Ace of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Ace of Swords

Tarot Card Meaning

Ace of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords Yes or No

Ace of Swords
Yes or No
Ace of Swords
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.The answer is “No”.
A state of internal discontent accompanies.

Ace of Swords (upright) Keywords

Energy of mind and action. 
A flash of sudden emotions, inspiration. 
Finding a solution to the problem instantly. 
Exciting new cases. 
Sharp tongue. 
Desire to talk. 
Figure out the relationship. 
Achieve clarity about something. 
The beginning of a serious conflict. 
Protection of rightness. 
A clear goal. 
Winning an argument or debate. 
Birth of a child. 
the acquisition of clarity in 
something : clarification of relations, overcoming doubts;
solving the problem;
the birth of a child, an idea;
conquest, triumph;
troubles will disappear soon;
advice: if you have a new business, then act thoughtfully;
advice: you should correctly assess your power (strength);
sharpness of mind;
unambiguous solutions;
new incentive;
release from addictions of various kinds;
serious conversation, problem solving between partners;
liberation from illusions – the collapse of the union;
“there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped”;
logic, order, discipline;
the need for surgical intervention, medical examination;
a promising project can arise from an unpleasant situation;
pregnancy, fetus;
passion, excitement;
a new period in life.

Ace of Swords (reversed) Keywords

Confused Thinking. 
False vision. 
Lots of negative feelings. 
Obstacles and difficulties. 
Violent tendencies. 
Problems with the law, with the authorities. 
A dubious victory. 
Loss of power. 
Quarrels and partings. 
Painful truth. 
A wound with a sharp object. 
the problem is not solved;
parting from someone;
blow of fate;
anxiety and depression;
threat of defeat;
sarcasm, incitement;
unclear thinking;
unnecessary break;
abuse of force, destructiveness;
heavy operation;
wound with a sharp object;
conception, birth of a child;
lack of power;
failure in business;
injustice, violence, destruction;
problems with the law, with the authorities;
the beginning of tensions.

Ace of Swords Advice

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Listen to outside cues.
Find out the relationship, grasp the essence of the matter, make a decision.
Reduce risks, do not get into risky situations.

Ace of Swords Warning

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Minor to Medium Trouble.
Do not find fault with the Little things and do not try to “calculate” everything.
Do not build up aggression

Ace of Swords as a Person

Ace of Swords
As a Person
Ace of Swords
As a Person
People with well-developed logic. 
Dominant personalities. 
True fighters for their cause. 
Surgeons and other healthcare professionals. 
Life-saving people. 
Sharp tongues.
This person has a tendency to build up tension within, ready to explode.

Ace of Swords as feelings

Ace of Swords
as feelings
Ace of Swords
as feelings
unambiguous, liberation from illusions, freedom, decisiveness, logic, order, discipline, passion, excitementImpulsive, irritable, anxiety, depression, unclear, injustice, violence.

Ace of Swords : Card of the Day

Today you will have a brilliant idea that will help you solve a boring problem or solve a riddle that has long tormented you. 

Be attentive and ready to “receive the signal”. 

So you will not only get to the heart of the matter, but also get the opportunity to make the wisest decision or finally sort out the relationship that has long required clarification.

Ace of Swords as someone sees you

  • Someone who is unintellectual with whom they would like to communicate on a mental level, rather than in a romantic relationship.
  • Person having clarity of thinking and a sharp mind.
  • Someone who follows passion.

Ace of Swords : Love

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Feelings that suddenly appeared with a tinge of conflict. 
Acquaintance in the circumstances of the conflict. 
Fatal and turbulent relationship, but sometimes exclusively on the mental level (everything boils inside the partners, without going outside). 
Random information that hits relationships (gossip).
Long silent quarrels. 
Concealed anger, resentment.

The Ace of Swords has a lot to do with the truth and the truth can lead to new beginnings, so if you are alone you may now be ready for a new opportunity.

If you are in a relationship, the situation can be twofold: One part can mean that the relationship comes to an end, there is a cut, probably as a result of speaking the truth. Now you say what you think and feel and if your partner cannot accept it, there are not many ways out.

On the other hand, the relationship can be strengthened based on the truth. Both open up, put the cards on the table and there is a very favorable evolution from the intellectual point of view. A new, much better stage begins, leaving setbacks behind.

Ace of Swords : Career

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Crowding out of the market without visible competition is possible; 
does not lead to loss of money, but the ground underfoot is shaky. 
Makes you run in search of ideas.

