Eight of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life

Eight of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Pentacles: Meaning, Reversed , Yes and No, Love Life
Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles Yes or No

Eight of Pentacles
Yes or No
Eight of Pentacles
Yes or No
The answer is “Yes”. The answer is “Yes”,
but you have to cope with a lot of things, go through a lot of problematic situations.

Eight of Pentacles cars is about hard work and skill. The Eight of Pentacles card has a positive energy. If the Eight of Pentacles Card appears ‘upright’ is a reading, the answer is in your favor – its a ‘Yes’. If Eight of Pentacles card appears reversed in a reading, the answer is ‘Yes’. But there will be a lot of hurdles in the way.

Eight of Pentacles (upright) Keywords

Free man. 
Earns by his labor. 
Attention to detail. 
Devotion to the cause. 
Favorite work. 
New profession. 
Improving your skills through practice. 
Accumulation of experience. 
The transition from quantity to quality. 
The beginning of a new career. 
Confidence in achieving the goal. 
Partners meet for a long time. 
Relationships are positive if they are busy with a common cause. 
Love affair at work.
working not for himself, but for others;
creator of material or spiritual values;
a free person;
success if the person does not seek personal gain;
work, employment;
desire to develop your skills;
new profession;
newbie luck;
study period;
a new acquaintance or a new stage in a relationship;
success in one situation can lead to failure in another;
prudent spending of money;

Eight of Pentacles (reversed) Keywords

Unjust income. 
Living at the expense of others. 
Tedious work carelessly. 
Wasted labor. 
Career dissatisfaction. 
Loss of direction. 
Reluctance to learn. 
Impatient disciple.
Wasted labor;
the need for clear guidance and directions;
fraud, pretense;
fruitless labor;
false security;
lack of work;
slipshod work;
live at the expense of others;

Eight of Pentacles Advice

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
Start learning new things, you have good prospects.
Work hard.
Reduce the workload and finish what you started as soon as possible.

Eight of Pentacles Warning

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
Don’t overdo it.
Do not overestimate your fledgling skill.
Taking too much on yourself.

Eight of Pentacles as a Person

Eight of Pentacles
As a Person
Eight of Pentacles
As a Person
Good workers. 
Computer geniuses. 
Trade union leaders. 
Teachers, students, mentors, leaders. 
Those who train others.
A workaholic who cannot sit still.
Those who pretend to know more than they really do. 
Those who live at the expense of others and do not want to earn their living. 
Incompetent, lazy, or dishonest employees. 
Students using cheat sheets for exams. 
The embezzlers. 
People who commit insurance fraud. 
Tax evaders. 
Socially disadvantaged people. 
People deprived of their rights.
A person who is lost in the mass of affairs, fixated on work.

Eight of Pentacles as feelings

Eight of Pentacles
as feelings
Eight of Pentacles
as feelings
Creative, luck, careful. Wasteful, pretense.

Eight of Pentacles : Card of the Day

Today you have to start something new. 
Maybe it will be study or a new job assignment, or maybe the realization of some long-cherished desire. 

Whatever it is, your prospects are good, and in the end you will be successful. 

However, do not overestimate your strengths. 

Remember that you still do not have enough experience and skill, and do not rush to bake a large loaf right away, practice on small buns.

Eight of Pentacles as someone sees you

  • A hard working person.
  • Someone who is completely focused and absorbed in what he is doing.
  • Person dedicated to something.
  • Someone with focus.

Eight of Pentacles : Love

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
Relationship as a mechanism. 
Strong and well-adjusted. 
They are not too emotional, they have respect for each other. 
Based on common interests, the business disintegrates – the relationship also disintegrates or vice versa, this is the guarantee of strength).
Too businesslike, based on sound decisions, not feelings. 
Partners start to lose touch, because 
everyone is too busy with their own affairs.

If you are currently engaged, your or your partner’s workload may be interfering with the relationship.

Make a point to make the time and space for the relationship regardless of their jobs, otherwise things will suffer. Perfectionism can also be negative if you have too many pretensions or conditions.

The positive part is that you really work hard and make an effort to improve things every day. This will certainly grow and improve the relationship and it will be valued. You have a great commitment to make things work and you put your best into it.

If you are looking for love, the appearance of this card often tells us that you may actually be too focused on money and what you do for a living to actually create the space in your life for a new relationship.

Consider your priorities and where you put your time and energy. If you want love, make sure you have the space and time for it.

