion;
a harbinger of sobering and / or disappointment;
unexpected help and support (if you are moving towards a real goal);
deception warning;
euphoria of lovers: you have drawn an image of a person in your head, but he really does not correspond to him;
alcohol or drug abuse;
favorable time for the creative process.

Seven of Cups (reversed) Keywords

Disappointed in his illusions. 
The choice of mind. 
Strong volitional effort. 
The right way.
the wrong choice has already been made, and now we have to get out of it;
denotes a person who has emerged from the world of dreams and is able to concentrate on a task;
disappointment (if the alignment is negative);
missed opportunities;
false promises;
fear of success;
a good choice from several possible ones.

Seven of Cups Advice

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups
Choose the right one.
Choose your dream and do your best to make it come true.
Stop believing in tinsel.

Seven of Cups Warning

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups
There are too many choices, make no mistake. 
Do not flatter yourself too much.
All chances may be empty.

Seven of Cups as a Person

Seven of Cups
As a Person
Seven of Cups
As a Person
Those who have visions. 
The dreamers. 
People in the clouds. 
Creative people. 
Those who are given too much choice. 
Those whose thinking cannot be called clear enough. 
Blonde children.
Illusion maker: talks a lot about his many successes (invented), promises a lot.
Those who try to be clear about everything. 
Diligent students. 
A boring, disappointed person who has lost interest in life. 
But there is hope that something will change.

Seven of Cups as feelings

Seven of Cups
as feelings
Seven of Cups
as feelings
Overwhelmed, confusion, surprise. Disappointment, duped, scared.

Seven of Cups : Card of the Day

Maintain absolute clarity and sobriety in order not to chase after a ghost or succumb to deception or self-deception. 

Today you should not accept any, even the most tempting offers, consider them a dream, the awakening after which can be bitter. 

Therefore, be careful with alcohol and other poisons. 

Of course, a sensible idea may lurk in today’s dreams and dreams, but whether it is worth implementing it, it is better to decide on another day.

Seven of Cups as someone sees you

  • As someone taking ownership;
  • materialistic Person
  • Person wanting to live in denial, refusing to see the truth;
  • As someone wants others to envy;
  • As someone who wants to find out what is important and what is not;
  • Someone who has everything, but in fact you have nothing;
  • Person who appreciates things that don’t really matter;
  • Someone who conceals the putrid truth;
  • Person who makes excuses in every possible way, to be or not to be …;
  • As someone who thinks outside the box;
  • Sees you as important * someone * but doesn’t quite understand what makes you so damn attractive !

Seven of Cups : Love

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups
Indulging in petty vices and finding pleasure in it, satiated relationships (possibly with perversions). 
The relationship is ostentatious, partying.
Disappointment in relationships, joint boredom, disappearance of common interests; 
facing a reality more brutal than expected. 
But there is no search for new relationships, because it is scary that the new may turn out to be worse than the boring, but familiar old.

You may have several romantic options on hand. You must be clear about what you want in a relationship and make a choice based on honesty both with yourself and with the other.

This card is also an indicator that you may be idealizing, as in the typical relationships that are just beginning, where everything is fascinating and intoxicating, we are in love and in the clouds and it is very possible that we do not see everything we should see.

No relationship lasts at this stage forever, most of them are built with flaws and virtues.

The love life can be affected in both the cases whether you are single or committed. If you are single, then it will show that you have immense capabilities which would attract a lot of potential partners in your life. It will open the of romantic opportunities for you.

Even if you are in a healthy relationship with your partner it brings new joy and romance in your life. Sometimes it might happen that you are discontented with your present relationship and finding some way or other to get around.

The initial excitement has worn out and the passion does not seem the same. But if you put in little effort it will all get back to you.

Seven of Cups : Career

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups
Money-making business. 
Computer games, small show business, cinema, fashion literature, TV shows, attractions, film and music trade.
Making money on petty human vices: cigarettes, moonshine, slot machines, prostitution.

The Seven of Cups can be presented as a great job offer, a contract, a hefty salary, but keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true.

