Queen of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords Yes or No

Queen of Swords
Yes or No
Queen of Swords
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.
you will achieve your goal using diplomacy.
The answer is “No”.
The goal will not be achieved.

Queen of Swords (upright) Keywords

Cold, aging woman. 
Afraid to show feelings. 
A prudent boss. 
Strong-willed, decisive, intelligent, self-sufficient. 
“A man in a skirt.” 
 a woman who has achieved success at the cost of hard work;
self-control, strong will;
good counselor;
suppression of emotions (sadness);
willingness to learn;
deliberate reaction;
flexible behavior in business negotiations;
cherish freedom;
wealth of ideas and creative curiosity;
the need for equality with a partner;
loneliness, widowhood, deprivation, hunger, poverty;
career, ambition;
not the best time for love relationships;
smart old woman.

Queen of Swords (reverse) Keywords

hypocritical and hostile woman. 
A treacherous enemy. 
an exaggerated desire to control everything;
using one’s abilities to the detriment of people;
disrespect for the law;
Complaints, pettiness, deceit, vindictiveness;
tears, grief;
angry woman;
.smart secret enemy;

Queen of Swords Advice

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Get involved in the struggle, get things done.
Know how to choose your arguments, be independent, resourceful and witty.
Stand firmly and have enough determination, to endure.

Queen of Swords Warning

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Do not take unapproachable positions.
Cynicism and cold calculation are your worst qualities.
You can become the target of evil gossip.

Queen of Swords as a Person

Queen of Swords
As a Person
Queen of Swords
As a Person
One of the parents who is at a distance at the moment and does not take part in your life. 
A woman who has experienced grief and withdrawn into herself. 
Calm, balanced and collected personality. 
Someone who has experienced loss or hardship. 
An educated, witty woman with an analytical mind. 
A business woman who can stand up for herself. 
A woman giving advice (doctor, lawyer, etc.). 
Woman teacher. 
A woman who, by the nature of her work, is associated with technology. 
A woman related to education. 
Divorced woman or widow. 
A woman who has no children. 
A woman who went through suffering, but remained strong and courageous. 
An intelligent woman who is able to see the situation from the outside and manipulate it for her own purposes. 
Strong-willed, ambitious, but cold woman. 
The idealistic woman 
adhering to progressive thoughts. 
A woman with a humanitarian mindset. 
A woman who values ​​prestige and success highly. 
A woman who builds her career and pays little attention to her personal life.
A dynamic, calculating, tactful, intelligent woman.

Often a mother-in-law, a single mother, sometimes a widow.
An angry woman who feels cheated or neglected. 
Spiteful gossip. 
Opposing you (often secretly) is a cunning, vengeful woman prone to underhanded intrigue. 
A woman who has become bitter and embittered as a result of experiencing difficulties or emotional losses. 
A woman with 
some prejudice, spreading gossip, undermining authority. 
People who let others down and who cannot be trusted. 
People who distort the facts in their favor. 
Those who feel outlawed. 
An intelligent, articulate secret enemy who never engages in open combat.
Evil lovemaker. 
Grumpy, ruthless, categorical. 
She torments others with her misfortunes.

Queen of Swords as feelings

Queen of Swords
as feelings
Queen of Swords
as feelings
Strong, lonely, ambitious, deprived. Delusional, intolerance, betrayed, deceit, vindictive, angry,

Queen of Swords : Card of the Day

Today you can do the most fantastic trick. 

If you still felt constrained, dependent on someone or something, then now you have a chance to make the right decision and free yourself from all this once and for all. 

But make sure that this desire for independence does not turn into a war against everyone and everything, which can lead you very far. 

It is also possible that you are about to meet an intelligent woman. 
Listen to her carefully, she can play an important role in your future destiny.

Queen of Swords as someone sees you

  •  Quick-witted and intelligent person.
  • someone who is analytical.
  • Calm, balanced and collected person.
  • Someone with humanitarian mindset. 
  • someone who who values ​​prestige and success highly. 

Queen of Swords : Love

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
The interest is rather intellectual than heart, there is an element of competition, people are interested in talking to each other.Heavy, harsh, rude relationships. 
Relationships in which a woman obeys, but at the same time accumulates anger in herself. 
Also, such a relationship is often characterized by the fact that people cannot forgive each other.

