Queen of Cups: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Yes or No

Queen of Cups
Yes or No
Queen of Cups
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.
Someone will help you, will take an active part
The answer is “No”.
A large number of unpredictable events and nervous shocks.

Queen of Cups (upright) Keywords

Willingness to sacrifice. 
A married, pleasant woman. 
Calm, romantic, affectionate, attentive. 
Made for love. 
Intuitive, insightful, has mediumistic abilities
brilliant intuition, clairvoyance;
the success of the planned business;
lost in dreams;
rely on imagination rather than common sense;
educated thinking;
readiness for self-sacrifice;
control the forces of the soul;
rest period;
subtle and sensual intimacy with a partner or the need for a loved one;
emotionality, sensitivity;
not of this world;
wise choice.

Queen of Cups (reversed) Keywords

Wishful thinking. 
Lack of prospects. 
A woman with an unstable psyche. 
illusion, wishful thinking;
waywardness, bitterness;
tendency to exaggeration;
misuse of your intellect;
disrespect for the law;
delusion, sarcasm;
complaints, betrayal;
resentment, pettiness;
limited thinking, gossip;
prejudice, condemnation;
bad news;
loneliness, tears;
a woman of high society;
vice, debauchery, scandal.

Queen of Cups Advice

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Show the utmost care, stay true to your feelings.Do not meddle in other people’s affairs, do not succumb to hysteria, do not distort information.

Queen of Cups Warning

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Don’t do wishful thinkingYou can be choked with care and love.

Queen of as a Person

Queen of Cups
As a Person
Queen of Cups
As a Person
Someone’s mother. 
A person with deep feelings. 
Someone who only understands their own feelings. 
An artistic, emotional, caring woman with a good imagination and visualization ability. 
A devoted wife and mother. 
Good listener. 
Social worker. 
An understanding, caring woman, ready to help. 
Animal lover. 
A woman with the gift of foresight. 
A woman deeply immersed in her own world, floating in the clouds. 
A very receptive woman with a well-developed intuition. 
Deeply emotional, passionate and loyal woman. 
Cups always represent people who are easily influenced by others.
Very emotional. 
Afraid of being rejected. 
Vulnerable, sensitive, insinuating. 
Permeated by the moods of others. 
She has a developed imagination, a good memory. 
Mom, grandmother, teacher.
An angry woman who feels cheated or neglected. 
Spiteful gossip. 
Opposing you (often secretly) is a cunning, vindictive woman prone to behind-the-scenes intrigue. 
A woman who has become bitter and embittered as a result of experiencing difficulties or emotional losses. 
A woman with 
some prejudice, spreading gossip, undermining authority. 
People who let others down and who cannot be trusted. 
People who distort the facts in their favor. 
Those who feel outlawed. 
An intelligent, articulate secret enemy who never engages in open combat.
She is a touchy, whiny, desperate woman. 
Distorts information. 
Sometimes vicious, dishonorable. 
Maybe a drinker prone to bohemian hangouts

The Queen of Cups is a person who easily falls under the influence of other people and in most cases is unable to get out of this influence on her own.

Queen of Cups as feelings

Queen of Cups
as feelings
Queen of Cups
as feelings
Intuition, clairvoyant, emotional, sensitive, introspection. Illusion, bitterness, betrayal, manipulation, prejudice, delusion.

If you are asking how a person is feeling, the queen of cups makes it clear to you that they are slowly falling in love with you. Feelings are now in a subconscious phase, so some are not even aware of them.

Queen of Cups : Card of the Day

Your emotional state today is such that you especially clearly feel the spiritual aspirations and needs of those around you. 

Alas, it is possible that you can suffer because of other people’s negative emotions. 
And yet, go to meet people . 

Intuition will save you from severe mental wounds. 
Be especially attentive to dreams and signs of destiny! 

It is also possible that you will meet today with a delicate, sensitive woman, with the help of whom you will be able to reveal many secrets and mysteries of life.

Queen of Cups as someone sees you

  • A kind, affectionate person;
  • A soft, tender, mature, possibly seductive Person.
  • They see your heart and your emotions. This queen can be full of love or very needy.

Queen of Cups : Love

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Harmonious relationship, sometimes she is “too mommy”.Loss of oneself, no awareness, demand for gratitude.

The appearance of this queen is a positive sign for the relationship as it signals calm and restraint, solid and deep emotions born from the heart and a fine intuition to solve obstacles.

There is a comprehensive overview that facilitates understanding. If you are looking for love, you must go out and mingle with people. Your inner voice will tell you when and who. Being yourself, showing yourself as you are is the key to conquering.

Queen of Cups : Career

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Receiving a profit. 
Successful business development, successful business progress.

Occupation: educator, catering, music, poetry, literature, painting. 
Occult Sciences. 
Psychology, philosophy, religion, mysticism. 
Needlework, work with fabrics. 
Good housewives.
Lack of money, sheer chaos in business, no development, confusion.

The Queen of Cups shows that you are having a good time, your sensitivity makes the connection with others fruitful, which favors group work and with it the general results. Your attitude is positive, based on a loving gaze towards others and towards the task you carry out.

It also indicates that a woman in your workplace, usually with light hair, can be very helpful or supportive. She is important for your growth and will be a great ally.

Professions of the queen of cups:

  • psychologist, social worker,
  • doctor,
  • nurse,
  • healing,
  • medium,
  • psychic.

Queen of Cups : Money

Good news may appear regarding your finances. You are in a phase of great creativity so it will not be difficult for you to find solutions and opportunities for your improvement and growth. Keeping a positive thinking will help you.

