Six of Cups: Meaning, Reversed Outcome, Yes and No, Love Life

Six of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups: Meaning, Reversed Outcome, Yes and No, Love Life
Six of Cups

“Six of Cups is a walk down the Childhood Memory Lane.”

Meaning of Six of Cups in Tarot is that you are having lovely memories of the past. You are thinking about past friends or family members. Meaning of Reversed Six of Cups is clinging too much to the past. Reversed Six of Cups can also mean that you are repenting the opportunities you missed in the past.

Six of Cups Yes or No

Six of Cups
Yes or No
Six of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”. 
But, you have to look into the past.
The answer is “No”. 
Everything will remain as before.

The answer that one would et with this card is – Yes. It will help in revamping your condition and making it very fruitful. You would be able to notice the changes of the past activities and then know how it could be done in a proper manner.

The point here is to very optimistic with all the decisions you take and make it happen.

Six of Cups (upright) Keywords

Sentimental memories of a happy past. 
Good old times. 
Desire to return to childhood. 
The child is within himself. 
Striving for simplicity. 
Change and connection of generations. 
Participation and care. 
Restoring family and friendship ties. 
comfort, peace;
little income, little happiness;
pleasant memories;
an old friend;
gift, news;
new opportunities;
dreaminess in all matters, lack of pragmatism;
wandering in dreams-memories;
a promise for the future;

Six of Cups (upright) Keywords

Future Opportunities. 
Upcoming events. 
New perspectives. 
Get rid of attachment to events that have already happened. 
Weakening connection
everything remains as before, no changes are expected;
live in the past;
omission of the expected award;
concern for children;
future inheritance;
something important, significant 
will happen soon 
something will happen earlier than planned;

Six of Cups Advice

Six of Cups
Six of Cups
Seek help from friends, even those you haven’t seen for a long time. 
Think about your past, about forgotten desires and dreams. 
They will help you better orient yourself in the present.
Dig into the past, think about your past.

Six of Cups Warning

Six of Cups
Six of Cups
Don’t fade into memories, don’t idealize the past.
Do not prefer past to the present.
Don’t pretend to be a child, don’t try to be younger than you are.

Six of Cups as a Person

Six of Cups
As a Person
Six of Cups
As a Person
Old friends. 
Those who are almost like relatives to us. 
Childhood friends. 
Former lovers. 
People associated with our past.
Infantilism, flirtatiousness, pure outlook on life.
This is a person from whom the feeling of childhood comes. 
He knows how to hide behind other people who like to protect him.
People who live on memories of the past. 
Mama’s sons and daughters. 
People with outdated, backward views.
Infantile to the point of absurdity
Youthful aunts or uncles.
A person who lives in past or invented relationships: he does not need rapprochement, in dreams he is more comfortable and calmer.

Six of Cups as feelings

Six of Cups
as feelings
Six of Cups
as feelings
Peaceful, comfortable, pleasant, dreamy. Nostalgic, childish

Six of Cups : Card of the Day

Today is your day of memories . 

Understand what you have where lies: what you wanted, what you dreamed of many years ago, and what of this has managed to come true to this day. 

Perhaps such an inventory will help you fulfill some forgotten desires. 

But rather, you should expect that the past will give you advice or a hint for your present life, if, say, you meet a person whom you have not seen for many years or find a thing long forgotten or lost.

Six of Cups as someone sees you

  • You can remind someone from his past;
  • Person who cannot be taken seriously;
  • Person who looks younger than actual age.

Six of Cups : Love

Six of Cups
Six of Cups
Long-term relationships (from school, or even kindergarten); 
tender love and friendship. 
A very strong marriage, but not too passionate. 
Nice meeting with old friends. 
It can say that the person with whom a relationship will develop is an old acquaintance.
In a relationship, whims are inherent, exaggerated claims to partners (I am cooler than anyone else where you are before me).

You can point out that there is a need to reorient the relationship towards the future, take the conclusions of the past in common and trying new things to build between both goals and stronger dreams It is important not to get stuck in the past and reprogram ahead.

Sometimes this card can signal the reappearance of old loves from the past, whether you are alone or in a relationship. Whatever the situation, and as idyllic and tempting as it may appear, you should analyze things very well since “ex” are usually “ex” for some reason.

