Nine of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Nine of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles is about Money, Resources and Transaction. ‘Earth’ is the element of 9 of Wands. Nine of Pentacles is “Energy of the Universe”

Nine of Pentacles Yes or No

Nine of Pentacles
Yes or No
Nine of Pentacles
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”.
A period of great achievement.
The answer is “Maybe”.
But there are obstacles.

Nine of Pentacles card is about prosperity and independence. The Nine of Pentacles card has a positive energy. If the Nine of Pentacles Card appears ‘upright’ is a reading, the answer is in your favor – its a ‘YES’. If Nine of Pentacles card appears reversed in a reading, the answer is ‘unclear’.

Nine of Pentacles (upright) Keywords

Confidence in the future. 
A turn for the better. 
Financial success. 
Return on investment. 
Material independence. 
Compliance with nature. 
Marriage of convenience. 
The possibility of conception.
symbolizes the completion of a long work, which will not make a person happy;
advises to seek advice from a wise woman;
financial success, contentment with life, but the price is selfishness and detachment from people, but it is still not too late to fix it;
an indicator of your high professional level;
satisfaction from their work;
the sudden discovery of new personal qualities (or the qualities of your life partner), personal growth, inner wealth;
well-deserved material success;
love for nature, animals; 
favorable time for real estate and property transactions.

Nine of Pentacles (reversed) Keywords

Disappointment in friendship and loss of friends. 
Financial instability. 
Monetary crisis. 
Property problems. 
Incorrect calculations. 
Illegal money. 
Security threat. 
The burden of wealth. 
Miscarriage or abortion.
symbolizes receiving only money, again without pleasure;
advises NOT to refer to a “wise woman”, because her experience and wisdom are exaggerated;
loss of friends, loss of home;
difficulties with the law;
time to reassess your goals and personal desires;
limited financial income; 
loss of finance;
problems with animals;
a person is deaf to the prompts of his own soul and to common sense.

Nine of Pentacles Advice

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Emphasize your individuality, do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, make yourself known.
Believe in your luck.
Reduce your needs.

Nine of Pentacles Warning

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Do not break away from the team, do not stand out too much.
Profit must not only be obtained, but also retained.
There can be painful fall from the heights occupied (people are no longer able to maintain the level)

Nine of Pentacles as a Person

Nine of Pentacles
As a Person
Nine of Pentacles
As a Person
Self-sufficient people or those who work for themselves. 
Those who are committed to caring for the environment and protecting other forms of life. 
People with grace, beauty, skills, talent and business acumen. 
People who know how to wisely manage property. 
Those who spend a lot of time alone. 
Those who love animals.
A good host (hostess).
Dishonest people. 
Those who feel guilty. 
Bad leaders.
A person with high / low self-esteem. 
The person experiencing a humiliating position for himself (demoted, but not fired).

Nine of Pentacles as feelings

Nine of Pentacles
as feelings
Nine of Pentacles
as feelings
Happiness, success, contentment, detachment, success. Loss, cheated, instability.

Nine of Pentacles : Card of the Day

Get ready for a pleasant surprise. 

Perhaps you will receive a message, or they will come to you, or a message will be waiting for you at work. 

If you are not counting on anything like this, try to help a lucky chance and go yourself in search of happiness. 

Do something that you, perhaps, could not decide for a long time, try to do something new, or at least buy yourself a lottery ticket.

Nine of Pentacles as someone sees you

  • A self sufficient person.
  • Someone who loves animals and is kid to them.
  • Person who cares for the environment.

Nine of Pentacles : Love

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
A very meaningful relationship carried out at a high level. 
“Ritual” relationship (ceremonial, following traditions). 
An extraordinary, special relationship. 
It can mean that the couple in their relationship is isolated from others who do not understand their “quirks”. 
The loss of such a relationship usually turns out to be a huge tragedy.
Loss of respect for a partner, a decrease in the value of a partner in the eyes of another, debunking (disappointment). 
Loss of meaning in the relationship. 
The relationship is worse than before.

The Nine of Pentacles is an excellent omen of peace and happiness. If you are already in a committed relationship, everything rises to a new and higher level of understanding, love, agreements, enjoyment in company.

