Three of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Three of Swords

Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Three of Swords

Three of Swords Yes or No

Three of Swords
Yes or No
Three of Swords
Yes or No
The answer is “No”.
A period of bad news, discontent, difficult experiences.
The answer is “No”.
Insurmountable conflicts, events with which it is almost useless to fight.

Three of Swords (upright) Keywords

Three problems. 
It’s time to decide something, cut it off, do away with something, no matter how painful it is. 
Stop some kind of war. 
Work that does not lie in the heart 
Serious quarrel. 
Striving for an unattainable ideal. 
Love triangle. 
Heart is broken. 
The end of the relationship. 
A loss. 
Purifying Suffering. 
Tears of liberation. 
Serious illness. 
Surgical intervention. 
Black magic. 
Evil eye. 
do not dwell on one problem, as there are many of them;
3 problems (to clarify each, draw three more cards);
a broken heart;
stormy weather in search of love;
quarrel with a partner, family quarrels;
conflict, break;
advice: to conduct affairs of the heart honestly;
ordering chaos;
advice: open up to new things;
a choice made against feelings;
unhappy love;
emotional thunderstorm;
narcissistic resentment;
surgical intervention;
well-being and feelings depend on the weather;
miscarriage, abortion;
misanthropy, rudeness;
“love triangle”.

Three of Swords (reversed) Keywords

Healing from Grief. 
Restoring relationships after a quarrel, but the mental pain is still felt. 
Friendly support. 
The person who never cries.
a situation of many problems is already in the past;
the worst is over;
unwillingness to let go of the pain of the past;
simple surgical operations;
delusion, insanity, mental disorder;
mental pain is even stronger than with the correct position of the card;

Three of Swords Advice

Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Be prepared to find out about something unpleasant, but inevitable.
Cry, experience the pain.
Get ready for the test.

Three of Swords Warning

Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Do not daydream lest you experience disappointment.
Do not create desperate situations.
Serious trouble.

Three of Swords as a Person

Three of Swords
As a Person
Three of Swords
As a Person
Abandoned people. 
People in grief. 
Annoyed people. 
People under stress. 
Those with a bad heart.
A man courageously enduring adversity, taught by bitter experience.
Rejected loved ones. 
A man in a stream of trouble.

Three of Swords as feelings

Three of Swords
as feelings
Three of Swords
as feelings
Courageous, conflict, unhappy, misunderstanding, resentment. Alienation, loss, confusion, unwillingness, delusion, insanity, distraction.

Three of Swords : Card of the Day

Today, one way or another, you will have to swallow a bitter pill. 

Another bummer in your work, “most unpleasant news” or a painful decision awaits you. 

So pull yourself together, keep your back straight, and try to digest it as soon as possible. 
Do what you have to do. 

Don’t put off an unpleasant phone call or dentist appointment until tomorrow.

Three of Swords as someone sees you

  • Someone who is emotionally or physically wounded;
  • -Someone had many disappointments in life.

Three of Swords : Love

Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Love triangle and / or broken heart. 
If there are still people in the alignment, it may mean that a person is torn between partners. 
It can mean unrequited love.
A bad choice that could ruin the next few years. 
Perhaps dissatisfaction with their choice in love.

This is where The Three of Swords falls squarely. On the one hand, it can indicate difficulties for a partner, misunderstanding, hidden deceptions, arguments, disappointments.

This may be just a moment, and the relationship can be saved if you act truthfully and if there are true feelings. In its darker face, The Three of Swords indicates ruptures, divorces, betrayals, abandonment. There is a deep heartbreak, and usually everything happens in a rush, almost without warning.

If you are alone and looking for love, you may have several misunderstandings, people who seem like one thing and then disappoint you when you go deeper.

It is a difficult time without a doubt. You have to live that pain to get it out, express it. If you save it and don’t process it properly, you will never get out of it.

Three of Swords : Career

Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Arrested goods, external restrictions of various kinds: an increase in rent, an increase in taxes, a warning about the closure of an enterprise. 
A situation that you can try to replay.
Inability to restore business, confiscations, serious loss of money.

Your feelings or your ego can feel quite hit by something that happens at work. There may be an unexpected betrayal, the cancellation of an important project, someone else taking credit for something you did.

At worst it may be job loss, but it is usually more of a painful event related to a disappointment or a major roadblock that unexpectedly appears to frustrate your plan.

If you are looking for a job, focus on fields or activities different from those you have always done, change the focus, try your luck with something different even if it is not in your domain.

Three of Swords : Money

The Three of Swords keeps the disappointments. If the situation is overwhelming, don’t try to look at the whole, the big picture.

Take small pieces of the situation and analyze them, solve part by part, day by day. Find the causes that have plunged you into this and try to correct them.

Ask for help if you need it, don’t let pride make things more complicated. Bad time for investments and expenses, to expand and grow. Bad time to create a partnership, due to the risk of betrayal and disappointment.

Three of Swords : Health

Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Heart diseases. 
Problems in the chest area (thoracic spine). 
Psychosomatic conditions: the worse the mood, the worse the state of health. 
It is necessary to get rid of experiences so that they do not affect health (speak out, calm down).
Not a very successful operation.

The Three of Swords indicates that you are going through a difficult time, mainly associated with sadness, deep depression or nervous anxiety. You may be going through a complicated illness.

