Three of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Three of Pentacles Upright Keywords:

trade, skilled labor; this card can denote a titled person, celebrity, fame.

Three of Pentacles Reversed Keywords:

mediocrity in work or otherwise: childishness, insignificance, weakness.

Three of Pentacles Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Three of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depicts a sculptor at work in a monastery. Because of the black background, the Three of Pentacles/Coins is often considered the “unlucky card.” However, on the contrary, it means a successfully passed exam, that is, a necessary and useful experience. Unlike the Eight Pentacles, personifying the Disciple, the Three is already Apprentice. Thus, it shows that we have already reached a new level of cognition, characterized not only by the desire to learn, but also by some accumulated experience. This is the successful end of the period of study or work, the transition to the next rank.

Three of Pentacles Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes skill, perfection, artistry, greatness, possession of property, hierarchy, power. Moreover, power exercised harmoniously, without coercion, the basis of which, most likely, will be monetary interests. At the body level, THREE of PENTACLES may indicate pregnancy (as an additional factor), weight change, material gain.

In the THREE OF PENTACLES, the joint influence of such planets as Mercury and Venus is manifested, and all the signs are involved in which these planets are somehow expressed. Mercury Harmony – a signed and endorsed document.
Sometimes, marriage, but in the presence of very strong other indicators; the most important will be the formal marriage. Contacts with financial authorities, the law.

Triangle tends to perfection; therefore, the THREE OF PENTACLES can repeat the ACE of PENTACLES, indicating the great skill shown by the subject of the card. (Most likely, this may affect trading or intermediary operations.)

Three of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, THREE PENTACLES symbolizes stubbornness, cunning, poor quality of work or products, monetary problems, divergence of thought, lack of professionalism, that is, Mercury and Venus manifest themselves at a low level.

Mercury acts especially strongly in the inverted THREE OF PENTACLES, which in some cases results in overwork and excessive workload “without rest”.
Inverted THREE PENTACLES can give a small dirty trick.

Three of Pentacles Yes or No?

Three of Pentacles card is about attention to detail and mastery. This card shows success. Hence, when three of Pentacles appears upright is a reading, the answer is positive – it’s a’YES’ If three of Pentacles card appears reversed in a reading, the answer is negative , its a – ‘NO’

Three of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Jupiter / Mars as a symbol of creative success; or the revolution of Saturn, that is, its return to its point in the natal chart, as a sign of the beginning of a new period of life.

Basic Message of Three of Pentacles in Relation with Astrology

The basic message of Three of Pentacle is encouraging a person to WORK.

Three of Pentacles signifies the second decade of Capricorn from January 1 to 9. The second decade of Capricorn puts emphasis on the individual activities of man, his own improvement and professionalism. This decade is ruled by Mars, which leads to a steady and persistent forward movement in the performance of its personal task. 

Dangerous for this decade is the setting “the end justifies the means”, prompting a person to turn a blind eye to life around him until he reaches the intended one. And, if the first decade tends to plunge into the process of activity itself, then the second, on the contrary, does not always understand that the process itself is only part of personal accomplishments. Therefore, a person should not neglect the gifts of life, but should learn to use their fruits and be able to enjoy them. In this person helps the thought, expanding the horizons and allowing manifestation in full measure of creative potential,

Do your work with love and perfection, so it is love that gives work holiness. A non-creative approach, even to professional activities, deforms a person, and self-love with his talent leads to loss of results. Only when work becomes creativity can true achievement be possible.

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