There may be trips and contact with nature, the joy and intimacy intensifies and there is an abundance of feelings, great calm and security in the couple or relationships, outer and inner peace. This has been part of a process, you have fought for it and the results could not be more satisfactory.

The letter is also an excellent indication if you are in a very unsatisfactory relationship and you have doubts about ending it and starting another, the letter encourages you to make that change because the results will be very fulfilling for your life.

If you are alone and looking for a relationship, love will come very soon and it will be something as intense and full as you have never had or imagined. This new person has everything to complete your life and you fill hers, it is a deep and lasting love, pure and intense.

Nine of Pentacles : Career

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Prosperity, growth, prospects, high incomes, promotions, wealth, everything is good.It’s still not bad, but there is a decrease in the level (or income; or loss in reputation; or a demotion)

This card is used for counterfeiting for serious brands or goods that were of high quality at the first release, but then deteriorated.

The Nine of Pentacles can only signal achievement and well-being. Everything is going well and you are practically in the phase of enjoying the achievements more than building for the future.

Whether your activity is personal or you are in a job, you get achievements, recognition for them, and you enjoy what you get after a long and sacrificial journey. Nobody has given you anything and everything has been your own merit. It can mean promotions, a very profitable retirement, salary increases, fruitful partnerships.

If you are unemployed, this letter announces the imminent arrival of a great job and opportunities for great growth.
If you’ve been thinking about a radical job or activity change, this letter is an unmistakable signal for you to do so.

Nine of Pentacles : Money

The Nine of Pentacles augurs pure abundance and financial fulfillment. If you had a little, you will have more, everything is going well, your accounts, your businesses, your investments, your bets, everything is going up.

And also no one has given you anything, so everything is the product of your effort and dedication. You are also in a position to share and help others, so do it without question.

However, wealth is not just about money, and this letter draws your attention to that. Wealth is also having health, a beautiful family, a good partner, well-being with yourself when you face the mirror, these are goods as much or more important than the physical money you have in your account, so do not stop looking and value in that sense, those are earnings that you should also include in your accounting book.

Nine of Pentacles : Health

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Health is on top. 
A person is ready to invest big money in his health and appearance.
Good health, but shabby.

The Nine of Pentacles continues its encouraging outlook. You are full of energy and vitality, hopeful, confident, sure of yourself, with a high internal, emotional well-being that naturally affects your physical body.

If you are going through an illness or disease, or are waiting for tests and results, everything indicates that you will evolve , you will heal and that all results will be favorable and positive.

Your positive thinking is very important now, it is that base that generates your well-being, you are aware that an optimal mental state directly affects the exterior and material. Maintain that attitude and you should not worry in the least about your health.

Nine of Pentacles : past, present, future

Nine of Pentacles in past position

The pleasure you experienced was obtained by your accomplishments. While the benefits of a recent project aren’t clear yet, you will get a lot for your work.

Nine of Pentacles in present position

The solution you were looking for will come and take the stress out of your problem.

Nine of Pentacles in future position

New challenges await you to dispel the feeling of dissatisfaction. The gaps you experience won’t be fixed by problems, but the rewards will keep you happy.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

  • Self-control. 
  • Attainment. 
  • Getting what you want. 
  • Commitment to financial security. 
  • Money. 
  • Success. 
  • Material comfort. 
  • Leisure. 
  • Fertility. 
  • Treatment. 
  • A high self-evaluation. 
  • Well-being. 
  • Pleasure. 
  • Refinement. 
  • Prosperity made possible by efforts. 
  • One-time receipt of money. 
  • Deserved success. 
  • Successful real estate and property transactions. 
  • Inheritance. 
  • Unearned income. 
  • Dividends. 
  • Ownership. 
  • Own. 
  • Investments in real estate. 
  • Establishing real estate or property affairs. 
  • Repairs. 
  • Material stability. 
  • Additional income. 
  • Satisfaction. 
  • Work for yourself. 
  • Management of your own finances. 
  • Taking care of yourself. 
  • Material benefits. 
  • Self-sufficiency. 
  • Love for nature. 
  • Love to the animals. 
  • The pleasure of being outdoors. 
  • Gardening. 
  • Caring for the environment. 
  • Privacy. 
  • Feelings of inadequacy. 
  • Money cannot buy love. 
  • Garden of earthly delights. 
  • I myself.