The card does not indicate a third person woman in the middle. It could be if other cards appear supporting that. Perhaps, it can refer to the presence of a powerful woman in your life who can influence for better or for worse.

She can be your mother, your mother-in-law, an aunt, your boss. He is a caring, tough person who seems to have no feelings. If she is in your life to benefit her, you can count on someone through her relentless judgment to help you along the way, but if she is in your life as an obstacle, you certainly have a problem in front of you.

She is not someone she can easily beat and less than self-defeat.

Regarding love in the couple , fundamentally the card indicates that you must be careful with your impulses to be too direct and forceful, avoid being harsh when you raise things, or what is your truth. Most likely you are right, but you must take care of the way and the manners.

The card does not indicate that the relationship is going bad, but there are some logical and rational problems that must be resolved.

There may be differences of opinion in terms of thinking or philosophical positions with your partner, but this, as they say, people understand talking.

You should try to show your emotions a little more. You have them and many, but you hide them because you think you are safe that way.

Queen of Swords : Career

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
The rise of affairs, business or undertakings for the better.

Occupation: a woman in a uniform, government positions, high positions, intellectual work (science, etc.)
Someone’s calculated waste, insufficient analysis and wrong calculations, no goal or wrong goals.

The same presence of a powerful woman that we saw in love is present here as well. It can be a boss or coworker, a partner perhaps, tough, inflexible, who does not play with emotions but with harsh objective reality.

She is someone who can benefit you as well, since her reasoning and logic will be very precise, but if this woman is against you, you do not have an easy scenario, she is a tough rival and you need extremely solid arguments to defeat her or at least break her power.

Personally, the card advises you that this is not the time to convey your impressions or give your opinion at work. You can have everything very clear, but now is not the time to speak, because it will not be well received.

He also asks you to avoid overreacting to the attitude or comments of others.

If you ask any question, you should do it very calmly and cautiously since people tend to react badly to someone who surpasses them intellectually or whose argument is more solid.

If you are unemployed, try to look where there are strong women, that may be the right way and where you will find help. A powerful woman may appear to help you. If you use your reasoning and logic, you should have no problem finding a job very soon.

Queen of Swords : Money

The Queen of Swords can herald that a strong woman is about to play an important role in your financial life. There is a lot that can be learned from her, if you can be open to what she has to say.

It is a card of good omen in general, as long as you use your logic and common sense to do business, investments or in any subject that involves your money. If you act smart, without getting carried away by emotions or “hunches”, things will go well for you.

All spending must be very well controlled, not letting yourself be softened by those who ask you for money, or spending impulsively.

Queen of Swords : Health

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Successful surgery, tenacious struggle for life.Neuralgia, thyroid disorders.

The Queen of Swords with her harsh emotions can announce that you are suppressing them too much. That’s your style, but maybe you’re getting out of hand and you don’t want to feel anything or show that you feel anything.

This has a hard impact on your body, every blocked emotion sooner or later generates a health problem, some disease or illness, therefore, try to relax a little, let go and allow yourself to feel what your soul experiences. However, this outflow of emotions must be gradual, you must still have precautions where. How and with whom do you let your innermost inner being emerge.

It is important that you choose your battles, do not participate in all of them because you will wear out incredibly, fight only those that are most necessary or urgent to fight.

Queen of Swords : past, present, future

Queen of Swords in past position

Your strict idealization of perfection can be stressful or painful for you. By continuing to uphold this ideal, you will make achievement impossible.

Queen of Swords in present position

Expect advice from a witty old man who can be a woman. You can maintain your independence by accepting help from friends.

Queen of Swords in future position

Don’t focus so much on your goals, as this can limit your ability to achieve them. Rely on your strong spirit to light up the big picture for you.

Queen of Swords (Upright) Meaning

  • Strong will. 
  • Sharp mind. 
  • Sarcasm. 
  • Autonomy. 
  • Ambition. 
  • High intelligence. 
  • Analytic skills. 
  • Aloofness. 
  • Guiding the mind, not the senses. 
  • Susceptibility. 
  • Sharp discernment. 
  • Fair judgments. 
  • Correct decisions. 
  • Communication. 
  • Training. 
  • Professional advice. 
  • Independence. 
  • Iron logic. 
  • Determination. 
  • The desire to make a career. 
  • Good advice. 
  • Diplomacy. 
  • Professional skills. 
  • Tangible help. 
  • Responsibility for your actions. 
  • Widowhood. 
  • Loneliness. 
  • I was not born yesterday.

