Four of Swords Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


Four of Swords Upright Keywords:

insomnia, shelter, solitude, hermit’s rest, exile (reference), grave and coffin.

Two of Swords Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Two of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a Four are images of a knight lying in his grave with his hands folded for prayer.

The Four of Swords is a map of stagnation, interrupted activity and forced rest. In this sense, it resembles the Hanged Man’s card, but its difference from it is that it is associated with specific events: the obstacles or difficulties pointed out by the Four are usually simple and understandable, and overcoming them does not require us to overturn all life principles. This position is akin to a disease, which also constitutes one of the values ​​of the map. We are forced to interrupt our activities, to pause. Whether we will suffer or try to use this pause to deal with ourselves, depends only on us. It’s clear that we can use the pause to work on ourselves, but we would hardly be able to arrange it ourselves of our own free will.

Four of Swords  Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes rest, recuperation, refusal to fight, loneliness, seclusion, exile, imprisonment, sleep of a soul, once a restless, latent period. It must be remembered that the word “temporary” must be added to each of these concepts. FOUR OF SWORDS is a small mercy of SWORDS: they are at rest. The sword rests, for it has fulfilled its task. The KNIGHT, sleeping on his bed, has achieved something in life and is eating the fruits of silence. A card can mean either work at rest time (sincere search for the Hermit in the cell), or a moment of rest amid hard work. The lying KNIGHT may not be sleeping, but praying, he is engaged in spiritual activities.

At the metaphysical level, the FOUR OF SWORDS symbolizes a constructive act, a will embodied in matter. Hermit, shutting himself in his cell and immersed in self-contemplation, does not idle at all – he creates.

Four of Swords Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the FOUR SWORD card means untimely action. It’s time for a man to stop and think, and he rushes into battle. “The right action at the right time in the right place and with the right people … leads to the right results.” – The inverted FOUR OF SWORDS symbolizes neglect of this principle. Cancer and its associated planets – the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars – sound in the topic of the FOUR OF SWORDS.
Mars in Cancer is in a fall, so the action at the level of the FOUR DIES OF SWORDS, as it were, freezes, goes into the depths, turns inwards. The moon symbolizes recovery and motherhood. (Maternity is generally one of the keywords for the FOUR OF SWORDS.) Jupiter, symbolizing the protective hypostasis of fire (light grave), in an inverted FOUR OF SWORDS can give such a negative manifestation as tyranny. FOUR OF SWORDS excludes vanity.

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Four of Swords Relation with Astrology

Saturn in the 5th house as a symbol of a break in creativity or in the 6th house as a symbol of illness. Cancer, Mars, Moon, Houses Fourth and Seventh.

Four of Swords represents Truce .

Four of Swords stands for The third decade of Libra from October 13 to October 23.

The third decade of Libra most fully represents the weighing idea of ​​partnership – the idea of ​​the harmony of human relationships as an analogue of higher laws. This decade is characterized by the concepts of justice, goodness and morality, as well as calm optimism, a sense of humor and an attentive attitude towards people.

This decade is governed by Jupiter, which bestows those born in this decade not only with the above merits, but also with compromise (the case when only social norms and the principle of “what is above, then below” are taken too critically).
This decade also tends to see the world as the highest harmony, often turning a blind eye to the fact that the truth has not yet come into the world, and that it has become truly humane, you have to work hard.

Representatives of this decade, in order not to become a traitor to their own ideals, need to more often listen to the inner voice of their own conscience, but in order not to repeat the way of Don Quixote, they must specifically comprehend the realization of their ideals. After an unsuccessful attempt to reach the number Three at the level of matter and, having “landed” and, more precisely, having flipped on the ground, the Force (understood metaphysically) finds an acceptable compromise in the form of a reliable and practical FOUR. FOUR is, of course, limited, but at the moment it does not really matter. Since we are talking about a temporary respite before a new throw. At the level of the FOUR OF SWORDS a kind of rest takes place, a cure after the struggle of the misconceptions associated with the THREE SWORDS. The ideal, of course, was not achieved, God could not be brought to Earth, but the idol was already sculpted,

The TARO card depicts a figure lying on its back in a resting position. Three swords hang on the wall, one side by side: the mind passively accepts the world as it is, but … he is always ready to be fully armed.
Outside the window, against the backdrop of a noisy world, a man knelt before a woman: consciousness bowed to more refined feelings.

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Four of Swords Reversed

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