The card is favorable if you work in a creative field, it is an excellent omen since your imagination will be full and the work will develop very well. If your activity has to do with more exact fields, the card is a call to go down a bit and try to find concentration.

If you are looking for work, the card indicates that many options will appear but you must evaluate them very well since not everything is what it seems.

If you want to take it in the general context then you can easily represent the card with a lots of options as it will be shown as you are given multiple possibilities. It will help you to indicate that you have got innumerable choices which might make you overwhelmed and you wont be able to focus of your goals.

There will also be an indication that you need to be realistic as you wont be able to get all that time and attention. You must not wonder in the world of fantasies and must take proactive steps to make the situation better. Your imagination power would come handy to you.

Seven of Cups : Money

Material issues, meanwhile, do not present a good time to make investments.

A multiplicity of options can appear, all very tempting and promising but with a dose of deception and falsehood that you cannot see, therefore you must be very careful not to deceive yourself.

The card can also indicate the possibility that you are the victim of a scam or financial deception.

In terms of finance, you will be expecting a good omen with the appearance of this card. The will be a lot of advancement where you could invest your money and get a good return. You can also plan on buying some asset and get opportunities to expand your business in the new field.

You could practically convert your dreams into reality with this. It will also be a sign or indication that you should not invest all your saving into place. Although you can divide it in various ways, take advice from experts before taking any big step which involves money.

Seven of Cups : Health

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups
Poisoning, overdose, addiction to soft drugs.The state “after yesterday”. 
Health is undermined by alcohol, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle.

The seven of cups may indicate that many of your problems may be imaginary, the typical hypochondriac who feels he has a lot of ailments in reality are not.

If you are currently going through a disease, the seven of cups advises you not to fantasize magical cures, but to respect the treatments that they indicate. You should go down a little more to earth and practicing some physical exercise will help you to do so.

In case if you are concerned about your health then the appearance of this card will free you from all your worries. It will show that you are stressing out too much over the things which do not have that much importance.

You will be getting your recovery faster which will reduce your workload to a very manageable level. It will help you in curbing out your mental illness or physical illness.

Seven of Cups : past, present, future

Seven Of Cups in past position

You have lost a lot of time chasing the many conflicting interests in your life. Do not be misled by daydreams and fantasies; pick a practical goal and start working.

. In the past position, the card will be so strong that it will emphasis of the life of pleasure-seeking and also pursuing your life with selfishness. It will show you all the narcissist pursuits and it will not lead to solid present and future without much support from other areas or aspects of life.

Seven Of Cups in present position

You will receive a surprising reward for your usual mental and creative activities.

It will directly indicate that you would be getting along a side track which you would desire. It will signify staying on the course of being a healthy relationship.

Some of the people would drop out of schools as they will be tempted by the easy path of partying and it will bring a steady paycheck.

In such a situation, the load of women would be trying to get hold of a man either to get married to him or considering him without any damage. All this would be done only from their perspective.

But you would have to be very careful as those things that appear to be enjoyable might cost you dearly.

One must always stay away from any kind of temptation.

It will show you that the thing you are pursuing are quite tempting but it wont do good in long run. The illusions will not help you to build a character instead it try to actually make it.

Seven Of Cups in future position

The inability to decide will slow your progress. Being open to change will help, but also a constant effort to determine what is true will keep you moving forward. Be honest with yourself.

You might get motivators coming your way. You might tread the path which would lead to self-interest.

Seven of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Dreams. 
  • Fantasy. 
  • Wandering in the clouds. 
  • Poor focus. 
  • Uncertainty. 
  • Difficult choice. 
  • Unclear thinking. 
  • Too many choices. 
  • Inability to make a decision. 
  • Confused thoughts. 
  • Dispersed energy. 
  • Unrealistic expectations. 
  • Lots of alternatives. 
  • Illusions. 
  • Disorganization. 
  • Romance. 
  • Emotions take precedence over reason. 
  • Desire to run away. 
  • Failure to cope with 
  • anything… 
  • Altered state. 
  • Visions. 
  • Prophetic dreams. 
  • Impression. 
  • Impracticality. 
  • A game of imagination. 
  • Passionate desires. 
  • Confusion when necessary to make a choice. 
  • Languor. 
  • Uncontrolled imagination. 
  • Difficult decisions. 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse (especially if there is another card in the layout that indicates a desire to escape from reality, for example, the Moon). 
  • What am I doing now? 
  • Building castles in the sand 
  • What do I really want? 
  • You can’t get everything! 
  • Everything is ghostly. 
  • You can’t see the forest behind the trees.