This card is well characterized by the expression “by itself”. Autonomy, alienation and independence are the main key concepts for her. The time has come for you to take responsibility for your own actions and find out your true desires and needs. 

During your lonely period, you learned to be independent. Your sharp mind and sense of justice helped you to achieve a good position. You are much more interested in career and ambition than simple human emotions. 

Your heightened sense of discrimination helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. You may have interacted with a woman who has experienced grief. If your question was about love relationships, now is not the best time for them. This card warns that focusing on cold, rational thoughts dulls emotions.

Queen of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

  • Misuse of your intelligence and vocabulary. 
  • Disrespect for the law. 
  • Delusion. 
  • Sarcasm. 
  • Intimidation. 
  • Intolerance. 
  • Fanaticism. 
  • Complaints. 
  • Betrayal. 
  • Retribution. 
  • Manipulation. 
  • Resentment. 
  • Emotional blackmail. 
  • Insecurity. 
  • Severity. 
  • Lack of scrupulousness. 
  • Pettiness. 
  • Lack of prospects. 
  • Excessive intelligence. 
  • Limited thinking. 
  • Gossip. 
  • Spiteful lie. 
  • Prejudice. 
  • Condemnation. 
  • Cheating. 
  • Cunning. 
  • Gossip. 
  • Bad news. 
  • Vindictiveness. 
  • Cruelty. 
  • A loss. 
  • Cold. 
  • Insincerity. 
  • Grief. 
  • Misfortune. 
  • Complaints. 
  • Loneliness. 
  • Tears. 
  • Trouble has come.  

Perhaps an overbearing and vengeful woman is secretly trying to discredit you by preventing you from taking the position you deserve. 

Difficult times shouldn’t make you angry or deprive you of positive emotions. Perhaps someone who is disrespectful to your feelings is trying to force you to do as he pleases. 

You may have been attacked by the anger of a woman whom you once neglected or who was dishonest.

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Queen of Swords : Spirituality

The Queen of Swords asks you not to stop attending to your deepest and most spiritual side. You are not affected to show emotions, but this does not mean that you do not have them, so that at least being alone with you can allow you to feel and live them.

Logic, reason, concrete reality is a plane of existence where you develop very well, but you should not fear the other, more ethereal plane, there are also answers that you need, there also exists a fundamental, complementary part of you with the other that you are day by day in view of all. Retract yourself a little more, nothing bad will happen!

Queen of Swords Relation with Astrology

Queen of Swords Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Queen of Swords are Gemini.

Queen of Swords Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Queen of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a a lady (queen), her right hand holds the weapon vertically upward, and the hilt of the sword rests on the arm of her royal throne; left hand – extended; her face expresses severity, restraint and indicates a close acquaintance with sadness.

Queen of Swords is a female manifestation of the element of air. She personifies the mind, openness, independence, imagination and quick wit. 

This is an expression of our ability to solve problems with the help of logic, to ascend to ever higher levels of knowledge, without losing ourselves in front of an influx of ideas and doubts. Unlike the previous idea of ​​the Queen of Swords as an “evil woman,” at best a widow, we now see in her a woman (or feminine in a man), freeing herself from dependence due to the strength of her mind. 

Only in some cases the negative side of this card is revealed to us: it is most often the “snow queen”, whose external attractiveness hides a cold calculation and an almost irresistible alienation.

This is a beautiful card – a wonderful balance between the nature of the Cup and the effectiveness of the Sword. The card describes the ability to fully penetrate the idea and then examine it with clear eyes from all sides. 

Clarity of feelings and actions, inner peace, harmony between internal and external, and freedom as a consequence of all these qualities. QUEEN OF SWORDS is a very independent woman who knows what she wants and acts accordingly. 

This is someone with whom you can discuss your feelings. If you need to end something, she will help you. It is also a business woman, successfully making her career, professionally calm, sane person who carries out what she aspires to. It is not so striking as the KING OF SWORDS, but it works no less efficiently. If the card (in very rare cases) describes a man,

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