Ten of Swords Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


Ten of Swords Upright Keywords:

everything that the image indicates; also pain, unhappiness, tears, sadness, despair.

Ten of Swords Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Ten of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a open figure pierced by all the swords that belong to this card (the number of swords corresponds to the number of points).

Like the Death Card, Ten of Swords represents completion, the end of something, demarcation. The difference is that Death means natural, and the Ten of Swords means an artificial, sometimes violent end, that is, coming “out of time”. And, although such an end is often accompanied by difficult, painful experiences, this is not necessarily the case: so many swords symbolize the mighty power of the mind, which decided to draw a line under something. It could be important experiences that enrich us, but there could be unpleasant situations, bad habits, or a difficult, unfavorable period in life. One way or another, this is the bitter moment of parting with someone or something. What sensation arises in this case of tragic loss or relief, as after a surgical operation, can only be determined by context.

Ten of Swords  Upright Meaning:

The meaning of the card in the upright position: grief, suffering, complaints, comfort, affection, love, home, peaceful lifestyle (Cancer).
This card contains a dilemma: this is an obstacle; you can try to overcome it, but you can not overcome it, but stand in front of him with tents and calm down on that. You have already gone far enough not to be ashamed of such a decision, so there are a dozen of swords, a kind of gate to the upper, beyond world. At the same time, overcoming the obstacles symbolized by this card opens the gate to a new level and elevates (or returns) us to the ACE of PENTACLES. According to the researchers, TEN SWORDS are the worst TARO card. It means a broken vessel. And yet this is far from always as scary as it seems. To break a vessel of bondage does not necessarily mean something terrible. This may be the final stage of liberation.

Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, a TEN OF SWORDS may produce a lack of results. However, this is the impossibility of further progress. Moreover, the obstacle may lie not only in the barrier, but also in success.
At the level of the body (health), this card can be practiced as fever, inflammation, fever. Capricorn is associated with height and trials. At the social level, TEN OF SWORDS can also mean such a terrible test, as a test of power, honor, popularity. A TEN OF SWORDS is a sophisticated test and it is worth considering before you enter into a combat with it, for you can ascend very high, and fall very deep. Both are equally dangerous. In an inverted position in TEN SWORDS, Cancer wins back through the planet Jupiter: profit, gain, gift, success, power, authority – and at the same time, reluctance to go further – rest on its laurels.

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Ten of Swords Relation with Astrology

 Mars / Saturn as a symbol of the artificial, violent end. Capricorn, Saturn, Mars, Tenth House.

Ten of swords represents Crash, Destruction

Ten of swords represents The third decade of the Gemini from June 11 to 21.

The last decade of Gemini symbolizes the transformative work of thought in concrete reality. Gathering information about everything and actively engaging in pressing everyday issues, consciousness comprehends its involvement in the vast world, seeks to overcome its isolation from it and learns to act without violating the harmonious connection of its parts. The vitality of this decade is given by its ruler, the Sun.

The third decade of Gemini has practical grasp, unrestrained curiosity (both for household matters, and for world problems) and a willingness to scurry about any occasion: consciousness lives in the outside world, and it touches everything. This enumeration of various information about the world and the desire to embrace the immensity is associated with literature, giving representatives of this decade writer’s inclinations or making them book lovers. Endless life experiments often do not leave time to draw serious conclusions from them – and a fixed word helps to tune in to a more responsible attitude to oneself, one’s duty and true life task. The tactics should be accompanied by a strategy: prudence of action – self-understanding.
Life and thought are two sides of the one, and the classic phrase “being determines consciousness” can be understood in two ways: our thinking reflects the world, but thought also affects life. It is human nature to “catch oneself in thoughts”, and yet sometimes his latent thoughts come to life before he has time to realize their consequences. Thought, striving for a new one, destroys the former stable existence: the spirit is destructive for inert matter. The worst evil – the thought that brings the obsolete DEATH for the sake of another existence – lies in the man himself.

The Tarot card depicts a defeated man: ten swords pierced his body along the spine. They pour white light around the figure, dispersing the darkness. This symbolically depicts the descent of the spirit into matter, which destroys everything perishable in order to
But this is also the nailing of thought itself to the earth: the spirit in matter finds its death.

Overcoming the external fuss and comprehension of deeper values ​​makes it possible to find your specific path of life creation and move from the air element of thought to the dense matter of the earth.

TEN OF SWORDS symbolizes a certain obstacle, a certain height, which must be taken at all costs; a certain abyss in which you have to go down (or not fall); in any case, overcome, one way or another. This card fully embodies the sign of Capricorn and its antagonist – Cancer.

At the TEN SWORD level, you see the physical result of your previous actions. What they will be – pleasant or unpleasant – depends on your actions.
In the life of a person who sets himself high goals, trials can be stronger than in the life of one who is satisfied with a small one. At the TEN SWORD level, what is called the “middle path”, “upper” and “lower” is divided. When this card is dealt in a hand, a person is usually scared. But strongly this card will be shown in people with a “big swing”. As the weak manifestations of this card can be considered temporary financial constraints, depression.

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