Queen of Cups Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


The Queen of Cups is the mother of feelings and understanding

The Queen of Cups portrays the deep realm of emotion. The covered cup in his hand indicates that these emotions are fully occurring deep within. She is an entirely emotional being, linked to motherhood, care and nurturing, who with her security and a very fine sensitivity, connects with others at the level of feelings.

Queen of Cups Symbolism

The Queen of Cups  is the ruler of the world of emotions.
She is a beautiful, introspective woman, who sits on a throne on the edge of the sea.

In her hands, she cradles a beautiful glass with handles in the shape of angels .
The cup is closed , an indication that the queen’s thoughts originate in the unconscious, deep within her own soul.

She wears a gold crown and a silver dress, she is alone, sitting and looking at this cup.
The stone throne on which he sits is decorated with images of sea nymphs, fish and scallop shells.

The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind and water, in general, represents emotions, spirit and feeling. The bright blue cloudless sky and placid sea water surround her.

Her feet do not touch the water , they rest comfortably on the colored pebbles arranged in front of her.

Queen of Cups Upright – General meaning

The Queen of Cups has all the attributes of honesty and a loving heart.

She is a good wife, an excellent friend, and the best mother of all, with her impartial advice almost always correct.

Like all court figures, the card can represent you as well as another person, and in this case she will be very intuitive, the kind of person who already knows what you are going to say to her before you even move your lips.

It can be associated with a sorceress, seer, a healer or psychic advisor, perhaps your therapist.

When it comes to emotional problems, The Queen of Cups always seems to have the answer to all questions regarding feelings and her great capacity for compassion, makes her a person who easily connects with what the other lives or is feeling.

There is no one who has as much intuition as she , perhaps she can only be compared with the major arcana of The Priestess, both being able to see the deepest mysteries hidden in the soul as if they read them written.

Whether The Queen of Cups refers to another person or yourself, her message is to trust intuition and the inner voice, and that you must connect with others from a sympathetic and understanding perspective.

Your mission is to teach and show the way, advise, act as an emotional support for those who need help to navigate the complex path of life.

People are attracted to you, in this special magnetism that is your formidable ability to discover what others need, you are a beacon in the dark, a safe harbor of affection and support, so possibly more than once it is your turn. beautiful mission to help heal broken hearts.

However, The Queen of Cups must establish a clear boundary between herself and others, since her Achilles heel is that she can easily forget herself and her needs, losing her personal sense, her self.

This is a queen who analyzes everything, lives it and thinks it with her heart, almost never with her head, so sometimes her emotions can overflow or not be very objective, having little common sense or rational thought to guide

Therefore, his message is that if you have already tried to solve things through logic and reason and it has not worked, look for the solution by fully supporting yourself in your inner being, your emotions, feelings and your intuition.

All the achievements or successes you have will always be the product of an internal force , a fertile imagination and creativity on the surface of everything, with all this you act and all this is what gives you the results.

The queen of cups can announce a series of events , such as motherhood, success in creative projects, whether artistic or commercial, meetings or encounters with trained people, experts, counselors, therapists, advisers.

It also announces activities that have to do with the home, such as arranging or decorating and possibly the beginning of a time of quite prophetic dreams. It is also very likely that the letter indicates that you support or will support one or more close women, as well as that a woman comes to you seeking help, comfort and advice.

Queen of Cups Upright – In Love Tarot Reading

The appearance of this queen is a positive sign for the relationship as it signals calm and restraint, solid and deep emotions born from the heart and a fine intuition to solve obstacles.

There is a comprehensive overview that facilitates understanding. If you are looking for love, you must go out and mingle with people. Your inner voice will tell you when and who. Being yourself, showing yourself as you are is the key to conquering.

Queen of Cups Upright – In Job or Profession Tarot Reading

The Queen of Cups shows that you are having a good time, your sensitivity makes the connection with others fruitful, which favors group work and with it the general results. Your attitude is positive, based on a loving gaze towards others and towards the task you carry out.

It also indicates that a woman in your workplace, usually with light hair, can be very helpful or supportive. She is important for your growth and will be a great ally.

Queen of Cups Upright – In Money or Finances Tarot Reading

Good news may appear regarding your finances. You are in a phase of great creativity so it will not be difficult for you to find solutions and opportunities for your improvement and growth. Keeping a positive thinking will help you.

The relationship with women is important when this letter appears, they may be allies or partners, or perhaps a family member or friend who helps. Lean on them if you need to.

Queen of Cups Upright – In Health Tarot Reading

The queen of cups indicates that a feeling of love and compassion is the best recipe to feel good.

It is a letter that links what can be a disease with a psychological, internal origin, therefore review your feelings and emotions, forgive and forgive yourself, overcome old things, look forward with optimism.

Lean on the women you love and know well, as that feminine energy is very favorable at this time. Good news if you are expecting results of some kind.

Queen of Cups Upright – In Spirituality Tarot Reading

You are now going through a time of inner strength and power. It is possible that you have very revealing dreams and certain clairvoyants or very clear intuitions.

From a compassionate and love-based emotion, your relationship with all beings in creation is close and warm. It is an optimal time to let those powerful energies of well-being flow freely, give love and feel loved.

Cups – Upright Card Meaning

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Cups – Reversed Card Meaning

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Queen of Cups Reversed

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