In the card, you can see that it is entirely filled with flowers of white color which means peace. There are two small children and one is passing a cup to another one. You can visualize that the boy is giving the cup full of white flowers to the girl. It can be easily understood that this is a sign of happy reunions among friends families and romantic partners. Moreover, it can also imply that it will have a sense of security and joy.

Six of Cups : Career

Six of Cups
Six of Cups
Help, support from old friends or acquaintances. 
The beginning of stability and good profits, recovery. 
Trade in old things or antiques.
Quite good income. 
Trade in old things (junk, second-hand).

It is a positive card that encourages you to use creativity. If your work allows it, you must exploit it fully, because in this way you will maximize the results.

If your work does not have to do with creativity and you cannot use it, it is convenient that you put it in other activities, spend a little time drawing, dedicated to painting, writing and creating in any of its other forms.

If you do not have a job and you are looking for, the solution may come through contacts from the past and also the six of cups may indicate that you will have better luck if you guide yourself to looking for jobs where you can use your creativity.

Generally, people associate this card with a new beginning of something where you would be open to all the opportunities, you would be able to bring back your innocence, your creativity, and your joy. All these things are related to being very positive or being optimistic for all the chances life is throwing at you.   You would yourself in a position where you could take better decision by understanding the entire situation and putting efforts to make everything alright.

With this card Six of Cups would be taken back in time when you were a child full of zeal and enthusiasm. When we are not worrying about any future responsibilities. As a child is always ready for new possibilities and is available with all the freshness.

Six of Cups : Money

If you are looking for ways to invest money, or to make a little extra money, pay special attention to things that are retro, old, that have to do with nostalgia, or also things, items or activities that attract the children.

Money can come to you from someone in your past or from some legacy or inheritance. If there is a need to ask for some money or a loan, perhaps you should try old contacts, old friends or relatives who can help you. Consider that before trying a lender.

As we know the card – Six Of Cups deals with the fact it is closely connected to the past life of the person which is mainly his childhood and the happiest time of the world. You wont be dealing with some finances in your childhood but yes can signify a time of your past when you were involved in business or financial activities. In your past, you might have put in great efforts in your studies your work or in your business. Everything would be reflected to you through this card.

Six of Cups : Health

Six of Cups
Six of Cups
Good overall. 
Not very serious illnesses. 
Complications after childhood illnesses.
Childhood illnesses in adulthood.

Here the relationship between the unconscious and physical diseases is revealed, therefore it is useful to turn to the past to find there some probable causes of the ailment that you now suffer. Any therapy or treatment that includes conversation, talking and taking out our emotions can be useful now.

In another aspect, the six of cups may indicate that a review of the family medical history should be done to find an answer, especially for hereditary diseases or conditions.

It will bring a happy time for your body as well. You would energetic and full of enthusiasm all the time.

So now would move on to know more about the card Six of Cups when it is placed in the past present and future.

Six of Cups : past, present, future

Six of Cups in past position

The past has brought you many rewarding experiences of love and success. Don’t dwell too long on what’s past and move forward with your accomplishments.

You may have received a lot of affection from the people of your past and who still find a place in your current life.

You must not waste your time searching for your past decisions but rather let them flow with its own pace.

You always need to move ahead by making good achievements and taking steps by learning from your past regrets.

Six of Cups in present position

The reward that is the result of your past actions will come to you in the present. As you make new friends or strengthen relationships, you will find many similarities.

You would be getting all the results of your past work.

If you wish to improve your current life then you will have to make new friends, start working on some new projects, joining a new business house or any other activity.

The main point here is that you need to very positive and work on the things that bring freshness to your life including your personal life and relationships.

Six of Cups in future position

To improve your future, you must build on the virtues of your past. It is not enough to succeed early, you must improve your capabilities. Deeply rooted desire will require some evolution to achieve.

With this card, you have great opportunities to enhance your future perspective. These perspectives would be constructed on the basis of your past decisions and virtues.

You will understand the fact that it is not just enough to succeed back then, but to make the same efforts in the future as well.

Six of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Innocence. 
  • Memories of childhood and events associated with it. 
  • Exchange of impressions and memories. 
  • Straight Talk. 
  • Rebirth of love. 
  • Renewal of old ties. 
  • Restoring harmony. 
  • Reflections on bygone times. 
  • Loved from the past. 
  • Return of the past. 
  • Old friends. 
  • Karmic connections. 
  • Happy memories. 
  • Anniversaries. 
  • Emotional renewal. 
  • Extracting hidden emotional treasures. 
  • Warm greetings. 
  • Holidays. 
  • Presents. 
  • Sentimentality. 
  • Family values. 
  • The joy of being in a family circle. 
  • A trip to close relatives. 
  • New job offer. 
  • Moving. 
  • Inheritance. 
  • Communication with children.

