Seven of Pentacles Upright: Significance for Love, Money, Profession, Health, Spirituality


Seven of Pentacles Upright Keywords:

The meanings of this card are contradictory. Typically, this card means money, business, barter. Another interpretation means a quarrel, a quarrel, Dissatisfaction.

Another reading means simplicity, ingenuity, purification.

Seven of Pentacles Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Seven of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a young man, leaning on his hoe, carefully looks at seven pentacles attached to a pile of greenery to his right. He could say that it was there that his treasures were and his heart is still there.

This card represents patience and slow growth. She recommends not to rush, having found a promising chance for herself, but to think it over thoroughly, giving herself time before making a decision: let the seed sprout, show its leaves and flowers. If we do not rush things and tear the fruits still green, we can achieve success. Together with the Hanged Man and the Four Swords, the Seven of Pentacles makes a triad indicating the need for expectation. However, it, unlike these two cards, does not mean stopping, but continuous growth.

Seven of Pentacles Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, SEVEN PENTACLES symbolizes talent, insight, growth, hard work, progress, money, successful deals, income, health.
The card can symbolize the moment suitable for concluding a contract, marriage (if, of course, there are additional indicators). This card means contact with harmony, poise, grace.
It can symbolize a platonic romance or a beautifully conducted financial transaction. At the same time, in the SEVEN OF PENTACLES, Chiron acts through Libra, sometimes bringing with it confusion, confusion, ambiguity. Here it is necessary to check with the horoscope before making a “verdict” about how a person will cope with this ambiguity: either dissolve in it and enjoy it, or make an attempt to put everything in order.

SEVEN OF PENTACLES can mean not only harmony, but also issues related to maintaining harmony, and certain difficulties arising at the same time.

Positive Interpretation:

Re- evaluation of the project on which you worked for some time. Expectation of Results. Reflections on what you managed to acquire, onwhat you managedto achieve over the past period. Hard work will be paid. Patience. Persistent attempts. Practical skills. Thorough work. Waiting period. Plateau. Patience.

Slow, but surely moving forward. Attentive education. A respite, giving the opportunity to think carefully and make a decision. Time for a change. Long-term projects. The lull period in the development of a project. Creation and approval time
waiting for future plans. The choice between risk and security.

Negative Interpretation

Depression. The feeling of failure. The feeling that all attempts were in vain. The failure of the project. Speculation leads to losses. Unpaid work.

Premature termination of attempts to action. Something is
missing. Unsuccessful attempt to take advantage of an opportunity
. Problems conceiving a baby. Dissatisfaction.

Imbalance. Fatigue. From the Seven Pentacles blows a sense of

Advice When this card appears in a reading:

The Positive Aspect of the Pentacle Seven
in the right position: you may have the feeling that
your efforts are in vain, but in reality this is not so. You have reached the period when it will be logical to pause and consolidate
the results. Your patient work promotes a slow but steady progress. 

You have reached the intermediate stage, but you still have a lot to do, and only then your perseverance will be rewarded according to your deserts. Although the results are not yet visible, now is not the time to stop trying. The Seven Pentacles advises you to ponder and reevaluate what has been achieved to decide what you need
most to achieve the goal, and then continue to persistently
achieve success.

Your financial situation will change for the better. A
reward awaits you at the end of a long distance. At the end of the tunnel, light is already visible. Think of the words from the book of Genesis: “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because on it he rested from all. His works that God created and created.”

If the whole situation is generally negative, the Pentacle seven
has a less favorable meaning. You feel that
you will have to refuse a project that you have worked so hard for so long . Perhaps you understand that, despite all the
work done, you still can not achieve the goal. You
may have health problems, possibly due to injury
, metabolic disorders, or infection.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position SEVEN PENTACLES: anxiety, impatience, lack of lightness, carelessness, loss of money, bad investment. Low Libra, hit the Seventh House. It may indicate a quarrel, scandals with spouses or partners, treachery by a partner.

A partner who does not live up to expectations and does not make an equal contribution to the common cause is another motive connected with the SEVEN PENTACLES, direct or inverted. Disharmonious social behavior, violation of public order, where you are the initiator of disgrace or its victim – this may also manifest SEVEN PENTACLES.

The work needs to be done, but its fruits never showed up. It may be a situation in which no labor brings success and cannot bring it.

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Seven of Pentacles Yes or No?

seven of Pentacles card is about waiting, not understanding the clear picture. Hence, when Seven of Pentacles card appears in a reading, either ‘upright’ or ‘reversed’ the answer is unclear. You might have to wait for getting any result .

Seven of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Seven of pentacles represents Jupiter / Saturn as a symbol of patience, slow, but steady growth.

Seven of Pentacles represents Failure, Insolvency.

Seven of Pentacles represents the third decade of Taurus from May 10 to 20.. It represents Libra, Venus, Chiron, Saturn.

The third decade of Taurus symbolizes a responsible attitude to work and the systematic fulfillment of one’s desires, love of the earth and a person’s full dedication to creativity and creation. It is managed by the patient and strict Saturn, which helps to organize feelings and gives its representatives such qualities as perseverance, justice and loyalty. True, Saturn also gives concern and anxiety for his financial situation, stinginess and desire for immediate success. 

The Tarot card shows a man who came to the vineyard cultivated by him and did not find the fruit there. Life deprives a person of the result so that he moves on. Achieving a goal never brings full satisfaction: a person always wants and expects something big from life. This is the loss of the finite for the sake of the infinite. 

The young man in the picture is forced to admit that the result which he would like to achieve, in fact, is not achievable. The true purpose of labor remains unknown to him, as it goes beyond the limits of his personality and belongs to the eternal process of transforming human activity in the world.

Trap. Absorb in meaningless work, not having the strength to stop.
Seven is a perfect number, therefore SEVEN of PENTACLES means achieving a certain physical goal, establishing relationships. SEVEN of PENTACLES corresponds to Libra, the Seventh House. It also has a tangible influence of Mercury.

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