The card depicts a woman taking a walk in a lush garden. Alone, she enjoys the joys of life. She is reaping the benefits of the wise use of her talents and resources. She is alone. She is at peace with herself and with everything that surrounds her. 

She controls her thoughts and her destiny. She knows her own worth, skillfully manages her affairs, but at the same time, sometimes she feels her imperfection,

In the Nine of Pentacles, success is symbolized in many different ways.

The Nine of Pentacles reflects the desire for financial stability, promises physical comfort and material benefits. Favorable time for real estate and property transactions. Being outdoors will be a lot of fun. 

Home renovation will take place without problems. When this card appears in a spread, you should think about how we spend time alone.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

  • Limited financial income. 
  • Unwise decisions. 
  • Addiction. 
  • Losses. 
  • Deprivation, Futility. 
  • Theft. 
  • Hasty decisions. 
  • Foolish things to do. 
  • Obstacles. 
  • The results of rash decisions. 
  • Consciousness of guilt. 
  • Illegal money. 
  • Property or real estate problems. 
  • Unplanned renovations. 
  • Delays in cash receipts. 
  • Animal problems. 
  • The burden of wealth.

What you count on to succeed rests on a flimsy foundation and can collapse at any moment. No matter how much you feed the wolf, he still looks into the forest. 

Beware of shady deals that can compromise you. Property problems are likely. It may happen that you need to pay attention to your pet.

Thoughtless, hasty and even stupid actions are possible, when the questioner is not only deaf to the prompts of his own soul, but also neglects common sense.

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Nine of Pentacles : Spirituality

The Nine of Pentacles indicates that you are in a position to share and help others from your emotional experience. Your confidence, great self-esteem, serenity and the enormous inner peace that you now have can be of great value to others and you should lavish it.

You are in perfect calm and balance now, mental and physical, internal and external, material and spiritual, without a doubt in an optimal state that you have reached not without effort. Your life has changed and you feel the fullness of existence and the grace of the gifts received.

Predicting from Nine of Pentacles

You have reached the most fertile level of energy in your life. This level is beyond the comprehension of many of us. 

The seven pentacles are the ultimate dream for most people on Earth, since the benefits are visible to it with a naked eye, there are many of them and they bring respect and power, glory and happiness. 

But only those who have tasted the beauty and freedom of life at the level of the Nine can safely say that the level of the Sevens is now not enough for them.

You made a choice in the direction of your creativity, in the direction of the high and the unknown. Refused from a settled and profitable place – a bold deed! What do you get at the Nine Pentacles? It’s simple: many of the things that you purchased before, you did not come in handy later. 

You pursued fashion, prestige, approval of authorities. Now you clearly see your true desires, do not try to imitate someone, you remain yourself. 

 Everything that you wish comes at the right time and in the right amount. You do not demand too much – your Ego, and not you, possessed this feature. You ask for what is really necessary, and if you go too far somewhere, life will point it out. And you will gratefully accept her refusal as a lesson. 

Money of the level of Nine Pentacles always comes on time and for the right things. 

Sources can be different – you do not perceive your income as a reward for hard work and as your own merits, as it was once. Now you get bonuses for your own development, for creativity, for reunion with the Universe.

♦ Nine Pentacles means both luck and investing in a profitable business. Her appearance in the layout suggests that you often know how to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you even attract good luck. When a chance knocks on your door, open it. When the Nine Pentacles appears in the layout, you most likely need to get ready again to grab luck by the tail. Especially if new opportunities are presented by the business sector, for which the Pentacles are responsible.

♦ Nine Pentacles also hint that you are used to being alone and still not feel lonely. Perhaps you need to spend some time thinking and meditating, naturally, alone.

♦ True, this card may also mean that you have to spend some time with your family. This happens because although the woman on this card is in the garden and one, but three generations of her relatives have already gathered and are waiting for you on the next card.

