Nine of Swords Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


Nine of Swords is about mind and creativity. ‘air’ is the element associated with Nine of Swords.

Nine of Swords Upright Keywords:

death, bankruptcy, failure, obstacle, deception, disappointment, hopelessness.

Nine of Swords Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Nine of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a woman sits on her bed and cries; swords over her bed.

This Tarot card depicts a woman sitting on the bed and covering her face with her hands: waking up, she suddenly realized what was happening. Her insight is mournful. But nine swords above her head point forward – into the future. On her coverlet are represented the symbols of planets and zodiac signs that control the invisible life processes of the world organism. Reason, which has torn the world apart and comprehended the fate of the past and the present, is given to comprehend the predestination of the future.

This image of sleepless nights corresponds to a state of deep concern and depression. Here there may be an unclean conscience that keeps you from falling asleep, or a feeling of some danger to life, for example, illness or bereavement. The map depicts nightly fears when we lie awake, tormented by our thoughts, and wait for dawn. At the same time, she does not tell us what exactly oppresses us so: a feeling of our own guilt or shame that drives the dream away, a feeling of insecurity in our strengths before a difficult test or some real danger that threatens our lives. She shows only our despair, longing, concern, sudden nightmare awakening, sleepless night.

Nine of Swords  Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, NINE OF SWORDS symbolizes the temple, monastery, sanctuary, cult and attitude to it, as well as virginity, purity, holiness, unearthly purity. A monk living in anticipation of a miracle, a sign, is an example of the subject of NINE SWORDS.

Nine of Swords is a card of honesty before oneself; card of self acceptance and understanding. And a card of complete power over yourself. Here, no one can control the thoughts and opinions of a person, no one can dictate his
will to him . This is a card of the impossibility of betraying yourself, no matter what terrible
consequences a person might expect. A card of creativity so skillful and sincere that it seems to be another reality. That is, this is a card where the Hanged Man’s eyes open and he gets a true realization about himself. The discovery of truth may be accompanied by shock, but it what a person is able to survive.

Sometimes this card indicates that you are forced to communicate with a person whose communication with you is unpleasant and you feel a loss of
energy and irritation. The common term energy vampire is associated with nine swords.

Nine of Swords in Present Position

In Present Position, this cards means not being able to wake up. A person on the verge of sleep and wake
does not distinguish one from the other; his attempts to find the difference and wake up or fall asleep all the time are unsuccessful and cause only pain. This card in the present positio speaks of an impending mental disorder when a person loses control over his thoughts.

Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, NINE OF SWORDS can give fear of disease, violence, doubt, ungodly and doubtful offers.
The precarious position of this card is expressed in the constant balance between holiness and some completely disgusting blasphemy. Moreover, all – both positive and negative manifestations, going along the Nine of Swords, are of a social nature. NINE SWORDS can also contribute to a radical change in worldview, for changes go along Sagittarius, and SWORDS are a radical suit. Sharp and sudden social ups and downs (an idol for an hour) is also a typical situation of NINE SWORDS. This card means a change of everyday environment, and moving, and separation in the broad sense of the word (not only with people and objects, but also with ideas).

In the old manuals, NINE SWORD was associated with a death notice; inverted – about the death of a loved one. (It should be remembered that the word DEATH in the cards means not only DEATH, as we understand it, but also any transformation, change.) This can relate to anything: appearance, social status, views. A monk, cutting his hair in a monastery, dies for the world. NINE OF SWORDS can also be recognized as the supreme power of liberation. Wake up suddenly and suddenly horrified by the situation, realizing it to the end. At such an instant, enormous power is released, impersonal and merciless. This is not an improvement in fate – this is one blow – and freedom. And the worse the situation, the worse this blow will be. No compromises. Freedom or death.

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Nine of Swords in Love Reading

At the level of love relationships, NINE SWORDS can give unnecessary concern for a loved one when love takes hysterical, annoying forms. Hysteria is generally associated with this card. Neptune means not only blind, unconditional, fanatical faith, but also distrust, suspicion, doubt, sometimes taking a manic form. Neptune, in general, enjoys the fame of an unkind planet in astrology; therefore, such “joys of life” as poverty and disappointment are associated with this card.

Nine of Swords Relation with Astrology

Saturn / Moon as a symbol of concern, depression, and guilt. Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Houses Twelfth and Ninth.

Nine of swords represents cruelty.

Nine of Swords stands for Second decade of Gemini from June 1 to 10.

The second decade of the Gemini ruled by Mars expresses the idea of ​​actively incorporating one’s own will into a rational analysis of the world. The mind, pushing opposites, rigidly dissects the unknown into parts, then to re-create the world from pieces, comparing them with each other and establishing logical connections. This decade develops a sharp mind and poses questions with an edge.

Mars offers to judge things from a personal standpoint and speak boldly about everything, but, on the other hand, the mental preparation of a living organism of the world replaces the original integrity (albeit a perfect, but dead scheme), so this decade has the name – Cruelty. This is the cruelty of a cold mind in relation to a sentient body. In the end, the feeling turns out to be right, and the reason is not right because an attentive soul can always quietly and imperceptibly destroy those barriers with which a furious mind wages a protracted and bloody war. Nevertheless, representatives of this decade tend to put emphasis on the omnipotence of reason. Dealing with the shortcomings of the present, the mind makes a connection between the past and the future.

NINE OF SWORDS symbolizes the results that are about to appear, and resonates with the sign of Sagittarius and its rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. Moreover, Jupiter gives this card religiosity, but Neptune of this religiosity can give the most frenzied forms and brings fear of the unknown, insecurity, fears, the desire to withdraw from reality, inability to survive contact with reality, misunderstanding, hopelessness, suffering.

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Nine of Swords Reversed

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