Eight of Pentacles : Career

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
Conveyor, mass production, well-established work. 
Good, steady income. 
A large amount of work that needs to be done efficiently.
There is a risk of losing sight of the case as a result of overwork. 
Grabbing (or having to do) many things at once entails a decrease in the quality of work. 
A very demanding customer, work with high demands. 
It brings money and means a step to a serious breakthrough to a new level.

If you are looking for a job, this card may indicate that you are going to be hired in a new position that tests your skills and is demanding. Have faith in yourself, that you can perfectly do what it takes to be successful in the position.

If you are currently working, you may be burdened with more responsibilities and tasks that you will nevertheless be able to carry out perfectly.

It’s a job achievement card, whether or not you have a job right now. Possibility of courses and training, and improvement in specific areas of your activity

Eight of Pentacles : Money

The 8 of Pentacles indicates that you can receive financial help that you have been waiting for or looking for. Money issues are solved, there is a general improvement.

However, you don’t want to waste these new resources. Be cautious and circumspect about spending. Think long term. This is not a time for adventure judging how the world is economically.

The money that comes to you now is the result of work, or aid, but not luck. Nothing to think about saving yourself with the lottery, the money arrives, but it is not there.

Eight of Pentacles : Health

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles
A state of extreme fatigue. 
Constantly overcoming poor health in order to do something (with the corresponding consequences). 
Long resistance to illness, and then illness at the slightest weakening of self-control. 
Shows work on the body with the help of all kinds of practices: yoga, qigong, etc.
A soulless attitude to one’s own and other people’s health. 
Gradual and constant fatigue over time. 
Chronic fatigue leads to malfunctions of the entire body.

You may need to take steps to improve your health. Improving and perfecting yourself entails great tension and stress, even if you may not have realized it, your body feels it and suffers it.

Try to relax, have fun, you must remove a little of the much attention that you spend daily on a little recreation.

Eight of Pentacles : past, present, future

Eight of Pentacles in past position

The skills you master will lead you to future success.
Continue to evolve and you will reach the moment of epiphany.

Eight of Pentacles in present position

As you develop your talents, you will find success in your endeavors. Investing in yourself now will lead to great rewards later.

Eight of Pentacles in future position

The future is a successful career or spiritual endeavor for you. The amount of recognition you receive will depend on how much time you have spent identifying and improving your skills.

Eight of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

  • Talent. 
  • Profession training. 
  • School. 
  • Training. 
  • Study. 
  • Self-development. 
  • Acquisition of skills. 
  • Enthusiastic attitude to work. 
  • Favorite work. 
  • Internship. 
  • Working hard to improve your skills. 
  • Specialty training programs. 
  • Absorption in work and getting pleasure from this process. 
  • New job. 
  • Material security. 
  • Successful use of your talents. 
  • Career changes or career advancement. 
  • Attempts. 
  • Work for yourself. 
  • Passion or vocation. 
  • Project work. 
  • Discipleship. 
  • Computer skills. 
  • Preparing for the future. 
  • Saving. 
  • Big cash receipts. 
  • Careful investment. 
  • Taking care of money. 
  • Learning how to manage money competently. 
  • Profit from the successful application of your skills. 
  • Prudence. 
  • Dedication. 
  • Perseverance. 
  • Mentoring, patronage, 
  • transfer of their experience and knowledge to others.

The  Eight of Pentacles says that the work will not only be done, but also give you pleasure. You will find wide application of your skills. If you are starting a new job, you will be able to do it with ease and it will completely captivate you. 

You put all your soul into work, perhaps thanks to this, you will get a promotion. You will have the opportunity to be a little student and develop your talents even more. The time and effort spent on this will be paid. For some people, the Eight of Pentacles heralds the start of a new career.

Now is the best time to learn as much as possible about your profession. Improve your educational level at home, sign up for courses, attend seminars, read books on the subject of your interest. You may be given the chance to work with someone who can teach you a new method, or you yourself will be willing to share your knowledge with others. 

You may not receive a lot of monetary reward, but the foundation that you are laying now will serve for the success in your future career. You need to learn how to manage your money wisely. The Eight of Pentacles also indicates familiarization with the latest information in the field of modern technology. 

Caution should be exercised when the Eight of Pentacles is rolled, as success in one situation can lead to failure in another.

In the upright position, the card symbolizes caution, prudence, the ability to notice everything around. Carefulness is the key to long-term and successful work. 

All of your surroundings – food, clothing, housing, workplace equipment – one way or another affects the quality of what you do.

The situations posed by the Eight of Pentacles may seem oppressive, cruel, but they form a person, like a rasp, which removes all that is superfluous, superficial and false. Eight of Pentacles brings you back to the true essence.