Predicting Time and Dates from Nine of Pentacles :

When predicting the future, the number nine may refer to nine hours, nine days, nine weeks, or nine years. Or mean September – the ninth month of the year. The astrological binding of the Nine Pentacles is 10–20 ° Virgo (September 2–11).

Nine of Pentacles Numerological Aspect that can be used in Prediction

since the pregnancy lasts nine months, the nine symbolizes commitment, empathy, breadth of soul, philanthropy and spirituality.

Nine of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Nine of Pentacles Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Nine of Pentacles is Virgo.
  • Jupiter / Venus as a symbol of a big win.
  • Nine of Pentacles stands for Reinforcement.
  • Nine of Pentacles stands for Second decade of the VIRGO from September 2 to 12.

Sagittarius, Moon, Neptune, Ninth House. The second decade of the Virgo expresses a synthesis of theory and practice, productive labor and respect for the individual, when a person’s activity brings benefit and pleasure both to others and to himself, and the perfection of the action leads to a high level of culture and knowledge in general. 

This decade is characterized by an understanding of the hierarchical structure of the world and the subordination of life processes, the ability to obey and lead, not to impede the natural course of things and control it. This decade expresses the idea that the highest aristocracy of man, his human dignity, is the ability to act for the benefit of others and at the same time to realize that he does this for his own sake. Venus patronizes this decade, and the ability to manage life, achieved here, often leads to the absolutization of the earthly order.
The TARO map depicts an elegantly dressed woman in a well-tended garden, where grapes hang from bushes. 

On the woman’s shoulder is a falcon, a symbol of aristocracy. She can afford to indulge in sophisticated entertainment – falconry – because all her tasks are currently completed and in the sphere of its functioning the ideal order reigns.
Trap. Wear pink glasses and not notice the truth. NINE PENTACLES to a very large extent “includes” the sign of Sagittarius and such planets as Jupiter, Mercury. 

NINE of PENTACLES is considered a good card. Through it, an adjustment of the philosophy of life can occur, especially under the influence of external social factors.

NINE of PENTACLES – this is the ability to live with the benefits already gained (profit, income, benefit). The map is associated with all issues of profit. And this is by no means limited to money or property. The question is: what exactly can I consider to be a benefit? (The relationship between the inner world and the benefit that can be derived precisely from the wealth of the inner world.)
Hence the tendency to see clearly the auspicious and not notice the unfavorable. Anyone who goes through life with such a view of things seems somewhat naive, but, despite this (and maybe due to this), he goes unscathed through obstacles.

Nine of Pentacles Symbolism (Raider Waite)

Nine of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a woman with a bird on her wrist stands amid a huge abundance of vine in the garden of a large house.

Everything that is in this garden comes from her, she knows everything, everything under her care. Nothing happens here without her knowledge, and no one else can interfere in the course of things. This garden is the embodiment of her desires, her needs, her character. Here everything is in her image and likeness.  

Symbols of Venus come across in the drawings of her dress. The vineyard in the background points to Virgo.

Even in the old days, the Nine of Pentacles was considered a card of financial success, gain, large and often unexpected profit. Thus, it means a turn for the better, luck and situations, which people say: “happiness has come down”. Along with this, undoubtedly, the favorable value of external luck, she also promises a tangible change in personality (for the better).

Nine means complete self-sufficiency, incarnation in

keys to deciphering the magic symbolism of the card

  • Richly dressed person and luxurious garden – wealth
  • Woman – responsive person
  • Grapevine – sweet life
  • On her hand a falcon-hunter – in an instant catches prey
  • Snail in the foreground – mystical symbol = inner wealth
  • Numerological aspect 9 – concentration
  • Element Earth – natural resources
  • Astrological aspect Virgo – lives here and now, Venus – indicates a beautiful life.

In Conclusion

9 Pentacle symbolizes the increase of wealth. Through it, an adjustment of the philosophy of life can occur, especially under the influence of external social factors. It may indicate fertility and the possibility of conception. In metaphysical terms, it means a process that is gaining growth in the presence of great potential.

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