Upright Six of Cups is about Childhood memories. Its about reconnecting with your childhood friends or just thinking about them. When you think of these memories, these memories will make you happy. Six of cups will want you to move down the childhood memory lane. You will want to reexperience the park you went, visit the school or spend time in your childhood home. You will feel like spending carefree moments with your old buddies – just like it was before.

Six of Cups may indicate that you have a harmonious relationship with children. You will love being around them. They will show you a different perspective of life.

Upright Six of cups shows up when there is a win-win situation. Both parties involved benefit from each other.

Six of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Unwillingness or inability to adapt to the situation. 
  • All thoughts are in the past. 
  • Unwillingness to let go of “mother’s skirt”. 
  • Unnecessary nostalgia. 
  • Desire to return to old security measures. 
  • Vanity. 
  • Memories that cause suffering. 
  • Inability to pay the loan. 
  • Ghosts of the past in the present. 
  • Skeleton in the closet. 
  • Adherence to old traditions and beliefs. 
  • Reluctance to try 
  • something new. 
  • The need to look into the future. 
  • I don’t want to grow. 
  • The questioner will have to part with some of his friends, put an end to old deeds and affections, for he has long “grown” out of all this.

Do not trust the Future, no matter how pleasant it may seem! Let the Past bury its dead! Take action! Take action! And live in the Present!

Six of cup indicates that there may be some painful old memories that keep coming back to you. It also means that you may be thinking of some missed opportunities. Let  the past be in the past. You need to be in the present in order to carve a meaningful future.

Six of Cups reversed shows that you are thinking too much about old memories. This will do you no good. You should make an effort to start living in the present. Only then, can you achieve something in love.

Read More About Six of Cups

Six of Cups : Spirituality

In the realm of spirituality, it would be healthy for you to recover certain childhood rituals, which were full of naivety, trust and faith.

You must do a ritual of certain moments, of some things, with the same passion and intensity with which you acted in childhood, look again at life and all the inherent beauty with those fascinated eyes. Remember that little person still lives in you.

Six of Cups Relation with Astrology

Six of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Six of Cups is Scorpio.

The Six of Cups Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Six of cups has the picture of a small girl and a young lad. The boy is giving the girl a cup, that has flowers and leaved. The girl is happy and smiling back at the boy. The boy too looks happy and peaceful. He is lovingly looking at the child.

The little blonde girl is wearing a yellow and blue gown. She has a red scarf cowering her head. Her gloves indicate that it must be winter season. The boy too is wearing thick winter clothes. His head too is covered with a funny looking red cap. He is wearing long brown boots.

This looks like a marketplace in the village. The boy may be a flower seller. There are 4 cups on the ground, one is kept on a short pillar and one is in the boy’s hand (that he is giving the little girl). The pillar on which the cup is kept is beautifully carved and marked with the card ‘X’.

We can see building and houses in the background. There are small plants and bushes along the walls. Behind the boy is a stone walkway. A man is walking on the stone walkway. He is going towards a building. He has a stick in this hand.

Six of Cups : Significance

People all around the world wish to consider themselves as living in the carefree days of their childhood. But with adulthood, we tend to change in many ways. We become more mature, we learn to understand our responsibilities, controlling our emotional level.

But some may go up and ask you whether your innocence has lost with time? It might happen that you become very naïve in knowing a person completely and might have judged him all the way long. Being a human being it might happen that you get emotionally attached to someone but change while approaching the things.

In such cases, you will find the card Six of Cups coming up to you from the suit of cards in a tarot card reading session. This is a card that will signify the time of your childhood where children show a high level of emotions flowing within the heart. It shows a stage when you are full of creativity and do not find any connection from the worldly obligations and responsibilities.

This card will come to you in the form of a blessing which will your life full of happiness. But you need to make sure that it will always warn you would be lacking the adult wisdom when you need to take some serious decisions of life.


Getting this beautiful card in your court is something that would make you feel very nostalgic but with that, it will bring back the childish enthusiasm and optimism. With this optimism and zeal, you could improvise your present life as well as your future.

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Six of Cups