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Page of Swords (love reading)


Page of Swords (upright) in Love


The Page of Swords card, in the context of love, represents such a model of relationships, which over time, if not caught up in time, will turn into an exhausting and difficult relationship. There is often immaturity and impermanence between partners.

In a relationship, a desire is already laid down from the beginning to hurt, to mock, reproach, and hurt. There is constant dissatisfaction with each other, unwillingness to understand, listen, help, reassure, express support with advice or an affectionate word.

All actions and words are aimed at destruction and indifference. But, the most surprising and sad thing is that such a relationship lasts a long time, the partners do not even think to leave, as if they are enjoying such a painful relationship.

The Page of Swords suggests a rival, intrigue, jealousy, gossip, suspicion of treason. You should decide and decide for yourself whether you want to end the relationship that has outlived itself or if you still risk finding out everything, finding a compromise and continuing to coexist.

But keep in mind that this stage in your life is a great time for a completely different relationship from scratch, either with a new person or a former acquaintance. The card warns of an impending strong quarrel, initiated by your partner.

The reason may be everyday life, routine, jealousy, accumulated unresolved problems, irritation.

There is a danger of breaking up relations. A quarrel can become both the final stage of a relationship, and it can also be beneficial, become a kind of cleansing conflict, after which the relationship will only improve. Betrayal and infidelity are also possible.

Page of Swords (reversed) in Love

In an inverted position, relationships are based on gossip, intrigue, criticism, lies and flattery. There is no mutual understanding between partners. At the event level, unpleasant situations may arise, aggravated by something more aggressive.

If this is a divorce, then necessarily with litigation. If the conflict, then with reproaches, obscene words and even assault. Perhaps your partner is playing mind games, he is sometimes cold with you and careless in communication, then he lets emotional baggage from previous relationships into your relationship, or, conversely, is unusually affectionate and helpful.

Such “temperature changes” have a negative effect on causing a series of conflicts, making the relationship paranoid. If you are waiting for news or a favorable development of relations, the card predicts your disappointment.

If you are single, the Page of Swords in reverse order suggests that you may be interested in someone who is a player in life, and will constantly compete with him. Like any player, he will have an analytical mind and fighting spirit, his energy will be directed towards destruction, since creation is not in his style. Think about it, do you need such a relationship?

Page of Swords: Upright,  Reversed

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