Three of Cups: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Three of Cups (love reading)


The Three of Cups has two very intense and opposed meanings

The Three  of Cups is a card of celebration and fulfillment, of the friends that accompany us and it predicts that we will be victorious in this section of our lives, but when it is reversed , its meaning is not so pleasant and it entails some problems.

Three of Cups (upright) in Love


Three of cups upright in love indicates the following:

  • sincere feelings for a partner;
  • wedding celebration;
  • happy family union;
  • successful relationships between lovers, friends, or work colleagues;
  • establishing contact in the team of employees, their unity and organization;
  • agreement and understanding between two people or in a team.

On the plane of love, this letter is all celebration. The three of cups is an excellent letter for the reunion of old loves, for the return of an ex, to recover a lost love, although the rest of the letters must be taken into account in the reading to be able to affirm if it is something of the past.

If you are waiting to join in marriage, it is very possible that you will succeed.
This letter is an opening for the couple, they leave the confinement of the intimate and private world, to connect with other people, to go out and have fun, even just the two of them, dance, have fun, take a trip, go to dinner or to the theater much more than before.

If you are alone and looking for a relationship, the letter tells you that you have a good chance of finding a very good love soon, someone who fits you perfectly.

Three of Cups (reversed) in Love

Three of cups reversed in love indicates the following:

  • infidelity
  • adultry
  • love triangle
  • two people are going through hard times at the moment
  • fading feelings,
  • a loss of hope.

On the level of love , as we have already seen, the three of cups can be an indication of infidelity, and this can be both on your part and on your partner . It does not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you, perhaps the letter indicates an affair that you may have soon and that you still do not even suspect, or it may indicate flirtations without things happening to major.

Sometimes it is also an indication of problems in relationships due to financial problems: one of the two or both is in a plan of not worrying too much, escape and fun and this not only does not generate income, but the existing income goes in superficial whims.

If you are alone , the letter tells you that in order to find someone you must start to move a little socially, go out, contact people, open up a little more, leave your confinement little by little, otherwise, there will be almost no possibilities for someone new to appear in your life.

If the inverted Three of Cups combined with Three of Swords indicates a feeling of loneliness, isolation from other people. And paired with the Six of Swords, such an Arcanum should be perceived as depression or, at least, as constant sadness.

Three of Cups: Upright,  Reversed

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