King of Pentacles Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


King of Pentacles: Keywords

King of Pentacles Upright Keywords:

 valor, practical mind, business and normal intellectual abilities, sometimes mathematical abilities and achievements in this field; success where these qualities are required.

King of Pentacles Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Ten of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a a figure does not cause special associations. The face is perhaps swarthy, indicating courage, a certain tendency to apathy. On his throne, a symbol in the form of a bull’s head is often repeated. The sign of his suit is everywhere represented as a pentagram (star) engraved or decorated with heraldic signs, personifying the connection of the four elements in human nature and how they can be controlled.

King of Pentacles personifies the male side of the elements of the earth. Thus, he personifies our desire to possess property, to be confident in the future and in real values, to be in harmony with the surrounding reality. For him, the main thing is deeds, not words, dreams or good intentions. This is our desire for the strength and reliability of life, for the ability to constantly refer to what is familiar. At the same time, the King of pentacles is distinguished by a good instinct, an instinct that allows you to recognize what is real and what is not, what it is worth to deal with, and nothing to take on, and what will be the result. In addition, he has a wonderful sense of time: he understands that true values ​​”mature” slowly, and knows how to wait. He is patient and does not recognize haste. In addition, he expresses our joy of life, love of entertainment and pleasures, as well as carnal sensuality.

King of Pentacles Upright Meaning:

THE KING OF PENTACLES symbolizes an experienced and successful leader with considerable life experience behind him. This person is solid, with character, sometimes harsh. However, he is not devoid of intelligence and does not shy away from the spiritual. This is a person with a brilliant mind. A good businessman, or a brilliant specialist in the field of exact sciences. He may be a reliable friend, but his mind is cold. He can advise, but not sympathize (for the latter it is better to contact the KING OF CUP). In marriage, he is a reliable partner, although he is inclined to accept marriage as a form of contract, which must be steadily followed. This is not to say that this is a faithful husband, since we are talking about marriage. It’s just that this is a person who clearly understands the difference between love, marriage and sex and does not mix everything together. In business, he is lucky, although the latter he owes rather to his mind, than their courtesy. This person perfectly feels the current situation and knows “what horse to put on.” Poverty does not threaten him. The ability to make money in his blood, most likely, now he has a solid property.

King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

We can say that in the inverted KING OF PENTACLES there is a mixed influence of the signs of Gemini and Capricorn. The combination of the latter in astrology is considered to be unstable, causing a strip of hair through which a person is forced to go on his life path, which also does not correspond to a small degree with the character of the KING OF PENTACLES.
The type of corrupt politician or businessman who uses dirty means to achieve his goals. The inverted KING OF PENTACLES is insidious, greedy, you can not believe him in anything. He has two languages. Sometimes, this card may indicate an evil old man who did not fall into insanity, but who directed all his life experience and mind to his selfish goals. With the inverted KING OF PENTACLES danger is always associated, walking along the edge. Moreover, either he himself is the source of the latter, or is forced to meet this because of his activities.

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King of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

The sun in Taurus as a symbol of love for property, sensual joy and a business approach.

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King of Pentacles Reversed

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