Ten of Pentacles: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Ten of Pentacles (love reading)


Ten of Pentacles (upright) in Love


This is a good card that you can get in the layout, guessing for love. She can indicate material success and benefits in the family, marriage, a wealthy partner with the right job.

10 pentacles are the card of marriage. It is a very secure union based on a strong sense of stability.

A strong and happy family bond. The ability to accept a person as he is. A pair of trusting relationships. The best pastime is with family and friends. Openness to new acquaintances and a desire to communicate. Wealth of relationships, different facets of emotions and feelings. Naturalness and sexuality, attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Values ​​passed down from generation to generation. Household improvement. Relationships do not become routine thanks to the partners’ ability to find new hobbies and breathe life into everyday life.

Ten of Pentacles (upright) in Love

  • Unwillingness to set up relationships with your family,
  • unwillingness to start relationships and your own family.
  • Communication problems.
  • Caring only about yourself and your interests.
  • Selfishness.

Ten of Pentacles: Upright,  Reversed

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