King of Swords Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


King of Swords Upright Keywords:

everything that follows from the concept of “court” and what is connected with the process of court: power, dominance, authority, active mind, law, state institutions, etc.

King of Swords Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

King of Swords in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a  King – he sits on the throne of fate, holding the symbol of his suit stretched out from the scabbard.

The King of Swords is a masculine manifestation of the elements of air. This is the power of a sharp, fast, subtle mind, expressed here both in its creative, versatile and often unpredictable form, and in the form of cunning and ironic insolence. Such a mind is an excellent means of cognition, understanding, analysis, logical reasoning and abstraction, mathematical and purely practical calculation, solution and comprehensive resolution of any problems. However, where it dominates all other abilities, its negative aspects are manifested: pure intellectualism, coldness feelings, caustic and cynical criticism, infatuation with the pun, and “the ease of thought is extraordinary.”

A person expressing his position or intention with the help of the Sword. His personal qualities are determined by the qualities of the Staff. To his surroundings, he seems clear and direct, perhaps purposeful. To achieve his goal, he breaks the resistance, goes to the roots of things, without hesitation cuts off everything that seems to him unnecessary. Because of this, many respect him rather than love him, and some fear it.
If the girlfriend of the KING OF SWORDS shares his professional interests, then he will make him his partner. But he will not hesitate to say goodbye to his beloved if their relationship will interfere with his career or other interests.  Therefore, if your friend is the KING OF SWORDS, try to be careful!

King of Swords  Upright Meaning:

A strong and energetic person, although sometimes excessively cruel and straightforward, KING OF SWORDS relies more on himself than on others. Physically stronger than most of the people around him, he, nevertheless, is well aware of the limits of his capabilities. Often the KING OF SWORDS is the identity of a heroic warehouse. We will be able to find many people who are in line with the spirit of this card, among leaders who assert their power using openly forceful methods.
Moreover, the “spectrum” of this card is unusually wide: from a criminal godfather to a military leader such as Chapaev. Very often, a whole epic of rumors, gossip, myths is composed around the personality of the KING OF SWORDS – since he himself constantly gives reasons for this. Since the KING OF SWORDS works with dense matters, both he and his deeds, as a rule, are visible and understandable to people around him.
KING OF SWORDS can act as a peacemaker. However, here he will act from a position of strength. This is the personification of the third force, balancing the other two – the warring.

It is as if laying the foundation of a future action or process. At this stage, the final decision is made and the “front of work” is determined. Everything is very specific. The time of experience and hesitation has passed; it is time to act.

King of Swords Reversed Meaning:

If in the upright position, the KING OF SWORDS showed us an energetic and prudent person, clearly aware of his own capabilities, then in an inverted position, the KING OF SWORDS is either completely deprived of this quality, or, conversely, is overly cautious and fearful. In the first case, we have a reckless grunt (“what to think, you need to jump”), in the second: “What if there will be something for me?”
But in any position, the KING OF SWORDS indicates a very passionate person. However, this quality is common to all “sword-bearing” court cards.

time to act has not yet arrived, since there is no concrete statement of the problem. Everything is very global and vague.

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King of Swords Relation with Astrology

Mercury in Gemini as a symbol of dexterity, wit, cunning and resourcefulness.

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King of Swords Reversed

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