Ten of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Ten of Pentacles Upright Keywords:

income, wealth; family affairs, archives; origin; stay true to the family.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Keywords:

Fate, fatality, loss, theft, risky games; sometimes a gift, a dowry, a guesthouse.

Ten of Pentacles Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Ten of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a man and a woman below under the arch, which represents the entrance to the estate (possession) and the house.

A Ten of Pentacles or coins denotes a period of wealth, stability, fullness of life and confidence in the future. At the same time, wealth and fullness can manifest themselves both on the external plane and on the internal. However, in order to achieve inner fullness, you need to keep your eyes open all the time. Thus, the card warns that after business chores and zeal we must not forget about the affairs of the spiritual, everyday. Behind life, at first glance so gray, you need to be able to see the miracles that it hides in itself.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning:

In the direct position, the card symbolizes wealth, prosperity, security, reliability, family and family affairs, inheritance, ancestors and the house, as well as living conditions, savings, up to stinginess. Something has already been completed and completed, and the need has come to move to another level. This also applies to relationships and careers.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

In the inverted position, TEN PENTACLES – unjustified risk, unsuccessful investments, possible losses, hope for luck, absent-mindedness, unfair play, lack of support.
In the metaphysical sense, changes are continuing, as it were, there is nothing solid, well-established, and there is no reliability. It is important to have patience (Saturn) and not to despair, hoping for the future.
PENTACLES – a suit of material. And TEN PENTACLES again brings us to the situation of choice, as was the case in TEN SWORDS. But there we were tested by force, and here we are tested by prosperity.

TEN PENTACLES can indicate material dependence, when well-being completely subordinates a person (a person does not leave with hateful work for a good salary).

The other extreme: the man is fed up with everything material, he has everything, but his soul does not lie to anything. He is eager for something more sublime, for the harmony of the body and feelings, but cannot overcome his earthliness. Somewhere deep down, a material temptation nests that a person has not overcome, but, however, is not aware of it.

Ten of Pentacles Yes or No?

Ten of Pentacles card is about financial success, good relations and prosperity. Ten of cups card is positive. If the Ten of Pentacles Card appears ‘upright’ is a reading, the answer is in your favor – its a ‘YES’. If Ten of Pentacles card appears reversed in a reading, the answer is not in your favor , that is – ‘NO’

Ten of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Jupiter in the 2nd house as a symbol of abundance and affluence; Cancer, Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn.

Ten of Pentacles stands for Welfare, Wealth

Ten of Pentacles stands for The third decade of the Virgin from September 13 to 22.

The third decade of the Virgo is associated with an understanding of the complexity of life structures, and it is governed by the VIRGO’s managers Mercury and Ceres (who is in charge of the chemical transformations of matter in the body and the organization of mental and social processes into a single whole, capable of clear functioning under the current conditions). This decade is characterized by an analytical attitude to life processes, accuracy and diligence, detail and accuracy, a neutral attitude to what is happening, which does not prevent, however, participating in it from reasonable motives.

The Tarot map depicts the Tree of Sephiroth. This is the whole history of world civilization, each life process individually and each of us: the presence of each person in the world directly transforms life. The map depicts the different stages of existence: on it is an old man, through the archway looking at the development of the city of the future, a man, woman and child, as well as dogs devoted to man, all together symbolizing the further evolution of not only the human, but also the animal kingdom. In fortune-telling, this picture is interpreted as a daily achievement.
The world is not endowed with any special meaning, besides the way we endow it. The tree of life in the picture only indicates that we are at a certain evolutionary stage – and there is a new stage of existence ahead, which is foreseen by a wise, old man looking through the arch of the past at a new city in the distance. TEN PENTACLES again returns us to the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. But this time, their action is inverted. Therefore, the direct position of TEN PENTACLES is more connected with Cancer, and the opposite – with Capricorn, more precisely, with the manifestation of low Mercury in Capricorn.
Trap. An attempt to keep “today” for the sake of its fullness and wealth.

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