Six of Cups: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Six of Cups (love reading)


The six of cups is a card that is associated with the happy times of the past and represents protection and security, and childhood.

Six of Cups (upright) in Love


You can point out that there is a need to reorient the relationship towards the future, take the conclusions of the past in common and trying new things to build between both goals and stronger dreams It is important not to get stuck in the past and reprogram ahead.

Sometimes this card can signal the reappearance of old loves from the past, whether you are alone or in a relationship. Whatever the situation, and as idyllic and tempting as it may appear, you should analyze things very well since “ex” are usually “ex” for some reason.

Six of Cups (reversed) in Love

The card takes you to a stage where now you have to deal with those uncomfortable topics that had been swept under the carpet. They weren’t in sight but they were there nonetheless, and now they have to be realistically assessed in order to solve them.

Another important issue is that you should idealize love but up to a point. There is hardly the perfect love, the one you had imagined in your childhood. Love is built and your part is important, you must fight and strive to maintain it and so that it always grows.

Six of Cups: Upright, Reversed

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