Depending on the question:
– if “what to do?” 
– look for new ideas;

– if “what will happen?” 
– a sudden check is coming.
Undercover fuss (conflicts) in the team. 

Unexpected expenses. 

Falling income. 

Defaults, falling stock prices and similar troubles.

The Ace of Swords means that you are going to have a new vision of things, of your task and activity. You will try new and different strategies to make things better, if you are already in a stable job.

But it is not ruled out that this new vision makes you see other horizons that until now you did not see. If after this vision you want a change of job or activity, the card tells you that it is the right thing to do.

If you are looking for work, it is likely that you will find jobs that until now had little to do with you. New ideas, new activities. Take it, the Ace of Swords is a good indication for you to do it.

Ace of Swords : Money

The Ace of Swords is a powerful wake-up call. It is not time for expenses, all economic situations, investments, pretended opportunities can be double-edged at this time.

You may win a lot but if you lose it will also be a lot and very painful. Stay cautious and risk only if after deep intellectual analysis you get unequivocal data.

It is likely that they will ask you for money, a loan and it would be best if you do not provide it. The card notes that you are unlikely to regain your values ​​and a relationship could be damaged along the way. Excuse yourself in the best possible way.

Ace of Swords : Health

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
Bruises, injuries, cuts. 
Breakdowns, outbursts of anger, seizures (head, nerves).

Short-term acute conditions that do not cut down on health.
A person dries up, some kind of disease erodes him.
May be obsessed with an “overvalued” idea.

The Ace of Swords indicates that this is an extraordinary time to quit unhealthy habits or addictions. If you have tried to quit smoking for example, without success before, this is a new opportunity to do it, since now you have practically unbeatable strength.

The same for dieting or changing a behavior that does not benefit you. However, even if you have the energy now, it will not be easy and you may have your nerves a bit on the edge, since we remember that swords are always a bit aggressive. Try to stay calm and focus on your goal.

Ace of Swords : past, present, future

Ace of Swords in past position

You have fought in the name of good, adding your intense energy to an idealistic cause. Events of the recent past have set in motion unchanging events.

Ace of Swords in present position

You are entering a new phase in your life and everything will change. The reasons and results of the changes are not determined, but this period will show you a lot.

Ace of Swords in future position

Putting your creative thought into action may take some courage, but you can overcome the longest odds if you wish.

Ace of Swords (Upright) Meaning

  • You have great power at your disposal. 
  • The power of the element of Air. 
  • The power of reason. 
  • Freedom. 
  • Determination. 
  • Mental energy. 
  • Courage. 
  • Fresh ideas. 
  • The power of a word. 
  • There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. 
  • The beginning of success. 
  • Sense of tact. 
  • Irreversible and radical change. 
  • Concentration of energy. 
  • Overcoming obstacles. 
  • Focused mind. 
  • Logics. 
  • Order. 
  • Discipline. 
  • Ability to define goals. 
  • Balanced action. 
  • Rationality. 
  • The ability to think carefully about everything. 
  • Hitting the bull’s-eye. 
  • Justice. 
  • Law. 
  • Legal issues. 
  • Authoritarianism. 
  • Willpower. 
  • The need for surgical intervention. 
  • Medical examination. 
  • Blood test. 
  • Injections. 
  • Each cloud has a silver edge. 
  • The pen is mightier than the sword. 
  • You should think before you act. 
  • First the mind, then the feelings. 
  • Great prosperity or great poverty.

In an upright position, the Ace of Swords symbolizes determination, courage, initiative, strength, power, activity, fertility, prosperity, intense emotions, passionate love, conquest, challenge. 

This is clarity, a breakthrough, separation (dissection by the blow of a sword), penetration (blades into the flesh). The inextricable link of victory and suffering. The victory of the Sword is always the elimination of convenient half-heartedness, laziness, self-pity.

The  Ace of Swords may indicate the beginning of a new intellectual project. Since Swords are associated with strife, conflict and difficulty, this card indicates the likelihood of a promising project that may arise from an adversity. 

The traditional meaning of this card is “strength in adversity”: there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. To overcome all obstacles and difficulties, you need discipline and determination. Inevitable and painful life changes can start something positive. 

You have great power at your disposal. You can focus your mind and efforts on achieving a goal. You need logic, balance and order. Sometimes this card indicates that legal intervention is needed to resolve the conflict. 

