Tarot Spread – Healing Relationships

When to Use Healing Relationships Tarot Spread

Use this Tarot Spread when there is a fight or quarrel in relationships

Laying Out Tarot Cards for ‘Healing Relationships’ Tarot Spread

Following is the Card placement for this Healing Relationships Spread. Note, the numbers in the Placement below represent the card number in the spread.


Using ‘Healing Relationships’ spread Online

Shuffle the cards below for Healing Relationships Spread.

[magicards thumbsize=”magicard-thumb” col=”5″ updown=”1″ description=”0″ ids=”47,48,69,66,64,63,59,56,70,73,74,77,78,81,93,90,89,86,85,82,94,97,105,106,107,119,116,115,112,111,108,120,123,124,127,128,131,139,138,137,134,133,132,140,143,144,145,146,149,150,159,160,161,162,165,173,172,171,168,167,166,174,177,178,181,182,183,191,190,189,188,187,184,192,193,194,195,545″ num=”10″ backface=”591″]

Sequence of cards for using the Healing Relationship spread Online


Card Position Interpretation in Healing Relationship Tarot Spread

Card 1 – Why did the partners move away from each other or quarrel, ruined the relationship?

Card 2 -How does the partner treat you during this conflict, who does he consider you?

Card 3 – And how does it relate to you?

Card 4 – What can be done to improve relationships and will it work?

Cards -5,6,7- These serious things must happen in order for the relationship to really recover

Card 8 – Will there be an attempt on the part of the partner to establish the relationship himself or is he too offended and will not do anything?

Card 9 – The result. How will the conflict end?

Card 10 – How long can a relationship not be good and stable?

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