The Power of Aces in Tarot

The Power of Aces in Tarot

The meaning of Aces in Tarot is new beginnings. They are channels of the 4 energies of – wands, swords, cups, pentacles. Astral realm gives energy to all the tarot cards.  Aces channelizes it to us when we ask the divine for help.

A Tarot deck has Four aces. They are:

  • Aces of Cups,
  • Aces of Pentacles,
  • Aces of Swords and
  • Aces of wands.

Aces always indicate beginnings and opportunities in Tarot. Ace of cups stands for emotions. Ace of Cups stands for adventure. Ace of Swords stands for increase in mental energy. Aces of Pentacles represent new money-making opportunities. This can mean there will be a promotion in job, new business idea. This will also mean that you will attract new materialistic things.  

The aces have high power and energy. Aces announce beginning to new events. Aces have dynamic energy. Aces represent confidence to move ahead and independence. Aces give the energy to initiate new projects. It is worth investing time to explore the aces in Tarot.

The importance of aces appearing in a reading is game changing. They become pivotal when they appear in a reading.  Aces give direction to a reading. They add special features to a reading. Note the images on the aces. They are striking similarities. A hand comes out of the clouds. It holds the symbol of the suit. This is a divine gift given to mankind.

Aces corresponds to number 1 in numerology. This is also equivalent to the Magician in Major arcana of Tarot. Meditating on the Aces will give you a new insight in Tarot reading.

The Four Aces in Tarot

Ace of Wands is about passion and will power. It gives energy to drive a new project and achieve ambition.

Ace of Cups is about emotions and love in pure form. Aces of cups shows the union of mind, body and spirit. Aces of cups will bring love in your life.

Ace of Swords bring creativity in your life. Swords stand for clarity of thought, strength and brilliance.  

Ace of Pentacles is about materialistic things. It brings growth, abundance and prosperity. It gives wealth and abundance.

Multiple Aces in Tarot Reading

Aces are the powerhouses of energy. So, in a Tarot Reading, what would it mean to have multiple Aces? Here are your answers:

What does it mean when you get all four aces in a tarot reading:

It is very fortunate to get al four Aces in tarot reading. Four Aces together generate extremely high energy. The question asked will have a positive turn. It shows that all your wishes will be fulfilled. You may not be able to predict the means by which your objectives will be achieved. But the divine will ensure that you will receive al that you desire.

Having all 4 aces in a reading related to Life indicates that you will have good luck in love as well as related to materialistic things.

If the question is about winning a lottery and all four Aces show up, the person will surely win the lottery. Luck will be on his side.

Receiving all four Aces in a question related to business means that the business is about to leap to the next level. There will be tremendous profit due to new project or clients.

But when the Aces are reversed, it will indicate forthcoming disaster.

What does it mean when you pull three aces in tarot reading:

Three Aces in a Tarot reading is also very good indicator of Luck. Here you should not which Aces have been pulled up in the reading. Aces of Cups will show success in Love. Aces of Pentacles will shoe new money-making opportunities. Aces of Swords will show a new breakthrough. Aces of wands will show growth and inspiration.

What does it mean when you pull two aces in tarot reading:

When 2 aces show up in a Tarot reading, it represents multiple materialistic gains. Aces appearing two times means there will be more than one lucky events. It can represent moving into a new home, major renovation, purchase of machinery in business. These investments will work out well for you. If two Aces apprear reversed in a reading, be aware that someone might be deceiving you. 

If you are looking for love and two aces show up in a reading, it will be a good omen. If you are already in a relationship, and two aces show up, it will indicate rejuvenation of the relationship. The reversed Aces would mean exactly the opposite. It will lead to breakup.

What does it mean one Ace comes up in a Tarot Reading:  

When an Ace shows up in a Tarot reading, it becomes the focal point of the reading. Read the other cards with reference to the Ace that has come up. It shows new opportunities related to the suit that the ace belongs to.

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