If you asked about your health, then the Ace of Swords indicates the need to prescribe injections or surgery.

Ace of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

  • Threats. 
  • Excessive strength. 
  • Heavy hand. 
  • A real victory. 
  • Abrupt speech. 
  • Sarcasm. 
  • Incitement. 
  • Confrontation. 
  • The pursuit. 
  • Delay in action. 
  • Poor sense of tact. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • Illusions. 
  • Unclear thinking. 
  • An unnecessary break. 
  • Lack of planning. 
  • Abuse of power. 
  • Energy in the wrong direction. 
  • Unnecessary wounds. 
  • Destructiveness. 
  • Immorality. 
  • Chaos. 
  • Exploitation. 
  • Domination. 
  • Injustice. 
  • Dishonesty. 
  • Power problems. 
  • Problems with law. 
  • Misuse of intelligence. 
  • Disrespect for the feelings of others. 
  • You are being used. 
  • Self-torture. 
  • Heavy operation. 
  • Problems with medical intervention. 
  • If you hurry, you will make people laugh. 
  • Anyone who comes with a sword will die by the sword. 
  • Strength determines actions. 
  • Touch the inner core. 

In an inverted position, the Ace of Swords card draws its energy onto itself, symbolizing diseases and destruction in all kinds of manifestations. 

In the worst case, an Ace of Swords can mean an erosion of vitality, in principle, a fatal outcome. However, this is a very rare occurrence. 

You  may be in a situation where you are being used. It seems that you are putting in much more energy than is necessary to achieve your goals. 

Be careful: do not overdo it, do not burn bridges behind you. When the Ace of Swords appears in the layout, it usually indicates that you are throwing too much out of your life, sometimes it is completely unnecessary. 

Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. You may need to end a relationship in which your partner is being cruel or unfair to you. Perhaps sometime you have injured another, and now it is your turn to suffer. 

If your question was about health, this card warns that you may injure yourself with a sharp object or experience complications after surgery. 

Sometimes the appearance of this card symbolizes conception, and under certain Arcana – the birth of a child.

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Ace of Swords : Spirituality

The Ace of Swords signals that you can now drop a belief system that has not worked for you and yet you have held for a long time. Now you have a new, revealing, different vision that your inner voice interprets as correct.

Give yourself the opportunity to explore these new ideas, this new you, this different spirit that you now feel you have discovered. The journey will undoubtedly be positive for you. Always holding on to old patterns and belief models ends up being harmful. Open up.

Ace of Swords Relation with Astrology

Ace of Swords Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Ace of Swords are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Mercury / Mars as a symbol of sharpness of mind and determination, or Mercury / Jupiter as an increase in knowledge and higher Mind.
  • Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Mars and Pluto, the connection of Mars with other planets. 
  • The First, Fourth, Eighth and Tenth Houses.
  • ACE OF SWORDS symbolizes Strength, Seed of Strength.

Something arises and begins to ripen. It is difficult to indicate the clear difference between the direct and inverted position of the ACE OF SWORDS. We can only say that the upright position is stronger than the upturned one.

The ACE of SWORDS is considered both as the embryo of the Force, and as the medium that perceived this embryo. With this approach, you need to have a clear understanding of the boundary between the seed and the medium. Seed is maximally separated from the environment. It has not yet sprouted into it. The environment can destroy the seed or the seed – actively affect the environment.

The suit of SWORDS also symbolizes the direction. The whole question is where the action of the Force will be directed, outward or inward.

At body level, an ACE of SWORDS may indicate the beginning of passion, illness, or any undertaking. We can say that the ACE of SWORDS symbolizes a new action or a new volitional act. Through ACE of SWORDS initiation can also go, that is, a connection to something new. On the whole, ACE OF SWORDS is the most “energy” card of JUNIOR ARCANA.

Tip – A sword in the service of base interests. Violence as a way to solve all problems.

Ace of Swords Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Ace of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a hand coming out of a cloud squeezes a sword, the tip of which is surrounded by a crown.

Each of the Aces represents a chance. The Ace of Swords corresponds to a higher Reason, that power of knowledge that leads to clarity, consistency and the ability to make decisions. In contrast to the next card (Two of Swords), symbolizing the destructive power of doubt, here the work of the mind is carried out in the most pure, bright and liberating form. 

All the sharpness of the mind that we have should be directed at penetrating into the essence of the problem, without losing sight of the general picture, without drowning the problem in the debate about words and not brushing it off “for insignificance,” this card says.

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