The best thing you can do, despite the difficult picture, is to try to stay positive. Everything can be overcome, from spiritual pain to physical illness, and positive predisposition can really work wonders, beyond proper and pertinent treatments.

Three of Swords : past, present, future

Three of Swords in the past position

There is severe emotional or physical pain that you are still breastfeeding. A disclaimer may allow you to seize the opportunity to create something new through the recent destruction of what you loved.

Three of Swords in the present position

You will soon experience intense emotional turmoil. This period of suffering will lead you to a better future.

Three of Swords in the future position

There may be a heartbreak in the near future. Three of Swords in the future position indicate difficult times ahead.

Three of Swords (Upright) Meaning

  • Emotional thunderstorm. 
  • A loss. 
  • Emotional pain. 
  • Lost love. 
  • Relationship problems. 
  • Violent emotions. 
  • Narcissistic resentment. 
  • Irritability. 
  • Quarreling. 
  • Conflicts. 
  • Misunderstanding. 
  • Alienation. 
  • Disharmony. 
  • Coup. 
  • Nervous behavior. 
  • Sadness. 
  • Pain. 
  • Bad luck. 
  • Surgery. 
  • The gap. 
  • Upsetting changes. 
  • Well-being depends on the weather (feelings change like the weather). 
  • Seven Fridays a week. 
  • Stress. 
  • Voltage. 
  • Disease. 
  • Cry. 
  • Grief. 
  • Sorrow. 
  • Darkness before dawn. 
  • Depth of feelings. 
  • Crack. 
  • Separation. 
  • Divorce. 
  • Rejection. 
  • Renouncement. 
  • Loss of a loved one. 
  • Tears. 
  • Miscarriage. 
  • Heart problems. 
  • Abortion. 
  • The funeral. 
  • Obituary. 
  • Death. 
  • Painful news. 
  • Touch the inner core.

Three of Swords says that you have something to grieve and something to cry about. You are under stress or are very worried about the fact that a loved one has left you. 

It is very important to consider where your sadness will lead. Perhaps you need to part with some person or get out of the situation if such a relationship does not bring you anything but heartache. 

This card can predict illness or say that your well-being in the near future will be closely dependent on the weather. This is a map of a gap, a necessary clipping of unnecessary ones, sometimes it indicates a major surgery or complex dental problems. 

Be careful and don’t push your loved one away just because you feel tense and irritable.

Sometimes the Three of Swords portends death. We can talk about death if there are several cards in the layout that portend it, for example, the Tower, Death, cards with a large number of Swords, many cards in an inverted position, etc.

However, most often the presence of the Three of Swords in the layout indicates that the questioner will receive the news of the death of an acquaintance or loved one.

Three of Swords Reversed Meaning:

  • Recovery. 
  • The worst is over. 
  • You have experienced separation, but the pain continues. 
  • Less painful breakup. 
  • Unwillingness to let go of the pain of the past. 
  • Long-term regret and depression. 
  • Uncomplicated surgical operations.

Heart pain subsides. You have experienced a rather painful situation that is already coming to an end. The suffering was unbearable, and for some time it will continue. There is nothing you can do to restore a broken relationship. Now that the worst is over, recovery awaits you. 

Although parting is inevitable, it will still not be as painful as if the three of Swords were present in the correct position. If your question is about health, then you may have a minor surgery or a visit to the dentist. 

A meeting with a person with whom you once made a compromise is possible.

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Three of Swords : Spirituality

This is not the time to hold onto things, ideas, people, or situations that may have already run their course in your life. You must release all that pain and open your heart to new experiences to come.

Only the passage of time is useful and is the best cure, although if you cannot with your soul, you should ask the right people for help to assist you and be your support to get ahead.

Three of Swords Relation with Astrology

Three of Swords Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Three of Swords is Libra.
  • Mars / Moon as a symbol of offended feelings. In the aspect with Mercury, a decision made contrary to feelings. Neptune in Libra, Aquarius and the Seventh House.
  • Three of Swords signifies Grief, Sorrow .
  • Three of swords stands for The second decade of Libra from October 3 to October 12.

The second decade of Libra expresses the idea of ​​defining the boundaries of thought: the identification of logical patterns that allow the mind to make a clear judgment on any issue. 

Saturn leads this decade, reflecting such qualities as patience and tolerance, as well as the ability to adhere to established rules for the sake of general harmony. 

The same decade symbolizes the definition of oneself, the desire for inner completeness and perfection of the image. 

However, the constant measurement of steps impedes progress, therefore this decade is characterized by a fear of novelty and any uncertainty. It is also characterized by excessive self-restraint, distrust of the outside world and other people, as potential sources that bring disharmony. 

Three of Swords Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Three of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a three swords pierce the heart. Cloud and rain in the background.

Because of the drawing, this card is often considered a symbol of grief, mainly because of unhappy love. She has, of course, such an aspect, but her content is far from exhausted by this. 

The main meaning of the Three of Swords is a choice made contrary to feeling. 

But this, cowardice, or, conversely, a step toward liberation, can be understood only by knowing the background of the question asked and checking the rest of the cards that fell out. 

In situations where feelings are brutally suppressed by the mind, this card, of course, is negative. 

But if it shows that by the power of reason we managed to break out of the captivity of some kind of dependence, to free ourselves from dubious habits, then this is a painful but necessary step.

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