Eight of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life


Eight of Pentacles Upright Keywords:

  work, occupation, order, skill, art in craft and business.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Keywords:

empty ambition, vanity, greed, extortion, usury.

Eight of Pentacles Symbolism in Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Eight of Pentacles in Raider Waite Tarot Deck depict a sculptor at work on stone.

The Eight of pentacles marks the beginning of some promising business. This is a map of the Apprentice, ready to begin a long and difficult, but extremely important work for him. Thus, the card combines the motives of the beginning and a great future perspective. In addition, it shows that we are interested in our business, we enjoy it and are proud of the first results. It can also mean the luck of a beginner.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the card symbolizes caution, prudence, the ability to notice everything around. Carefulness is the key to long-term and successful work. All of your surroundings – food, clothing, housing, workplace equipment – one way or another affects the quality of what you do.
The situations posed by the EIGHT PENTACLES may seem oppressive, cruel, but they form a person, like a rasp, which removes all that is superfluous, superficial and false. EIGHT PENTACLES brings you back to the true essence.
In addition, these are huge ambitions, albeit well hidden. EIGHT PENTACLES does not at all favor the manifestation of their feelings and emotions, demanding a great tact and restraint from a person.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

In an inverted position, the EIGHT OF PENTACLES means the absence of desires, ambitions, hypocrisy, falsehood, duality, futility, intrigue, vulgarity, mediocrity.
In the field of health, this card symbolizes the destructive effect of intellectual activity on the body, which can manifest itself in renal failure, headaches, high blood pressure. The inverted G8 also indicates stupidity, foolishness, sloppiness, lack of assembly

Eight of Pentacles Yes or No?

Eight of Pentacles cars is about hard work and skill. The Eight os Pentacles card has a positive energy. If the Eight of Pentacles Card appears ‘upright’ is a reading, the answer is in your favor – its a ‘YES’. If Eight of Pentacles card appears reversed in a reading, the answer is not in your favor , that is – ‘NO’

Eight of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Mercury in the 3rd house as a symbol of zeal and dexterity.

Eight of Pentacles shows Prudence, Caution.

Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in the Tenth House.

The main sign of the land of Capricorn, the sign of the “circle of will”, crystallizes the person. The stable sign of Taurus, the sign of the “circle of feelings”, makes out her feelings. The volatile sign of Virgo, the sign of the “circle of reason”, describes human activity as a process of conscious transformation of matter. Capricorn symbolizes the reconstruction in the world of the past, Taurus – the creative present, Virgo work for the future.

The first decade of the Virgin, ruled by the Sun, tends to see a natural process in the world. She considers human activity to be part of this natural process, which redistributes energy and maintains a dynamic equilibrium in the world. Therefore, hard work and a quiet, modest attitude to work, not asking about the meaning of labor, are inherent in this decade. This is a careful, scrupulous and cautious attitude to the activities of your mind and hands, as well as to all other processes of life. This decade has an inherent tendency not to leave anything unfinished: only after completing one stage, move on to the next.

The Tarot card depicts a master in a leather apron engraving discs. Seven finished discs speak of the integrity of his work – he finishes the eighth.
In the background of the master is a city, but he does not notice it.
The master turned his back to him, and he was only interested in work. A man entered the “taste” of his work, which turned for him into creativity that brings full satisfaction.
Trap. Behind the trees do not see the forest. Get on the net of success and stop there.

EIGHT symbolizes law, logic, directness. At the G8 level, a right angle reigns. Therefore, through the EIGHT PENTACLE, a person can be tested for directness, frankness, honesty, the ability to make decisions quickly, and professionalism.

Through the EIGHT PENTACLES uncompromising social situations can go, requiring the answer “yes” – “no”. EIGHT PENTACLES – this is Scorpio with pronounced planets, as well as Saturn. This card may indicate that in this situation, your patience will be checked; It’s important not to break loose. At a health level, EIGHT PENTACLES is a yoga class, any practices that discipline the mind and body. EIGHT PENTACLES – this is health, gained by first weighed, cold decision, then long-term training. This is a person who does not become disabled after a serious injury, but gradually exceeds his previous level.

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