Sevens in Tarot

Keywords and phrases: 

Choice. Wisdom. Fate Predestination. Passionless awareness. The need to make a decision.
Violation of harmony. Spiritual development. Morality. Divine
justice. Mysticism. Magic. Change. Turning point.
Revolt. Eccentricity. Intuition. The completion of a phase or cycle.
“And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because on that day he
rested from all His works that God created and created” (Genesis).

Corresponding Map of the Major Arcana: Chariot.

Situation and advice: The number “seven” is associated with the Chariot, the planet Uranus and the lunar sign of Cancer. Uranus is a planet of abstract thinking, theory, intelligence, analysis, astrology, technical progress, independence and impassive search for truth.
Cancer is a sign of Water. It is directly related to our feelings.
The planet Neptune, the patron of Cancer, is associated with
meditation and respite.

The presence of sevens in the scenario indicates an original analytical approach to the study of various issues. Any trip
will now be favorable and enjoy. Success is guaranteed by
work in the field of science, technology or computer technology.
You may be able to write something, do research, or study occult sciences. Now the main attention should be paid to independent self-knowledge and inner spirit- new growth. Relations with others and affairs at work recede into the background, self-knowledge comes first.

The number seven represents the energy of Yang. On the seventh day the Lord was resting, and sevens in the alignment often indicate a need for relaxation, solitude, detachment, meditation and reflection. The pro- Otherwise, you can expect fatigue, anxiety,
sense of limitation, physical and nervous tension. Now
all attention should be paid to spiritual growth, and not to material
desires. This is a period suitable for analysis, reflection
and meditation, rather than for immediate action.

Personal year:Since seven is a spiritual number, the seventh personal year is a time of reflection, rest, meditation, detachment,
spiritual quest, inner consciousness, reappraisal of values ​​and
spiritual development. Any research in the
field of metaphysics will be favorable . This is the right time to use
the tarot fortune-telling system to help your spiritual development.

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