You may feel confused about the need to make up your mind and make a decision, and this is holding you back. Perhaps you have too many or unequal choices, or maybe you just need to compromise in order to make the right decision. 

You cannot get everything at once and you are not sure which way to go next. Your heart urges you to go one way, and your mind insists on a completely different route. 

You don’t like the forks on the way at all. In order to succeed, you need to focus on achieving a certain single purpose. Your worst enemies at this time are your cravings. Full success is guaranteed if there are three Cups nearby.

Success depends on being able to carefully weigh the pros and cons and focus on making a decision. Seven of Cups warns that you will not be able to make the right choice while your thoughts are in confusion. 

Perhaps your expectations are far from reality, or your imagination is too wild. It would be very wise of you to take some time to find more information. 

On the other hand, this time is favorable for any creative process. Sometimes this card encourages you to listen to the voice of your intuition or pay attention to your dreams. Listen to your inner voice. 

This card has a unique combination of indecision and temptation. In reality, a person himself does not know what he wants.

Seven of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Positive Meaning:

  • Determination. 
  • Realistic expectations. 
  • The need to make a certain decision. 
  • A good choice. 
  • The ability to see the forest for the trees. 
  • Time for action. 
  • Reason over feelings. 
  • Clarity of thoughts. 
  • Capturing the essence. 
  • Ease of decision making. 
  • A realistic view of things. 
  • In the end, persistence wins. 
  • Success is achieved from the second run. 
  • The need to try again. 
  • Back to basics. 
  • On a clear day, you can see everything well. 
  • I made a decision! 
  • From rags to riches. 
  • If you don’t succeed the first time, try again and again.

Negative Meaning:

  • Complete disappointment. 
  • Self-defense. 
  • Confusion. 
  • Illusions. 
  • Unwillingness to face reality. 
  • Fantasy. 
  • Missed opportunities. 
  • Failed first attempt: Need to make further attempts. 
  • False promises. 
  • Fear of success.

Usually, the seven of Cups in an inverted position denotes determination and realism, but if the whole alignment is negative, this card symbolizes disappointment. 

You may be hesitating to make a decision. It is very difficult to choose from the many alternatives, which may be why you feel frustrated. Emotions get in the way, or you dissipate your energy instead of channeling it into the right action. 

Perhaps your first attempt at achieving your goal was unsuccessful due to the fact that you did not focus and did not use your skills to the maximum. Now you can clearly see past mistakes and failures, and this gives you the opportunity to act more purposefully. 

You have managed to overcome your confusion and develop a more realistic outlook on life. The questioner is determined to achieve success in any field.

You need to look at the situation from the outside and understand what is really going on. Now you have the opportunity to carefully consider all the options and make an intelligent and wise decision. 

You need to focus on what is needed and persistently implement sensible ideas. Seven of Cups means that if you have set clear and precise goals, then your hard work and hard work will be rewarded in full.

Seven of Cups : Spirituality

If we talk about spirituality, try to visualize that your most important goals and desires are manifesting fulfillment. Use positive affirmations, speak, think and feel positively at all times.

What you decree you have, even in a verbal way, is usually fixed later to reality, therefore, decreed in a positive way. A strong positive attitude is best at this time.

Seven of Cups Relation with Astrology

Seven of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Seven of Cups is Scorpio.


This card is also an indication that it will display a lot of gifts which would metaphorically lead you to your desires and dreams but instead if you show your greed towards it then it might turn into emptiness. The desires of a man are secretly hidden deep inside his heart which cannot be easily achieved, It needs constant efforts and focus. This might bring you a lot of opportunities but you are one who will have to work toward it.

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