Eight of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

  • Fraud. 
  • A pretense, a desire to create the impression that you know much more than you really do. 
  • A scam. 
  • Impatience. 
  • Search for easy ways. 
  • Improper use of your skills. 
  • Labels. 
  • Poor quality. 
  • Sense of responsibility. 
  • Tiring work. 
  • Lack of concentration. 
  • Waste labor. 
  • Lack of passion. 
  • Self-criticism. 
  • Dishonesty. 
  • Business hypocrisy. 
  • Second-rate attempts. 
  • False security. 
  • Reluctance to learn. 
  • Step back. 
  • Poor workmanship. 
  • Mercantile spirit. 
  • Cheating. 
  • Dishonesty. 
  • Tote. 
  • Poorly organized work. 
  • Collapse of the system. 
  • Tiring work. 
  • Small reward. 
  • Computer problems. 
  • Lack of work. 
  • Loss of work. 
  • Unemployment. 
  • Deprivation of rights to anything… 
  • Anger over lack of opportunity.

Your impatience and desire to take the easiest path can create an unethical situation at work and also lead to a lack of remuneration. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your job or are completely deprived of it at the moment. Perhaps you lost your job due to the fact that you did not work at full strength. 

Perhaps you pretended to know more than you really do. If you’re a student, it looks like you’re relying solely on cribs for exams.

In any case, problems at work or the absence of the latter constantly occupy your thoughts and accordingly affect your behavior. Maybe you feel deprived and angry that there are few good opportunities in your life? Or maybe you cut corners too often and the result is poor quality? 

You suffer from the fact that you think others owe you something , you are convinced that they should meet your needs first, and you do not want to provide for yourself on your own. Consider the work you are doing. Perhaps you are doing some fraudulent or illegal activities? 

Are you putting your skills and talents to good use? How does your job affect your self-esteem? Are you proud of the results you get from your skills and talents? 

The ambitions of the questioner are associated with this card, which can force him to pave the way to the pinnacle of success over other people’s heads. Hidden connections are used, secret deals are made, and devious and dishonest methods are used.

In an inverted position, the Eight of Pentacles means the absence of desires, ambitions, hypocrisy, falsehood, duality, futility, intrigue, vulgarity, mediocrity.

In the field of health, this card symbolizes the destructive effect of intellectual activity on the body, which can manifest itself in renal failure, headaches, high blood pressure. 

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Eight of Pentacles : Spirituality

Consider the spiritual aspect of life in the things you do, in what you have put your time and effort … are they really worth it? If so, try to maintain a degree of spirituality as you continue to advance and improve.

But if you find that despite your achievements there is a dark, unsatisfying feeling under the surface, ask yourself the appropriate questions and take action. Life goes by fast and we only have this one.

It is not good to grow old with a lot of accomplishments but a sense of inexplicable emptiness. The soul is very important in the end.

Eight of Pentacles Relation with Astrology

Eight of Pentacles Zodiac sign:
The Zodiac signs associated with Eight of Pentacles is Virgo.
  • Mercury in the 3rd house as a symbol of zeal and dexterity.
  • Eight of Pentacles shows Prudence, Caution.
  • Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in the Tenth House.

The main sign of the land of Capricorn, the sign of the “circle of will”, crystallizes the person. The stable sign of Taurus, the sign of the “circle of feelings”, makes out her feelings. The volatile sign of Virgo, the sign of the “circle of reason”, describes human activity as a process of conscious transformation of matter. Capricorn symbolizes the reconstruction in the world of the past, Taurus – the creative present, Virgo work for the future.

The first decade of the Virgin, ruled by the Sun, tends to see a natural process in the world. She considers human activity to be part of this natural process, which redistributes energy and maintains a dynamic equilibrium in the world. Therefore, hard work and a quiet, modest attitude to work, not asking about the meaning of labor, are inherent in this decade. 

This is a careful, scrupulous and cautious attitude to the activities of your mind and hands, as well as to all other processes of life. This decade has an inherent tendency not to leave anything unfinished: only after completing one stage, move on to the next.

The Tarot card depicts a master in a leather apron engraving discs. Seven finished discs speak of the integrity of his work – he finishes the eighth.

In the background of the master is a city, but he does not notice it.

Eight symbolizes law, logic, directness. At the G8 level, a right angle reigns. Therefore, through the EIGHT PENTACLE, a person can be tested for directness, frankness, honesty, the ability to make decisions quickly, and professionalism.

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