Queen of Swords: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Queen of Swords (love reading)


The Queen of Swords in love and relationships is a woman of her word. Once she has decided that you are her person, or vice versa, she sticks to that decision.

If you are trying to bond with a girl like this, you have to be intelligent enough. A witty sense of humor and can help you. If you hurt the Queen of Swords, she may cry for about five minutes and then she will find other things to think about.

She will not sit and wonder where and what her former lovers are doing. Such a woman has a mind over her heart, and she will quickly cut you out of her love life if she feels that she has become emotional.

The queen of swords does not bode well for romantic meanings. She indicates that you are a friend.

Queen of Swords (upright) in Love


Summing up the relationship: It came to thinking about the expediency of continuing the existing connection. It is worth looking at the relationship from the outside, through the eyes of your partner, and understand what worries and what prevents you from moving on.

During this period, all the shortcomings of both partners can be revealed. An extreme case is a break. In a couple, disagreement, scandals, cooling of feelings reign. One of the partners joined this relationship out of pure calculation and benefit for himself.

When the Queen of Swords card appears in a love reading for a single person, it can indicate that he/she does not want to start a relationship. Internal experiences, hiding emotions, feelings that will never be revealed.

Queen of Swords (reversed) in Love

  • Selfishness,
  • envy.

Most often, the card shows that you have an ill-wisher who wants to upset your relationship. It can be someone from the circle of friends, a mistress, or just a homeless woman.

When Queen of swords appears inverted in a love reading, it is a bad sign. This is because the love affair was originallу created on lies, hуpocrisу and betraуal. It maу be that we see a marriage formed bу calculation.

The Queen of Swords indicates that the relationship is nearing breakup or divorce. But the outcome can be verу different. For example, this is a peaceful divorce bу mutual consent or a long lawsuit trуing to chop off as much propertу as possible.

Queen of Swords: Upright,  Reversed

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