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Six of Swords Upright Keywords:

water trip, route, path, emissary, messenger, means to achieve the goal.

Six of Swords Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Six of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a carrier carrying passengers to the other side.
The Six of Swords points to changes through which we can reach new shores. As a “breakthrough” card, it is, as it were, in the middle between a hero’s performance full of joy (Chariot) and sad farewell (Eight Cups). Its exact significance to a large extent depends on ourselves – on whether we are happy about the upcoming changes, whether we are waiting for them, or, conversely, we are afraid. In any case, it symbolizes the path to the new shore, for which, however, it is necessary to leave the old. What lies ahead is unknown. Therefore, it also means the bitterness of farewell, insecurity, fears and worries, but also a certain curiosity and interest in what will happen. It should be borne in mind that this “new coast”, which awaits us ahead, does not necessarily mean a physical movement from somewhere to somewhere; it can be the discovery of something new in oneself, the assimilation of new rules of the game, new standards of life, or acquaintance with other cultures and religions. In the book of Yi Jing and in mythology, the transition through water always means a step from multiplicity to unity.

Six of Swords Upright Meaning:

In the upright position of the HEXAGON OF SWORDS symbolizes self-sacrifice, precisely calculated correct action, a step towards spirituality.
Before us is the image of a man striving to improve the world through action. True, at the level of the Six of Swords – a step has not yet been taken, but it can be taken. The virgin is ruled by Proserpine, therefore, through the SIX of Swords, a person is reborn, reconstructed, reborn. At the same time, Mercury influence is strong here, so the map can symbolize a trip or trip.
A map can also mean overcoming difficulties, defeating a routine by scrupulously mastering it; it is success after a long feverish activity (hassle).

Six of Swords Reversed Meaning:

in an inverted position Six of Swords gives Virgin its lowest manifestation of selfishness, the tendency to use other (sit on the neck), self-sacrifice on the contrary, stagnation. The problems that arise are not solved, but are put off in a long box.

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Six of Swords Relation with Astrology

Mars in the 4th house as a breakthrough from the familiar surroundings, and Mercury in the 9th house as a search for new horizons. Virgo, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo, Houses Sixth and Tenth.

Six of Swords stands for Science, Disclosure

Six of Swords signifies The Second Decade of Aquarius from February 1 to 9.

The second decade of Aquarius symbolizes consistent and detailed aspirations, science and unexpected intuitive insights into the unknown. And if the first decade develops freedom of thought, then the Second makes a transition from subjective thinking to objective. This decade is ruled by Mercury and the asteroid Ceres.

But Aquarius does not symbolize Libra’s abstract thinking (the intellect encompasses life processes in general here and its work can already be called spiritual), therefore the Second decade of Aquarius belongs to the sphere of a higher rational and at the same time spiritual principle. The name of this decade – “Disclosure” – is the disclosure to the mind of the secrets of nature, man, Earth and the Universe. This is the development of the human spirit, mastering new horizons, and the manifestation of truth in the world.

This decade is characterized by long-distance striving and complete indifference to what is not within the scope of her interests, stubborn adherence to her course, regardless of her needs and the needs of others.

An idea that can embrace the world becomes higher than the reality of the world. A negative example of how science, designed to guide nature, neglects the latter, and the implementation of scientific ideas leaves no room for concern for people, can serve as our Russia – the country of Aquarius. Therefore, the main and most important task of the second decade of Aquarius is a careful attitude to the present, without which the future cannot be embodied.

The tarot map shows a man with a pole, ferrying a boat from one coast to another. Together with him in the boat is a woman, a child and six swords standing in parallel. The waters are unconsciously calm. (The soul is harmonized and moves to a new perspective under the direction of the mind.)
Sometimes the Six of Swords is interpreted as a transition of consciousness to a new level: where the child is a symbol of its potential capabilities.

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Six of Swords Reversed

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