The relationship with women is important when this card appears, they may be allies or partners, or perhaps a family member or friend who helps. Lean on them if you need to.

Queen of Cups : Health

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
A tendency to edema, puffiness, excess weight, sluggish chronic diseases.Medicinal poisoning, substance abuse, suspiciousness, mental disorders.

The queen of cups indicates that a feeling of love and compassion is the best recipe to feel good.

It is a card that links what can be a disease with a psychological, internal origin, therefore review your feelings and emotions, forgive and forgive yourself, overcome old things, look forward with optimism.

Lean on the women you love and know well, as that feminine energy is very favorable at this time. Good news if you are expecting results of some kind.

Queen of Cups : past, present, future

Queen of Cups in past position

You have achieved self-awareness by balancing all aspects of your personality. The success you desire has not yet been achieved, but it will come if you continue to deepen your inner knowledge.

Queen of Cups in present position

The possibilities of your life will unfold under the influence of an influential woman. She may challenge you or inspire you, but whatever she does will lead you to valuable insights.

Queen of Cups in future position

Seek help or advice from your loved ones, especially with regard to the feminine wisdom around you. Your journey will be driven by your emotional considerations, regardless of your professional success.

Queen of Cups (Upright) Meaning

  • Success,
  • peace,
  • restraint,
  • imagination
  • Blond woman.
  • Honest woman,
  • Virtue, Prudence, Honesty.
  • Intuition, the gift of clairvoyance,
  • success in business,
  • excessive daydreaming.
  • Developed imagination makes it difficult to clearly perceive reality.
  • Thinking.
  • Justice.
  • Education.
  • Self-sacrifice.
  • Have power over your emotions.
  • Controlling spiritual forces.
  • Kindness. Peace, tranquility.
  • Sensuality.
  • Emotionality. Susceptibility.
  • Restraint, self-control.
  • Ability to analyze what is happening and your inner state.
  • Helpers.
  • Wisdom.
  • Self-realization skill.
  • Devotion, loyalty,
  • passion.
  • Prudence.
  • Strength that strengthens and is able to heal.

The Queen of Cups implies the opportunity to look into your soul and think about what feelings this event evokes. Your intuition and premonitions will be faithful helpers. 

Pay special attention to the dreams and signals that your subconscious mind sends. A loving friend can help you, or you yourself have an opportunity to show your concern. 

Perhaps your mother or the woman who replaces her will play a significant role in future events.

The Queen of Cups always points to a specific woman from the environment of the questioner. There is a very close relationship between two people, warm feelings and mutual understanding. Anyone can play the role of this woman: mother, lover, sister, close friend, one of the female relatives.


Develop your best qualities in yourself, work on self-development. Learn to trust your intuition. You should be softer and more receptive to others. You should not demand more from others. Develop your creativity, grow. You can relax, now there are no pitfalls and unforeseen circumstances and traps on your way.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

  • Misuse of your intelligence and vocabulary. 
  • Disrespect for the law. 
  • Delusion. 
  • Sarcasm. 
  • Intimidation. 
  • Intolerance. 
  • Fanaticism. 
  • Complaints. 
  • Betrayal. 
  • Retribution. 
  • Manipulation. 
  • Resentment. 
  • Emotional blackmail. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Severity. 
  • Lack of scrupulousness. 
  • Pettiness. 
  • Lack of prospects. 
  • Excessive intelligence. 
  • Limited thinking. 
  • Gossip. 
  • Spiteful lie. 
  • Prejudice. 
  • Condemnation. 
  • Cheating. 
  • Cunning. 
  • Gossip. 
  • Bad news. 
  • Vindictiveness. 
  • Cruelty. 
  • A loss. 
  • Cold. 
  • Insincerity. 
  • Grief. 
  • Misfortune. 
  • Complaints. 
  • Loneliness. 
  • Tears. 
  • Trouble has come

Perhaps an overbearing and vengeful woman is secretly trying to discredit you by preventing you from taking the position you deserve. 

Tough times shouldn’t make you angry or deprived of positive emotions. Perhaps someone who is disrespectful to your feelings is trying to force you to do as he pleases. 

You may have been attacked by the anger of a woman whom you once neglected or who was dishonest.

Questions for analyzing when Queen of Cups appears in a Reading

  • Whom do you love and why?
  • Who loves you, why do they love you?
  • Do you take care of your body?
  • Can you afford too much?

Queen of Cups : Spirituality

You are now going through a time of inner strength and power. It is possible that you have very revealing dreams and certain clairvoyants or very clear intuitions.

From a compassionate and love-based emotion, your relationship with all beings in creation is close and warm. It is an optimal time to let those powerful energies of well-being flow freely, give love and feel loved.

Queen of Cups Symbolism

The Queen of Cups  is the ruler of the world of emotions.
She is a beautiful, introspective woman, who sits on a throne on the edge of the sea.

In her hands, she cradles a beautiful glass with handles in the shape of angels .
The cup is closed , an indication that the queen’s thoughts originate in the unconscious, deep within her own soul.

She wears a gold crown and a silver dress, she is alone, sitting and looking at this cup.
The stone throne on which he sits is decorated with images of sea nymphs, fish and scallop shells.

The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind and water, in general, represents emotions, spirit and feeling. The bright blue cloudless sky and placid sea water surround her.

Her feet do not touch the water , they rest comfortably on the colored pebbles arranged in front of her.

Queen of Cups Relation with Astrology

Queen of Cups Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Queen of Cups Cancer.

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